Practice - Die Anwälte

Der junge Verteidiger Bobby Donnell hat in Bosten gerade seine Kanzlei eröffnet. Da er noch keine besondere Reputation hat, muss er jeden Fall annehmen, der sich ihm bietet. Obwohl Bobby schon bald weitere Anwälte einstellen kann, bekommt das Anwaltsbüro d...

Jahr: 1997−2004

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writers: David E. Kelley

Stars: Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams, Lara Flynn Boyle

IMDb: TT0118437

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Bobby defends Rachel Reynolds, a young woman facing drug charges. She is not a drug dealer, but was trying to cover for her brother. Lindsay represents Emerson Ray, who is suing a ...
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Part I E2. Part I
Bobby represents a man facing armed robbery charges. His strategy is to plead out to lesser charges. Eugene's client fears for her and her 11 year old son's safety, at the hands of...
12 links 06 Jun 2000
Trial and Error E3. Trial and Error
Bobby plans to represent Gerald Braun in a wrongful death suit against Ronald Martin. Eugene's "Free Willy" returns, after being arrested in a peculiar position with a hooker. Defe...
12 links 07 Jun 2000
Part IV E4. Part IV
An extremely nervous Lindsey goes up against the tobacco industry and her old Law School Professor in her very first jury trial. Outraged by the release of his daughter's killer, D...
08 Jun 2000
Part V E5. Part V
Preparing for Dr. Braun's murder trial, Jimmy comes up with a controversial defense after the client refuses to argue temporary insanity. Meanwhile, Eugene bets both Lindsey and an...
12 links 09 Jun 2000
Part VI E6. Part VI
Dr. Braun's emotional and outrageous murder trial finally begins, with Bobby going up against a known ADA who is also a famous Rabbi. Eugene represents a boy accused of statutory r...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Reasonable Doubts E1. Reasonable Doubts
The firm calls Bobby's judgment into question when he forms a romantic relationship with a new client who happens to be on trial for murder.
12 links 26 Jun 2000
Betrayal E2. Betrayal
The firm represents an outrageously clever client, who is accused of stabbing his lover to death, but pulls a brilliant legal maneuver in an attempt to get away with it. A series o...
12 links 27 Jun 2000
The Blessing E3. The Blessing
Tensions rise to extremely high levels in the courtroom and out of it, when Bobby and Helenn clash over an assisted suicide case, each carrying a traumatic personal memory regardin...
12 links 28 Jun 2000
Dog Bite E4. Dog Bite
Berluti represents a young girl who was bitten in the face by a dog. A juror communicates with Lindsay during a trial. Eugene defends a one-legged African American man accused of r...
12 links 14 Jun 2000
First Degree E5. First Degree
An adulterer is charged with the murder of her affluent husband as well as her lover are defended by Bobby and another office attorney. A cop just a few years shy of retirement qui...
12 links 15 Jun 2000
Sex, Lies and Monkeys E6. Sex, Lies and Monkeys
An unfaithful wife who was convicted and possibly because of Bobby's damning remarks in court he discovered to be innocent. Bobby vigilantly tries to get the judge to win her relea...
11 links 16 Jun 2000
Search and Seizure E7. Search and Seizure
A husband seeks a court order that would force his pregnant wife to undergo a C-section. Lindsay represents a drug dealer caught red-handed with a large quantity of cocaine. Gamble...
12 links 29 Jun 2000
The Means E8. The Means
The firm is defending a friend of Eugene's who killed someone during a riot. They're trying to prove him innocent. But when things look bleak they decide to try another approach wh...
12 links 30 Jun 2000
Save the Mule E9. Save the Mule
A drug dealer's operative is taken into custody after she attempted to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. by swallowing drug-filled prophylactics.
12 links 03 Jul 2000
Spirit of America E10. Spirit of America
A documentary crew records the attorneys as they fight to win a stay of execution for a man convicted of murdering a young girl.
12 links 04 Jul 2000
Hide and Seek E11. Hide and Seek
James Whitmore as Raymond Oz, an elderly attorney (on a par with Denny Crane's antics) who asks Bobby to second chair as he is having memory issues. Oz is brash, witty and quite th...
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Race with the Devil E12. Race with the Devil
Bobby's priest becomes a client after a woman suffers a fatal heart attack during an exorcism.
12 links 19 Jun 2000
The Civil Right E13. The Civil Right
Berluti decides to advertise himself on TV "The Grunt" Attorney. Once the ad hits the airwaves, the hall is full of potential clients and the most surprising one is his Mom who dec...
