Superman: The Animated Series

Der Comic-Held Superman wurde von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffen und erschien erstmals 1938 in dem US-Comic-Magazin "Action Comics No. 1". Superman wurde als Kind mit einem Raumschiff von dem sterbenden Planet Krypton auf die Erde geschickt. Den S...

Jahr: 1996−2000

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Writers: Jack Kirby, Bill Finger

Stars: Dana Delany, Joseph Bologna, Tim Daly

IMDb: TT0115378

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The Last Son of Krypton: Part I E1. The Last Son of Krypton: Part I
Jor-El, unable to convince the Kryptonian government of the pending destruction of the planet, plans to save his son while Brainiac makes him a fugitive.
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The Last Son of Krypton: Part II E2. The Last Son of Krypton: Part II
Young Clark Kent learns of his alien past, as well as his full power, and decides to move to Metropolis to be both reporter and superhero.
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The Last Son of Krypton: Part III E3. The Last Son of Krypton: Part III
After saving Lois, Superman stops Lex Luthor's plans for an illegal arms deal, which is the beginning of their ongoing conflict.
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Fun and Games E4. Fun and Games
Intergang boss Bruno Manheim finds himself targeted by the son of one of his pawns who has become Toyman.
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A Little Piece of Home E5. A Little Piece of Home
Lex Luthor learns that Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite and attempts to use it to kill Superman.
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Feeding Time E6. Feeding Time
A lowly janitor is transformed into the Parasite, a superhuman capable of draining and harnessing the energy, powers, and memories of any living being...including Superman.
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The Way of All Flesh E7. The Way of All Flesh
John Corben returns as a kryptonite-powered cyborg eager to kill Superman.
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Stolen Memories E8. Stolen Memories
Brainiac, once Krypton's all-knowing planetary computer, comes to Earth as part of his information-gathering trek across the galaxy. But, as Superman discovers, Brainiac's intent a...
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The Main Man: Part I E9. The Main Man: Part I
Superman squares off against the moronic superpowerful space-biker mercenary, Lobo, who has a contract on the superhero.
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The Main Man: Part II E10. The Main Man: Part II
Superman and Lobo must join forces to escape being exhibits of an alien zoo.
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My Girl E11. My Girl
Clark reunites with his old girlfriend, Lana Lang, who volunteers to spy for him on her new lover, Lex Luthor.
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Tools of the Trade E12. Tools of the Trade
Intergang boss Bruno Mannheim receives powerful alien weapons from a mysterious benefactor.
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Two's a Crowd E13. Two's a Crowd
A desperate plan to use Parasite to probe the mind of a comatose criminal mastermind goes terribly wrong.
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Blasts from the Past: Part I E1. Blasts from the Past: Part I
Upon discovery of the Phantom Zone projector in his ship, Superman makes contact with and releases a prisoner whose sentence is completed.
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Blasts from the Past: Part II E2. Blasts from the Past: Part II
When the Phantom Zone prisoner, Mala, releases Jax-Ur as well to conquer Earth, Superman must defeat them despite that fact that they smashed the projector.
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The Prometheon E3. The Prometheon
While on a space mission, Superman discovers a massive humanoid stone giant, lashed to an asteroid, that breaks loose and runs amok.
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Speed Demons E4. Speed Demons
Superman and The Flash compete in a charity running race around the world, but have to stop to deal with the Weather Wizard.
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Livewire E5. Livewire
An obnoxious talk radio host is transformed into a powerful electricity-based supervillain.
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Identity Crisis E6. Identity Crisis
Clark encounters a clone of himself who decays into a flawed version dubbed Bizarro.
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Target E7. Target
Lois Lane finds herself marked for death by an unknown stalker.
19 Sep 1997
Mxyzpixilated E8. Mxyzpixilated
A powerful other-dimensional imp starts to annoy Superman every 90 days while becoming equally aggravated at the superhero forcing him back just as often.
08 Sep 2006
Action Figures E9. Action Figures
An amnesiac Metallo reemerges from the ocean and is adopted by two children on an island.
4 links 28 Nov 1998
Double Dose E10. Double Dose
Livewire escapes from prison, eager to attain revenge on Superman -- something that she hopes to achieve by teaming up with the Parasite.
4 links 05 Dec 1998
Solar Power E11. Solar Power
Edward Lytener returns as Luminus to seek revenge against Superman with a way to depower him enough to get it.
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Brave New Metropolis E12. Brave New Metropolis
Lois is thrown into an alternate reality version of Metropolis where Luthor and Superman rule in tyranny together.
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Monkey Fun E13. Monkey Fun
A beloved monkey companion of Lois returns from years of suspended animation in space only to become big trouble on Earth.
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Ghost in the Machine E14. Ghost in the Machine
