O.C., California

Die Welt der Reichen und Schönen im kalifornischen Nobelort Newport in Orange County wird durch einen Neuzugang aus dem weit weniger betuchten Chino gestört: Der Pflichtverteidiger Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) nimmt Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) bei sic...

Jahr: 2003−2007

Dauer: 44 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Writers: Josh Schwartz

Stars: Mischa Barton, Peter Gallagher, Adam Brody

IMDb: TT0362359

Bewertung: 7.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Ryan Atwood is a troubled, 16-year-old kid living in the rough, crime-ridden neighborhood of Chino located in San Bernadino, California, who gets thrown out of his own house by his...
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The Model Home E2. The Model Home
When his mother disappears and faced with the prospect of life in a group home, Ryan decides to run away from Newport, but Seth and Marissa convince him to stay and hide in a vacan...
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The Gamble E3. The Gamble
Ryan has a difficult stay in a Juvenile Hall prison for the arson charge. Seth makes Kirsten aware of his anger over Ryan's situation, and Kirsten makes a compromise to bail Ryan o...
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The Debut E4. The Debut
During rehearsals for Newport Beach's annual Cotillion Ball, Ryan continues to pursue Marissa and asks her to be his dancing partner, while a continuing jealous Luke tries to break...
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The Outsider E5. The Outsider
Ryan takes a job at the Crab Shack diner where a co-worker, named Donnie, might mean bad news for the Newport kids when he takes Ryan and Seth out to party queen Holly Fischer's pa...
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The Girlfriend E6. The Girlfriend
Kirsten's uptight father, Caleb Nichol, comes for a visit along with his new girlfriend, Gabrielle, a 24-year-old model. Caleb does not hesitate to speak his mind and immediately a...
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The Escape E7. The Escape
Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer plan an end-of-summer trip down to Tijuana, Mexico (aka: the TJ). Luke wants to tag along with them to try to get back together with Marissa, but she...
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The Rescue E8. The Rescue
While Marissa is in a hospital in Newport recovering from her near-fatal drug overdose in Mexico, Julie unfairly blames Ryan for her condition and forbids him from seeing Marissa, ...
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The Heights E9. The Heights
At the opening day of the new school year, Ryan doesn't feel like he fits in at his new school of Harbor High, and Luke doesn't make the situation any better when he and his jock f...
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The Perfect Couple E10. The Perfect Couple
Having chose Ryan over Luke, Marissa wants to make plans for their first romantic date together, while Ryan does not know how to behave for his first date with Marissa. Seth takes ...
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The Homecoming E11. The Homecoming
On Thanksgiving Day, Ryan ventures to his hometown in Chino to help his imprisoned brother, Trey, with some business he has, while Marissa tags along with Ryan to get a look at the...
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The Secret E12. The Secret
Ryan learns more about Luke when they're paired for a school history project which is that Luke isn't the macho tough guy he puts out to his friends, but he is quite a nice person ...
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The Best Chrismukkah Ever E13. The Best Chrismukkah Ever
Ryan is officially introduced to the bi-religious holiday of 'Chrismukkah', thanks to Seth who has set this up for his parents; the Catholic Kristin and the Jewish Sandy. At the sa...
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The Countdown E14. The Countdown
Kirsten's outgoing and spoiled younger sister Hailey Nichol, notorious for not doing anything with her life, returns home and asks to stay for New Year's Eve. Although getting alon...
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The Third Wheel E15. The Third Wheel
Hailey discovers that she isn't welcome into the Cohen household as much as she thought due to her continuing irresponsible and brash lifestyle and personality leading to a fight w...
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The Links E16. The Links
Oliver plans a new trip for the group by inviting them to Palm Springs for the weekend to play golf and travel around. But things don't go well for everyone, except for Oliver when...
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The Rivals E17. The Rivals
Ryan continues to become suspicious of Oliver when he suddenly transfers to Harbor High and begins making plans of his own with Marissa. But Ryan's attempts to try to expose Oliver...
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The Truth E18. The Truth
Ryan finds himself truly out in the cold when he's suspended from school, shunned by Marissa, and even scrutinized by the Cohens, all of whom refuse to believe Ryan's claims that t...
