Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Nach dem Krieg zwischen dem Planeten Bajor und den Cardassianern bleibt die Raumstation Deep Space Nine (DS9) in der Umlaufbahn von Bajor. Sie erhält von der Planetenföderation den Auftrag, als Protektorat für die Bajoraner zu dienen. DS9 liegt am äußeren ...

Jahr: 1993−1999

Dauer: 45 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Writers: Rick Berman, Michael Piller

Stars: Rene Auberjonois, Avery Brooks, Cirroc Lofton

IMDb: TT0106145

Bewertung: 7.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Emissary E1. Emissary
When the troubled Commander Sisko takes command of a surrendered space station, he learns that it borders a unique stable wormhole.
4 links 11 Aug 2003
Past Prologue E2. Past Prologue
Tahna Los, a former Bajoran terrorist during the Occupation, asks Sisko for asylum on DS9. Meanwhile, the station's last Cardassian inhabitant, Garak, possibly a former spy for the...
30 Jan 2008
A Man Alone E3. A Man Alone
Ibudan, a criminal Odo has dealt with before, returns to DS9 only to be murdered shortly after - leaving Odo to be the prime suspect. Jake and Nog's trouble making prompt Keiko to ...
10 links 02 Feb 2008
Babel E4. Babel
The crew and civilian population of Deep Space Nine begin to speak gibberish when a plague - an 'aphasia virus' - engineered by the Bajorans as a weapon against the Cardassians, ac...
10 links 02 Feb 2008
Captive Pursuit E5. Captive Pursuit
For the first time an alien comes from the other side of the wormhole. He has ship trouble and seems very reluctant to accept any help. Chief O'Brien quickly finds out he has a sec...
10 links 17 Feb 2008
Q-Less E6. Q-Less
Q, the Enterprise-D's consistent omnipotent annoyance, comes to harass the DS9 crew when his traveling companion, Vash, refuses to travel with Q any longer.
10 links 21 Jun 2013
Dax E7. Dax
Sins of the Host indeed, as Jadzia Dax is accused of a murder her previous host, Curzon, supposedly committed.
10 links 10 Dec 2014
The Passenger E8. The Passenger
Rao Vantika, a captured criminal, is badly burned and dies in Bashir's arms. . .but the criminal's captor believes he is still alive.
10 links 10 Dec 2014
Move Along Home E9. Move Along Home
The Wadi from the Gamma Quadrant are to make first contact and decide to visit DS9. When they catch Quark cheating they let him off by playing a special game.
9 links 21 Dec 2015
The Nagus E10. The Nagus
The Ferengi's greatest politician and leader, the Grand Nagus, comes to the station. He seems very interested in Quark's bar.
10 links 14 Dec 2014
Vortex E11. Vortex
A man named Croden tells Odo he can take him to a place where aliens much like Odo himself exist, which would help Odo find out where he truly comes from.
10 links 14 Dec 2014
Battle Lines E12. Battle Lines
After showing Bajoran spiritual leader Kai Opaka the wormhole, she, Sisko, Bashir and Kira crash land on a moon. Kai Opaka dies and the three meet the unfriendly locals.
10 links 14 Dec 2014
The Storyteller E13. The Storyteller
While Sisko tries to negotiate an agreement between two Bajoran factions, he orders O'Brien to escort Bashir to an emergency that endangers a village.
10 links 14 Dec 2014
Progress E14. Progress
Kira must convince an old Bajoran farmer to leave a moon becoming uninhabitable due to mining operations. Jake and Nog try to trade off Cardassian yamok sauce.
10 links 14 Dec 2014
If Wishes Were Horses E15. If Wishes Were Horses
While Dax investigates an unusual energy reading near DS9 to see if it's dangerous for the station, people's imaginations suddenly come alive, causing chaos.
9 links 15 Dec 2014
The Forsaken E16. The Forsaken
Lwaxana Troi comes for a political visit and instead hounds Odo for romantic attention. Meanwhile, an alien probe wrecks havoc with the station's computer, leaving Odo and Lwaxana ...
10 links 15 Dec 2014
Dramatis Personae E17. Dramatis Personae
Out of nowhere the entire station's command staff, save Odo, become power hungry and vie to defeat each other by forming secret alliances and plotting assassinations. Needless to s...
10 links 15 Dec 2014
Duet E18. Duet
A Cardassian suffering from Kalla-Nohra, a disease that indicates he served in a labor camp, visits DS9. Kira is determined to convict him as a war criminal.
