Six Feet Under - Gestorben wird immer

Familie Fisher lebt vom Tod anderer Leute. Nachdem ihr Vater Nathaniel im Auto von einem Bus zerquetscht worden ist, übernehmen die Brüder Nate (Peter Krause) und David Fisher (Michael C. Hall) notgedrungen das Familienunternehmen, ein Bestattungsinstitut,...

Jahr: 2001−2005

Dauer: 55 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writers: Alan Ball

Stars: Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, Frances Conroy

IMDb: TT0248654

Bewertung: 8.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
When the funeral director is killed in an accident, the family comes together to mourn and decide the fate of the funeral home.
5 links 27 Feb 2009
The Will E2. The Will
The family attends the reading of Nathaniel's will. A widow is unable to pay the funeral bill after her late husband leaves her with a mountain of debt.
5 links 10 Jun 2001
The Foot E3. The Foot
The family considers selling the business. Their latest client had an unfortunate accident with an industrial dough-mixer.
5 links 17 Jun 2001
Familia E4. Familia
When a gang member is shot, his family requests that he is buried, but the gang's leader wants it done a different way.
5 links 24 Jun 2001
An Open Book E5. An Open Book
An adult film star electrocutes to death in her bathtub, which leads to a memorial service that is anything but ordinary.
5 links 01 Jul 2001
The Room E6. The Room
After a woman passes away in her sleep, her husband proves to be a very demanding client.
5 links 08 Jul 2001
Brotherhood E7. Brotherhood
The family must persuade the angry brother of a war veteran who died of lung disease that his brother should receive a military-honoring burial.
5 links 15 Jul 2001
Crossroads E8. Crossroads
A divorced woman meets an unfortunate end while partying with her friends, and the family discusses renting out the home to a seniors' dancing group.
2 links 04 May 2012
Life's Too Short E9. Life's Too Short
A boy accidentally shoots and kills himself while playing with a gun, and his mother is nearly comatose with grief.
5 links 19 May 2010
The New Person E10. The New Person
An egocentric husband is killed with a frying pan after his wife finally has enough of his mouth.
5 links 05 Aug 2001
The Trip E11. The Trip
Nate and Dave travel to Vegas in order to attend a convention for funeral directors. A newborn child dies from a case of SIDS.
5 links 24 Jan 2011
A Private Life E12. A Private Life
A gay couple is attacked and one of them is killed, causing controversy among the family and a confession to be made.
5 links 04 May 2012
Knock, Knock E13. Knock, Knock
A simple game of golf results in the death of a woman.
5 links 29 Sep 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
In the Game E1. In the Game
A drug-addicted actress dies from a cocaine overdose and leaves her fellow cast and crew members to set up the funeral.
5 links 19 Jan 2007
Out, Out, Brief Candle E2. Out, Out, Brief Candle
A famous football player dies of dehydration during a strong training session, and the family is hired for the funeral services.
5 links 08 Oct 2006
The Plan E3. The Plan
A man dies after a long battle with cancer, and his psychic widow discusses the funeral arrangements with the family.
5 links 11 Oct 2006
Driving Mr. Mossback E4. Driving Mr. Mossback
Nate and Claire go to Seattle to pick up the body of a man who died on a public bus.
5 links 11 Oct 2006
The Invisible Woman E5. The Invisible Woman
A middle-aged woman chokes to death in her apartment, and is found dead a week later.
5 links 14 Oct 2006
In Place of Anger E6. In Place of Anger
While at a boat party, a drunken man falls overboard. The family tries to convince his widow to use their funeral services.
5 links 14 Oct 2006
Back to the Garden E7. Back to the Garden
Jewish executive Jeffery Shapiro accidentally hangs himself while masturbating with asphyxiation.
5 links 16 Oct 2006
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year E8. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Christmas Eve - and the 1-year anniversary of Nate and Brenda's meeting and Nathaniel Fisher's death - is approaching, and this year, the Fishers are requested by the Hell's Angels...
5 links 17 Oct 2006
Someone Else's Eyes E9. Someone Else's Eyes
A construction worker's metal lunch-pail falls from his perch on the building and strikes Dwight Edgar Garrison on the head - resulting in a major family conflict between his curre...
5 links 18 Oct 2006
The Secret E10. The Secret
Benjamin Srisal suffers a heart attack at home, requiring a Bhuddist service at Fisher & Sons that Nate gets a crash-course in how to conduct, but he's still got no answers as far ...
5 links 22 Oct 2006
The Liar and the Whore E11. The Liar and the Whore