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The Heartbreak E19. The Heartbreak
On Valentine's Day, everyone is preparing for the Valentine's singles benefit dance. Luke has a new crush: that being Marissa's mother Julie. Meanwhile, Sandy gives Seth some sex a...
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The Telenovela E20. The Telenovela
Ryan and Marissa begins their lives as "just friends" in the aftermath of everything that has happened. But they soon find out that it is not as easy as it looks. Things take anoth...
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The Goodbye Girl E21. The Goodbye Girl
When Anna announces that she is leaving Newport to go back to her home in Pittsburgh, Seth feels guilt-ridden for he way he treated her. Meanwhile, trouble brews for both Caleb and...
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The L.A. E22. The L.A.
When Marissa and Summer run into Grady Bridges, the star of Summer's favorite TV series "The Valley", he invites them and their friends to a party in Los Angeles and they accept. M...
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The Nana E23. The Nana
Sandy's overbearing and obnoxious mother, Sofia "the Nana" Cohen, arrives in Newport Beach to celebrate Passover, but she also brings not only her unattainable attitude, but some b...
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The Proposal E24. The Proposal
Jimmy and Sandy run into a roadblock in their effort to re-open the Balboa Lighthouse restaurant when some investors withdraw their funds and it's revealed that they were Jimmy's f...
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The Shower E25. The Shower
Everyone is still reacting to the surprise engagement of Julie and Caleb. Kirsten is shocked, and a little burdened to find she's been asked to be Julie's Maid of Honor. Kirsten an...
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The Strip E26. The Strip
The Cohen men, along with Ryan and Caleb set out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Meanwhile, the girls are having fun with their own adventures.
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The Ties That Bind E27. The Ties That Bind
Julie and Caleb marry, and Marissa moves into their new mansion. Meanwhile Theresa asks Ryan to move to Chino with her to look after the yet to be born baby. Upon finding out about...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
The Distance E1. The Distance
It's been three months since Ryan left to live with the pregnant Theresa in Chino, and Seth subsequently sailed off to Portland to live with Luke and his divorced, gay father. With...
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The Way We Were E2. The Way We Were
The boys are back. Every status is quo. Except: Summer won't kiss and make up. Ryan catches Marissa in a clinch, the DA busts Caleb, Hailey bails and the re-modelers are like a wre...
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The New Kids on the Block E3. The New Kids on the Block
Seth pulls off a magnanimous gesture for Summer, then blows it. Lindsay and Ryan become Physics lab partners and share some romantic chemistry. Embattled Caleb names Julie as Newpo...
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The New Era E4. The New Era
It's not a date, it's a group hang. So Seth goes with Lindsay, but looks for Summer. Ryan goes with Alex, but would rather be with Lindsay. And Alex...well, stay tuned. That new CE...
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The SnO.C. E5. The SnO.C.
The winter dance is near and a Ryan-Lindsay hook-up is off, on, off, on, off like a light switch. But all will be smoothed over by the time of the big Newport social event. Or not....
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The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't E6. The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't
Friends, festivities, eight days of gifts, another day with a whole lot of gifts. Seth's formula for the perfect Chrismukkah may come undone when Caleb's confession rocks the Cohen...
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The Family Ties E7. The Family Ties
Time to move on: Jimmy decides to relocate to Maui. Time to make a move: Ryan and Lindsay wonder about a first kiss. Time to bust a move: Seth turns bad boy in an attempt to impres...
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The Power of Love E8. The Power of Love
Sandy didn't forget his 20th anniversary. Honest. Just ask him. And just watch him squirm as he tries to make things right. Also, Seth and Ryan are grounded; DJ calls it quits with...
14 links 15 Mar 2008
The Ex-Factor E9. The Ex-Factor
The ABC's of love. When Alex wants to spend time with her ex, Seth says "X" must make room for "I" and "U." But there's something Seth doesn't know. Julie has a makeover idea for t...
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The Accomplice E10. The Accomplice
Hostilties heat up between Sandy and Kirsten when Sandy decides to help Max Bloom, his mentor in law school, find his daughter, Rebecca, whom was Sandy's first love. Meanwhile, Set...
