Skins US

Schauplatz der Serie ist das kalte, nasse England. Die Jugendlichen einer Clique durchleben ihre ersten Beziehungen und ihren ersten Beziehungsstress. Zum Beispiel der junge Tony. Er ist ein absoluter Mädchenheld und hochintelligent. Nur ist er teilweise a...

Jahr: 2011

Dauer: 42 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writers: Bryan Elsley, Jamie Brittain, James Brittain

Stars: Danny Flaherty, Ron Mustafa, James Newman

IMDb: TT1755893

Bewertung: 3.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Tony E1. Tony
Tony has decided that it's time Stanley lose his virginity... to Caddie despite Stanley's feelings for Michelle. All that's required is some spliff. While Stanley acquires the drug...
31 Dec 2012
Tea E2. Tea
Tea is a beautiful, self assured, cheerleader with an openly Saphic reputation among her friends. She can pretty much have any girl she sets her eye on, so why do they all bore her...
10 Jul 2011
Chris E3. Chris
When Chris wakes up to find that his mom is "gone for a few days" and there's an envelope with a $1000 on the kitchen counter, Chris starts thinking with his little head... Course ...
1 link 19 Mar 2011
Cadie E4. Cadie
Cadie's the one in therapy but it seems that everyone else in her life should be. Her dad is completely absorbed in hunting and macabre taxidermy while her mother strives to recapt...
24 Jul 2011
Stanley E5. Stanley
Stanley steals his dad's pride & joy to get to school and avoid failing. Tony talks him into stealing the car again to attend the choir recital that night. Tony passionately kisses...
17 Mar 2011
Abbud E6. Abbud
Abbud hopes that the gang's field trip to a Canadian wilderness camp can get him some alone time with Tea. Chris lusts after his favorite teacher, but has some competition. Meanwhi...
21 Feb 2011
Michelle E7. Michelle
Michelle is shocked when her gynecologist gives her some bad news. But, shock turns to dismay when she discovers the extent of Tony's perfidy.
17 Mar 2011
Daisy E8. Daisy
Daisy wants to be a musician like her dad & mom. Daisy's ex-musician dad wants to suffer in silence and wants Daisy to give up dreams of being a professional musician. Daisy's frie...
07 Mar 2011
Tina E9. Tina
Tina's reached her 23rd birthday and she's concerned about growing up. She's worried that other might find out that she's sleeping with a student and she begins to question just ho...
14 Mar 2011
Eura/Everyone E10. Eura/Everyone
Tony's alienated pretty much everyone. But will the gang still come through for him when his little sister Eura goes missing?
21 Mar 2011
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