12 links 20 Jun 2000
The Pursuit of Dignity E14. The Pursuit of Dignity
Bobby's senior prom date is arrested for prostitution. Ellenor represents a little girl who was thrown out of school because of a disability.
12 links 23 Jun 2000
Line of Duty E15. Line of Duty
Bobby spends the night at Helen's. While they are in bed, someone calls Helen and leaves a message on her machine. It's the police telling her they're going to bust someone, which ...
11 links 05 Jul 2000
Truth and Consequences E16. Truth and Consequences
A gang member threatens Rebecca's life after she witnesses a robbery-homicide.
13 links 06 Jul 2000
Burden of Proof E17. Burden of Proof
With no medical evidence, an unfavorable judge, a drunk for a scientific witness, and virtually no prospect of winning - Jimmy leads a group of cancer patients no other lawyer woul...
13 links 07 Jul 2000
Ties That Bind E18. Ties That Bind
Ellenor and Lindsay represent a porn star accused of choking her co-star husband to death during a bondage scene. Rebecca's capacity as an eye-witness is called into question, when...
11 links 10 Jul 2000
The Trial E19. The Trial
Hellen and Bobby's relationship is sent into a turmoil, when they are put at opposite sides of the same juicy, high-profile murder case, and neither is willing to back out. Eugene ...
11 links 11 Jul 2000
Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes E20. Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes
With their romantic relationship now over, Bobby and Helen face each other in court on the murder trial of Dr. Jeffrey Winslow. Determined to come out on top, each of them prepares...
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In Deep E21. In Deep
Ellenor sticks Lindsay with a humiliating case of a man determined to get his day in court when fined for using too much water when flushing his toilet. Things get even worse when ...
11 links 13 Jul 2000
Another Day E22. Another Day
Joey Herric returns, having killed yet another lover by stabbing him in the chest. Hellen takes on the case, determined to finally get Joey, and Bobby tries to suppress his previou...
6 links 14 Jul 2000
Checkmate E23. Checkmate
Helenn and Joey Herric go head to head in the courtroom, each trying to outmaneuver the other in Herric's murder trial. Meanwhile, Ellinor represents an obese woman, suing a carniv...
6 links 17 Jul 2000
Trees in the Forest E24. Trees in the Forest
Hellen gets stuck with a vehicular manslaughter case, of a rich man who hit a homeless man in the street, and sped away. Rebecca is about to get an award for her actions regarding ...
6 links 18 Jul 2000
Food Chains E25. Food Chains
Tensions at the firm are still high, thanks to Lindsey's demand to get equity, and to the revelation about her relationship with Bobby. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets into a car accident,...
6 links 19 Jul 2000
Axe Murderer E26. Axe Murderer
Continuing the first crossover episode of Ally McBeal, Bobby and Eugene join forces with the firm of Cage and Fish, defending an Axe murderer who believes she was Lizzy Borden in a...
6 links 20 Jul 2000
Duty Bound E27. Duty Bound
Jimmy's priest is arrested for murder when the body of a 16 year old boy is found in his closet. Jimmy is convinced of Father Ryan's innocence, and his search for the real killer g...
6 links 21 Jul 2000
Rhyme and Reason E28. Rhyme and Reason
When a 13 year old boy shoots his mother for no apparent reason, Bobby and Helenn struggle over charging him as a child or an adult. Meanwhile, Eugene tries to get a murderer off o...
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Staffel 3
Season 3
Passing Go E1. Passing Go
Lindsay gets suspicious when Rebecca seems to be secretly awaiting an important letter - and realizes just how much she was right when the letter finally arrives. Ellenor gets a hy...
13 links 25 Jul 2000
Reasons to Believe E2. Reasons to Believe
Lindsay is called to defend her old professor and mentor, Anderson Pearson, when he is charged with murder. Hellen must prosecute a man for murder, with the only witness being a 4 ...
13 links 26 Jul 2000
Body Count E3. Body Count
George Vogleman, the podiatrist who Ellenor once dated, comes to her for help with a gruesome surprise in his bag. Jimmy and Rebecca defend a man who has been planning to kill his ...
13 links 27 Jul 2000
The Defenders E4. The Defenders
Anderson Pearson's murder trial finally begins, with Lindsay and Bobby at the helm. As the evidence mount against George Vogleman in the murder of Susan Robin, Eugene tries to find...
13 links 28 Jul 2000
The Battlefield E5. The Battlefield
Lindsay takes on Anderson Pearson's appeal, claiming Judge Hiller was wrong in not letting them argue self defense. Ellenor and Eugene prepare for the Vogleman trial, turning over ...
