Skins - Hautnah

Schauplatz der Serie ist das kalte, nasse England. Die Jugendlichen einer Clique durchleben ihre ersten Beziehungen und ihren ersten Beziehungsstress. Zum Beispiel der junge Tony. Er ist ein absoluter Mädchenheld und hochintelligent. Nur ist er teilweise a...

Jahr: 2007−2013

Dauer: 46 min

Genres: Drama

Writers: Bryan Elsley, Jamie Brittain

Stars: Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Hannah Murray

IMDb: TT0840196

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Tony E1. Tony
Tony is a smart-ass, super-confident 17-year-old, with the good-looking girl on his arm and ability to charm most other females he encounters. He launches a scheme to help his frie...
6 links 16 Jul 2010
E2. Cassie
If the world wasn't strange enough, this episode perceives the world through the eyes of Cassie. A world in which you receive messages through your food. A world in which the guy y...
7 links 20 Jul 2010
Jal E3. Jal
Time to get to know the girl behind the clarinet. Whereas the rest of her family make their mark by spitting out rhymes to booming base beats, Jal seeks solace from the chaos all a...
6 links 11 Dec 2007
Chris E4. Chris
Happy-go-lucky party animal Chris wakes up one morning with a hangover and an erection. Nothing unusual there. Until he discovers a grand in cash and a note from his mum saying she...
7 links 11 Dec 2007
Sid E5. Sid
Sid is in trouble. Deep trouble. He's failing at everything. His history coursework hasn't made the grade and he's only got a week to deliver something decent or he'll fail the yea...
7 links 17 Sep 2009
Maxxie and Anwar E6. Maxxie and Anwar
The sixth form history class go to Russia on a study trip,where their bus breaks down and their drug-smuggling exploit goes awry. Anwar disapproves of Maxxie's homosexuality but,af...
6 links 24 Sep 2009
Michelle E7. Michelle
Furious with Tony after his numerous infidelities, Michelle ends their relationship and begins an affair with the son of Cassie's doctor. Desperate to get back with Michelle, Tony ...
6 links 01 Oct 2009
Effy E8. Effy
Things get dark as Tony's silent little sister, Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, can Tony rely on any of his old friends, or have they all shunned him forever?
7 links 09 Oct 2008
Finale E9. Finale
It's Anwar's birthday, but he's still not talking to best friend Maxxie. Sid thinks he might have been an idiot with regards to Cassie. Cassie escapes from the madhouse. Angie and ...
7 links 15 Oct 2009
Staffel 2
Season 2
E1. Tony and Maxxie
Six months have elapsed and Cassie has moved to Scotland,leaving Sid upset. Tony is still having mood swings and black-outs following his accident and,since his mother is suffering...
7 links 10 Feb 2008
E2. Sketch
Maxxie has a creepy feeling that someone is watching him. Someone close by. A hot boy maybe? No such luck. Sketch is Maxxie's stalker. A weird loner, who spends most days shut up i...
7 links 29 Oct 2009
E3. Sid
A visit from Sid's grandfather causes chaos for both him and his dad. His overbearing grandfather is still under the impression that Sid's parents are still together, a pretense Si...
7 links 01 Nov 2011
E4. Michelle
Yet another man in her mother's life mean upheaval in Michelle's life. With a new house and a new step-sister to cope with and no idea which she dislikes more, Michelle's shredded ...
7 links 12 Nov 2009
E5. Chris
Chris receives some startling news, which forces him to look at his future more closely. Of course this is Chris, so he isn't going to be able to do this on his own. Jal tries a di...
6 links 17 Apr 2012
E6. Tony
Feeling lost now that his ex is seeing his best friend, Tony rediscovers himself when he meets a mysterious girl who challenges his beliefs.
6 links 17 Apr 2012
E7. Effy
Effy, now the lady of the house, due to her mother's depression, befriends fellow schoolgirl Pandora, with whom she sells cannabis. She also gets Sid back with Cassie - via a set-u...
6 links 03 Dec 2009
E8. Jal
Jal learns that she is pregnant by Chris,whom her parents want her to dump in order to concentrate on her school work. When they find out that she is pregnant they both advocate a ...
6 links 10 Dec 2009
E9. Cassie
Sid throws a dinner party to celebrate the end of exams, with Cassie, Chris, Micelle and Tony in attendance. However Michelle makes cutting remarks about Jal's termination which up...
6 links 17 Dec 2009
E10. Everyone
The day of the exam results coincides with Chris's funeral. Barred by Chris's parents from attending Sid and Tony 'borrow' the coffin to pay their own respects,returning it in time...