Edith Kirky is the 4th patient of the year to be brought to Fisher & Sons from Bay Breeze Hospital where Vanessa works, so David predicts Rico's usual pride over the fact...but no ...
5 links 25 Oct 2006
I'll Take You E12. I'll Take You
The Diazes' friend and former neighbor Leticia Perfect Perez dies in her sleep at a beauty parlor and leaves his family a large sum of money, causing Rico to remember how he lost h...
5 links 26 Oct 2006
The Last Time E13. The Last Time
Aaron Buchbinder passes away painfully shortly after Nate arrives to visit (after he argues with Ruth about her visiting and photographing his daughter Maya). Kroehner's last act a...
2 links 26 Oct 2006
Staffel 3
Season 3
Perfect Circles E1. Perfect Circles
The surgeons are dismayed when Nate's blood vessel ruptures and he suffers a hemorrhage, and his blood pressure continues to rise, then Nate dies...At least, the family and Rico ar...
5 links 28 Jan 2009
You Never Know E2. You Never Know
Telemarketers Andrew Wayne Milne, Matthew Clark Hazen, and Martin Jacobs are shot by their insane former co-worker Daniel Grant Showalter who then commits suicide. Fisher & Diaz ge...
5 links 29 Oct 2006
The Eye Inside E3. The Eye Inside
Callie Renee Morimer flees a group of jeering young men calling to her as she walks alone in the dark, who turn out to be some joking friends, but stops in the street and is hit by...
5 links 03 Nov 2006
Nobody Sleeps E4. Nobody Sleeps
Robert Lamar Griffin's rare heart disease finally takes its fatal toll, leaving behind his boyfriend Kevin Lamb, a scene-designer of the opera company where he was a lighting-desig...
5 links 03 Nov 2006
The Trap E5. The Trap
A lost pair of hikers discover the wrecked remains of a car with the skeleton of the driver, William Aaron Jaffe, inside. Nate is surprised by the son who never knew him not seemin...
5 links 05 Nov 2006
Making Love Work E6. Making Love Work
Karen Postell Pepper suffers a hemorrhage to the nose while preparing to enter the "Making Love Work" TV studio with a question to ask Dr. Dave. Nate prepares to go on his first ca...
5 links 10 Mar 2009
Timing & Space E7. Timing & Space
Surrounded by his family, Bernard Asa Chenowith dies of stomach cancer, and when Nate learns of it he requests Lisa's permission to attend his funeral since Brenda was there after ...
5 links 11 Mar 2011
Tears, Bones & Desire E8. Tears, Bones & Desire
63-year-old polygamous family leader "Daddy" leaves behind 5 wives and numerous children of The People clan, making the Fishers intrigued about their spiritual and cultural beliefs...
5 links 06 Jul 2013
The Opening E9. The Opening
Melinda Mary Bloch shuts herself in he garage in her activated car by way of suicide, leaving behind only a guilty ex-lover who worries Rico when he mentions she'd actually receive...
5 links 08 Nov 2006
Everyone Leaves E10. Everyone Leaves
Jeanette Louise Bradford has an allergic reaction to a bee-sting in Balboa Park, causing Keith to go to San Diego for his aunt's funeral and David to join him, encouraging him to d...
5 links 09 Nov 2006
Death Works Overtime E11. Death Works Overtime
Convience-store owner Dorothy Kim Su is fatally shot during a robbery. Nate is forced to file a missing-person report when he continues to hear nothing from Lisa. Construction-work...
5 links 10 Nov 2006
Twilight E12. Twilight
Woman-killer Carl Desmond Williman finally receives the death penalty by a lethal injection in Texas, and his unemployed daughter hires Fisher & Diaz for the funeral, and sleeps wi...
5 links 10 Nov 2006
I'm Sorry, I'm Lost E13. I'm Sorry, I'm Lost
A piece of "blue ice" broken off an airplane strikes Anahid Havanessian, whose husband goes to Fisher & Diaz for a funeral...but changes his mind when, frustrated with the governme...
5 links 10 Nov 2006
Staffel 4
Season 4
Falling into Place E1. Falling into Place
In 1972, Bruno Baskerville Walsh took LSD at a party, and "flew" off the balcony where he stood, landing on a car in a parking lot. Ruth and George sleep together their first night...
5 links 12 Nov 2006
In Case of Rapture E2. In Case of Rapture
Devoted Christian Dorothy Sheedy mistakes inflatable dolls floating from a truck bed for angels, and jumps out of her car, unaware of her surroundings, and is hit by another driver...
5 links 13 Nov 2006
Parallel Play E3. Parallel Play
Nate meets a divorced mom with a tot the same age as Maya and they soon arrange for a play-date for the kids - which turns out to be quite playful for them as well. David works wit...
5 links 15 Nov 2006
Can I Come Up Now? E4. Can I Come Up Now?
Ruth is more convinced than ever that Arthur is responsible after they receive yet another package with feces. She decides she's going to lay a formal complaint with the police but...
5 links 16 Nov 2006
That's My Dog E5. That's My Dog
