Nam - Dienst in Vietnam

Sergeant Zeke Anderson leitet eine kleine Armeeeinheit im Vietnamkrieg. Die zum Teil unerfahrenen Soldaten werden immer wieder auf Missionen geschickt, bei denen sie mit dem Tod konfrontiert werden. Als die Einheit auf eine Fliegerbasis verlegt wird, besse...

Jahr: 1987−1990

Dauer: 45 min

Genres: Action, Drama, War

Writers: L. Travis Clark, Steve Duncan

Stars: Terence Knox, Tony Becker, Stephen Caffrey

IMDb: TT0092468

Bewertung: 8.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
After the platoon are hit in a nighttime raid, Sgt. Anderson recruits some fresh troops before going on a mission to find the enemy units that hit them.
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Notes from the Underground E2. Notes from the Underground
A U.S. Platoon on reconnaissance patrol with Goldman's platoon is ambushed by the NVA, the enemy soldiers appearing to vanish before Goldman and his men can intersect them, the ......
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Dislocations E3. Dislocations
Bravo Company are tasked with moving the inhabitants of a village to a safer location. When all does not go according to plan they get some unexpected help.
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War Lover E4. War Lover
Bravo Company have to team up with a gung-ho special forces team in order to destroy a bridge. Bravo Company discovers that things are not always black and white in war.
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Sitting Ducks E5. Sitting Ducks
After getting what they think is an easy mission, Bravo Company discover that the village that they are protecting is surrounded by the enemy. What's more, the enemy seem to know t...
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Burn Baby, Burn E6. Burn Baby, Burn
After a series of incidents, racial divisions develop within Bravo Company. When one of the men is found dead, Johnson is suspected, making matters worse.
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Brothers, Fathers, and Sons E7. Brothers, Fathers, and Sons
Knox, Johnson and Baker's Huey is downed. They find an orphaned baby while fleeing a father with a vengeance.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Dead E8. The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
When a drunken Sgt is arrested for stealing a jeep, Anderson recognizes the soldier as his old sergeant. After recommending him to the Lt, he organizes to have him drafted to the p...
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Battling Baker Brothers E9. Battling Baker Brothers
When Baker's twin brother visits Bravo Company on their birthday a misunderstanding drives a wedge between them. Things get complicated when Baker's brothers helicopter is shot dow...
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Nowhere to Run E10. Nowhere to Run
Purcell faces problems, while the Lt. faces an old flame.
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Roadrunner E11. Roadrunner
Anderson receives a letter from his wife telling him that their three year old daughter is asking about him. He fights back tears and asks the chaplain if he could send his wife a ...
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Pushin' Too Hard E12. Pushin' Too Hard
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USO Down E13. USO Down
After a group of performers' chopper crashes the team ventures out to bring them back to safety, which leads to some unexpected developments.
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Under Siege E14. Under Siege
The platoon is assigned to defend Firebase Ladybird at the beginning of the 1968 Tet Offensive. At the same time they come under siege by NVA soldiers, they are assigned a new, amb...
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Soldiers E15. Soldiers
When Purcell's father had a heart attack in Honolulu, Ruiz and Taylor change their R&R to Honolulu to give Purcell support. They are confronted by the anti-war attitudes and demons...
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Gray-Brown Odyssey E16. Gray-Brown Odyssey
Lt. Caffrey temporarily loses his sight when his Jeep hits a mine. Horn leaves him with a female VC soldier and goes for help. Caffrey and the woman walk out when the woman asks a ...
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Blood Brothers E17. Blood Brothers
General Goldman, Lt. Goldman's father, is on base on a fact-finding mission. He agrees that Myron has disobeyed orders by withdrawing rather than advancing against his better judgm...
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The Short Timer E18. The Short Timer
Taylor is a short timer, anxious to go back to Detroit. However, as the time for him to leave nears, he is less sure that he wants to leave his friends in Nam.
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Paradise Lost E19. Paradise Lost
Bravo Company was saved from a group of VC by some Montagnards, who then brought the guys back to their village, home of a former Special Forces agent. Brigade determined that Brav...
