Das Jahr 2275: Die Menschheit hat das gesamte Sonnensystem kolonisiert. In den Weiten des Alls sind Kopfgeldjäger Dante Montana und seine Crew unterwegs um um interplanetare Kriminelle aufzuspüren und zu verhaften, darunter auch die Raider. Von ihnen, nimm...

Jahr: 2000

Dauer: 45 min

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Writers: Daniel D'Or, Philip Jackson

Stars: Michael Paré, Stephen Marcus, Tanya Allen

IMDb: TT0340491

Bewertung: 6.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The Divinity Cluster E1. The Divinity Cluster
Dante is reunited with McDuff, an old friend who's dying of cancer. Meanwhile, Lucretia's father Darius Scott asks her to capture unstable geneticist Eccleston, who holds the secre...
06 Dec 2011
Trust E2. Trust
Percy ignores the warnings of both Dante and Lucretia when she decides to befriend one of a pair of cousins that the crew of the Tulip are transporting to an automated prison on Me...
07 Dec 2011
Family Values E3. Family Values
Dante and Lucretia encounter a Raider with a boy who might be Dante's missing son while hunting a pair of con artists on Mars. Meanwhile, back on the Tulip Percy gets trapped in Da...
08 Dec 2011
Siren's Song E4. Siren's Song
Dante and Lucretia capture Petrakis, a vicious escaped prisoner who has hijacked a luxury yacht. However, the Tulip gets commandeered by a Special Ops squad who are transporting Ir...
12 Dec 2011
The Man Who Sold the World E5. The Man Who Sold the World
Dante and Lucretia try to capture Novak, a ruthless war criminal who's responsible for sacrificing thousands of innocent people to the Divinity Cluster. Meanwhile, Percy and Carava...
13 Dec 2011
Peer Pressure E6. Peer Pressure
Dante arrests murderess Dr. Nasreen and her browbeaten teenage son Ajit. Unbeknownst to Dante, Nasreen possesses a device that can control his mind.
14 Dec 2011
Frozen E7. Frozen
While transporting wily con artist Etienne to prison, the Tulip receives a distress call from Dr. Devon. It turns out that Devon is being pursued by a band of Raiders after freeing...
15 Dec 2011
Past Lives E8. Past Lives
Rudolpho instructs the crew of the Tulip to pick up a murder suspect who turns out to be Lucretia's ex-husband Eric, who has escaped from an Orchard medical facility where he was i...
19 Dec 2011
Order E9. Order
The crew of the Tulip receive a radio transmission from a religious cult who are planning to commit mass suicide by crashing their ship into the sun. Moreover, Lucretia winds up fa...
20 Dec 2011
Cell Game E10. Cell Game
Percy gets arrested after she assaults a bounty hunter who's a member of the rival group the Oberen Militia. Oberen Militia leader Rex uses Percy's arrest to blackmail Dante into f...
21 Dec 2011
Black Light E11. Black Light
Colonel E.W. Bramwell gets awakened after spending 50 years in cryogenic slumber. However, Bramwell still believes that Earth is at war with the Raiders. Dante plans to use Bramwel...
22 Dec 2011
Goodbye, So Long E12. Goodbye, So Long
Dante is reunited with Ike, an old friend who was a rival for Dante's deceased wife Penny's affections. Ike's shady business partner Marco works with the Raiders to locate special ...
26 Dec 2011
The Most Wanted Man E13. The Most Wanted Man
Scientist Harman, a former associate of Darius Scott, becomes one of the most wanted men in the universe after he develops superhuman speed and refuses to talk to anyone but Darius...
27 Dec 2011
Half Dense Players E14. Half Dense Players
Darius pulls strings with Rudolpho to have the Tulip transport Andrea Arquette, an artist who's suspected of murder. Percy discovers that the Tulip is being trailed by a cloaked sh...
28 Dec 2011
Dark and Stormy Night E15. Dark and Stormy Night