Brainiac's consciousness, in control of LexCorp's computer systems, forces Luthor to rebuild his primary body in secret.
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Father's Day E15. Father's Day
To curry his father's favor, the New God brute, Kalibak, goes to Earth to battle Superman.
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World's Finest E16. World's Finest
Joker steals a statue made of solid Kryptonite and makes a deal with Luthor to kill Superman. But Joker's plan is jeopardized when Batman arrives to warn Superman that his life is ...
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World's Finest: Part II E17. World's Finest: Part II
Joker kidnaps Lois in order to lure Superman to his death. Batman's intervention saves the day and, soon after, Lois tells a heartbroken Clark that she will be transferring to Goth...
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World's Finest: Part III E18. World's Finest: Part III
After thwarting both Lex Luthor and The Joker's plans, Superman and Batman form an everlasting alliance that will serve as a solid foundation for the Justice League.
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Bizarro's World E19. Bizarro's World
After inadvertently receiving recorded memories of Krypton, Bizarro attempts to recreate those memories in miniature in his own twisted way, including its end.
4 links 16 Jan 1999
The Hand of Fate E20. The Hand of Fate
When an evil demon is unleashed, Superman attempts to enlisted the aid of the now disinterested wizard superhero Doctor Fate.
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Prototype E21. Prototype
As inventor John Henry Irons fears, the pilot of his imperfect prototype power armor becomes violently unstable.
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The Late Mr. Kent E22. The Late Mr. Kent
Superman's effort to clear a condemned man's name is complicated when he survives a murder attempt as Kent that seems impossible to be seen surviving without jeopardizing his secre...
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Heavy Metal E23. Heavy Metal
John Henry Irons must give his equipment a trial of fire as Steel to help Superman oppose Metallo.
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Warrior Queen E24. Warrior Queen
The pugnacious Queen Maxima of the planet Almerac comes to Earth in search of the one warrior she considers worthy to marry her, Superman.
13 Mar 1999
Apokolips... Now! E25. Apokolips... Now!
Orion, an alien escapee from the planet Apokolips, seeks Superman's help in his effort to stop Darkseid from conquering Earth.
20 Mar 1999
Apokolips... Now!: Part II E26. Apokolips... Now!: Part II
Steppenwolf, a hunter from Apokolips, joins Darkseid in his battle to take over Earth, which results in the death of Dan Turpin.
04 Jul 2006
Little Girl Lost E27. Little Girl Lost
Superman rescues and brings home the sole survivor of the lost Kryptonian colony of Argos, the rambunctious Kara aka Supergirl.
24 Jun 2006
Little Girl Lost: Part II E28. Little Girl Lost: Part II
When Superman is captured by Granny Goodness and her Female Furies, Supergirl follows them to the planet Apokolips to rescue him.
10 Apr 1999
Staffel 3
Season 3
Where There's Smoke E1. Where There's Smoke
While hunting the pyrokinetic supervillainess Volcana, Superman learns of a mysterious organization seeking her as well.
12 Feb 2000
Knight Time E2. Knight Time
When Batman goes missing, Superman takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight to keep Gotham City's supervillains from running amok.
07 May 2012
New Kids in Town E3. New Kids in Town
From the 30th century, three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes travel back in time to stop Brainiac from killing Clark Kent in his youth.
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Obsession E4. Obsession
A mysterious fashion model is stalked by an obsessed supervillian smitten with her.
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Little Big Head Man E5. Little Big Head Man
In an attempt to sidestep his agreement to stay away from the third dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk convinces Bizarro to return to Earth and attack Superman.
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Absolute Power E6. Absolute Power
Superman comes to a planet under the control of the Phantom Zone prisoners Jax-Ur and Mala, but feels he cannot interfere.
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In Brightest Day... E7. In Brightest Day...
When Green Lantern Abin Sur fatally crash lands on Earth, his power ring selects a young artist as a replacement.
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Superman's Pal E8. Superman's Pal
Jimmy Olsen finds his life complicated when his friendship with Superman publicly blows out of proportion.
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A Fish Story E9. A Fish Story
Lois and Jimmy investigate a series of bizarre marine animal attacks.
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Unity E10. Unity
Upon returning from Metropolis, Kara finds the Kents, and most of the population of Smallville as well, under the thrall of a strange itinerant preacher.
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The Demon Reborn E11. The Demon Reborn
A desperate Ra's Al Ghul comes to Metropolis with designs on Superman and only Batman can help.
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Legacy E12. Legacy
Superman is brainwashed to believe he is the adopted son of Darkseid and now has orders to conquer Earth.
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Legacy: Part II E13. Legacy: Part II
Now free of Darkseid's influence, but in US military custody after being subdued; Superman breaks free to retaliate against the New God despot.
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