Silver Surfer

Der mächtige Galactus verwandelt Norrin Radd vom Planeten Zenn-la in den einsamen Superhelden Silver Surfer, der fortan als Ziel die Rückkehr zu seinem Planeten hat. Die Serie lief am Sonntagmorgen.

Jahr: 1998

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

Writers: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Brody

Stars: Paul Essiembre, James Blendick, Camilla Scott

IMDb: TT0203268

Bewertung: 7.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1 E1. The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1
The planet-eater Galactus targets the planet Zenn-La, planning to consume its energy and thus destroy it. Norrin Radd sacrifices himself to become Galactus's herald the Silver Surf...
4 links 07 Feb 1998
The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 2 E2. The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 2
The Surfer has lost all memories he had as Norrin Radd. He now simply finds world after world for Galactus to eat, but he begins to understand this isn't right.
4 links 14 Feb 1998
The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 3 E3. The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 3
When Galactus targets the Earth as his next world to devour, the Surfer has finally had enough of Galactus's destruction and decides to rebel against his master.
4 links 21 Feb 1998
The Planet of Dr. Moreau E4. The Planet of Dr. Moreau
While searching for Zenn-La, the Surfer finds him self enslaved by the Kree race and forced to lead a rebellion alongside a group of "trolls".
4 links 28 Feb 1998
Learning Curve: Part 1 E5. Learning Curve: Part 1
The Surfer, Pip the Troll, Mentor, and Drax the Destroyer attempt to find the Universal Library of the Watchers.
4 links 07 Mar 1998
Learning Curve: Part 2 E6. Learning Curve: Part 2
The Surfer must decide if obtaining all the knowledge in the universe is worth giving up his humanity and freedom.
4 links 14 Mar 1998
Innervisions E7. Innervisions
The planet of Harmony has its inhabitants in a dream state, unaware of reality. The Surfer must awake them before their planet is wiped out by Thanos.
4 links 04 Apr 1998
Antibody E8. Antibody
The Surfer is the only person who can save a dying Galactus. But will he assist his former master, and can he even save him?
4 links 11 Apr 1998
Second Foundation E9. Second Foundation
The Surfer and Nova find themselves on the Skrull homeworld - where they must protect a royal Skrull egg.
4 links 25 Apr 1998
Radical Justice E10. Radical Justice
The Surfer is captured, put on trial for crimes committed by Galactus, and sentenced to living out his life as Norrin Radd on a prison planet.
4 links 02 May 1998
The Forever War E11. The Forever War
The Surfer asks the Kree to help him find Zenn-La, but he must do something for them: bring to the Kree the magical being Adam Warlock.
4 links 29 May 1998
Return to Zenn-La E12. Return to Zenn-La
The Surfer finally finds Zenn-La, and is reunited with his beloved Shalla-Bal. But things seem different.
4 links 09 May 1998
The End of Eternity E13. The End of Eternity
The Surfer is summoned by Eternity and Infinity for a crisis: Thanos has found a way to bring about the end of the universe.
4 links 16 May 1998
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