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The Second Chance E11. The Second Chance
After hearing about Lindsay and Ryan's failed attempt at dinner with Caleb the night before, Kirsten arranges a dinner that she can supervise. But her presence makes no difference ...
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The Lonely Hearts Club E12. The Lonely Hearts Club
On Valentine's Day, Sandy and Kirsten's conflict about Rebecca continues. Ryan tries to make peace with Caleb in order to spend Valentines Day with Lindsay. Meanwhile, Seth, Zach, ...
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The Father Knows Best E13. The Father Knows Best
As Sandy continues working on Rebecca's case, Kirsten questions how strong their feelings are for one another. Meanwhile, Seth continues his downward spiral in the aftermath of Zac...
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The Rainy Day Women E14. The Rainy Day Women
During a rainy day in Newport, Lindsay decides to take the DNA test and makes a difficult choice regarding her life with Caleb while Ryan helps her through it. Elsewhere, Sandy sti...
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The Mallpisode E15. The Mallpisode
After Lindsay moves away to Chicago with her mother, Ryan is heartbroken and Caleb's confused. Seth, Summer, and Marissa invite Ryan to the local mall to get his mind off things. B...
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The Blaze of Glory E16. The Blaze of Glory
Marissa recruits Ryan to help her with Harbor School's Pep Rally Bonfire. Alex accepts that her and Marissa are from two different lives and knows she is fighting a lost cause. Set...
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The Brothers Grim E17. The Brothers Grim
When Ryan's brother, Trey, gets out of jail and gives Ryan a call, the Cohens give him a warm welcome. Though, Ryan knows nothing good can come from it. Zach returns from his trip ...
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The Risky Business E18. The Risky Business
Sandy reluctantly agrees with Kirsten to serve as host/auctioneer at yet another OC benefit. Meanwhile, Trey lies to Ryan to prove that he can be self-dependent when he steals one ...
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The Rager E19. The Rager
On Trey's 21st birthday, Marissa, anxious to help Trey and Ryan forge a relationship, throws a birthday party for Trey at the Cooper-Nichol mansion that turns out to be a rumble wh...
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The O.C. Confidential E20. The O.C. Confidential
Sandy, Ryan, and Seth devise a plan to save Trey from going to jail after he took the fall for supplying drugs at his birthday party. Kirsten and Carter, fulfilling more than their...
14 links 17 Mar 2008
The Return of the Nana E21. The Return of the Nana
Sandy, Seth and Ryan travel to Miami, Florida to visit Sandy's mother, the Nana, after she tells Sandy she is getting married to a much younger man. Back in Newport, Kirsten, unabl...
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The Showdown E22. The Showdown
Seth and Zach declare war when they compete against each other for Summer's affections. Meanwhile, Marissa is still reeling from being nearly raped by Trey, and refuses to confide ...
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The O.Sea E23. The O.Sea
Seth and Zach squabble over who should take Summer to the prom and who will meet George Lucas for dinner over the publishing of the graphic novel. Meanwhile, Sandy takes drastic ac...
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The Dearly Beloved E24. The Dearly Beloved
Kirsten hits rock bottom after Caleb's funeral, prompting Sandy to finally take action by staging an intervention. Meanwhile, Jimmy Cooper returns to Newport and almost immediately...
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Staffel 3
Season 3
The Aftermath E1. The Aftermath
Ryan and Marissa deal with the aftermath of Trey's shooting. Kirsten meets Charlotte at rehab.
16 links 20 Mar 2008
The Shape of Things to Come E2. The Shape of Things to Come
The new dean of Harbor School wants to expel Ryan and Marissa. Summer fights with Taylor over being Social Chair. Kirsten worries about leaving rehab.
15 links 17 Sep 2014
The End of Innocence E3. The End of Innocence
Caleb's will is read. Ryan and Marissa are told to stay apart.
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The Last Waltz E4. The Last Waltz
Marissa struggles with attending new public high school Newport Union, and her new friends, Johnny; his girlfriend Cassey; and their nerd friend Chili, all of whom make Ryan slight...
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The Perfect Storm E5. The Perfect Storm
Ryan decides to not return to school, and makes a decision to take a job as a fisherman which Sandy reluctantly accepts. Marissa turns to her new friends, Johnny, Casey, and Chili,...