10 links 25 Jun 2006
In the Hands of the Prophets E19. In the Hands of the Prophets
Vedek Winn, a candidate in the race for the open Kai position, stirs up trouble on DS9 when she attempts to boycott Keiko's school for not teaching Bajoran religious beliefs.
9 links 06 Aug 2010
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Homecoming E1. The Homecoming
Word that a previously thought dead Bajoran resistance legend is still alive sends Kira and Chief O'Brien to Cardassia IV to rescue him; meanwhile "The Circle", a sect of the Bajor...
10 links 16 Dec 2014
The Circle E2. The Circle
Kira spends time with Vedek Bareil on Bajor just as "The Circle" begins arming themselves from a mysterious source.
10 links 08 Jun 2013
The Siege E3. The Siege
As a Circle-led Bajoran military attempts to occupy the station, a skeleton crew, led by Sisko fight to reveal the Circle's secret before they're forced to evacuate themselves. Mea...
4 links 16 Dec 2014
Invasive Procedures E4. Invasive Procedures
A jealous Trill, who had waited his entire life to receive a symbiont but never had, decides to steal one. . .Dax's!
5 links 17 Dec 2014
Cardassians E5. Cardassians
Political heat rises on the station as Bajorans enter the station with orphaned Cardassians they have adopted.
5 links 17 Dec 2014
Melora E6. Melora
A new arrival to the station with a special gravity-based disability appeals to Bashir's heart; meanwhile an old associate of Quark's comes to the station to kill the barkeep.
5 links 17 Dec 2014
Rules of Acquisition E7. Rules of Acquisition
A female Ferengi, posing as a male to be available to participate in business (a rule STRICTLY forbidden by the Ferengi government), falls for Quark during very important negotiati...
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Necessary Evil E8. Necessary Evil
Odo relives some terrible and tragic memories of a past investigation when he was the constable on Cardassian-occupied Deep Space Nine, then named Terok Nor.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Second Sight E9. Second Sight
While noted scientist Gideon Seyetik is preparing for an ambitious project, re-igniting a star, Sisko is intrigued by a woman who keeps disappearing.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Sanctuary E10. Sanctuary
A race that has been conquered twice over, one of the conquerors being the mysterious Dominion, comes to the station seeking aid and a new home.
5 links 16 Oct 2008
Rivals E11. Rivals
Quark meets his match when a new rival opens a casino opposite Quark's Bar on the Promenade; meanwhile the station is suffering issues of high improbability.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
The Alternate E12. The Alternate
Odo and Dr. Mora Pol, Odo's 'father', discover a life form similar to Odo on a Gamma Quadrant planet.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Armageddon Game E13. Armageddon Game
Chief O'Brien, who still doesn't like the good Doctor Bashir, must rely on him when the two are stranded on a planet and O'Brien is infected with a deadly, fast moving disease.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Whispers E14. Whispers
Chief O'Brien's world is turned upside down when for no reason whatsoever he is being ignored by his family and friends and is being closed out of every essential job on the statio...
5 links 29 Apr 2015
Paradise E15. Paradise
Sisko and Chief O'Brien discover a colony which lives without technology.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Shadowplay E16. Shadowplay
Odo and Dax investigate the mysterious disappearance of people from a village. Kira tries to keep a close eye on Quark, while Vedek Bareil unexpectedly visits.
5 links 18 Dec 2014
Playing God E17. Playing God
A Trill named Arjin comes to DS9 to learn what it is to be a Trill with a symbiont but finds his teacher, Dax, to be less than he expected.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
Profit and Loss E18. Profit and Loss
A Cardassian woman, who was once a former flame of Quark's, visits the station under dubious circumstances.
5 links 24 Apr 2013
Blood Oath E19. Blood Oath
Three legendary Klingons come to DS9 to see if Jadzia Dax will participate in a Blood Oath they made with Jadzia's previous host Curzon.
5 links 08 Jun 2013
The Maquis: Part 1 E20. The Maquis: Part 1
The destruction of a Cardassian ship leads Sisko, Dukat, and Sisko's old friend Cal Hudson to the fact that there is an unofficial war between the Maquis and the Cardassians.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
The Maquis: Part 2 E21. The Maquis: Part 2
Sisko tries to resolve the Maquis crisis by preventing a war, freeing Gul Dukat and offering the defected Hudson the chance to return.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
The Wire E22. The Wire
Dr. Bashir fights to save Garak's life when a device implanted in his brain, designed to alleviate pain in the event of torture, begins to malfunction and is slowly killing him.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
Crossover E23. Crossover
Kira and Bashir find themselves in an alternate universe.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
The Collaborator E24. The Collaborator
Vedek Bareil's targeted by fellow Kai candidate, Vedek Winn as having been a collaborator with the Cardassians during the Occupation.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
Tribunal E25. Tribunal
Chief O'Brien goes through the horrific Cardassian judicial system when he is charged for an unknown crime.
