Julia (Debra Messing) und Tom (Christian Borle) beginnen, ein Musical über das Leben von Marilyn Monroe zu schreiben. Doch die exzentrische Produzentin Eileen (Anjelica Houston) macht es den beiden Autoren nicht einfach. Als dann die Entscheidung über die ...

Jahr: 2012−2013

Dauer: 44 min

Genres: Drama, Musical

Writers: Theresa Rebeck

Stars: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee

IMDb: TT1825133

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
With their latest show "Heaven on Earth" still running on Broadway, the song and book writing team of Julia Houston and Tom Levitt have decided to take a professional break, in par...
6 links 24 Jan 2012
The Callback E2. The Callback
Ivy and Karen learn that they are the final two auditionees standing for the role of Marilyn. After an excruciating four day delay, they learn that they are being called back for y...
6 links 18 Feb 2012
Enter Mr. DiMaggio E3. Enter Mr. DiMaggio
With Ivy cast as Marilyn and Karen cast in the ensemble, the production moves into the workshop phase, the $200/week paycheck per person which causes some unspoken issues among man...
6 links 03 Jan 2013
The Cost of Art E4. The Cost of Art
Despite their respective roles in the production, the seeming battle between Ivy and Karen continues into the workshop. Ivy is mad since she wasn't told previously that Karen would...
6 links 28 Feb 2012
Let's Be Bad E5. Let's Be Bad
In the workshop, Derek seems to be changing both his professional and personal allegiance from Ivy to Karen, which places both women in an awkward and embarrassing situation. While...
6 links 07 Mar 2012
Chemistry E6. Chemistry
The workshop is being shown to potential investors. It's not good timing for either the creative team or Ivy has she has come down with a vocal stress issue, which is affecting her...
6 links 12 Mar 2012
The Workshop E7. The Workshop
In the lead up to showing the workshop to potential investors, things don't seem to be going well for anyone involved with the show except Karen, whose biggest issue is if her alle...
6 links 20 Mar 2012
The Coup E8. The Coup
It's been two days since the workshop was presented to potential investors. Since, Derek and Eileen have gone into relative hiding, not responding to any left messages. Is silence ...
5 links 28 Mar 2012
Hell on Earth E9. Hell on Earth
With Derek and Eileen's experiment to take the show in a different direction musically a failure, everything about the show truly is up in the air. With much work ahead of them bef...
6 links 04 Apr 2012
Understudy E10. Understudy
The Marilyn project has a new title and a new star: "Bombshell" with movie star Rebecca Duvall in the lead role. The production still has short term problems in that Rebecca is str...
6 links 10 Apr 2012
The Movie Star E11. The Movie Star
Rebecca Duvall has finally made it to rehearsals. Many in the company are in awe of working on a project with such a big star. But Rebecca turns out to be less than the perfect lea...
6 links 17 Apr 2012
Publicity E12. Publicity
As Rebecca immerses herself further into the project, she demands change after change to turn it more into a play and less as a musical to work toward her own strengths, or more pr...
6 links 05 Jan 2013
Tech E13. Tech
The production has moved into the tech phase, with the first show in two days in Boston. Derek is already stressed with all he has to do to get the show ready, which is not helped ...
6 links 01 May 2012
Previews E14. Previews
In the lead up to tonight's first preview of three in a row in Boston, many things going on behind the scenes are preoccupying the minds of the cast and creative team. Julia has re...
6 links 08 May 2012
Bombshell E15. Bombshell
Now that Rebecca has decided not to return to "Bombshell", the creative team, beyond the need for Tom and Julia to rewrite the ending which will include one more song, has a major ...
6 links 15 May 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
On Broadway E1. On Broadway
After a successful run in Boston with Karen in the lead, "Bombshell" seems destined for Broadway, making Karen a Broadway superstar. As such, Karen is now part of the show's power ...
09 Feb 2013
The Fallout E2. The Fallout
Eileen's public legal problem concerning financing the show is perhaps the biggest obstacle in "Bombshell" making it to Broadway. As such, many with the show look for other profess...
09 Feb 2013
The Dramaturg E3. The Dramaturg
Although Bombshell is officially going back into unofficial rehearsals, Karen and Derek are still looking for other projects "just in case". Karen is still interested in helping Ji...
01 Mar 2013
The Song E4. The Song
Eileen has to decide if she will sell Nick down the river at the deposition into the illegal funding of "Bombshell". The fact that Nick has gone into hiding may make her decision e...
28 Feb 2013
The Read-Through E5. The Read-Through
Jerry has taken production control of "Bombshell" away from Eileen because of her legal issues, although she and the show's cast and crew are unaware that he orchestrated the publi...
06 Mar 2013
The Fringe E6. The Fringe
"Bombshell", "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Hit List" are all going through problems. Ivy asks Derek for advice on how to save "Liaisons" and/or her career if the show goes forward in i...
12 Mar 2013
Musical Chairs E7. Musical Chairs
Tom has been appointed director of "Bombshell" after Derek leaves the show. But Tom's style and vision doesn't mesh with Karen, with who the rapport becomes quietly but openly stra...
20 Mar 2013
The Bells and Whistles E8. The Bells and Whistles
The level of collaboration at "Bombshell" and "Hit List" are taking divergent paths. Derek has his big budget sensibility in directing "Hit List" and is able to stick to his vision...
27 Mar 2013
The Parents E9. The Parents
Karen and Jimmy's first night together is cut short by the arrival of her father, in town for a conference. Beyond believing that Karen is in a sexual relationship with Derek, he c...
03 Apr 2013
The Surprise Party E10. The Surprise Party
Personal relations between Tom and Ivy are still strained, into which Ivy brings the cast onto her side. Wanting to mend their friendship, Tom, at the last minute as he reminded of...
07 Apr 2013
The Dress Rehearsal E11. The Dress Rehearsal
Both "Bombshell" and "Hit List" have important upcoming full run throughs. "Bombshell" is doing a "friends and family" performance before going into its first preview the following...
14 Apr 2013
Opening Night E12. Opening Night
It's "Bombshell"'s opening night, to which Eileen has provided tickets to the cast and crew of "Hit List". While trying to avoid any on-line chatter leading up to the opening, Ivy ...
20 Apr 2013
The Producers E13. The Producers
Despite "Bombshell" not getting the ticket sales they were hoping, Eileen and Agnes are certain they are still on track for the show to sweep the Tonys. They just have to keep the ...
28 Apr 2013
The Phenomenon E14. The Phenomenon
The teams and individuals at both "Bombshell" and "Hit List" are going about their regular routines, both with regard to their respective shows and with their interpersonal relatio...
05 May 2013
The Transfer E15. The Transfer
Eileen and Agnes are working hard to place "Bombshell" in the best possible light for the entire cast and crew in the lead up to the Tony nominations. One of the projects is a trib...
11 May 2013
The Nominations E16. The Nominations
The Outer Critics Circle (OCC) Award winners, which many see as a precursor to the Tonys, have just been announced. The results amp up the strategies each team uses in securing tha...
27 May 2013
The Tonys E17. The Tonys
"Bombshell" and "Hit List" lead the Tony nominations with twelve and thirteen nominations respectively. Some things seem a certainty at tonight's awards ceremony, primarily that De...
26 May 2013
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