7 links 19 May 2008
Staffel 3
Season 3
Everyone E1. Everyone
A new batch of students arrive at Roundview College, friends Freddie, Cook and JJ all falling for Effy's charms. Two identical twin sisters,Emily and the dominant Katie also arrive...
6 links 07 Jan 2010
Cook E2. Cook
Hoping for a night of wild abandon Cook invites everybody to his birthday party at his uncle's pub but the party looks like collapsing after Effy's friend Pandora throws up. Cook m...
7 links 06 Aug 2009
Thomas E3. Thomas
Thomas arrives in Bristol from the Congo with his parents to follow him but after sleeping in an empty flat he falls foul of its owner,John White,who demands money. Pandora takes a...
6 links 05 Feb 2009
Pandora E4. Pandora
Pandora throws a birthday party but her strict mother Angela forbids the use of alcohol so Katie makes some cakes laced with ecstasy. Unfortunately Angela eats one and passes out. ...
6 links 28 Jan 2010
Freddie E5. Freddie
Freddie's sister Karen is entering the Next SexBomb contest but he disapproves of her trying to win the sympathy vote because their mother is dead. JJ tells him Cook wants to see h...
6 links 09 Feb 2010
Naomi E6. Naomi
The affair between Naomi and Emily intensifies. Cook is running for student president and challenges Naomi to sleep with him if he wins. He does win but they get no further than ki...
6 links 16 Feb 2010
JJ visits his psychiatrist after feeling 'lost and confused' about his life and friends. He is given lots of medical drugs to calm his Aspergers. He finds that Emily goes to the sa...
6 links 23 Feb 2010
Effy E8. Effy
Effy is unhappy when she sees that everybody seems to find Katie more popular than herself,even Freddie. Katie is even more popular when she invites everybody to a party - except C...
6 links 02 Mar 2010
Katie and Emily E9. Katie and Emily
Since Katie will not leave the house Emily impersonates her to take her exam. Emily meets Naomi,who tells her she is going to Cyprus for the summer but declines Emily's invitation ...
6 links 09 Mar 2010
Finale E10. Finale
Effy and Cook go into hiding with his father,but Effy contacts Freddie,who turns up along with JJ,though it is Freddie with whom Effy ends up sleeping. Cook asks his father if he c...
7 links 16 Mar 2010
Staffel 4
Season 4
E1. Thomas
Focuses around Thomas and his coming to terms with life and love in England.
6 links 06 Feb 2010
E2. Emily
Emily confronts Naomi over her supplying Sophia with drugs. Emily has learned that Sophia was gay and her locker is a shrine to Naomi,though Naomi denies any sexual relationship be...
6 links 07 Feb 2010
E3. Cook
Cook is remanded in custody following the GBH charge but he is later released,with an electronic tag,to live with his alcoholic mother Ruth and adoring younger brother Paddy. He is...
6 links 12 Feb 2010
E4. Katie
Things are not going well for Katie. Following a pregnancy scare she learns that she is infertile and loses her job as a wedding planner when she gets drunk and aggressive at her c...
6 links 21 Feb 2010
E5. Freddie
Effy and Freddie are living together but Freddie is troubled by Effy's morbid outlook and her obsession with death. He visits Norman,his grandfather,in his residential home and the...
6 links 02 Mar 2010
E6. JJ
JJ falls for Lara,who works in the sweet shop with him, but on visiting her flat,discovers that she is a single parent with a baby, Albert. JJ's family disapprove of Lara as being ...
6 links 08 Jun 2013
E7. Effy
Effy spends some time in a psychiatric hospital and is discharged under the care of psychotherapist John Foster. However Effy's friends are concerned at the influence Foster has ov...
15 Mar 2010
E8. Everyone
As Emily and Naomi and Pandora and Thomas make up the gang become concerned for the absent Freddie and hold his birthday party in his absence. Cook,who has read Freddie's notebook ...
6 links 22 Mar 2010
Staffel 5
Season 5
E1. Franky
Loner Franky starts at Roundview and accidentally challenges Mini's position as Queen Bee. Mini plays the long game and Franky finds herself befriended by the girls. When she won't...
6 links 27 Jan 2011
E2. Rich
Rich uses his taste in extreme music to keep the world, especially girls, at bay. When Alo finds Rich's perfect woman, Rich is forced to into pairing up with Grace to learn how to ...
6 links 03 Feb 2011
E3. Mini
Mini is under threat. When Grace brings Franky into the Charity Fashion Show, Mini sacks them both, and re-imagines the show in her own image to cement her power. Despite appearanc...
6 links 17 Feb 2011
E4. Liv