5 links 30 Mar 2012
The Jem'Hadar E26. The Jem'Hadar
Sisko and Quark and a strange telepathic woman are arrested by Jem'Hadar, soldiers of the Dominion.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
Staffel 3
Season 3
The Search: Part 1 E1. The Search: Part 1
Instead of waiting for the Jem'Hadar to attack, Sisko wants to try a different tack; he wants to take a new class starship to try to find the Founders.
4 links 19 Dec 2014
The Search: Part 2 E2. The Search: Part 2
Odo has found his home and is introduced. Meanwhile Sisko finds out peace talks between the Dominion and the Federation have already started.
5 links 19 Dec 2014
The House of Quark E3. The House of Quark
Quark is forced to marry a Klingon widow after he takes credit for the accidental death of her husband, the head of a powerful Klingon House.
5 links 10 Dec 2011
Equilibrium E4. Equilibrium
The Trill homeworld is the setting, as Sisko and Bashir take Jadzia home for treatment when she begins experiencing hallucinations after playing a tune she can't recall.
6 links 20 Dec 2014
Second Skin E5. Second Skin
Kira finds herself on Cardassia as a Cardassian. She is told she is called Iliana Ghemor and was a Cardassian spy.
5 links 20 Dec 2014
The Abandoned E6. The Abandoned
Odo tries to change the nature of a rapidly maturing Jem'Hadar infant, Quark finds, whilst Sisko tries to break his son's relationship with a 20 year old Dabo girl.
5 links 20 Dec 2014
Civil Defense E7. Civil Defense
The station goes into lockdown and the crew is endangered when an old Cardassian security program is accidentally activated.
5 links 21 Dec 2014
Meridian E8. Meridian
Dax falls in love with one of the residents of a multi-dimensional planet, while on DS9 an alien requests a holosuite program of Kira from Quark.
5 links 18 Aug 2013
Defiant E9. Defiant
Thomas Riker, impersonating Will Riker, steals the Defiant in order to fight with the Maquis. Sisko assists Gul Dukat on Cardassia Prime to prevent the ship from entering Cardassia...
5 links 27 Apr 2012
Fascination E10. Fascination
As Lwaxanna Troi visits the station for a Bajoran festival, the crew is stricken with intense romantic attractions to one another.
5 links 01 May 2012
Past Tense: Part 1 E11. Past Tense: Part 1
Sisko, Bashir and Dax are accidentally sent to San Francisco in the 21st century due to a transporter malfunction, and must figure out how to get back to return without changing th...
5 links 18 Jun 2014
Past Tense: Part 2 E12. Past Tense: Part 2
Sisko is forced to take the place of a key historical figure on Earth in 2024 in order to preserve the timeline.
5 links 01 May 2015
Life Support E13. Life Support
Dr. Bashir must use extraordinary measures to prolong Vedek Bareil's life long enough to allow Bareil to complete sensitive peace negotiations between the Bajorans and the Cardassi...
5 links 28 May 2016
Heart of Stone E14. Heart of Stone
After chasing a fugitive into a cave, Kira gets stuck and is slowly encapsulated by a growing crystal stone while Odo tries to figure out how to free her.
5 links 23 Apr 2010
Destiny E15. Destiny
Sisko faces a conflict between his Starfleet duties and his role as the Bajoran Emissary when an ancient Bajoran prophecy predicts a joint Federation-Cardassian project will lead t...
5 links 22 Dec 2014
Prophet Motive E16. Prophet Motive
Grand Nagus Zek is acting bizarre by giving away money and rewriting the Rules of Acquisition. Quark attempts to get the old Nagus back.
5 links 22 Dec 2014
Visionary E17. Visionary
While a Romulan delegation tries to get information about the Dominion, O'Brien gets visions of unpleasant things that are about to happen in the future.
5 links 24 Dec 2014
Distant Voices E18. Distant Voices
After being attacked in the infirmary, Dr. Bashir has a dual mystery on his hands: what has happened to the station while he was out and why is he aging so rapidly now?
5 links 19 Jun 2014
Through the Looking Glass E19. Through the Looking Glass
Sisko is kidnapped to impersonate his deceased, mirror universe self to gain Jennifer Sisko's loyalty in the Rebel Alliance.