13 links 31 Jul 2000
One of Those Days E6. One of Those Days
Ellenor and Eugene head the defense of George Vogleman in the Susan Robin murder trial, with almost no prospect of winning. Scrapping to put on a defense, Eugene employs the infamo...
13 links 01 Aug 2000
Trench Work E7. Trench Work
A guilt-ridden Lindsay is determined to get Anderson Pearson's conviction reduced to manslaughter, and gets into a world of trouble with Judge Hiller. Eugene and Ellenor's actions ...
13 links 02 Aug 2000
Swearing In E8. Swearing In
About to be sworn-in as a lawyer, Rebecca represents a man for burglary, and begins to suspect he might be guilty of a much bigger crime. As the firm prepares to defend itself agai...
13 links 03 Aug 2000
State of Mind E9. State of Mind
Bobby tries Evelyn Mayfield's murder trial, and when it becomes clear the jury is about to convict her, even Bobby begins to doubt her innocence. Roberta Baylor comes to seek Rebec...
13 links 04 Aug 2000
Love & Honor E10. Love & Honor
Jimmy leads the firm's defense against Tommy Silva's lawsuit for their actions during the Vogleman trial. Silva uses Ellenor's past actions to hang her, and Jimmy makes a questiona...
13 links 07 Aug 2000
Split Decisions E11. Split Decisions
Eugene is stunned when he is called to defend an old friend of his, arrested for prostitution charges, while dressed in women's clothes. Things get even more complicated when it is...
13 links 08 Aug 2000
A Day in the Life E12. A Day in the Life
Hellen plans a relaxing day at the spa for her and Lindsay, but Lindsay foils her plans when she turns what was supposed to be a short hearing into a full day in court. Bobby and E...
13 links 09 Aug 2000
Judge and Jury E13. Judge and Jury
While presiding over a case Bobby is handling, Judge Kittleson call him into her chambers and informs him she had an extremely erotic dream about him. After he makes it clear his n...
13 links 10 Aug 2000
Of Human Bondage E14. Of Human Bondage
A colleague of Bobby's asks him to take on a case of a prostitute accused of murder, until he discovers he is much more involved than he led on. Ellenor defends one of her first cl...
13 links 11 Aug 2000
Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches E15. Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches
Hellen's plans for a relaxing day at the spa are ruined when a human face is put on a cat-killing case she is prosecuting, and she decides to push for jail time. Bobby and Lindsay ...
13 links 14 Aug 2000
End Games E16. End Games
A series of chaotic events reopens the Susan Robin murder case, which results in Ellinor's arrest for concealing evidence during George's trial. The entire firm stands ready to go ...
13 links 15 Aug 2000
Target Practice E17. Target Practice
Jimmy and Lindsay represent a couple suing a gun manufacturer, when one of their guns is used to kill their daughter. Eugene is stunned when his son is arrested for drug dealing, a...
13 links 16 Aug 2000
Crossfire E18. Crossfire
Eugene and his ex-wife battle for custody of their son, when Sharon claims Eugene's job is having a bad influence on Kendall. Hellen prosecutes a man for stealing a car, but slowly...
13 links 17 Aug 2000
Closet Justice E19. Closet Justice
The firm is assigned a horrific case of a man accused of murder, when the dismembered body of a nun was found in his closet. However, when fourth amendment issues arise regarding t...
13 links 18 Aug 2000
Home Invasions E20. Home Invasions
Helen prosecutes a man for killing his wife, with his son as the only eye witness to the crime. However, her case begins to go south when the son changes his story and claims it wa...
13 links 21 Aug 2000
Infected E21. Infected
Still devastated from losing the Armbrust murder trial, an enraged Helen seeks vengeance over Gary Armbrust who lied on the stand, by charging him with murder. But a passionate and...
13 links 22 Aug 2000
Do Unto Others E22. Do Unto Others
Eugene represents a popular Rabbi, accused of raping a young woman. While the Rabbi claims the sex was consensual, and part of a game they used to play, Eugene is horrified to disc...
9 links 23 Aug 2000
Happily Ever After E23. Happily Ever After
Working late at the office, Lindsey is attacked and stabbed, identifying her attacker as a nun before passing out. An angry Helen goes into a nun-arresting spree, while a mysteriou...
6 links 24 Aug 2000
Staffel 4
Season 4
Free Dental E1. Free Dental
With Lindsay and Bobby's help, Jimmy defends his personal friend, dentist Henry Olson, when he is tried for murdering a woman who was found dead in his chair. Hostile ADA Richard B...