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The Swells E6. The Swells
Marissa continues to hang out at the beach to watch Johnny's surfing skills, where she discovers some secrets about Johnny that Ryan lacks; about being involved in a shooting years...
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The Anger Management E7. The Anger Management
While the gang makes plans to go to the the Bait Shop to see the band, The Subways perform, Taylor's continuing meddling with wooing Seth causes a major rift between him and Summer...
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The Game Plan E8. The Game Plan
Ryan, Summer, Seth, and Marissa think about what they'd like to do with their lives as they compile their college applications, but they run across several obstacles. Seth decides ...
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The Disconnect E9. The Disconnect
Marissa visits Johnny at his house after his accident to see how he is doing and meets his friendly nurse mother Gwen where she tries to help Johnny get an operation for his leg in...
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The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah E10. The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah
Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer raise money for Johnny's surgery by throwing Ryan a Bar Mitzvah.
14 links 25 Mar 2008
The Safe Harbor E11. The Safe Harbor
Ryan, Seth, and Summer plot to get Marissa back into Harbor School.
15 links 25 Mar 2008
The Sister Act E12. The Sister Act
Trouble brews for the gang when Marissa's younger sister, Kaitlin Cooper (whom is even more devious and amoral then Julie), arrives in Newport for a visit from her Montecito boardi...
15 links 26 Mar 2008
The Pot Stirrer E13. The Pot Stirrer
While Marissa does all she can to get to know Kaitlin better, she just stirs up more trouble for the gang as she prepares to celebrate her 15th birthday. Meanwhile, Sandy encourage...
15 links 23 Sep 2014
The Cliffhanger E14. The Cliffhanger
Summer discovers the truth about Seth's pot smoking, while Sandy and Matt encounter an obstacle with their hospital project. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Julie take their matchmaking bus...
15 links 26 Mar 2008
The Heavy Lifting E15. The Heavy Lifting
In the aftermath of Johnny's untimely death, the gang tries to sort out their problems and face the reality of the situation. Johnny's cousin, Sadie Campbell, arrives in Newport fo...
14 links 29 Mar 2008
The Road Warrior E16. The Road Warrior
Summer asks Julie and Kirsten, via their matchmaking company, to find a woman for her father. However, the pesky Taylor discovers Julie and Dr. Roberts having dinner, and she natur...
15 links 29 Mar 2008
The Journey E17. The Journey
It's Ryan's 18th b-day and the Cohens decide to throw him a party at the Bait shop. Ryan wonders about if he should invite Marissa or not, trying not to give her the wrong idea. Me...
15 links 30 Mar 2008
The Undertow E18. The Undertow
Ryan has problems opening up to Sadie about his problems, which takes a turn when Jess Sathes, Trey's former self-destructive girlfriend, returns and asks Ryan for help to get rid ...
14 links 26 Nov 2006
The Secrets and Lies E19. The Secrets and Lies
Julie and Dr. Roberts return from their cruise at sea and announce their engagement, leading to fireworks from both Summer and Marissa when Julie moves out of her trailer and into ...
15 links 28 Sep 2015
The Day After Tomorrow E20. The Day After Tomorrow
When college acceptance and rejection letters are received, the kids must consider what path they are going to follow. Summer is accepted into Brown University, whereas Seth is not...
15 links 24 Sep 2014
The Dawn Patrol E21. The Dawn Patrol
Ryan visits his mom and Seth declines his love for Summer.
15 links 30 Mar 2008
The College Try E22. The College Try
It's time for Marissa, Summer, Seth and Ryan to visit colleges and former character's make unexpected appearances. Meanwhile in Newport, Julie is planning a party for Dr. Roberts a...
15 links 24 Sep 2014
The Party Favor E23. The Party Favor
During planning for Harbor High's senior prom, Seth tries to convince Summer to accompany him. But she is still mad at him over the Anna Stern incident at Brown and refuses to list...
14 links 28 Apr 2006
The Man of the Year E24. The Man of the Year
Sandy is voted "Man of the Year" by Riviera magazine due to his work for the hospital, but at the same time is having some trouble with the law for his connections to Henry Griffin...