5 links 24 Dec 2014
Improbable Cause E20. Improbable Cause
After an attempt is made on Garak's life, Odo conducts the investigation on who tried to murder the Cardassian tailor - and why.
5 links 17 Apr 2006
The Die Is Cast E21. The Die Is Cast
Now rejoined with his former mentor, Garak is ordered to interrogate Odo about the secrets of his people, while the joined Romulan/Cardassian attack fleet moves towards the Founder...
5 links 26 Dec 2014
Explorers E22. Explorers
Sisko rebuilds an ancient Bajoran space vessel from the blueprints, and he and Jake take the ship on a trip, attempting to prove that the ancient Bajorans went beyond their solar s...
5 links 26 Dec 2014
Family Business E23. Family Business
Quark and Rom return to the Ferengi home world because their mother has broken the law - by wearing clothes and earning profits, forbidden for women in Ferengi society.
4 links 26 Dec 2014
Shakaar E24. Shakaar
News arrives that Kai Winn has also become Bajor's political leader. She asks Kira to negotiate with an old resistance friend about returning soil reclamators.
5 links 27 Dec 2014
Facets E25. Facets
Dax asks the crew to join her Zhian'tara ritual. The memories of her former hosts will take over their bodies. Nog is preparing for Starfleet Academy.
5 links 28 Dec 2014
The Adversary E26. The Adversary
The Defiant is off to show the Federation's presence to the new Tzenkethi government. While underway the ship malfunctions and repeated instances leads Sisko to believe a changelin...
5 links 28 Dec 2014
Staffel 4
Season 4
The Way of the Warrior E1. The Way of the Warrior
Sisko becomes uncomfortable when the Klingons station a task force to help defend against the Dominion. Worf is summoned to find out their true intentions.
4 links 28 Dec 2014
The Visitor E2. The Visitor
Melanie, an aspiring writer, wants to know why Jake Sisko stopped writing at 40. Jake tells how his father died in an accident and then suddenly reappeared.
4 links 13 Dec 2011
Hippocratic Oath E3. Hippocratic Oath
Bashir is asked to help a group of renegade Jem'Hadar break their addiction to ketracel white. Meanwhile Worf is dissatisfied with the way Odo runs security.
5 links 25 Oct 2006
Indiscretion E4. Indiscretion
Kira and Gul Dukat go after the lost prison ship Ravinok. Dukat has a secret. Meanwhile Kasidy Yates tries to find work near Bajor, leaving Sisko uncomfortable.
5 links 28 Dec 2014
Rejoined E5. Rejoined
Lenara Kahn, the new host of the wife of Dax's former host Torias, comes to the station. While they're not allowed to renew their relation, there's still a spark.
4 links 19 May 2010
Starship Down E6. Starship Down
A damaged Defiant must play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with two Jem'hadar ships inside a gas giant.
5 links 28 Dec 2014
Little Green Men E7. Little Green Men
Quark and Rom take Nog to Earth and Starfleet Academy, but a malfunction with the ship takes the crew back in time, to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
5 links 18 Jun 2010
The Sword of Kahless E8. The Sword of Kahless
Worf, Dax and the Klingon Dahar master Kor set out to find an ancient lost relic: the Sword of Kahless.
5 links 28 Dec 2014
Our Man Bashir E9. Our Man Bashir
When an transporter emergency turns the command crew into holosuite characters, Bashir's James Bond fantasy takes on a deadly reality.
4 links 28 Dec 2014
Homefront E10. Homefront
Sisko travels to Earth when a bombing at a Federation conference is determined to be the work of Changelings.
4 links 15 Oct 2006
Paradise Lost E11. Paradise Lost
When Starfleet institutes martial law to combat the Changeling Menace, Sisko begins to question if the Dominion is the real threat.
5 links 29 Dec 2014
Crossfire E12. Crossfire
First Minister Shakaar visits the station, despite a threat of assassination. He falls in love with Kira much to Odo's dismay.
5 links 31 Dec 2014
Return to Grace E13. Return to Grace
Dukat returns, stripped of his prestige, to escort Kira to a Cardassian conference about the Dominion. But an attack by a Klingon raider may give Dukat a chance to redeem himself i...
5 links 31 Dec 2014
Sons of Mogh E14. Sons of Mogh
Worf's brother Kurn asks him to perform a death rite to regain his lost honor. Meanwhile, Kira and O'Brien investigate Klingon activity near the Bajoran border.