13 links 25 Aug 2000
Boston Confidential E2. Boston Confidential
When a woman's body is found in her husband's trunk, Hellen immediately arrests him and he confesses. When the search of his car is ruled invalid and he walks free, Bobby makes a s...
12 links 28 Aug 2000
Loser's Keepers E3. Loser's Keepers
Lindsay is in complete terror when the man who stabbed her begins leaving presents at the office, as she starts to unravel. Rebecca once again clashes with Judge Swackheim over a ....
12 links 29 Aug 2000
Legacy E4. Legacy
A betrayed Ellenor tries to deal with the truth about George Vogleman, as well as her guilt over the role she played in freeing him. Eugene is forced to help the world's worst atto...
12 links 17 Oct 1999
Oz E5. Oz
On trial for murdering his wife, an increasingly erratic Raymond Oz insists on representing himself, and Hellen is forced to go to extreme measures in order to try and convict this...
12 links 24 Oct 1999
Marooned E6. Marooned
Rebecca and Eugene defend a woman charged with killing her mother, trying to convince the jury she did so during a flashback of a horrifying childhood memory. Meanwhile, Lindsay fi...
12 links 07 Nov 1999
Victimless Crimes E7. Victimless Crimes
Jimmy defends a woman who shot her rapist to death, a job she makes very hard on him by not cooperating with his attempts to save her, refusing to show regret and helplessness on t...
12 links 14 Nov 1999
Committed E8. Committed
Lindsay is assigned to represent a psychotic serial killer, now on medication, in a parole hearing, and is forced to deal with her pain and fear over her attack by psychotic client...
12 links 21 Nov 1999
Bay of Pigs E9. Bay of Pigs
Richard and Ellenor go head to head in a trial of a woman who tried to kill her husband, but their anger and antagonism towards each other gets them into a lot of trouble. Jimmy ag...
12 links 28 Nov 1999
Day in Court E10. Day in Court
In a chaotic and bizarre trial, Bobby represents an old drug dealing client, who is charged with murder after stabbing a man to death seven times. With wacky Judge Swackheim presid...
13 links 12 Dec 1999
Blowing Smoke E11. Blowing Smoke
In a personally and racially charged trial, Rebecca defends an old boyfriend, a police officer, who is accused of murder after shooting a man to death in a store, convinced he was ...
13 links 09 Jan 2000
New Evidence E12. New Evidence
Lindsay arrives at Los Angeles, where a man she once met at an art class begs for her help when he is charged with murdering a woman he was having a virtual affair with over the In...
13 links 30 Jan 2000
Hammerhead Sharks E13. Hammerhead Sharks
With the evidence, the police, the judge and the odds stacked against them, Lindsay leads Bobby, Ellenor and Jimmy in the defense of Dennis Mills' hopeless murder trial. As the tri...
13 links 06 Feb 2000
Checkmates E14. Checkmates
Helen is called in to question the son of a well-known police detective. Because she uses the father to get the son to confess to a murder, Bobby and Eugene try to have the confess...
12 links 13 Feb 2000
Race Ipsa Loquitor E15. Race Ipsa Loquitor
Eugene and Rebecca represent a woman whose husband died during a routine liposuction, and are shocked to see that the defense attorney's strategy is to attack them personally. Mean...
12 links 20 Feb 2000
Settling E16. Settling
Bobby is kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Patrick Rooney, a former client who blames him for convincing him to take a deal for a crime he didn't commit. Rooney tries to prove to B...
12 links 12 Mar 2000
Black Widows E17. Black Widows
Bobby and Eugene defend Courtney Hansen, nicknamed by the media "The Black Widow", a woman accused of killing her weak-hearted husband by having sex with him to death. Having lost ...
12 links 02 Apr 2000
Death Penalties E18. Death Penalties
Bobby and Helen once again go head to head in an assisted suicide case, each with their own past experiences involving the matter. Noticing Bobby's unresolved feelings about his pa...
12 links 09 Apr 2000
Till Death Do Us Part E19. Till Death Do Us Part
Rebecca represents an elderly woman with Alzheimer's, recently remarried, whose daughter is trying to have the marriage annulled. But the woman's testimony in the hearing opens up ...
12 links 30 Apr 2000
Liberty Bells E20. Liberty Bells
With their petition for a DNA test denied once again, Ellenor and the others must come up with a new idea to exonerate Stuart Donovan and keep him from being executed for a crime h...
12 links 07 May 2000
Honorable Man E21. Honorable Man
Eugene is assigned a horrifying case of a man accused of killing a woman and then raping her lifeless corpse. Getting more and more angry, Eugene must come to terms with the realit...