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Angel of Mercy E20. Angel of Mercy
Lt. Goldman is shot loading a captured, injured VC colonel onto a helicopter. At the base hospital, he learns that Nikki Raines, the nurse he is in love with, had an abortion and s...
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The Hill E21. The Hill
Bravo Company takes Hill 1000 - again - and finds no trace of the enemy. All the men, especially Horn, question why they take a hill suffering casualties and then abandon it, only ...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Saigon: Part 1 E1. Saigon: Part 1
Pilot Lt. McKay says rock 'n roll is here to stay and blasts it from his chopper. He flies back to where Bravo Company is pinned down by VC and joins the fight from the air, playin...
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Saigon: Part 2 E2. Saigon: Part 2
Carol Anderson informs Zeke that she is marrying a nice guy; he wants her to be happy. Stacy Bridger travels to Saigon to meet her father, Sgt. Jake Bridger. He was killed by VC a ...
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For What It's Worth E3. For What It's Worth
Soldiers need someone to talk to regarding the horrors they experience. Tan Son Nhut has a priest who is there to listen. The Army also has a contract with a psychologist, Dr. Jenn...
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True Grit E4. True Grit
Battle fatigue can be totally enervating. McKay verbally abuses a soldier in the field who could not let go of a tree and get into the helicopter; they manage to get him into the c...
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Non-Essential Personnel E5. Non-Essential Personnel
Bravo Company gets a new lieutenant, as Lt. Goldman is the new press officer for Major Darling. Lt. Escobar is shot and brought back by Ruiz. Lt. Escobar comes from a family with ....
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Sleeping Dogs E6. Sleeping Dogs
Sgt. Block is a sniper who has gone off the deep end. Anderson tries to help him by seeking a promotion for him that will take him out of the jungle. Sgt. Major Toliver stand in th...
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I Wish It Would Rain E7. I Wish It Would Rain
The United States does not go into Cambodia.
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Popular Forces E8. Popular Forces
The U.S. Army is training South Vietnamese soldiers. They prove resourceful and reliable. Dr. Seymour shoots a VC and has trouble with her feelings. Alex chases a story about orpha...
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Terms of Enlistment E9. Terms of Enlistment
Dr. Seymour is offered a direct commission as a major and a posting at Fort Sam Houston to teach her methodologies. PFC Thayer admits to Dr. Seymour that he is a homosexual. The Ar...
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Nightmare E10. Nightmare
In a VC village, Purcell shoots a VC and Bravo Company rescues a Quaker woman who is providing care for children in the village. She takes a little girl back to Saigon to find her ...
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Promised Land E11. Promised Land
Anderson has to bring the body of a (black) soldier to the U.S. and meet with his family. And it all coincides with the recent assassination of Martin Luther King. At the same time...
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Lonesome Cowboy Blues E12. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
The platoon must find a leak in a top secret operation. The only lead Sgt Jackson turns up dead. A Vietnamese boy is shot by VC while leading the team to Jackson and later accused ...
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Sins of the Fathers E13. Sins of the Fathers
Zeke has to do some soul-searching after he kills a female sniper in self-defense. Someone is killing Saigon prostitutes and Alex is determined to get to the bottom of the story, c...
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Sealed with a Kiss E14. Sealed with a Kiss
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Hard Stripe E15. Hard Stripe
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The Volunteer E16. The Volunteer
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Staffel 3
Season 3
The Luck E1. The Luck
Anderson and Goldman are listed MIA in the aftermath of an artillery strike. The platoon, McKay, and Alex Devlin deal with the loss in different ways. Johnson gets promoted to serg...
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Doc Hock E2. Doc Hock
With Goldman recovering and transferring to Intelligence, Anderson meets the replacement Lieutenant Miller, who is keen on appearance by the book, which is something the new medic,...
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The Ties That Bind E3. The Ties That Bind