5 links 31 Dec 2014
Bar Association E15. Bar Association
Unfair working conditions and pay cuts cause Rom to organize a union of the employees of Quark's Bar. Meanwhile, Worf still finds it hard to settle on the station.
5 links 02 Jan 2015
Accession E16. Accession
A man claiming to be the emissary comes through the wormhole. Sisko is happy to give up his position. Meanwhile Keiko returns and O'Brien stops spending time with Bashir.
5 links 08 Dec 2011
Rules of Engagement E17. Rules of Engagement
When Worf destroys a civilian shuttle during an engagement with the Klingons, an extradition hearing is held to see if he must face charges.
5 links 02 Jan 2015
Hard Time E18. Hard Time
O'Brien tries to re-integrate to life on the station after serving 20 years in a virtual prison.
5 links 03 Jan 2015
Shattered Mirror E19. Shattered Mirror
When the Mirror Universe counterpart of Sisko's deceased wife lures Jake to the other side, Sisko must follow and help the Terran resistance against the Alliance forces.
5 links 03 Jan 2015
The Muse E20. The Muse
A mysterious woman approaches Jake about his future as a writer. Odo promises to do whatever it takes to help Lwaxana Troi keep her baby over the father's wishes - even if it means...
5 links 03 Jan 2015
For the Cause E21. For the Cause
Sisko must face betrayal when evidence surfaces that Kasidy is smuggling for the Maquis. Meanwhile Garak makes acquaintance with Ziyal.
5 links 03 Jan 2015
To the Death E22. To the Death
A renegade group of Jem'Hadar plunders Deep Space Nine. Sisko agrees to a combat operation with loyal Jem'Hadar to prevent the renegades completing a planetary gateway.
4 links 04 Jan 2015
The Quickening E23. The Quickening
Bashir tries to help a planet in the grips of a Dominion-engineered plague that guarantees a painful death.
5 links 04 Jan 2015
Body Parts E24. Body Parts
Quarks hears on Ferenginar he is going to die. Rom convinces him to sell his remains. After an accident, Bashir has to move Keiko's baby to Kira's womb.
5 links 04 Jan 2015
Broken Link E25. Broken Link
Odo is suddenly struck by illness. He is barely able to hold shape. Bashir and Odo see no other alternative then going to the Founders. Garak wants to come along.
5 links 04 Jan 2015
Staffel 5
Season 5
Apocalypse Rising E1. Apocalypse Rising
With the war between Klingons and Federation intensifying, Sisko must make a plan to expose Gowron as a changeling. Odo is still having trouble with becoming a solid.
4 links 04 Jan 2015
The Ship E2. The Ship
The crew is forced to retreat in a crashed Jem'Hadar ship after an attack by the Jem'Hadar. They get the feeling there's something very important about this ship.
5 links 04 Jan 2015
Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places E3. Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
While Worf helps Quark to pursue his former wife Grilka, O'Brien and Kira grow uncomfortably close to each other.
5 links 04 May 2015
...Nor the Battle to the Strong E4. ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
Jake, reporting from the front lines, sees what war truly is.
4 links 05 Jan 2015
The Assignment E5. The Assignment
An alien entity has possessed Keiko's body and is holding it hostage until O'Brien completes an assignment for it.
5 links 05 Jan 2015
Trials and Tribble-ations E6. Trials and Tribble-ations
Darvin, a disgraced Klingon spy, travels back in time to alter some events to his likings. The DS9 crew must find what he's trying to change and prevent it without altering the tim...
5 links 05 Jan 2015
Let He Who Is Without Sin... E7. Let He Who Is Without Sin...
While vacationing on Risa, Worf and Dax meet a group of fundamentalist protesters who claim that the Federation has gone soft.
5 links 05 Jan 2015
Things Past E8. Things Past
Sisko, Dax, Odo and Garak find themselves in the past when the Cardassians controlled the station, and a crime that Odo investigated may be the key.
5 links 05 Jan 2015
The Ascent E9. The Ascent
When Odo and Quark crash land, they must put aside their differences to climb a mountain to signal for help. Jake and Nog try to be roommates, but their different styles clash.
5 links 06 Jan 2015
Rapture E10. Rapture
Sisko begins having visions that may show him how to best help Bajor, but they're killing him.
5 links 30 Sep 2014
The Darkness and the Light E11. The Darkness and the Light
A mysterious assassin begins wiping out all the members of Kira's old resistance cell.
5 links 06 Jan 2015
The Begotten E12. The Begotten
The discovery of an infant Changeling gives Odo a chance to correct what he sees as the "mistakes" in his upbringing. But as Starfleet's pressure for results grows, he has to turn ...