12 links 14 May 2000
Life Sentence E22. Life Sentence
In a difficult and emotional trial, Jimmy and Ellenor represent a deaf woman, charged with killing the man who raped and murdered her 7 year old daughter. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Bo...
12 links 31 Aug 2008
Staffel 5
Season 5
Summary Judgments E1. Summary Judgments
Bobby is called to defend his close friend, Scott Wallace, who is accused of killing his wife, and becomes overly involved in the case. Helen is concerned Richard has crossed the l...
6 links 08 Oct 2000
Germ Warfare E2. Germ Warfare
Ellenor and Lindsay represent parents against the EPA, when their children are all diagnosed with cancer from a chemically treated playground. But no matter how tough the case is t...
6 links 15 Oct 2000
Officers of the Court E3. Officers of the Court
An enraged Ellenor decides to go after Judge Aldrich for his behavior during the Jamison trial, no matter the consequences for her or the firm. Jimmy is faced with an ethical dilem...
6 links 22 Oct 2000
Appeal and Denial E4. Appeal and Denial
Desperately trying to overturn Scott Wallace's verdict, Bobby goes for a hearing to prove Kyle Barrett lied on the stand. Helen tries a man who assaulted his wife, when the woman c...
6 links 29 Oct 2000
We Hold These Truths... E5. We Hold These Truths...
Defending a young man accused of drug use, Jimmy faces an ego-maniacal judge, who determines punishment according to his mood. Eugene goes up against Helen in a trial where attacki...
6 links 05 Nov 2000
Show and Tell E6. Show and Tell
Bobby takes on Richard Bay in the long anticipated Wallace retrial. With the video tape being admitted, Bobby has no choice but to put an increasingly erratic Scott Wallace on the ...
6 links 12 Nov 2000
Brothers' Keepers E7. Brothers' Keepers
In an extremely controversial trial, Helen prosecutes a Pakistani man who sent his adulterous wife to Pakistan to be murdered by his brother in an honor killing. Eugene once again ...
6 links 19 Nov 2000
Mr. Hinks Goes to Town E8. Mr. Hinks Goes to Town
Lindsay and Jimmy take on a case of a confessed serial killer, whose psychiatrist believes is innocent and suffering from delusions. Their attempt to prove his innocence gets more ...
6 links 26 Nov 2000
The Deal E9. The Deal
Bobby is torn between ethics and morality, when serving his client means letting a kidnapped little girl die. Meanwhile, an emotionally unstable Scott Wallace returns, asking the f...
6 links 10 Dec 2000
Friends and Ex-Lovers E10. Friends and Ex-Lovers
Haunted with guilt over Scott Wallace's murder of his boss, Bobby is determined to defend him, lashing out at everybody including Jimmy, who agrees to become a witness for the pros...
6 links 17 Dec 2000
An Early Frost E11. An Early Frost
Scott Wallace is put on trial for murder yet again, with Bobby determined to prove his mental state is responsible for the crime. Lindsay becomes terrified when William Hinks conti...
6 links 07 Jan 2001
Payback E12. Payback
With the discovery of William Hinks' body, Bobby is arrested shortly after for his murder. Lindsay is terrified of losing him and raising their child alone, while the DA's office a...
6 links 14 Jan 2001
The Thin Line E13. The Thin Line
With Eugene at the helm, the entire firm stands ready to defend Bobby in his trial for the murder of William Hinks. But no matter what the outcome of the trial turns out to be, Wil...
6 links 04 Feb 2001
The Day After E14. The Day After
After the explosion at the firm's offices, Lucy is unharmed, but Rebecca is fighting for her life in the hospital. Things become even more complicated, when Bobby takes Rebecca's m...
6 links 11 Feb 2001
Awakenings E15. Awakenings
Ellenor's sperm-donor has second thoughts about their agreement for him to give up his parental rights, and Jimmy surprises her when he stands by her and volunteers to represent he...
6 links 18 Feb 2001
Gideon's Crossover E16. Gideon's Crossover
In a crossover episode with "Gideon's Crossing", Ellenor turns to Dr. Ben Gideon, due to some complications with her pregnancy. Helen prosecutes 11 year-old Amanda McGowan's rapist...
6 links 11 Mar 2001
What Child Is This? E17. What Child Is This?
As evidence mounts against the defendant in the Littlefield trial, Bobby and Jimmy try to apply the infamous "Plan B", and accuse the victim's mother of the murder. Meanwhile, Elle...
6 links 18 Mar 2001
The Confession E18. The Confession
Helen arrives at the scene of a carjacking gone terribly wrong, when the owner of the car is killed and her son is caught inside. She uses extremely questionable trickery to get a ...
