Sleeper Cell

Darwyn Al-Sayeed ist ein gläubiger Moslem - und FBI-Agent in einem gefährlichen Undercover-Einsatz: Er soll eine Schläferzelle islamistischer Terroristen in Los Angeles infiltrieren, um den ebenso fanatischen wie charismatischen Anführer Farik und dessen H...

Jahr: 2005

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Writers: Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris

Stars: Michael Ealy, Oded Fehr, Henri Lubatti

IMDb: TT0465353

Bewertung: 8.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Al-Faitha E1. Al-Faitha
Darwyn Al-Sayeed is a Muslim ex-con who has just been released from prison and finds his way to an Islamic extremist named Farik, who recruits him to join a terrorist sleeper cell ...
3 links 25 Jul 2008
Target E2. Target
Farik and Ilija receive a deadly biological anthrax shipment and prepare for an attack inside a Los Angeles shopping mall.
3 links 25 Jul 2008
Money E3. Money
Farik learns that the money supply filtering in from Mexico to finance Youmud Din ("Judgment Day") has come to a halt. Farik, Darwyn and Christian cross the border to Tijuana, Mexi...
2 links 26 Jul 2008
Scholar E4. Scholar
Farik sends biochemical student Eddy Pangetsu (from episode 2) on a flight to Vancouver, Canada, to drive a shipment of real anthrax across the Canadian border and down to Los Ange...
2 links 09 Apr 2012
Soldier E5. Soldier
The Cell members pose as Iraqi insurgents-in-training in order to infiltrate and take over a secure warehouse as a new base of operations for Youmud Din.
3 links 30 Jul 2008
Family E6. Family
Darwyn befriends a pesticide plant worker in order to buy some of his company's product under the table for the Cell while each of the jihadis cope with personal troubles of their ...
3 links 30 Jul 2008
Immigrant E7. Immigrant
When an Afghan boy arrives at the warehouse looking for training as a jihadi, Darwyn introduces him to a more moderate brand of Islam in hopes of steering him away from terrorism.
2 links 06 Aug 2008
Intramural E8. Intramural
The Cell buys explosives from a white supremacist militia while Darwyn's new handler, Patrice Serxner, tries to prevent the LAPD from blowing his cover in a conflicting investigati...
3 links 06 Aug 2008
Hijack E9. Hijack
The Cell hijacks a chemical truck in preparation for Youmud Din ("Judgment Day") as the FBI prepares to stop them, not knowing that, due to a misunderstanding of the Arabic calenda...
3 links 13 Aug 2008
Youmud Din E10. Youmud Din
The Cell hijacks a chemical truck in preparation for Youmud Din ("Judgment Day") as the FBI prepares to stop them, not knowing that, due to a misunderstanding of the Arabic calenda...
2 links 13 Aug 2008
Staffel 2
Season 2
Al-Baqara E1. Al-Baqara
Several months after successfully foiling a terrorist attack at Dodger Stadium, FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed plans to take a teaching job at Quantico, just when his FBI handler, Patr...
2 links 20 Aug 2008
Salesman E2. Salesman
FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed must protect his cover and work with the terrorists to unmask their secret attack plan.
2 links 20 Aug 2008
Torture E3. Torture
FBI agent Darwyn faces a dangerous dilemma when he is ordered by the terrorist network to secure a military explosive and his new FBI handler refuses to cooperate.
2 links 27 Aug 2008
Faith E4. Faith
FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed must risk blowing his cover to stop a cell member who embarks on a deadly vendetta against a progressive Islamic televangelist.
1 link 27 Aug 2008
Home E5. Home
The future of the Cell will be changed forever when Darwyn receives a special delivery from a newly energized Farik.
1 link 03 Sep 2008
School E6. School
A new leader is calling the shots for the Cell, and Darwyn learns more details about the planned nuclear strike against Los Angeles.
2 links 02 Jan 2007
Fitna E7. Fitna
The day of reckoning has arrived. The Cell members prepare to launch the attack, even as the FBI springs its trap.
2 links 10 Sep 2008
Reunion E8. Reunion
On the heels of successfully thwarting the attack on the Hollywood Bowl, Darwyn deals with the loss of Gayle and his failure to stop Mina's bombing in Las Vegas.
2 links 12 Dec 2006
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