Shake It Up! - Tanzen ist alles

CeCe Jones und Rocky Blue sind beste Freundinnen und ergattern einen Job als Tänzerinnen in der TV-Show "Shake It Up Chicago". Doch ihr Weg ins Fernsehen ist gespickt mit neuen Herausforderungen, Freunden und Feinden ...

Jahr: 2010−2013

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Comedy, Family

Writers: Chris Thompson

Stars: Zendaya, Davis Cleveland, Bella Thorne

IMDb: TT1661326

Bewertung: 4.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Start It Up E1. Start It Up
Best friends CeCe and Rocky find out that auditions for background dancers on their favorite show, "Shake it Up Chicago" are being held and they decide to go to the audition. Rocky...
21 Jul 2012
Meatball It Up E2. Meatball It Up
When Cece and Rocky get their first paychecks, they get a debit card and go to a restaurant where they learn their cards are frozen from shopping too much.
14 Nov 2010
Give It Up E3. Give It Up
Rocky and CeCe participate in a dance marathon on Shake It Up, Chicago!
21 Nov 2010
Add It Up E4. Add It Up
After CeCe's mother insists that she improve her grades or get pulled from the show, Deuce hires a tutor for her, who turns out to be a child prodigy that also becomes a new friend...
28 Nov 2010
Kick It Up E5. Kick It Up
Rocky and CeCe decide to start doing some things apart.
05 Dec 2010
Age It Up E6. Age It Up
Rocky and CeCe find out that a teen pop singing heartthrob isn't what he appears to be.
09 Dec 2010
Party It Up E7. Party It Up
CeCe and Rocky sneak out to attend one of Gary's infamous house parties.
12 Dec 2010
Hook It Up E8. Hook It Up
CeCe and Rocky's classmates find out they are background dancers.
19 Dec 2010
Wild It Up E9. Wild It Up
Rocky tries to change her image when she reads a blog that refers to her as a Goody Two-Shoes.
09 Jan 2011
Match It Up E10. Match It Up
Deuce wins a contest where he'll get to compete for $10,000.
23 Jan 2011
E11. Glitz It Up
CeCe and Rocky choreograph a dance for the Little Cutie Queen Pageant.
30 Jan 2011
Show It Up E12. Show It Up
Rocky and CeCe team up with Gunther and Tinka.
20 Feb 2011
Heat It Up E13. Heat It Up
Ty and Flynn build themselves a man cave to get away from it all.
27 Feb 2011
E14. Hot Mess It Up
CeCe and Rocky host a video webcast offering advice to teens.
20 Mar 2011
Reunion It Up E15. Reunion It Up
CeCe and Rocky get the chance to dance with Ronnie (played by Anneliese van der Pol) and Angie, two of the original "Shake It up Dancers" for the show's fifteenth anniversary; but ...
10 Apr 2011
Sweat It Up E16. Sweat It Up
CeCe gets caught lying about an injury to get out of gym.
01 May 2011
Vatalihootsit It Up E17. Vatalihootsit It Up
Gunther and Tinka invite Rocky and CeCe over to celebrate Vatalihootsit day
12 Jun 2011
Model It Up E18. Model It Up
Rocky is offered a modeling job in NY but is hesitant to go.
17 Jun 2011
Twist It Up E19. Twist It Up
CeCe and Rocky help Mrs. Garcia throw her daughter Dina, a birthday party.
10 Jul 2011
Break It Up E20. Break It Up
Georgia takes the kids to a technology-free lakehouse for a week of summer.
24 Jul 2011
Throw It Up E21. Throw It Up
CeCe and Rocky are finally chosen for the Spotlight dance.
21 Aug 2011
Staffel 2
Season 2
Shrink It Up E1. Shrink It Up
When Gary starts singing the praises of his new therapist, Dr. Pepper, CeCe signs up herself and Rocky for a few sessions in order to kiss up. At their appointment, the girls disco...
13 Feb 2012
Three's a Crowd It Up E2. Three's a Crowd It Up
An unknown dance crew gets to perform the opening number.
25 Sep 2011
Shake It Up, Up & Away E3. Shake It Up, Up & Away
CeCe and Rocky risk being booted from "Shake It Up, Chicago!" - and learn a lesson about friendship and judgment - when on a group bus trip, they make a detour to a reality show au...
11 Feb 2012
Beam It Up E4. Beam It Up
Cece and Rocky are asked out on a date by two weird guys. Flnn and Henry are brought to outer space by an alien who needs their help to save his planet.
09 Oct 2011
Doctor It Up E5. Doctor It Up
Rocky's dad Dr. Curtis Blue is unhappy to find out that Rocky is dancing.
23 Oct 2011
Review It Up E6. Review It Up
An entertainment blogger gives 'Shake It Up, Chicago' a bad review.
06 Nov 2011
Double Pegasus It Up E7. Double Pegasus It Up
Deuce has been delivering pizza to a choreographer with a dance move.
13 Nov 2011
Auction It Up E8. Auction It Up
CeCe and Rocky set up a fundraiser to help save a dance studio.
27 Feb 2012
Camp It Up E9. Camp It Up
CeCe and Rocky decide to host their own dance camp for kids.
27 Nov 2011
Jingle It Up E10. Jingle It Up
CeCe does some last minute Christmas shopping for her mom.
11 Dec 2011
Apply It Up E11. Apply It Up
Rocky and CeCe audition for a highly exclusive dance academy.
08 Jan 2012
Split It Up E12. Split It Up
Gunther and CeCe are selected to be guest dancers on Good Morning, Chicago.
23 Feb 2012
Copy Kat It Up E13. Copy Kat It Up
A fan copies CeCe's look and plots to take her place on the show.
