Der Superkater und seine Freunde Benny Ball, Choo Choo, Superhirn und Spook erleben Abenteuer. Sie leben auf einer Müllhalde. Serie aus den Hanna-Barbera-Studios, die u. a. auch Tom und Jerry und Familie Feuerstein verantworteten.

Jahr: 1961−1962

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: Arnold Stang, Leo DeLyon, Allen Jenkins

IMDb: TT0054572

Bewertung: 7.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Hawaii Here We Come E1. Hawaii Here We Come
Benny the Ball wins a trip to Hawaii, bringing the gang along with him. However, mayhem ensues when they cross paths with a suitcase of money, its criminal owner, and Officer Dibbl...
4 links 06 Nov 2006
The Maharajah of Pookajee E2. The Maharajah of Pookajee
Top Cat impersonates the Maharajah of Pookajee and lives the good life at a swank hotel with his cronies until a pair of gangsters show up.
4 links 04 Oct 1961
All That Jazz E3. All That Jazz
Jazz, the new cat in town (known as "A.T."), takes over the pool hall, steals Top Cat's girlfriend, sways the gang, and even cleans up the alley. This sparks an ongoing contest of ...
4 links 11 Oct 1961
The $1,000,000 Derby E4. The $1,000,000 Derby
Benny gets a new pet: a devoted camera-loving nag. Top Cat tries everything to get rid of the horse, but changes his mind when he sees the horse's shock-induced superior racing abi...
4 links 14 Oct 1961
The Violin Player E5. The Violin Player
Mr. Gutenberg, the musical director of Carnegie Hall, mistakes a recording of violin virtuoso Laszlo Laszlo for the playing of Benny the Ball, who has just taken up the instrument....
4 links 25 Oct 1961
The Missing Heir E6. The Missing Heir
Benny is a double for the missing heir to a millionaire's fortune. Top Cat and the gang get Benny to the mansion in time to claim the money. But this is not good news to the schemi...
4 links 28 Oct 1961
Top Cat Falls in Love E7. Top Cat Falls in Love
While visiting tonsillectomy patient Benny in the hospital, Top Cat falls for the pretty cat nurse, Miss LaRue. T.C. decides to attract her attention by pretending to come down wit...
4 links 08 Nov 1961
A Visit from Mother E8. A Visit from Mother
Benny has written to his mother that he is the Mayor of New York. Now Benny's mother is coming for a visit, and Top Cat and the gang must do everything they can to convince Mrs. Ba...
4 links 11 Nov 1961
Naked Town E9. Naked Town
"Naked Town", a TV crime show, will be shooting a warehouse robbery scene in Top Cat's alley. Officer Dibble offers his cooperation, but is unaware that some crooks will be using t...
4 links 18 Nov 1961
Sergeant Top Cat E10. Sergeant Top Cat
When the police captain comes for inspection, not only is the alley clean, but Top Cat also offers such good suggestions for improving the police force that he is made honorary ser...
4 links 29 Nov 1961
Choo Choo's Romance E11. Choo Choo's Romance
Choo-Choo has fallen in love with a beautiful French cat, Goldie. Top Cat and the gang help Choo-Choo to court her. But they have reckoned without Goldie's jealous boyfriend, Pierr...
4 links 06 Dec 1961
The Unscratchables E12. The Unscratchables
Benny swallows a stolen diamond, which gets him kidnapped by the thieves. Now Top Cat and his gang must masquerade as gangsters to save Benny.
13 Dec 1961
Rafeefleas E13. Rafeefleas
After spending a night sleeping in a museum, Benny comes home with a scarab pin accidentally caught on the back of his coat. Now Top Cat and the gang have to return the gem to the ...
20 Dec 1961
The Tycoon E14. The Tycoon
Inspired by "The Wacky Tycoon" TV show, a kindly billionaire gives Benny a check for one million dollars to give Top Cat. T.C. refuses to even look at the check, believing that it'...
3 links 27 Dec 1961