5 links 06 Jan 2015
For the Uniform E13. For the Uniform
When the traitorous Eddington returns, Sisko will go to any lengths to capture him.
5 links 07 Jan 2015
In Purgatory's Shadow E14. In Purgatory's Shadow
A coded message from the Gamma Quadrant leads Garak to believe his mentor, Enabran Tain, is still alive. He and Worf seek him out, only to discover something much worse: a Dominion...
5 links 07 Jan 2015
By Inferno's Light E15. By Inferno's Light
The station readies for a Dominion attack. Worf and Garak meet some unexpected friends in a Dominion Prison camp.
5 links 07 Jan 2015
Doctor Bashir, I Presume? E16. Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
Dr. Bashir is selected to be the model for the next-generation of Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). But he balks when his parents are invited to the station to be interviewed by th...
5 links 15 Oct 2006
A Simple Investigation E17. A Simple Investigation
Odo becomes romantically attached to a woman working with the Orion Syndicate.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Business as Usual E18. Business as Usual
Quark must wrestle with his conscience when he becomes involved with arms merchants.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Ties of Blood and Water E19. Ties of Blood and Water
When a Cardassian official that thinks of Kira as his daughter is dying, he agrees to reveal all he knows to her. But the experience dredges up Kira's memories of her own father's ...
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Ferengi Love Songs E20. Ferengi Love Songs
Quark doesn't know whether to be panicked or overjoyed when he learns that his mother is the new lover of the Grand Nagus.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Soldiers of the Empire E21. Soldiers of the Empire
Dax and Worf accompany Martok on his first command since being held by the Dominion. But the ship they are given hasn't seen victory in months and the crew is near mutinous.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Children of Time E22. Children of Time
The DS9 cast discovers a small colony on a remote world that was originally populated by them 200 years earlier due to a time-travel accident with the Defiant. The current colonist...
5 links 06 Jul 2015
Blaze of Glory E23. Blaze of Glory
Driven to desperation by the Dominion, the Maquis launch a massive bio-weapons strike towards Cardassia. Sisko must trust the traitor Eddington to try to stop them.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Empok Nor E24. Empok Nor
While salvaging components from DS9's sister station, the crew run afoul of a "surprise" left behind by the Cardassians.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
In the Cards E25. In the Cards
Jake and Nog go through hell and high water, from participating in an auction to dealing with the Dominion, to receiving a Willie Mays baseball card, all in order to cheer up the w...
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Call to Arms E26. Call to Arms
With the continuing battalions of Jem'Hadar entering the Alpha Quadrant in preparation for war, Sisko decides to mine the wormhole to prevent further troop movement. This provokes ...
4 links 19 Jan 2015
Staffel 6
Season 6
A Time to Stand E1. A Time to Stand
Borrowing a captured Jem'Hadar attack ship, Sisko and crew embark on a mission to destroy the hidden base where all of the ketracel-white is stored for the entire Alpha Quadrant.
4 links 18 Jan 2015
Rocks and Shoals E2. Rocks and Shoals
Sisko and his crew crash on a barren world when their commandeered Jem'Hadar ship is shot down. They encounter Jem'Hadar who crashed there earlier, and have taken Nog and Garak hos...
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Sons and Daughters E3. Sons and Daughters
Serving with his recruit son aboard a Klingon vessel, Worf finds his relationship with his son strained. Meanwhile, strained relationships abound on DS9 between Major Kira and Gul ...
4 links 21 Mar 2009
Behind the Lines E4. Behind the Lines
After forming an attack plan on the Dominion, Sisko relinquishes command of the Defiant to Dax after accepting a promotion. On DS9, the resistance faces discovery when Odo links wi...
4 links 20 Jan 2015
Favor the Bold E5. Favor the Bold
Sisko mounts an attack to re-take DS9, while Rom faces charges as an enemy of the Dominion state.
4 links 20 Jan 2015
Sacrifice of Angels E6. Sacrifice of Angels
The Federation attacks DS9 in hopes of keeping the mine field at the wormhole intact, while the Dominion waits entrance to the Alpha Quadrant from the other side.
4 links 20 Jan 2015
You Are Cordially Invited... E7. You Are Cordially Invited...
Suddenly desiring to wed within the week on DS9, Worf and Jadzia go through their own Klingon rituals: Worf on a four day bachelor party with the male members of the crew & Jadzia ...
5 links 20 Jan 2015
Resurrection E8. Resurrection
Major Kira takes a romantic interest in a Bajoran radical from the other universe who transports himself into her universe and onto DS9.
