Space 2063

Im Jahr 2063 greifen Außerirdische die Erde und ihre Kolonien im All an. Eine Gruppe junger Rekruten der Space Marines, "Die 58. Schwadron", verteidigt die Erde. Zur Gruppe gehören Lieutenant Nathan West (Morgan Weisser), Captain Shane Vansen (Kristen Clok...

Jahr: 1995−1996

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi

Writers: James Wong, Glen Morgan

Stars: Rodney Rowland, Morgan Weisser, Kristen Cloke

IMDb: TT0112173

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Pilot
When an Earth outpost 16 light-years away is destroyed by an unknown alien force, a group of young United States Marine Corps Space Aviators find themselves on the front lines of a...
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The Farthest Man from Home E2. The Farthest Man from Home
When the USS Saratoga passes close to the planet, Vesta Colony, where the Earth colonist were attacked, West goes AWOL and flies down to the planet in hopes that his girlfriend, Ky...
4 links 03 Mar 1996
The Dark Side of the Sun E3. The Dark Side of the Sun
Vansen wakes from a disturbing dream in which she sees her parents die to discover she is aboard the space carrier Saratoga. The squadron gets orders to protect a mining station ag...
4 links 10 Mar 1996
Mutiny E4. Mutiny
In a suspenseful episode the members of the 58th are struggling, against an unknown enemy in a treacherous region of space with a damaged ship. Hawkes discovers that the ship they ...
17 Mar 1996
Ray Butts E5. Ray Butts
Legendary Marine Flyer Colonel Ray Butts 'Kick Butts' of Marine Special Operations Command team shows up and takes over command of the 58th wing for a special secret mission of red...
05 Feb 2006
E6. Eyes
In an effort to get West to help with an assassination plot, the young marine is told that high ranking Earth officials knew about the aliens before the colonists were sent to Vest...
31 Mar 1996
The Enemy E7. The Enemy
The members of the 58th turn on each other after they land on the planet Tartarus and encounter a Chig mind-altering weapon that wreaks havoc on the area of the brain that controls...
07 Apr 1996
Hostile Visit E8. Hostile Visit
During a space battle, a Chig spaceship is damaged, but not destroyed and left floating in space. McQueen proposes they use the damaged ship as a trojan horse to attack the enemy h...
4 links 14 Apr 1996
Choice or Chance E9. Choice or Chance
Trapped on a hostile planet and captured by silicates, Vanessa and Damphousse are given a choice to make, while Wang is tortured and West finds someone unexpected. Meanwhile, McQue...
4 links 21 Apr 1996
Stay with the Dead E10. Stay with the Dead
After a dangerous mission is Nathan West the only survivor of the 58th. Severely injured he's returned to the Saratoga in complete shock, but was he really the only survivor? Traum...
4 links 28 Apr 1996
The River of Stars E11. The River of Stars
Disabled ship, far from searchers, no transmitter, cold and dark at Christmas. Team, felling lost, exchange thoughts, fears and gifts. CO sends the 1968 Apollo 8 Genesis message. W...
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Who Monitors the Birds? E12. Who Monitors the Birds?
Promised a discharge from his sentence to the marines,Hawkes is recruited for an assassination mission deep behind enemy lines.
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Level of Necessity E13. Level of Necessity
Deep underground the 58th are on the run from hostiles. They meet another squadron who's commander orders them to enter another tunnel. Damphouse refuses and tells the 58th not to ...
4 links 19 May 1996
E14. Never No More
While a new Chig stealth fighter is killing off squadron after squadron with impunity Vansen has to deal with a failed relationship from her past.
4 links 26 May 1996
E15. The Angriest Angel
A new kind of unbeatable chig fighter emerges. Equipped with a new source of energy, it's the prototype of a deadly weapon that could change the course of the war. Mc Queen realize...
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Toy Soldiers E16. Toy Soldiers
Rookie squad accompany the 58th on a simple recon mission. Gung Ho untested rookie squad commander makes reckless decisions against standing orders. Wests kid brother is under his ...
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Dear Earth E17. Dear Earth
Mail delivery from Earth brings differing news for members of the 58th. A mission doesn't go well for Damphousse. Hawkes and McQueen become documentary stars, but who stole the Com...
4 links 16 Jun 1996
Pearly E18. Pearly
The 58th have to make an extraction point rendezvous off a planet so use the aid of the eponymous tank "pearly" to take them there. They meet an eccentric British soldier and a pai...
4 links 18 Aug 1996
R & R E19. R & R
The exhausted 58th are given 48 hours leave on the pleasure ship Bachhus. Hawkes takes a trip he really shouldn't have, Damphousse and Wang get close, Vansen shows a hidden talent ...
4 links 08 Jul 2006
Stardust E20. Stardust
The 58th are given the highest top secret mission of the whole Earth war effort. So secret they don't even know the whole details of the missions objectives, but the mission must n...
4 links 01 Sep 1996
Sugar Dirt E21. Sugar Dirt
A planetary invasion by Earth military forces is ambushed and turns into a military disaster. There is no air support and no ground reinforcement as the supporting fleet, among it ...
4 links 04 Jul 2006
And If They Lay Us Down to Rest... E22. And If They Lay Us Down to Rest...
The 58th recon a moon orbiting the Chig homeworld before a major invasion is set to begin. Among hostile Chig confrontations they encounter a single alien of unknown species that a...
4 links 15 Sep 1996
...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best E23. ...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best
A Chig ambassador could be the key to peace, end the war and home for the Earth forces. The head of Aerotech is requested to the talks by the ambassador but when he arrives he know...
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