The Long Hot Winter E15. The Long Hot Winter
Refusing to spend a freezing winter in the alley, Top Cat comes up with a plan for him and the gang to move into Officer Dibble's apartment as house guests for the entire winter.
4 links 13 Jan 1962
The Case of the Absent Anteater E16. The Case of the Absent Anteater
Benny has an interesting new pet: an hungry anteater that has followed him to the alley. Top Cat wants to send the creature away, until he finds out that the anteater has escaped f...
4 links 10 Jan 1962
T.C. Minds the Baby E17. T.C. Minds the Baby
The gang finds an abandoned baby and decide to care for it, but they find parenthood a lot harder than they thought it would be...
17 Jan 1962
Farewell, Mr. Dibble E18. Farewell, Mr. Dibble
When Officer Dibble is replaced with the Sergeant's nephew, the paranoid overenthusiastic Ernest Prowler, the gang sets in motion a plan to get rid of Prowler and get their friend ...
24 Jan 1962
The Grand Tour E19. The Grand Tour
Top Cat's latest get-rich-quick scheme is offering a fake "historical" tour of New York City. But he and the gang have yet to realize that the "phony" treasure map Choo-Choo is sel...
4 links 31 Jan 1962
The Golden Fleecing E20. The Golden Fleecing
Benny has unexpectedly received a $2000 insurance settlement, and Top Cat has some big ideas on how to spend it. The gang's first splurge is on a visit to the local nightclub to se...
07 Feb 1962
Space Monkey E21. Space Monkey
The gang hears about the luxurious treatment given to a chimpanzee in a space program, and join up. However, they're in a hurry to get out when they hear about going into space.
4 links 14 Feb 1962
The Late T.C. E22. The Late T.C.
When Top Cat suffers an accident, a misunderstanding leads Officer Dibble to think T.C. has only a week left to live. This leads to a goldmine of privileges for the very healthy To...
4 links 21 Feb 1962
Dibble's Birthday E23. Dibble's Birthday
Officer Dibble is facing another birthday, and feels he is getting old. His attitude is not helped by overhearing the Police Commissioner talking about getting rid of the "old wrec...
28 Feb 1962
Choo Choo Goes Ga-Ga E24. Choo Choo Goes Ga-Ga
Choo Choo threatens to kill himself unless he gets a date with a famous Hollywood actress. Top Cat was never one to resist a challenge.
4 links 07 Mar 1962
King for a Day E25. King for a Day
After seeing the wonderful prizes awarded to the contestants on the "King for a Day" TV program, Top Cat writes a pathetic letter to the producers so that he and the gang (his "poo...
4 links 14 Mar 1962
The Con Men E26. The Con Men
Tony, a friendly hot dog vendor, has been swindled out of $1000 by two con men pretending to have an oil well in Nova Scotia. Top Cat masquerades as a wealthy Texan to get Tony's m...
4 links 21 Mar 1962
Dibble Breaks the Record E27. Dibble Breaks the Record
Dibble attempts to break the record for being the longest-serving police officer on the beat. If he wins, he goes on holiday... and leaves the gang free from him. With this in mind...
28 Mar 1962
Dibble Sings Again E28. Dibble Sings Again
Top Cat owes money to a loan shark. After hearing Officer Dibble sing, Top Cat decides to become Dibble's manager in a show business career, as a way of earning T.C.'s money back.
4 links 04 Apr 1962
Griswald E29. Griswald
Officer Dibble's new partner is a tough police dog, Griswald. Top Cat and the gang try their best to outwit him, but Griswald always seems to be one step ahead of them.
4 links 11 Apr 1962
Dibble's Double E30. Dibble's Double
A master of disguise impersonates Officer Dibble to steal valuable paintings. But he hasn't reckoned with Dibble's friends.
4 links 18 Apr 1962
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