4 links 16 Jan 2015
Statistical Probabilities E9. Statistical Probabilities
A group of genetically engineered humans are brought to Dr. Bashir on DS9 in hopes of integrating them with the rest of the universe.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
The Magnificent Ferengi E10. The Magnificent Ferengi
At the request of the Grand Nagus, Quark puts together a mission to rescue Quark's mother, who is in the hands of the Dominion.
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Waltz E11. Waltz
After being attacked by Cardassian forces, Sisko gets stranded with a very psychotic Gul Dukat, who was being transported to his trial. Meanwhile the crew of the Defiant races to r...
5 links 18 Jan 2015
Who Mourns for Morn? E12. Who Mourns for Morn?
A former patron of Quark's bequeaths everything to him.
5 links 19 Jan 2015
Far Beyond the Stars E13. Far Beyond the Stars
Captain Sisko has a full sensory vision of himself as an under-appreciated science fiction magazine writer in 1950s America.
5 links 28 Jul 2011
One Little Ship E14. One Little Ship
An attack by the Dominion on Sisko's ship endangers Dax and her crew aboard as she leads them into an anomaly that shrinks them to a very minute size. Unfortunately, they were bein...
5 links 19 Jan 2015
Honor Among Thieves E15. Honor Among Thieves
Chief O'Brien goes undercover to infiltrate an Orion crime ring.
5 links 30 Sep 2007
Change of Heart E16. Change of Heart
Worf and Jadzia travel to the badlands to procure some information on the Dominion from a traitorous Cardassian. Bashir wants to engage in a holo-suite spy simulation, but O'brian ...
5 links 22 Jan 2015
Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night E17. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
After receiving some disturbing information for Gul Dukat, Major Kira seeks Sisko's approval as Emissary to travel back in time to find out the truth about her mother. Meanwhile, C...
5 links 22 Jan 2015
Inquisition E18. Inquisition
Dr. Bashir's plans to attend a medical conference at a breezy resort are canceled when Starfleet Intelligence boards DS9, suspecting the doctor of treason.
5 links 23 Jan 2015
In the Pale Moonlight E19. In the Pale Moonlight
To save the Federation in a critical scheme, Sisko comes to realize that he must violate its fundamental principles to do so.
5 links 29 Jul 2009
His Way E20. His Way
Odo is schooled in the ways of romance by a holographic programmed lounge singer.
5 links 23 Jan 2015
The Reckoning E21. The Reckoning
Spiritualists on Bajor summon Captain Sisko to the planet surface, where they show him a stone tablet with some unknown inscriptions. Once on DS9, the inscription reveals an ancien...
4 links 06 Jun 2014
Valiant E22. Valiant
Jake and Nog's runabout come under attack from the Jem'Hadar, and are rescued by the Valiant, a ship manned by Red Squad, an elite group of young Starfleet cadets.
5 links 23 Jan 2015
Profit and Lace E23. Profit and Lace
Quark's mother and the Grand Nagus show up on DS9, announcing a new amendment to the Bill of Opportunities he has instituted on the home planet of Ferenganar, and then follows up w...
5 links 16 Oct 2011
Time's Orphan E24. Time's Orphan
The Chief's daughter gets caught in a time displacement and when they get her back, she is considerably older.
5 links 24 Jan 2015
The Sound of Her Voice E25. The Sound of Her Voice
As the Defiant races to a shipwrecked officer who is days away, the crew keeps in contact with her. Meanwhile, Jake follows Quark's latest scheme for story research.
5 links 25 Jan 2015
Tears of the Prophets E26. Tears of the Prophets
When Sisko is picked to head up an attack on the Cardassian homeworld, the Prophets appear to him in a vision, warning him of impending doom if he leaves the station.
5 links 25 Jan 2015
Staffel 7
Season 7
Image in the Sand E1. Image in the Sand
Having returned to Earth a couple of months ago, Sisko waits for the Prophets to instruct him on what to do next. When he receives one, he begins searching for the woman behind the...
4 links 26 Jan 2015
Shadows and Symbols E2. Shadows and Symbols
Ezri Dax joins Sisko and his family on his quest for the Orb of the Emissary. Colonel Kira mounts a blockade around a Bajoran moon, where the Romulan hospital is - along with thous...
5 links 05 Sep 2010
Afterimage E3. Afterimage
Sisko tries to convince Ezri to stay in Starfleet and serve aboard DS9, as Ezri tries to get to know Jadzia's friends aboard the station, especially Worf. Meanwhile, Garak tries to...