19 Feb 2012
Egg It Up E14. Egg It Up
Rocky and Cece are paired up in a school science project.
26 Feb 2012
Judge It Up E15. Judge It Up
Rocky and CeCe take Gunther and Tinka to small claims court.
11 Mar 2012
Parent Trap It Up E16. Parent Trap It Up
Rocky is convinced CeCe's dad has come back to re-propose to CeCe's mom.
13 Jul 2012
Weird It Up E17. Weird It Up
Rocky and CeCe hire an agent who promptly books them on a game show.
01 Apr 2012
Whodunit Up? E18. Whodunit Up?
An alleged "phantom" threatens to shut down "Shake It Up, Chicago," an CeCe and Rocky must regrettably team up with Gunther and Tinka in order to prevent that from happening. Meanw...
15 Apr 2012
Tunnel It Up E19. Tunnel It Up
Rocky, CeCe and Tinka are excited about their first formal dance at school.
13 May 2012
Protest It Up E20. Protest It Up
School uniforms will soon be instated, Rocky and CeCe take up the cause.
20 May 2012
Wrestle It Up E21. Wrestle It Up
Georgia gets a security job on a movie shooting in town.
03 Jun 2012
Reality Check It Up E22. Reality Check It Up
Rocky and CeCe host a viewing party for a 'True Teen Life' reality show.
10 Jun 2012
Rock and Roll It Up E23. Rock and Roll It Up
Gary's grandma explains that she was on one of the first teen dance shows.
01 Jul 2012
Boot It Up E24. Boot It Up
CeCe signs herself and Rocky up for a summer dance boot camp.
15 Jul 2012
Slumber It Up E25. Slumber It Up
Rocky, CeCe and Dina invite Tinka to their slumber party.
29 Jul 2012
Surprise It Up E26. Surprise It Up
Rocky tries to throw CeCe a surprise birthday party.
05 Aug 2012
Embarrass It Up E27. Embarrass It Up
CeCe and Rocky embarrass themselves on live TV.
12 Aug 2012
Made in Japan E28. Made in Japan
A 90-minute song and dance-filled event follows best friends Rocky and CeCe as they travel to Tokyo to star in an interactive dance video game. While there, Rocky plans to explore ...
17 Aug 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Fire It Up E1. Fire It Up
Rocky and CeCe discover the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio has burned down.
21 May 2013
Funk It Up E2. Funk It Up
Rocky seems to be adjusting well without Shake It Up, Chicago!
28 Oct 2012
Spirit It Up E3. Spirit It Up
Rocky and CeCe sign up to join the Spirit Squad.
04 Nov 2012
Lock It Up E4. Lock It Up
Rocky's dad gets the girls a gig dancing at the hospital!
11 Nov 2012
Merry Merry It Up E5. Merry Merry It Up
Georgia announces that she has decided to break up with Jeremy.
02 Dec 2012
Home Alone It Up E6. Home Alone It Up
CeCe convinces her mom that she is old enough to stay home.
09 Dec 2012
Oh Brother It Up E7. Oh Brother It Up
Rocky and CeCe get jobs at Bob's Kabob's working for a strict manager.
13 Jan 2013
Quit It Up E8. Quit It Up
CeCe gets a job dancing at the mall.
27 Jan 2013
Try It Up E9. Try It Up
CeCe and Rocky must re-audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!
17 Feb 2013
My Fair Librarian It Up E10. My Fair Librarian It Up
Rocky and CeCe volunteer to help Miss Burke.
24 Feb 2013
Clean It Up E11. Clean It Up
CeCe accidentally stains Georgia's wedding dress with self-tanning lotion.
10 Mar 2013
I Do It Up E12. I Do It Up
Logan tries to discuss his relationship with Rocky.
17 Mar 2013
Forward and Back It Up E13. Forward and Back It Up
Rocky saves Phil's life.
24 Mar 2013
Switch It Up E14. Switch It Up
Tinka inadvertantly causes CeCe and Flynn to switch bodies through an old curse of her Grandma's.
07 Apr 2013
Love and War It Up E15. Love and War It Up
Rocky tries to convince CeCe and Logan to get along.
28 Apr 2013
In the Bag It Up E16. In the Bag It Up
Rocky, CeCe and Tinka split the cost of renting a designer purse.
12 May 2013
Brain It Up E17. Brain It Up
Rocky is removed from her honors classes.
02 Jun 2013
Opposites Attract It Up E18. Opposites Attract It Up
After their date, CeCe realizes she might actually like James.
23 Jun 2013
Psych It Up E19. Psych It Up
Cece goes to see a psychic and believes everything she's told.
14 Jul 2013
Future It Up E20. Future It Up
22 years in the future, Rocky and CeCe have fallen out of touch.
28 Jul 2013
Oui Oui It Up E21. Oui Oui It Up
CeCe arranges for a "house swap" with a French family.
04 Aug 2013
My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up E22. My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up
Rocky and CeCe decide to throw a joint sweet 16 extravaganza.
25 Aug 2013
Stress It Up E23. Stress It Up
CeCe writes a song that she will sing and dance to on Shake It Up, Chicago!
15 Sep 2013
Loyal It Up E24. Loyal It Up
Gary Wilde is hosting a new dance show.
29 Sep 2013
Haunt It Up E25. Haunt It Up
Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to stay the night in a haunted house.
06 Oct 2013
Remember Me E26. Remember Me
A fashion mishap leaves CeCe with amnesia. Rocky tries everything she can to get her best friend to remember her and the special memories they share.
10 Nov 2013
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