When a prank at a school camp goes drastically wrong, 15-year-old Paul Reynolds is blasted into an alternative reality and has to try to find a way home.

Jahr: 1995

Dauer: 24 min

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Writers: Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson

Stars: Zbych Trofimiuk, Gosia Piotrowska, Brian Rooney

IMDb: TT0112174

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The Big Bang E1. The Big Bang
On a school trip, practical jokers Paul and Alex plan a prank to scare the girls, but it goes disastrously wrong when Paul vanishes into thin air. While his friends search in vain,...
01 Sep 1995
Where Am I? E2. Where Am I?
As Paul starts to learn more about his new surroundings, he begins to suspect that he has traveled back in time, until he sees Ashka demonstrating the Spellbinder's power.
17 Apr 1997
Finding the Way Home E3. Finding the Way Home
Paul returns to the Summoning Tower where he first entered Riana's world, in the hope of getting home. The portal opens again and he sees his friends and family, but it closes befo...
24 Apr 1997
It Isn't Magic, It's Science E4. It Isn't Magic, It's Science
Paul discovers that the Spellbinders' power is based in science and believes they may be able to help him get home, but first he must convince Gryvon that he really has come from a...
01 May 1997
Secrets E5. Secrets
Paul manages to convince Ashka that he really is from another world and that he has knowledge that could be useful to the Spellbinders. Riana makes her way to the castle where Paul...
08 May 1997
Show Me Your World E6. Show Me Your World
Paul shows Correon the videos and starts to explain about the technology of his world. When Ashka realizes that she is missing out, she and Gryvon plot to hide Paul so that they al...
15 May 1997
The Gunpowder Plot E7. The Gunpowder Plot
Alex and Katrina find a way to get back to the cave, by buying places on a school literature camp. Paul agrees to make gunpowder for Gryvon but hides the real recipe from him. Rian...
04 Oct 1995
Secrets of the Spellbinders E8. Secrets of the Spellbinders
In an abandoned Spellbinder castle, Paul and Correon learn that the darkness was caused by over-ambitious Spellbinders. Realising that Paul's knowledge is too dangerous, Correon ag...
29 May 1997
The Labyrinth E9. The Labyrinth
Captured by the Marauders, Paul and Correon discover that they are actually just ordinary villagers who were banished by the Spellbinders. The pair attempt to escape, but finding t...
05 Jun 1997
Desperate Measures E10. Desperate Measures
Zander agrees to help Riana and Paul, but is unable to persuade the other Marauders not to banish Correon. Alex and Katrina set up the radios and are able to warn Paul that Ashka i...
12 Jun 1997
The Centre of Power E11. The Centre of Power
Ashka challenges Correon to a duel and sabotages his power suit to ensure that he loses and will be banished. Paul must learn to operate one of their flying ships in order to escap...
19 Jun 1997
Spellbinder Jack E12. Spellbinder Jack
Alex and Katrina finally make contact with Paul. When the flying ship crash lands, Paul impersonates a Spellbinder to get help, but Ashka is still close on his trail, so he and Ria...
26 Jun 1997
The Final Challenge E13. The Final Challenge
Captured by the Summoner, Paul must convince Riana's mother to help him escape. In a last effort to stop Paul, Ashka damages the Summoning Tower, and Paul is forced to take Riana w...
03 Jul 1997
Lost and Found E14. Lost and Found
Hospitality E15. Hospitality
Breakout E16. Breakout
The Trojan Toffee Trolley E17. The Trojan Toffee Trolley
Christine agrees to help Paul hide Riana, but it becomes more complicated when Riana insists on going to school with them. Correon reaches the castle and exposes the truth about As...
31 Jul 1997
Run! E18. Run!
Reunions E19. Reunions
Riana finally gets to go home, insisting that Paul goes with her to visit her family once more. But Ashka learns how to open the portal between the worlds and kidnaps Riana to lear...
14 Aug 1997
Alien Invasion E20. Alien Invasion
Paul returns to his own world and disables the doorway, unaware that Ashka is already there. Ashka is mistaken for an alien when she leaves a trail of destruction behind her as she...
21 Aug 1997
The Hunt for Ashka E21. The Hunt for Ashka
Paul, Alex and Katrina try to track down Ashka by monitoring the electromagnetic energy emitted by her power suit. When Katrina finds her, Ashka tricks her and, tempted by the chan...
28 Aug 1997
Clowning Around E22. Clowning Around
Paul and Alex track Ashka down to her hotel and destroy the power suit, but Ashka escapes. Ashka returns to her own world to obtain the designs from the ancient Spellbinders in the...
04 Sep 1997
The High-Tech Power E23. The High-Tech Power
After Riana escapes from the old castle, she follows Ashka back to Paul's world and tries to find Paul. Ashka visits Paul's father and shows him the designs for the power suit, enc...
11 Sep 1997
A Spellbinder in the House E24. A Spellbinder in the House
Paul sneaks Riana into his father's lab with the video camera, determined to prove the truth, but when Ashka uses her new power suit to disrupt the video and kidnaps Riana, Brian's...
18 Sep 1997
Breakfast of Champions E25. Breakfast of Champions
Paul, Alex and Katrina set out to rescue Riana, but a nosy neighbor calls the police who catch Alex and Katrina. Paul shows his father the video of Ashka and introduces Riana, fina...
25 Sep 1997
Flight E26. Flight
The race is on to rescue Christine and get the flight controller before Ashka gets there. With help from Alex and Katrina and even Katrina's mother, Ashka is finally cornered and d...
02 Oct 1997
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