Liv continues to sleep with Nick, unsure why. Mini befriends the gang to isolate Liv. Liv takes off. She meets a boy called Matty, and they take a day out of reality with no conseq...
6 links 21 Feb 2011
Nick E5. Nick
Nick is star of the school - he's hot, he's the son of a proud father, he's a rugby hero and he's got the perfect arm candy in Mini. But Matty's reappearance has unsettled Nick. As...
02 Mar 2011
Alo E6. Alo
Alo has always lived on Creevey Farm, but lately the sins of the city call to him. Alo's out partying, getting fucked, in his continuous attempts to get laid. But his parents are f...
6 links 09 Mar 2011
Grace E7. Grace
Grace has always believed in fairytales and happy endings, but is forced to face reality. When Rich accidentally learns that David F-ing Blood is her father Grace has some explaini...
6 links 02 Oct 2012
Everyone E8. Everyone
It's the day of Rich and Grace's wedding and the fractured gang try and make it a happy day but they're at each other's throats. When the van breaks down on the way to the church t...
6 links 17 Mar 2011
Staffel 6
Season 6
Everyone E1. Everyone
Mini,Grace,Franky,Liv,Alo,Rich,Matty and Nick are on holiday in Morocco though the crumbling villa with no roof,water or electricity is not what they were expecting. Whilst Mini ge...
6 links 23 Jan 2012
Rich E2. Rich
Blaming the gang for what happened to Grace,her father,Professor Blood,bans boyfriend Rich from seeing her in hospital,though Rich manages to sneak in and finds she has woken up th...
6 links 30 Jan 2012
Alex E3. Alex
Alex, a boy who lives with and cares for his eccentric grandmother Miriam whilst his father is largely absent, lives his life by responding to the roll of a die, which is how he de...
6 links 06 Feb 2012
Franky E4. Franky
Conscious that she indirectly caused Grace's death and unable to concentrate on her mock exams Franky feels alienated from her friends and smothered by her well-intentioned gay dad...
6 links 25 Feb 2012
Mini E5. Mini
Angry at Alo for declaring his love for her and at her mother Shelley for moving her tubby,sex-mad boyfriend Eric into the house Mini also discovers that she is pregnant and contac...
6 links 20 Feb 2012
Nick E6. Nick
Nick gets a Skype message from Matty in Morocco,telling him to go to a seedy club and ask for 'The Doctor',a sinister Russian who,for two thousand pounds,will smuggle him back to E...
6 links 27 Feb 2012
Alo E7. Alo
Tired of Mini's inconsistent attitude and unaware of her pregnancy Alo quickly falls for vivacious Poppy,whom he meets at a fancy dress party,and with whom he has consentual sex in...
6 links 05 Mar 2012
Liv E8. Liv
Seeing Alex as her only close friend Liv is upset when he goes away for a weekend and,to make things worse,she feels a pain in her side and sees a lump, but she confides only in pr...
6 links 15 Mar 2012
Mini and Franky E9. Mini and Franky
After collapsing Mini is rushed to hospital. Both Nick and Matty show up and the boys start fighting but Franky refuses to call the police to have Matty arrested. With Alo making i...
6 links 19 Mar 2012
Finale E10. Finale
Mini is rushed to hospital but the baby is saved. As the exam results come through and Alex gets ready to spend his gap year in Thailand Matty apologises to Rich for causing the de...
6 links 26 Mar 2012
Staffel 7
Season 7
Fire: Part 1 E1. Fire: Part 1
Sharing a flat with would-be stand up comic Naomi Effy is now the office junior at the hedge fund department of Hewitt Maurice asset management fund. To avoid a friend getting into...
6 links 12 Jul 2013
Fire: Part 2 E2. Fire: Part 2
Naomi tries to recover from cancer without Emily knowing. Effy is sleeping with her boss and tries to get Dom's help to pull Jake's company out of a slump.
6 links 09 Jul 2013
Pure: Part 1 E3. Pure: Part 1
Cassie is working in a seedy diner in London and regularly phoning her father Marcus, who is going senile. She lives in a noisy house where she keeps herself to herself but befrien...
6 links 11 Aug 2013
Pure: Part 2 E4. Pure: Part 2
Cassie goes to Wales to see her family accompanied with Jacob. As things go along, Cassie is no longer Jacob's mysterious model.
6 links 26 Jul 2013
Rise: Part 1 E5. Rise: Part 1
Cook is now living with sometime girlfriend Emma in Manchester and drug-running for gangster Louie along with Louie's henchmen Jason and Rob. He is extremely secretive about his pa...
6 links 29 Jul 2013
Rise: Part 2 E6. Rise: Part 2
Cook, Charlie and Emma are on the run. They take refuge in Emma's parent's house in the middle of nowhere. Things start to get worse as Louie finds them.
6 links 10 Aug 2013
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