Although their earlier visit did not go very well, Ruth suggests they invite George's estranged son Kyle for dinner. She's also thinking of inviting a friend of hers and introduce ...
5 links 20 Jun 2006
Terror Starts at Home E6. Terror Starts at Home
David has recovered physically from his carjacking but refuses to tell his family what really happened to him. At the funeral home, he has the case of Robert Meinhardt who he thoug...
5 links 18 Nov 2006
The Dare E7. The Dare
Claire has taken a liking to her friend Edie but is having difficulty coming to terms with her emotions. With Vanessa suspicious, Rico decides to tell Sophie he can't come by anymo...
5 links 18 Nov 2006
Coming and Going E8. Coming and Going
David is living at home alone now that Keith is on the road with rock star Celeste. He does take advantage of an out of the blue call from an old acquaintance, Sarge, but still suf...
5 links 19 Nov 2006
Grinding the Corn E9. Grinding the Corn
Having agreed over the phone not to have sex with others, Keith on his return tells David of having slept with Celeste. Still stressed from his attack, David now worries that Keith...
5 links 20 Nov 2006
The Black Forest E10. The Black Forest
Nate dreads having to go to Idaho to visit Lisa's family and attend a service they have arranged. He and Brenda have reconciled and she convinces him that going is the right thing ...
5 links 20 Nov 2006
Bomb Shelter E11. Bomb Shelter
Brenda feels the clock is ticking and wants to have a baby sooner rather than later. Nate wants to think about it for a while. A lunch with her mother Margaret doesn't go particula...
5 links 20 Nov 2006
Untitled E12. Untitled
George's infatuation with impending disaster is causing him nightmares. His daughter Maggie joins him and Ruth for dinner and she has a lot of stories about her dad. Later, Ruth is...
5 links 20 Nov 2006
Staffel 5
Season 5
A Coat of White Primer E1. A Coat of White Primer
The insecure Andrea Kuhn is encouraged by her psychiatrist to disclose her true feeling to her family, and when she is happy being herself, her husband accidentally kills her after...
5 links 29 Jul 2007
Dancing for Me E2. Dancing for Me
While trying to reach the newspaper on the sidewalk, Samuel Wayne Hoviak, who was the best high-school friend of Nate, falls and his truck run over him. In the funeral service, Nat...
5 links 01 Aug 2007
Hold My Hand E3. Hold My Hand
In 1954 Loretta Smith Sibley committed suicide in front of her son George. With the anniversary of September 9th approaching, George is haunted by her presence enough to distract h...
5 links 04 Aug 2007
Time Flies E4. Time Flies
Lila Simmonds Coolidge passes away just before her 95th birthday...which she happened to share with Nate. This year, Nate's 40th is marked by the news that he'll be a dad, which he...
5 links 10 Aug 2007
Eat a Peach E5. Eat a Peach
Diabetic Daniel Holzenchenko succumbs to the call of canned peaches...and leaves behind 2 brothers and 2 sisters who seem unable to agree on anything from refreshments to music to ...
5 links 16 Aug 2007
The Rainbow of Her Reasons E6. The Rainbow of Her Reasons
Sarah O'Connor's best friend and Nate's first love Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt falls down a mountain on a hiking trip with Sarah, causing she and her friends to stay a few days at th...
5 links 17 Aug 2007
The Silence E7. The Silence
Maggie Sibley's friend and fellow Quaker Peter Thomas Burns suffers a heart attack while watching a play, and Nate becomes intrigued about her faith when she brings it up. Brenda's...
5 links 18 Aug 2007
Singing for Our Lives E8. Singing for Our Lives
Pilar Sandoval attempts to Rollerblade a steep hill while walking her dogs but literally doesn't make it when she loses control and is hit by a car. Brenda is upset with Nate's fis...
5 links 19 Aug 2007
Ecotone E9. Ecotone
Lawrence Hall Matheson chooses the wrong moment to check his pulse while jogging in a California "ecotone" - a cougar mauls him. Hospitalized following his seizure, an unconscious ...
5 links 19 Aug 2007
All Alone E10. All Alone
The family prepares for the worst funeral of their lives. Ruth makes things worse on David by taking out her pain on him until he stands up for himself, and Nate makes things worse...
5 links 19 Aug 2007
Static E11. Static
Iraqi War veteran Paul Ronald Duncan receives a euthanasia in the hospital - and Claire, on drugs, takes out her own loss on the family by denouncing the war in general but also th...
5 links 23 Sep 2009
Everyone's Waiting E12. Everyone's Waiting
Nate and Brenda's daughter Willa is born, but 2 months early and at only 2 lb. 4 oz., requiring a prolonged hospital stay. Nate is convinced she won't make it and insists that he c...
5 links 26 Dec 2007
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