Character-driven drama, 19-2 revolves around the day-to-day life of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. These two beat cops patrol the urban sprawl of downtown's 19th district, in cruiser No. 2. ...

Jahr: 2014

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama

Stars: Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, Benz Antoine

IMDb: TT3340712

Bewertung: 8.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Partners E1. Partners
Returning to active duty following the shooting of his partner, Nick Barron is given a new partner. Ben Chartier is a new member of the team, having transferred from a rural police...
12 links 23 Feb 2016
Deer E2. Deer
Nick and Ben continue as partners and encounter an incident that they don't report. Ben is cleared of any wrong-doing in the shooting of a robbery suspect.
13 links 05 Feb 2014
Welfare Day E3. Welfare Day
The first day of the month falls on a Friday, making this day when welfare checks arrive even more chaotic than normal. Being short-staffed most of the team pull double shifts.
14 links 12 Feb 2014
The Party E4. The Party
Nick is upset that the injured Harvey will be attending a party with former squad members. The team deals with a gang rape and the escalating drinking problem of one of their own.
14 links 19 Feb 2014
Home E5. Home
Ben takes a sick day to go home to work things out with his father who he had arrested for a hit and run while drunk; Nick is partnered with his nemesis, who spreads a rumor that N...
13 links 26 Feb 2014
Turf E6. Turf
Baron and Chartier find themselves in the crossfires of a gang war. Ben is introduced to Nick's sister.
10 links 05 Mar 2014
Lovers E7. Lovers
Nick and Ben collide over a politically explosive case.
13 links 12 Mar 2014
Medals E8. Medals
Word spreads of a potential mole in the department after a drug bust goes wrong. Tyler's addiction starts to surface to others. Nick and Ben are recognized for their heroism. Audre...
13 links 19 Mar 2014
Islands E9. Islands
Justice is served expeditiously when one of the group's own is ambushed while on patrol.
10 links 26 Mar 2014
Winter E10. Winter
Ben is given a proposition by S.Q. to investigate the rest of the team for a leak. Nick and the rest of the team suffer a grave loss.
14 links 02 Apr 2014
Staffel 2
Season 2
School E1. School
In the season two premiere, the entire squad is involved in an intensely tragic school shooting which profoundly impacts their lives.
15 links 19 Jan 2015
Disorder E2. Disorder
The aftermath of a school shooting finds the squad trying to deal with the tragedy. Meanwhile, a traumatized Audrey returns to duty, and Nick offers support to ben, who gets suspen...
14 links 26 Jan 2015
Borders E3. Borders
After the arrest of a misunderstood homeless man and the retrieval of a runaway, Nick and Ben realize that not everyone can be saved.
14 links 02 Feb 2015
Tribes E4. Tribes
An arrest hits close to home for Nick when Kaz�۪s wife is charged with assault, and Ben begins to believe his concerns are justified. Tyler comes back to 19, and Vince�۪s conduct i...
14 links 09 Feb 2015
Rock Garden E5. Rock Garden
When a young girl tries to commit suicide, Nick and Isabelle are startled to find out that Theo may be connected to the case. After her confrontation with Ben, Amelie must make a d...
14 links 16 Feb 2015
Tables E6. Tables
The search for the mole takes an unexpected turn when Nick is pulled off duty. Audrey and J.M. are partnered, and Beatrice gets reacquainted with an old flame.
9 links 23 Feb 2015
Property Line E7. Property Line
Station 19 assists with serving final eviction notices for a condemned building, while Ben and Nick team up to find the truth about the mole.
11 links 02 Mar 2015
Babylon E8. Babylon
After an accidental death, the community erupts into violent protests. Ben and Nick suspect that one of the station leaders might be the mole, and Tyler panics during a raid of the...
11 links 09 Mar 2015
Orphans E9. Orphans
Ben and Nick try to get more information from Sandrine about her father, but the homicide department calls them in for questioning in Anthony Tremblay�۪s murder.
11 links 16 Mar 2015
Bridges E10. Bridges
The mole goes on the run after his identity is uncovered. The whole department is on the lookout for him, but Ben and Nick are determined to find him first.
14 links 23 Mar 2015
Staffel 3
Season 3
E1. Burn Pile
The station is under close watch in the fall-out from the mole.
20 Jun 2016
Rescue E2. Rescue
Nick investigates his cousin's death and finds a possible witness.
27 Jun 2016
Chicken E3. Chicken
When he tries to help Nick with his investigation, Ben gets in trouble with homicide.
04 Jul 2016
Bitch E4. Bitch
A wannabe mobster has a tempting proposing or Nick.
11 Jul 2016
Protest Pants E5. Protest Pants
The city cuts public sector pensions, pitting the squad against their own.
18 Jul 2016
City E6. City
Ben returns to Morin Heights when his father goes missing. Nick and Martínez make a deal.
25 Jul 2016
Honeymoon E7. Honeymoon
The squad returns to normal duty. Nick keeps secrets as he pursues his cousin's killer.
01 Aug 2016
Fall E8. Fall
Nick and Ben deal with the aftermath of a tragedy. Nick's lies threaten to drive them apart.
08 Aug 2016
Gone E9. Gone
Nick and Ben deal with the aftermath of a tragedy. Nick's lies threaten to drive them apart.
15 Aug 2016
Water E10. Water
Nick and Ben discover the truth behind Amelia's death.
22 Aug 2016
Staffel 4
Season 4
Fishbowl E3. Fishbowl
14 Aug 2017
Flowers E5. Flowers
28 Aug 2017
Sons E7. Sons
29 Jan 2014
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