6 links 01 Apr 2001
Home of the Brave E19. Home of the Brave
Lindsay represents an illegal alien, who the police is threatening to deport, unless he testifies against his brother in a murder trial. Helen is prosecuting a rapist, when his def...
6 links 22 Apr 2001
The Case of Harland Bassett E20. The Case of Harland Bassett
Jimmy and Eugene help all-time-loser attorney Harland Bassett in the trial of his life, as he represents a sick little girl against a drug company, whose drug caused her liver to f...
6 links 29 Apr 2001
Poor Richard's Almanac E21. Poor Richard's Almanac
Bobby and Ellenor defend a brutal drug dealer accused of murder in a case they have no chance of winning, when their client turns his attention to Richard, who is prosecuting the c...
6 links 06 May 2001
Public Servants E22. Public Servants
Greif stricken by Richard's murder, an enraged Helen seeks vengeance on his killers. As Bobby tries to deal with the guilt over his part in Richard's death, Rebecca and Jimmy grasp...
6 links 13 May 2001
Staffel 6
Season 6
The Candidate E1. The Candidate
In the two-hour season premier, Ellenor is called to the house of her close friend, Senator Keith Ellison, where she finds the dead body of a man in his bed. The senator claims to ...
7 links 23 Sep 2001
Killing Time E2. Killing Time
Ellenor tries to deal with her discoveries after the Ellison trial, and is determined to correct the injustice that occurred. Rebecca joins forces with a highly respected death-row...
7 links 30 Sep 2001
Liar's Poker E3. Liar's Poker
Lindsay represents a young man accused of murder, and is shocked when new ADA Alan Lowe makes an extremely questionable maneuver to nail her client. Jimmy represents a bookie, to w...
7 links 07 Oct 2001
Vanished: Part 1 E4. Vanished: Part 1
Bobby represents Jenny and Richard Baldwin against a pedophile about to be released from prison, who they believe kidnapped their son 18 years earlier. The couple wants Bobby to us...
7 links 14 Oct 2001
Vanished: Part 2 E5. Vanished: Part 2
With a young man coming forward, believing he might be the long lost Chad Baldwin, Bobby and Ellenor try to verify the boy's story. Helen tries to use the woman who raised him for ...
7 links 21 Oct 2001
Honor Code E6. Honor Code
The firm is hired by an insurance company in the trial of a little boy who got hit by a car, until the company's doctor uncovers evidence the he suffers from an extremely life thre...
7 links 18 Nov 2001
Suffer the Little Children E7. Suffer the Little Children
Bobby, Eugene and Jimmy work with an insurance company to settle the claim of a 10-year-old accident victim. But when the case presents a dilemma of moral and ethical proportions, ...
7 links 25 Nov 2001
Dangerous Liaisons E8. Dangerous Liaisons
Bobby afraid his feelings for a client may harm his objectivity; Lucy helps and supports an elderly rape victim to get an apology from her attacker.
7 links 02 Dec 2001
Inter Arma Silent Leges E9. Inter Arma Silent Leges
An American woman married to an Arab-American hires Rebecca to find her husband, who was taken away by the FBI under what seems a precursor to the PATRIOT act.O n a parallel case E...
7 links 09 Dec 2001
Eyewitness E10. Eyewitness
7 links 06 Jan 2002
The Test E11. The Test
Bobby has a client that reveals privileged information that can be revealed by Bobby in the event the client dies. When the client does not show up for trial, Bobby makes an assump...
7 links 13 Jan 2002
Pro Se E12. Pro Se
Eleanor is forced to second chair her client since he requested to defend himself. The DA thinks this is an easy win,but is warned by his boss that many Pro Se cases were lost by o...
7 links 10 Feb 2002
Judge Knot E13. Judge Knot
Bobby and Helen are unwillingly dragged into a sting operation meant to expose a highly respected and popular judge of taking bribes. When he finally does get caught, the vengeful ...
7 links 17 Feb 2002
Man and Superman E14. Man and Superman
A mental health patient believing he is Superman and even calls his wife Louis is sued for damages after he lands on op of a Man after he tries to fly without his cape. After doing...
7 links 24 Feb 2002
M. Premie Unplugged E15. M. Premie Unplugged
7 links 10 Mar 2002
Manifest Necessity E16. Manifest Necessity
7 links 17 Mar 2002
Fire Proof E17. Fire Proof
An Italian American is accused of Insurance fraud, a convicted Arsonists comes forward to testify against Jimmy's client. As always truths and dilemmas arise, will the truth persev...
