Star Trek: The Animated Series

Zeichentrickadaption der bekannten Sci-Fi-Serie, die – in der Originalfassung – zahlreiche Schauspieler der Originalserie als Sprecher gewinnen konnte und die Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Enterprise fortgeführt hat. Die Serie, die sich zwar eher an Erwachsene...

Jahr: 1973−1975

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Writers: Gene Roddenberry

Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley

IMDb: TT0069637

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Beyond the Farthest Star E1. Beyond the Farthest Star
The Enterprise finds an ancient abandoned starship, and a malevolent entity on it eager to take over the Starfleet ship.
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Yesteryear E2. Yesteryear
After finding himself erased from recent history, Spock must travel back in time to save himself as a youth.
5 links 09 Apr 2015
One of Our Planets Is Missing E3. One of Our Planets Is Missing
The crew of the Enterprise must stop a living planet consuming cloud before it attacks an inhabited world.
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The Lorelei Signal E4. The Lorelei Signal
The female crew members must take over the Enterprise when the men are incapacitated.
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More Tribbles, More Troubles E5. More Tribbles, More Troubles
Cyrano Jones again infiltrates the ship with Tribbles that now grow to monstrous size.
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The Survivor E6. The Survivor
A famous humanitarian is found alive near the Romulan Neutral Zone after being missing for five years, but he may not be who he claims to be.
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The Infinite Vulcan E7. The Infinite Vulcan
On a planet of intelligent plantlike creatures, the clone of a human scientist clones Mr. Spock for use in a galactic peace mission.
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The Magicks of Megas-Tu E8. The Magicks of Megas-Tu
The USS Enterprise is exploring the center of the galaxy, looking for the heart of creation. When the ship is caught inside a tornado made of pure energy, a devil like being callin...
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Once Upon a Planet E9. Once Upon a Planet
Upon returning to the Amusement Park planet, the Enterpise crew finds the computer, which generates the planet's sophisticated robots is running amok, and the caretaker is no where...
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Mudd's Passion E10. Mudd's Passion
The Enterprise crew runs into its old nemesis; Harcourt Fenton Mudd, more commonly known as Harry Mudd. Time's not changed Mudd's predilection for nefarious business ventures. This...
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The Terratin Incident E11. The Terratin Incident
While on a mapping mission, the Enterprise receives an outdated transmission from the volcanic star Cepheus. A flash of light from the planet passes through the ship and disables a...
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The Time Trap E12. The Time Trap
The Enterprise and a Klingon ship are trapped in space-time warp where only their cooperation will allow them to escape.
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The Ambergris Element E13. The Ambergris Element
While the Enterprise investigates a water-world, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock go missing. They've been abducted by the world's inhabitants and altered into water breathers as w...
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The Slaver Weapon E14. The Slaver Weapon
Spock, Uhura and Sulu discover an ancient multi-use weapon and are captured by the Kzinti who are equally interested in it.
21 Apr 2010
The Eye of the Beholder E15. The Eye of the Beholder
Kirk and crew find themselves placed in an alien zoo.
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The Jihad E16. The Jihad
A team comprised of various intergalactic experts, amongst them are Kirk and Spock, must recover an artifact known as the Soul of the Skorr. The theft must be kept secret, or a gal...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
The Pirates of Orion E1. The Pirates of Orion
The medicine required for Spock, who has contracted a fatal disease, is stolen by Orion pirates.
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Bem E2. Bem
The Enterprise crew is being observed as their suitability to meet with advanced civilizations.
12 Apr 2015
The Practical Joker E3. The Practical Joker
The computer of the Enterprise gains partial sentience and starts playing practical jokes on the crew.
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Albatross E4. Albatross
Dr. McCoy is arrested and charged with causing an alien plague.
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How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth E5. How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
The Enterprise runs into a being which once visited Earth, and influenced the Mayan culture.
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The Counter-Clock Incident E6. The Counter-Clock Incident
The Enterprise is transporting its first Captain, Robert April to Babel, where he will reluctantly accept his retirement. When the Enterprise attempt to stop an unidentified vessel...
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