Darius boards the Tulip to help Lucretia inform Dante about the Divinity Cluster.
29 Dec 2011
Super Max E16. Super Max
After Rudolpho sells the Tulip to weaselly businessman Max for conversion into a prison ship, Dante must infiltrate Max's organization while fending off the unwanted advances of Ma...
09 Jan 2012
A Twist in Time E17. A Twist in Time
The Tulip is diverted to search for survivors after an accident at a secret research station on Triton. When the Tulip gets disabled by the station's graviton experiment, Dante stu...
16 Jan 2012
Eat Sin E18. Eat Sin
Dante, Lucretia, and Percy all find themselves caught in separate Bubble Universes as the result of a graviton experiment on a Triton research station that's gone haywire. Moreover...
23 Jan 2012
Bad Girls E19. Bad Girls
Dante agrees to transport Rudolpho's friend Stephen Hamilton and his two daughters Ayla and Cordula. However, Dante is unaware that Hamilton is being blackmailed by the Orchard to ...
30 Jan 2012
Bad Seed E20. Bad Seed
Dante is kidnapped by ruthless Orchard agent Tosca, who believes that Dante's missing son Travis holds the key to The Divinity Cluster and hence needs to probe Dante's mind in orde...
06 Feb 2012
Travis E21. Travis
The Tulip receives a cryptic message from Percy that leads Dante to the special seeds that are concealed in her quarters. Moreover, Dante is reunited with his son Travis, who revea...
13 Feb 2012
Resurrection E22. Resurrection
Tension and mistrust mounts among the crew members of the Tulip with the addition of Dante's son Travis as a reluctant new member. Moreover, Eccleston returns from "the dead" with ...
20 Feb 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
Rebirth E1. Rebirth
The Tulip emerges from hyperspace after 15 years with Percy aboard. Dante is lost somewhere in time, but his son Travis, now a grown man, has taken up the bounty hunting profession...
27 Sep 2005
Star Crossed E2. Star Crossed
It is the year 2300. Bounty hunter Travis Montana, his female cousin Percy and his misfit crew patrol the galaxy hunting criminals. Travis searches for his lost father Dante while ...
28 Sep 2005
Bio Crime E3. Bio Crime
Down on Io's Syn City, Marcus comes to the aid of a prostitute friend named Taryn who is being mutated by a genetic alteration and he desperately tries to save her life. Delving ba...
29 Sep 2005
Chasing Janus E4. Chasing Janus
It is the year 2300. Bounty hunter Travis Montana, his female cousin Percy and his misfit crew patrol the galaxy hunting criminals. Travis searches for his lost father Dante while ...
04 Oct 2005
Spaceman E5. Spaceman
The crew picks up a life pod, inside is a man called Mishkin, he is a military experiment, a Trojan horse intended to infect the people that he comes in contact with causing them t...
05 Oct 2005
Becoming Shiva E6. Becoming Shiva
06 Oct 2005
The Third Thing E7. The Third Thing
10 Oct 2005
Torment E8. Torment
11 Oct 2005
Painless E9. Painless
12 Oct 2005
Skin Deep E10. Skin Deep
13 Oct 2005
Supermax Redux E11. Supermax Redux
17 Oct 2005
Pandora's Box E12. Pandora's Box
18 Oct 2005
Stitch in Time E13. Stitch in Time
19 Oct 2005
The Prisoner E14. The Prisoner
20 Oct 2005
Kate E15. Kate
24 Oct 2005
Rivals E16. Rivals
25 Oct 2005
Heir and the Spare E17. Heir and the Spare
26 Oct 2005
Just Politics E18. Just Politics
27 Oct 2005
Negative Energy E19. Negative Energy
31 Oct 2005
License to Fill E20. License to Fill
It is the year 2300. Bounty hunter Travis Montana, his female cousin Percy and his misfit crew patrol the galaxy hunting criminals. Travis searches for his lost father Dante while ...
02 Nov 2005
Hyperspace I E21. Hyperspace I
03 Nov 2005
Hyperspace II E22. Hyperspace II
15 Jan 2007
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