7 links 07 Apr 2002
The Return of Joey Heric E18. The Return of Joey Heric
Joey Herric returns to the firm, surprising everybody when he declares he has passed the bar, and is now a lawyer. He asks for Bobby and Ellenor's help in his first trial, a murder...
7 links 14 Apr 2002
Eat and Run E19. Eat and Run
The firm is assigned a seemingly impossible case of a serial killer who eats his victims. The trial becomes more and more unsettling for Lindsey in particular, when the client, who...
7 links 05 May 2002
Evil/Doers E20. Evil/Doers
Eugene defends a man accused of rape, who claims the real rapist is his identical twin brother. Meanwhile, Lawrence O'Malley, the Hannibal Lecter copycat, continues to terrorize Li...
7 links 12 May 2002
This Pud's for You E21. This Pud's for You
Having shot Lawrence O'Malley, Lindsey goes into shock, and Eugene orders Bobby and her not to talk to the police about what happened. Trying to decide on the best legal defense fo...
7 links 19 May 2002
The Verdict E22. The Verdict
Ellinor leads the defense team in Lindsey's murder trial of Lawrence O'Malley, against ADA Kenneth Walsh, who is determined to convict Lindsey and get rid of her once and for all. ...
6 links 19 May 2002
Staffel 7
Season 7
Privilege E1. Privilege
Following Lindsay's murder conviction on the season finale, season 7 opens with Lindsay being sentenced to life in prison. Bobby tries to keep it together, and chooses Rebecca to l...
6 links 29 Sep 2002
Convictions E2. Convictions
Helen manages to trick a confession of kidnapping out of Bernice White, and a guilt-ridden Jimmy takes on her case, determined not to let her go down for a crime he knows she didn'...
6 links 06 Oct 2002
Of Thee I Sing E3. Of Thee I Sing
With Lindsay's conviction now overturned, Bobby realizes they can never win with a new trial, and tries to make a deal with Walsh to no avail. Helen tries to convince Walsh to take...
6 links 28 Jun 2006
The Cradle Will Rock E4. The Cradle Will Rock
Bobby and Eugene defend a Christian Science couple from Helen's wrath, when they are accused of murder for not taking their dying son to a hospital. Meanwhile, Lindsey's release ha...
6 links 20 Oct 2002
Neighboring Species E5. Neighboring Species
Lindsey takes on a client whose neighbor is suing to get her to stop singing the same loud song every morning while, in a politically and emotionally charged hearing centered on st...
6 links 03 Nov 2002
The Telltale Nation E6. The Telltale Nation
6 links 10 Nov 2002
Small Sacrifices E7. Small Sacrifices
Bobby and Jimmy struggle with a court-appointed statutory rape case in which their client claims that he and his victim, a 13-year old boy, love each other and the boy's mother is ...
6 links 17 Nov 2002
Bad to Worse E8. Bad to Worse
6 links 01 Dec 2002
The Good Fight E9. The Good Fight
6 links 08 Dec 2002
Silent Partners E10. Silent Partners
6 links 15 Dec 2002
Down the Hatch E11. Down the Hatch
Ellenor fights to save Denise Freeman, a rehabilitated death-row prisoner who has devoted her prison time to helping younger inmates... See full synopsis »
6 links 27 Jan 2003
Final Judgment E12. Final Judgment
Ellenor continues her desperate attempt to stop the execution of a mentally ill woman Denise Freeman on death row. The firm is torn over a controversial settlement in their case ag...
6 links 03 Feb 2003
Character Evidence E13. Character Evidence
6 links 10 Feb 2003
The Making of a Trial Attorney E14. The Making of a Trial Attorney
6 links 03 Mar 2003
Choirboys E15. Choirboys
Lesley Ann Warren plays the protective mother of her only son, an accused killer for whom she provides an alibi. Also, a disturbed former client of Lindsey's makes a kind of confes...
6 links 10 Mar 2003
Special Deliveries E16. Special Deliveries
6 links 24 Mar 2003
Burnout E17. Burnout
6 links 27 Jun 2006
Capitol Crimes E18. Capitol Crimes
Jimmy, Eugene, and Sarah Barker go to a death penalty hearing held by a committee of prosecutors who have decided to ask for the death penalty for one of the firm's clients. The co...
6 links 31 Mar 2003
Les Is More E19. Les Is More
Jimmy goes to meet a mentally unstable old client of his, and is shocked to find himself being held by her at gunpoint. The event takes an even more bizarre turn when he discovers ...
