Still Standing

Bill (Mark Addy) und Judy (Jami Gertz) kennen sich seit der Highschool, führen eine intakte Ehe und haben es zu einem kleinen Häuschen in Chicago gebracht. Sie bringen sich immer noch gegenseitig zum Lachen, selbst wenn das Geld manchmal knapp wird und in ...

Jahr: 2002−2006

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance

Writers: Joey Gutierrez, Diane Burroughs

Stars: Jami Gertz, Mark Addy, Jennifer Irwin

IMDb: TT0320970

Bewertung: 7.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
While Bill and Judy's marriage seems threatened by the sudden introduction of unadorned honesty, Bill's fatherly advice to Brian for attracting girls gets Brian into trouble at sch...
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Still Reading E2. Still Reading
Who can be the more insightful at Linda's book club - Judy or Bill? Bill reads books?
2 links 07 Oct 2002
Still in School E3. Still in School
Judy gets bent out of shape at her 20th class reunion over a classmate that's far more accomplished than she is, till Bill tells her this classmate's marriage is in trouble.
2 links 14 Oct 2002
Still Rocking E4. Still Rocking
Lauren likes classmate Alex, and Bill, against Judy's advice, interferes in the "romance". Lauren is humiliated. Judy gets tickets for all involved to see Blink 182 in concert. ......
2 links 21 Oct 2002
Still Volunteering E5. Still Volunteering
Bill and Judy decide to get involved at Tina's school when another parent makes them feel guilty about not being good parents.
2 links 28 Oct 2002
Still Cheering E6. Still Cheering
The high school football coach approaches Bill and Judy, because he'd like Brian to join the football team. He would be a place kicker and third string, but Bill is delighted, as h...
2 links 04 Nov 2002
Still Cheating E7. Still Cheating
Bill becomes inseparable best buddies with Linda's new boyfriend, which continues on the sly after she dumps him for cheating.
2 links 11 Nov 2002
Still Family E8. Still Family
2 links 18 Nov 2002
Still Thankful E9. Still Thankful
Judy's parents, who don't get along, come to stay for a few days over Thanksgiving. But then Bill gives Judy's dad advice on how to handle Judy's mom.
2 links 25 Nov 2002
Still Scalping E10. Still Scalping
To help Judy land a promotion, Bill schmoozes her boss, Dr. Nathan Gerber, by falsely sharing in the doctor's love of opera. When a schedule conflict prevents the doctor from enjoy...
2 links 09 Dec 2002
Still Spending E11. Still Spending
2 links 16 Dec 2002
Still Bullying E12. Still Bullying
Bill comes down with a bad case of accumulated sick days, which he'll lose if he doesn't use them by staying home for a few days. Lauren is about to go to her first school dance, b...
2 links 06 Jan 2003
Still Good Cop E13. Still Good Cop
Judy is upset at Bill because she always has to take the role of "bad cop" with the kids while Bill always gets to be "good cop." Bill feels Judy should lighten up. When the roles ...
2 links 27 Jan 2003
Still Scoring E14. Still Scoring
Linda brings over new boyfriend Trevor, a fit young man to whom she's only admitted being 27 years old. Showing off her catch, she has Trevor bare his sexy abdominal six-pack, prom...
2 links 03 Feb 2003
Still Romancing E15. Still Romancing
2 links 10 Feb 2003
Still Hairdressing E16. Still Hairdressing
Though Bill gripes about Judy's constant nagging and under-appreciation to his poker buddies, Judy's sudden arrival, happily serving them beer and pizza, proves how easy Bill reall...
2 links 17 Feb 2003
Still Excelling E17. Still Excelling
2 links 10 Mar 2003
Still Sisters E18. Still Sisters
2 links 31 Mar 2003
Still Changing E19. Still Changing
Lauren has taken up the clarinet and she has a recital coming up; Problem is she isn't very good at it and Carl tells Bill that his old buddy Wheezer's in town. Bill's excited, bec...
2 links 14 Apr 2003
Still Petting E20. Still Petting
Judy's stuck doing overtime till her boss, Dr. Gerber, finds someone to replace Colleen. Gerber's life's been a mess since his wife discovered his affair with Colleen and kicked hi...
2 links 28 Apr 2003
Still Mom E21. Still Mom
Something Bill dreads the most is about to happen. His mother, Louise, is coming for a visit. Bill's problem with his mother is that she "guilts" him into getting whatever she want...
2 links 05 May 2003
Still Partying E22. Still Partying
Bill and Judy have tickets to the AC/DC concert, while Lauren is invited to a cheerleader party, where boys and beer will be there. Bill and Judy say no to her going and Brian has ...
