Bamazon – Goldfieber am Amazonas

Acht arbeitslose Bauarbeiter aus Alabama bestreiten den härtesten Kampf ihres Lebens. Im Amazonas-Gebiet, einer der unzugänglichsten Gegenden der Erde, machen sie sich auf die Suche nach Gold. Angriffslustige Raubkatzen, giftige Schlangen, Moskitos und unz...

Jahr: 2012

Genres: Adventure, Reality-TV

Stars: Tim Evans

IMDb: TT2565016

Bewertung: 5.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Welcome to the Jungle E1. Welcome to the Jungle
A group of unemployed Alabama construction workers begin a dangerous mission to the Amazon jungle in search of gold. When a devastating setback threatens to derail the operation, t...
1 link 09 Dec 2012
Heart of Darkness E2. Heart of Darkness
Darryl and John struggle to evade predators and retrieve the excavator from deep in the Amazon jungle. The rest of the crew experiences their first taste of "gold fever" and one cr...
1 link 16 Dec 2012
One Way Out E3. One Way Out
With the mission at a standstill, boss man Tim Evans leads the Bama boys on a journey up the perilous Cuyuni River in a last-ditch effort to rescue their 24-ton excavator and save ...
1 link 23 Dec 2012
Timber! E4. Timber!
Excitement over the long awaited arrival of the excavator is short-lived when a massive falling tree nearly crushes several crewmembers to death. Tempers flare and the camp is thro...
1 link 30 Dec 2012
Divided We Fall E5. Divided We Fall
Finally ready to break ground on their gold mine, the Bama boys are faced with a new set of problems when one of their men is sent packing.
06 Jan 2013
Dangerous Gamble E6. Dangerous Gamble
The Bama Boys have finally hit their stride, but when Darryl Haynes' leadership is challenged with new strategies from Chris Gamble, tempers flare and the entire operation is put a...
13 Jan 2013
Dead in the Water E7. Dead in the Water
In a race against Mother Nature, the team must gather enough water to find gold and make it out of the jungle. Using his excavator expertise, it's all up to operator, John Wilson, ...
20 Jan 2013
Judgment Day E8. Judgment Day
After six weeks of dangerous, backbreaking work in the stubborn Amazon jungle, judgment day for the Bamas has arrived.
27 Jan 2013
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