6 links 07 Apr 2003
Heroes and Villains E20. Heroes and Villains
6 links 21 Apr 2003
Baby Love E21. Baby Love
6 links 05 May 2003
Goodbye E22. Goodbye
6 links 05 May 2003
Staffel 8
Season 8
We the People E1. We the People
As the 8th season begins, nothing in the firm is as we remember. Bobby, Linsay, Rebecca and Lucy are all gone, leaving Ellenor, Eugene and Jimmy at the helm. Ellenor also hires an ...
14 links 19 Mar 2007
The Chosen E2. The Chosen
Alan takes the case of a lawyer (Sharon Stone), who was fired for being cuckoo. Stanfield (Chris O'Donnell, takes the stand but doesn't come off well, but appears innocent when his...
14 links 12 Mar 2010
Cause of Action E3. Cause of Action
Alan invites Shelia (Sharon Stone) to join the practice. Brad Stanfield shocks Ellen with the truth. She conveys it to Alan, who takes it to the D.A., thereby risking disbarment.
14 links 19 Mar 2010
Blessed Are They E4. Blessed Are They
Alan defends a man arrested for his attraction to public toilets. Brad Stanfield's attorney moves to suppress the truth about his client. Sheila defends a taxidermist who has stuff...
14 links 26 Mar 2010
The Heat of Passion E5. The Heat of Passion
13 links 09 Apr 2010
The Lonely People E6. The Lonely People
14 links 16 Apr 2010
Rape Shield E7. Rape Shield
14 links 23 Apr 2010
Concealing Evidence E8. Concealing Evidence
Alan Shore hacks into opposing counsel's computer to win a settlement for a client suing a drug manufacturer for causing her husband's suicide; Shore hides a murder weapon to prote...
14 links 30 Apr 2010
Victims' Rights E9. Victims' Rights
Alan Shore defends a twelve-year-old girl who is trying to escape an arranged marriage in her home country. Meanwhile, Eugene tries to help a man who is seeking justice for the bru...
14 links 07 May 2010
Equal Justice E10. Equal Justice
Alan Shore uses unorthodox tactics when he's appointed by the court to defend a young man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Tara must try her first case when she's thrown into covering...
14 links 14 May 2010
Police State E11. Police State
After a policeman is shot to death, Jamie and Tara arrive at the hospital where the suspect is being treated, and are shocked to find the police torturing him for information. But ...
14 links 21 May 2010
Avenging Angels E12. Avenging Angels
Jimmy and Jamie defend an elderly man, retired dock worker Walter Josephson, who is accused of killing a member of the local Irish mob, and Alan Shore agrees to help his friend Dwi...
14 links 28 May 2010
Going Home E13. Going Home
Alan returns to his childhood home of Dedham, Mass. to defend a childhood friend; Paul Stewart who is wanted for the brutal murder of the town party girl. Alan tries to come to ter...
14 links 04 Jun 2010
Pre-Trial Blues E14. Pre-Trial Blues
An ongoing, sensational murder case besets Shore with pre-trial anxieties centering on jury selection; a hostile judge; a priest's confession; and suspicions of malpractice that in...
13 links 27 Jun 2011
Mr. Shore Goes to Town E15. Mr. Shore Goes to Town
Shore plays hardball to defend his client, exposing a priest friend's secret, as well as the affair he had with the accused's mother.
13 links 28 Jun 2011
In Good Conscience E16. In Good Conscience
Eugene and Jimmy conspire to get rid of Shore without telling Ellen. Jamie sues a hospital for negligence in the death of a pregnant woman.
13 links 29 Jun 2011
War of the Roses E17. War of the Roses
Shore sabotages the firm's computers, and he hires Crane, Poole and Schmidt to sue them for wrongful termination. Alan meets Denny Crane (William Shatner) for the first time. Ellen...
13 links 30 Jun 2011
The Case Against Alan Shore E18. The Case Against Alan Shore
The firm fights Shore and Denny Crane in court. Ellen tries to re-hire Tara to get her back on the side of the firm.
13 links 01 Jul 2011
The Firm E19. The Firm
Friction at the firm gets to Jimmy, who's torn between loyalties and principles. Meanwhile, tension besets Shore as he crosses swords with his brilliant but erratic new boss, whose...
13 links 02 Jul 2011
Comings and Goings E20. Comings and Goings
13 links 03 Jul 2011
New Hoods on the Block E21. New Hoods on the Block
13 links 04 Jul 2011
Adjourned (a.k.a. Cheers) E22. Adjourned (a.k.a. Cheers)
Eugene becomes a Superior Court Judge, and is furious when his first case includes Alan Shore. Shore tries to fend off the advances of a co-worker, and Bobby Donnell tries to sides...
13 links 05 Jul 2011
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