15 links 27 Sep 2014
The Graduates E25. The Graduates
On graduation day, Marissa is leaving to be with her dad, but Vollchek has feelings for her and is angry at Ryan.
15 links 21 Jul 2006
Staffel 4
Season 4
The Avengers E1. The Avengers
During the last days of summer before college, Seth is working at a comic book store in Newport. Ryan has problems dealing with the issues of the past and pushes himself with his n...
14 links 14 Oct 2006
The Gringos E2. The Gringos
Summer's roommate doesn't know about Seth. Ryan is out of town searching for someone important. There is a clothing drive at Harbor.
14 links 27 Sep 2014
The Cold Turkey E3. The Cold Turkey
Thanksgiving! Julie and Neil have relationship issues, but she is unwilling to talk about it. Seth has a new friend. Julie is informed on the movements of Volchock.
14 links 14 Nov 2006
The Metamorphosis E4. The Metamorphosis
Summer soul-searches during a visit from Seth. Taylor pleads for Ryan's help with her marriage. Sandy longs for a guys' night. Julie vows to turn over a new leaf in moving on from ...
14 links 28 Sep 2014
The Sleeping Beauty E5. The Sleeping Beauty
Ryan can't sleep, and a smitten Taylor tries to seduce him by becoming his sleep therapist. Meanwhile, Seth vows not to call Summer, and Kaitlin struggles when Julie has a fling wi...
14 links 04 Dec 2006
The Summer Bummer E6. The Summer Bummer
Summer gets kicked out Brown, thanks to her friend Che. Ryan has fantasies about Taylor after kissing each other. And Kaitlin throws a party at Dr. Roberts house to get even with a...
14 links 07 Dec 2006
The Chrismukk-huh? E7. The Chrismukk-huh?
When Ryan and Taylor have an argument over where they stand with their whatever relationship they have, they both fall off a ladder while Ryan is putting up Christmas lights and bo...
14 links 18 Dec 2006
The Earth Girls Are Easy E8. The Earth Girls Are Easy
Ryan has a New Year's Eve surprise for semi-girl-friend Taylor, a trip to Las Vegas, while she went for sexy lingerie. Spoiled, moody Summer rages at 'immature' Seth for having mad...
14 links 22 Dec 2006
The My Two Dads E9. The My Two Dads
After Kaitlin presents a ruffled history to her class, she ends up getting assigned a tutor: a socially awkward school band member named Will Tutt. Meanwhile, Summer and Seth resum...
14 links 28 Sep 2014
The French Connection E10. The French Connection
Ryan and Taylor experience a bump in their blossoming relationship when Taylor's French ex-husband, Henri-Michel, comes to Newport to promote a novel that he has written about his ...
14 links 29 Sep 2014
The Dream Lover E11. The Dream Lover
Kirsten must clean up after Julie when one of the men she hooked someone with has an unpleasant "medical condition." Meanwhile, Will Tutt introduces Kaitlin to his fellow school ba...
14 links 29 Sep 2014
The Groundhog Day E12. The Groundhog Day
Seth and Che get in some trouble with the police when Che drags Seth into helping him try to free a groundhog before Newport's annual Groundhog Day festival. Meanwhile, Kirsten get...
14 links 29 Sep 2014
The Case of the Franks E13. The Case of the Franks
Seth and Summer come upon a fortune teller whose prediction makes the two question whether they are truly meant for each other. Ryan gets back in touch with his father (with a litt...
14 links 02 Feb 2007
The Shake Up E14. The Shake Up
On Taylor's 19th birthday she hopes Ryan will say he loves her but is unsure whether she should tell him she got into Berkely as well. Meanwhile, Summer tells Seth that she feels t...
14 links 29 Sep 2014
The Night Moves E15. The Night Moves
In the immediate aftermath of a violent earthquake that rocks Newport, everyone tries to struggle to stay together and keep their spirits up. Sandy and Kristen are stranded at the ...
14 links 25 Feb 2007
The End's Not Near, It's Here E16. The End's Not Near, It's Here
Six months after the trauma of the Newport earthquake, Ryan and the rest of the Cohens struggle with their living arrangements in the aftermath of the destruction of their house. B...
14 links 17 Oct 2007
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