2 links 12 May 2003
Staffel 2
Season 2
Still Negotiating E1. Still Negotiating
Judy is upset because Lauren is taking all easy classes like basic math instead of algebra in high school and she's afraid she will not get into college. When Linda is joining the ...
2 links 22 Sep 2003
Still Driving E2. Still Driving
Bill tries to spend more father-son time with Brian by teaching him how to drive.
2 links 29 Sep 2003
Still the Bad Parents E3. Still the Bad Parents
Judy gets involved with the PTA at school and Brian starts growing up.
2 links 06 Oct 2003
Still Our Kids E4. Still Our Kids
2 links 13 Oct 2003
Still Got It E5. Still Got It
As Brian is happily decked out in his new cheerleader sweater, Lauren is bummed. She used to be popular, but now in high school she's no longer getting accepted in anything she aud...
2 links 20 Oct 2003
Still Shoplifting E6. Still Shoplifting
Lauren is starting to hang around some new friends; Caitlin, Amber and Jenna. In addition, she's quit choir and Becca is no longer her best friend. While at the mall with her new f...
2 links 27 Oct 2003
Still Our Little Boy E7. Still Our Little Boy
As Bill's 40th birthday approaches, Brian's issues of a delicate and personal nature become issues of trust after Bill discloses complete details of their recent man to man talk to...
2 links 03 Nov 2003
Still Interfering E8. Still Interfering
2 links 10 Nov 2003
Still Dreaming E9. Still Dreaming
2 links 17 Nov 2003
Still Believing E10. Still Believing
2 links 24 Nov 2003
Still Christmas E11. Still Christmas
It would be the year to have Christmas dinner at Judy's parents' house except they go away on a cruise vacation, leaving Judy to think she can finally start some traditional Miller...
2 links 15 Dec 2003
Still Responsible E12. Still Responsible
2 links 05 Jan 2004
Still Narcing E13. Still Narcing
Brian is the high school basketball team's statistician and seems like he's friends with them. While picking up the team who are quite drunk, Bill finds out the team has nicknamed ...
2 links 02 Feb 2004
Still Bill's Dad E14. Still Bill's Dad
2 links 09 Feb 2004
Still Flirting E15. Still Flirting
2 links 16 Feb 2004
Still Groping E16. Still Groping
Much to Bill's delight, his mother Louise has a new man in her life - Johnny. Bill's happy since he doesn't have to drive Louise on errands or take her shopping anymore and can be ...
2 links 23 Feb 2004
Still Parading E17. Still Parading
It's St Patrick's Day and the Miller family will be participating in the parade. Brian,along with Donald and Hakim, are designing and building a float. While working on the float t...
2 links 01 Mar 2004
Still Stressing E18. Still Stressing
Brian is in a panic because the PSATs are coming soon and when he did a practice test, Hakim did better. He wants to get a tutor, but his parents can't afford one. Judy suggests th...
2 links 22 Mar 2004
Still the Man E19. Still the Man
Boyfriend issues lead to man issues. Linda attends AA meetings just to be near Danny W, her latest interest, while Lauren plays basketball to be with Robbie, a boy who accuses her ...
2 links 19 Apr 2004
Still Hangin' Out E20. Still Hangin' Out
Ted and Kathy Halverson have turned their basement into what he refers to as "Teen Scene," where the kids can hang out and play games. To respect the kids' privacy, they have insta...
2 links 05 May 2004
Still in Cahoots E21. Still in Cahoots
Brian and Lauren are getting along, and a pile of fake I.D.'s and stashed cash in Brian's bedroom only confirm for Judy and Bill that they're both up to something, but trying to fi...
2 links 10 May 2004
Still Champions E22. Still Champions
2 links 17 May 2004
Still Seceding E23. Still Seceding
Brian is selected to participate in the accelerated math program at Norhwestern University. In addition, he starts playing drums in a band at the student union with some others in ...
2 links 24 May 2004
Staffel 3
Season 3
Still Scamming E1. Still Scamming
Lauren goes to see a doctor about her rash. When her parents hear that she might be depressed, they want to do everything to help her. Brian and Lauren then realize they can benefi...
2 links 20 Sep 2004
Still Neighbors E2. Still Neighbors
Bill and Judy's neighbor Ed Bailey moves to Hawaii and they get new neighbors. Bill goes to make friends with them and learns that their new neighbors are a lesbian couple, Shelly ...
2 links 27 Sep 2004
Still Looking for Love E3. Still Looking for Love
Linda's cat actually kills itself accidentally. Judy consoles her and they have the wake at their house. Lauren and Brian are reluctant to take part in the whole funeral thing and ...