The platoon is transferred to Camp Barnett MACV-SOG from where they will conduct unconventional warfare and counter-insurgency operations. Zeke Anderson is not extending his tour a...
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Lonely at the Top E4. Lonely at the Top
The platoon is searching for a recon-squad that disappeared. During the various patrols Johnson's leadership abilities are severely put to the test and he has doubts whether he sti...
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A Bodyguard of Lies E5. A Bodyguard of Lies
Lt Beller -a friend of Goldman- and his platoon function as a blocking force, while Goldman's squad searches for weapons and the enemy in several villages. Beller is disillusioned ...
6 links 28 Oct 1989
A Necessary End E6. A Necessary End
The squad is deep in enemy territory kidnapping a high-ranking NVA officer. Percell is not with them, after spending the night in jail. He is fed up with the military and, despite ...
6 links 04 Nov 1989
Cloud Nine E7. Cloud Nine
The guys yank Percell out of Cholon. Although safe from being branded a deserter, he now has to face drug withdrawal symptoms for the next days. The platoon is tasked in finding ou...
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Thanks for the Memories E8. Thanks for the Memories
With Thanksgiving as a backdrop; Colonel Brewster's decision to go to the press about the Phu An massacre lands him a lot of trouble with the higher echelon, especially when he goe...
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I Am What I Am E9. I Am What I Am
Goldman's father shows up and after telling him he doesn't have long to live, they start talking and get to know each other for the first time in years. Johnson becomes a short-tim...
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World in Changes E10. World in Changes
An elusive NVA sniper makes life hard for everybody, but particular for McKay as the sniper targets helicopters. The squad assists ruthless CIA-operative Duke Fontaine in removing ...
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Green Christmas E11. Green Christmas
As Bravo Company returns from a mission, they are interviewed by a television reporter. Sgt. Hannagan has received a pile of wrapped presents from groups back home. Bravo Company d...
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Odd Man Out E12. Odd Man Out
Bravo Company is sent into the bush to rescue the wife of a local potentate who is denying the Army access to use their artillery until she is home. Bravo Company finds her and lea...
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And Make Death Proud to Take Us E13. And Make Death Proud to Take Us
Bravo Company gets 15 newbies and is sent into the bush to set sensors along a train and to reestablish a base. Anderson's group, reestablishing the base, is attacked by VC, and Go...
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Dead Man Tales E14. Dead Man Tales
In their quest to capture or kill the sniper that has been picking off Americans at Camp Bennett, several Americans die by friendly fire as McKay attempts to support Goldman's patr...
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Road to Long Binh E15. Road to Long Binh
Camp Barnett is suffering from food poisoning. As a result, Lt. Goldman and Sgt. Anderson have to go pick up a deserter. The deserter is Sgt. Jonathan Digby, an outstanding soldier...
6 links 10 Feb 1990
Acceptable Losses E16. Acceptable Losses
Bravo Company has to leave four men behind - Taylor, Ruiz, Wozniak, and Lamb who was killed. McKay takes Goldman, Anderson, and Duke Fontaine back to pick them up. However, some VC...
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Vietnam Rag E17. Vietnam Rag
Taylor and Ruiz have been MIA for three weeks. Bravo Company gets a slew of newbies and returns to its previous platoon status of going out on reconnaissance. A photojournalist is ...
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War Is a Contact Sport E18. War Is a Contact Sport
Hockenbury refuses to shoot a VC, resulting in the death of an American soldier. As a result, Hockenbury is ostracized. Col. Brewster is back because he has managed to get an inves...
6 links 24 Mar 1990
Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue E19. Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue
The board of inquiry convenes. Anderson leads the men, including Pop Scarlet and his son Spc. Robby Scarlet, into the bush where Agent Orange is being sprayed. They arrive at a vil...
6 links 14 Apr 1990
The Raid E20. The Raid
Hockenbury, who moved out of the barracks and into a room in the dispensary, joins Bravo Company at mess, but he is still ostracized. Col. Brewster has developed a very sensitive m...
6 links 28 Apr 1990
Payback E21. Payback
Two months or so after the raid on the POW camp, Percell, Ruiz, Griner, and McKay are home and out of the military. Adjustment is difficult. Back at Camp Barnett, Goldman, Anderson...
6 links 28 Apr 1990
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