5 links 26 Jan 2015
Take Me Out to the Holosuite E4. Take Me Out to the Holosuite
A Vulcan captain challenges Sisko to a game of baseball.
5 links 26 Jan 2015
Chrysalis E5. Chrysalis
Dr. Bashir attempts to bring one of his genetically engineered friends out of the catatonic state she is in, and when he is successful, he begins to fall for her.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River E6. Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
A Vorta offers Odo valuable information on the Dominion in exchange for asylum. Meanwhile, Nog tries his Ferengi knowledge as he wheels and deals for a valuable piece of equipment ...
4 links 27 Jan 2015
Once More Unto the Breach E7. Once More Unto the Breach
An aged Kor requests an opportunity to die with honor as a warrior.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
The Siege of AR-558 E8. The Siege of AR-558
Capt. Sisko and his away team volunteer to stay with a besieged unit at an isolate outpost.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Covenant E9. Covenant
Kira is kidnapped and taken to Empok Nor by a member of a Pah'Wraith cult and discovers the group leader is Gul Dukat.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
It's Only a Paper Moon E10. It's Only a Paper Moon
Severely depressed at his serious war wound, Nog retreats into Vic Fontaine's holosuite program while the singer tries to help him.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Prodigal Daughter E11. Prodigal Daughter
Ezri travels to her family home in search of Chief O'Brien who has discovered a murdered woman connected with the family and the Orion Syndicate.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
The Emperor's New Cloak E12. The Emperor's New Cloak
Quark and Rom have to rescue Grand Nagus Zek who's being held captive in the alternate universe.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Field of Fire E13. Field of Fire
Find an apparently untraceable murderer, Ezri Dax reluctantly calls up the residual consciousness remnant of her symbiont's past hidden psychopathic murderer host, Joran.
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Chimera E14. Chimera
After searching out and finding Odo, another changeling asks him to leave DS9 with him, even though the rest of the crew aren't convinced the new changeling is not part of the Foun...
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang E15. Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
When a programming glitch won't go away, mobsters take over Vic's and open for business, but the DS9 gang takes it personal when their favorite hangout is no longer their favorite,...
5 links 27 Jan 2015
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges E16. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
While making plans to attend a medical conference on the Romulan home world, Dr. Bashir is contacted by Sloane of Section 31 and recruited to determine the health of a high-ranking...
28 Jan 2015
Penumbra E17. Penumbra
When the ship Worf was serving on is attacked in battle and all search efforts are abandoned, Ezri takes a runabout in search of him against Sisko's orders. Meanwhile, Sisko propos...
5 links 28 Jan 2015
'Til Death Do Us Part E18. 'Til Death Do Us Part
The Prophets have told Sisko they do not approve of his impending marriage. Having been captured by the Breen, Ezri and Worf still don't know why the Breen would even bother to cap...
5 links 21 Jan 2010
Strange Bedfellows E19. Strange Bedfellows
Kai Winn gets unknowingly involved with Gul Dukat, surgically altered to resemble a Bajoran, using the name 'Anjohl.' Tensions further escalate between Weyoun and Legate Damar, as ...
4 links 28 Jan 2015
The Changing Face of Evil E20. The Changing Face of Evil
After the Breen attack Earth, mixed emotions abound on DS9. Kai Winn reveals her true feelings regarding the Prophets to her spiritual guide, a Bajoran farmer named Anjohl, who is ...
5 links 28 Jan 2015
When It Rains... E21. When It Rains...
Kira gets sent behind Cardassian lines in an effort to train them in resistance fighting. When Dr. Bashir learns of the deadly disease Odo is infected with, he gets met with resist...
4 links 28 Jan 2015
Tacking Into the Wind E22. Tacking Into the Wind
Odo is affected by the disease threatening to eliminate his race more than he lets on, while Kira has to deal with the Cardassians' dislike of her. Even though General Martok sees ...
5 links 28 Jan 2015
Extreme Measures E23. Extreme Measures
Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien go to some pretty extreme measures to try and track down a cure for Odo.
5 links 28 Jan 2015
The Dogs of War E24. The Dogs of War
Odo begins recovery from the deadly disease which Dr. Bashir tells him had been engineered by Section 31 in order to wipe out the Founders' entire race, A resistance mission goes b...
4 links 28 Jan 2015
What You Leave Behind E25. What You Leave Behind
As the Dominion War comes to an end, Dukat goes to the Pah Wraiths to awaken them. Meanwhile the Dominion turn on the rebelling Cardassians, destroying them city by city. Will the ...
4 links 07 Dec 2007
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