2 links 04 Oct 2004
Still Winning E4. Still Winning
Linda is choosing wedding invitations with Perry. This leaves Judy without company. Judy tries to make new friends in the park without coming across as a freak. When that fails, he...
2 links 11 Oct 2004
Still Auctioning E5. Still Auctioning
When an after school program is cancelled, the kids' parents decide to have a meeting to determine how they can raise money to reinstate the program. They decide a silent auction o...
2 links 18 Oct 2004
Still Cooking E6. Still Cooking
After Judy screams at the entire family because of a dirty roasting pan she intentionally left on the kitchen table (it's become a a week). She wanted to see if it would be cleaned...
2 links 25 Oct 2004
Still Going First E7. Still Going First
Judy gets alarming news from her doctor and gets the impulse to write a heartfelt farewell letter to Bill, just in case should the worst happen. She asks Bill to do the same, but h...
2 links 08 Nov 2004
Still Cruising E8. Still Cruising
After Judy expresses a desire to have a better relationship with Bill's mother, Louise dupes her into accepting a cruise invitation. Meanwhile, Brian and Lauren compete to be the e...
2 links 15 Nov 2004
Still Shallow E9. Still Shallow
Brian is dating the school wallflower Brenda, but is also interested in the hot Kaitlin. Bill tells him how to "pull a Murphy": he used to date the school wallflower, which made hi...
2 links 04 Oct 2006
Still Lying E10. Still Lying
Each caught by their wives with the tape, Bill and Fitz blame each other, but when their wives reconcile from a past grievance, their web of lies threatens to unravel.
2 links 29 Nov 2004
Still Fast E11. Still Fast
Bill learns. to his disappointment, that Brian is a vice president of the school kite club. Bill also notices that Lauren's friend Chris is hanging around in their living room a lo...
2 links 13 Dec 2004
Still Bonding E12. Still Bonding
Lauren wants to go to a under-21 club but Judy won't let her go. There is a picture of Lauren and her father on the newspaper, except that the man in picture is actually Becca's da...
2 links 03 Jan 2005
Still Advising E13. Still Advising
Brian has a crush on a girl called Carrie at school, but to her, he is invisible. Lauren encourages Brian by saying that he has a lot of potential - with a little bit of work, he "...
2 links 17 Jan 2005
Still Drinking E14. Still Drinking
Bill and Judy return home after a romantic date night and hear noise from the basement. Bill goes to investigate and returns to report that "Brian and Lauren's friends are down the...
2 links 31 Jan 2005
Still Single E15. Still Single
Fitz is having trouble not to think about his divorce while watching football with Bill and Mack. Bill is having trouble enjoying the game. Then Fitz leaves and the guys rejoice. J...
2 links 07 Feb 2005
Still Not the One E16. Still Not the One
Louise and Johnny are getting married. They set the date in two weeks on Valentine's Day and she wants the family to take part. Lauren and Tina will be the bridesmaids, Brian will ...
2 links 14 Feb 2005
Still Helping Out E17. Still Helping Out
2 links 21 Feb 2005
Still Admiring E18. Still Admiring
Brian is getting anonymous instant messages from a girl and believes it is Lauren's tutor, Sarah. Unbeknown to him Lauren is the person sending the messages just to play with Brian...
2 links 07 Mar 2005
Still the Boss E19. Still the Boss
2 links 21 Mar 2005
Still Holding E20. Still Holding
When Bill and Judy discover that their pediatrician has the teddy bear that they used to hide their stash in... See full synopsis »
2 links 18 Apr 2005
Still Mother's Day E21. Still Mother's Day
2 links 02 May 2005
Still Getting Married E22. Still Getting Married
Linda and Perry are finally getting married. The main reason being, Perry's Foghat Cover band, that was supposed to go on tour, got canceled. The wedding will be at the local VFW H...
2 links 23 May 2005
Still Exchanging E23. Still Exchanging
Brian has the chance to go to Italy for three months as an exchange student and he couldn't be more excited, until Linda tells him about her misadventures in France. Reluctant to g...
2 links 23 May 2005
Staffel 4
Season 4
Still Losin' It E1. Still Losin' It
Brian is back from Italy from the summer abroad program and while there, he has met a girl named Monica. He says that he's fallen in love with her. Bill and Judy are trying to tell...
2 links 21 Sep 2005
Still Using E2. Still Using
