Nemesis - Der Angriff

Als eine außerirdische Sonde fast alle Besatzungsmitglieder eines Frachters tötet, verwandeln sich die wenigen Überlebenden und werden von dem Impuls getrieben, weitere Menschen zu infizieren. Um diese Bedrohung zu stoppen, wird die Organisation „Threshold...

Jahr: 2005

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Writers: Bragi F. Schut

Stars: Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner, Brian Van Holt

IMDb: TT0460686

Bewertung: 7.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Trees Made of Glass: Part 1 E1. Trees Made of Glass: Part 1
Worst case scenario expert, Dr. Caffrey, recruits a team of elite and slightly eccentric scientists to determine if an alien civilization has made first contact with the human race...
6 links 16 Apr 2006
Trees Made of Glass: Part 2 E2. Trees Made of Glass: Part 2
At least one, and possibly seven, individuals from the ill fated Big Horn have survived but have disappeared. One in particular tends to reappear to menace but also possibly to com...
6 links 16 Apr 2006
Blood of the Children E3. Blood of the Children
An incident at a fast-food restaurant leads the Threshold team to a military academy, and the discovery that the infection has spread beyond the original Big Horn crew.
6 links 17 Mar 2008
The Burning E4. The Burning
The team pursues an escaped mental patient whose room is filled with the drawings of the glass trees from Caffrey, Cavennaugh, and Pegg's dreams.
6 links 31 Mar 2008
Shock E5. Shock
Dr. Caffrey finds herself dealing with the Baltimore police and Homeland Security in an effort to gain the transfer of a captured infectee.
6 links 14 Apr 2008
Pulse E6. Pulse
A Miami DJ poses a danger when she begins using part of the alien signal in her mixes, threatening the infection of thousands.
6 links 07 Apr 2008
The Order E7. The Order
While the Red Team investigates reports of people in a New England seaside village dreaming of the glass trees, Caffrey tracks down a leak and deals with a senator's inquiries.
6 links 21 Apr 2008
Revelations E8. Revelations
Caffrey and Cavennaugh follow a lead on an infectee to an Indiana town with a preacher relating visions of an alien landscape.
6 links 28 Apr 2008
Progeny E9. Progeny
The Red Team traces the infection of three women to a fertility clinic.
6 links 05 May 2008
The Crossing E10. The Crossing
An attempted breakout by the infected humans in Threshold custody leads to a plan to transport them to a more secure location.
6 links 19 May 2008
Outbreak E11. Outbreak
As the Threshold team tracks down the source of an infection and another member succumbs to it, the team chaffs under the pressure of their jobs. It becomes clear that Threshold wi...
6 links 26 May 2008
Vigilante E12. Vigilante
Arthur is busy with a stripper when an infected serial killer walks in on the scene kills the stripper but lets Arthur go untouched. WHY? Is this some higher Alien plot?
6 links 02 Jun 2008
Alienville E13. Alienville
The trail of an infected cook leads Dr. Caffrey and Agent Cavennaugh to a small Virginia town populated by the infected.
6 links 10 Jun 2008
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