The Miller's neighbors, Terry and Shelly, have a favor to ask. The cable guy is coming while they are away and they need someone to let him in, so they give Bill and Judy the keys ...
2 links 28 Sep 2005
Still Selling Out E3. Still Selling Out
There's a new guy moving in next door to Bill and Judy. Bill couldn't be less interested but Judy invites him over to say hello. Then it turns out that their new neighbor Kyle is p...
2 links 05 Oct 2005
Still Beauty and the Geek E4. Still Beauty and the Geek
Lauren says she should start thinking about college and that she'd like to participate on a tour in Loyola on Friday evening. Judy doesn't buy the cover story, of what is obviously...
2 links 17 Oct 2006
Still Irresponsible E5. Still Irresponsible
Bill doesn't notice that Fitz is behind him and makes the mistake of calling Kyle "the best friend" he's ever had. Bill had invited Fitz to watch the game, but forgot all about it ...
2 links 19 Oct 2005
Still Aging E6. Still Aging
Judy is turning forty and says she has absolutely no problem with it. Her mother, Helen, is in town to celebrate it and Judy is very insistent that her mom should have her eyes che...
2 links 02 Nov 2005
Still Bill Vol.1 E7. Still Bill Vol.1
Bill's dad Al is coming for a visit and the girls are temporarily accommodated in the basement. Bill tells Judy that Al has changed for better since meeting his fiancée, Joy. And A...
2 links 09 Nov 2005
Still the Fun One E8. Still the Fun One
Bill and Judy have agreed to meet Tina's classmate Timmy Clark's parents over a dinner and are reluctant to go - until they discover that the Clarks too hate their own kids! Later,...
2 links 23 Nov 2005
Still Avoiding Christmas E9. Still Avoiding Christmas
"Christmas Hell" is causing Judy stress and she proposes that this Christmas, she and Bill reduce the workload, like, for example, by not getting presents for each other. Bill take...
2 links 14 Dec 2005
Still a Team E10. Still a Team
Bill and Judy have to put up with Marion going on about how wonderful her and Fitz's marriage is so after finding out that Marion & Fitz are going to the Rolling Stones concert con...
2 links 11 Jan 2006
Still Sweet E11. Still Sweet
The Millers go to dinner at Bill's mother and stepfather's new, 5,000 sq.ft mansion, on a Friday night and Lauren is not happy - she'd rather be at three parties taking place that ...
2 links 18 Jan 2006
Still Decorating E12. Still Decorating
Both Bill and Judy are spending way too much time at Kyle's "Polsky Mansion". Perry is on a tour and refuses to come home to celebrate his six-month wedding anniversary with Linda....
2 links 25 Jan 2006
Still Flunking E13. Still Flunking
Bill's mother, who nobody likes, arrives to spend a week at the Millers. And she brought her cross-stitching equipment, buttons and glue gun. Meanwhile, Brian is about to flunk in ...
2 links 01 Feb 2006
Still Out of the Loop E14. Still Out of the Loop
Bill mistakes Lauren's purse for Judy's and is shocked to find e pills there. Then he learns that Lauren has been car pooling with some Nick guy from school and can't help but try ...
2 links 15 Feb 2006
Still Eighteen E15. Still Eighteen
Bill takes Brian out to a gentlemen's club for his 18th birthday, but worries when Brian starts spending all his time there. Meanwhile, Linda regrets giving Lauren a poem for her h...
2 links 22 Feb 2006
Still Saying I Love You E16. Still Saying I Love You
The Oprah show. Louise really gets under Judy's skin. Lauren impeaches Brian as president of the meteorology club, and uses the clubs $4000.00 on a ski trip.
2 links 25 Oct 2006
Still Coaching E17. Still Coaching
When Judy's coaching prowess has Tina's hoops team heading towards the playoffs, Bill selfishly tries to put an end to the winning.
2 links 01 Mar 2006
Still Bad E18. Still Bad
Judy wants the job of assistant to Dr. Holman the dentist, so she needs her family to behave like the ideal family on a dinner at his place. Meanwhile, Brian gets a cut during a kn...
2 links 25 Apr 2014
Still Deceitful E19. Still Deceitful
When Judy discovers Al has told his fiancée that he's a millionaire, Bill confronts him, but it turns out Bill's the one who's been lied to. Meanwhile, Brian seeks a way to help pa...
2 links 27 Oct 2006
Still Graduating E20. Still Graduating
Brian graduates. Bill and Judy don't feel emotionally shaken like most parents. Brian gets into a summer program at the university and is moving out. Bill and Judy start planning n...
2 links 27 Oct 2006
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