Big Brother

Der Name Big Brother ist abgeleitet aus George Orwells Science-Fiction-Roman 1984. In dieser düsteren Zukunftsvision wird eine totalitär regierte Gesellschaft beschrieben, die unter ständiger Überwachung durch den Großen Bruder (englisch: „Big Brother“) st...

Jahr: 2000

Dauer: 44 min

Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV

Stars: Phil Proctor, Julie Chen, George Boswell

IMDb: TT0251497

Bewertung: 5.3/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Episode dated 1 June 2014 E-1. Episode dated 1 June 2014
01 Jun 2014
Episode dated 5 May 2014 E-1. Episode dated 5 May 2014
05 May 2014
Episode dated 11 May 2014 E-1. Episode dated 11 May 2014
11 May 2014
Episode dated 9 May 2014 E-1. Episode dated 9 May 2014
09 May 2014
Episode dated 6 May 2014 E-1. Episode dated 6 May 2014
06 May 2014
Staffel 1
Season 1
Episode #1.1 E1. Episode #1.1
05 Jul 2000
Episode #1.2 E2. Episode #1.2
06 Jul 2000
Episode #1.3 E3. Episode #1.3
07 Jul 2000
Episode #1.4 E4. Episode #1.4
08 Jul 2000
Episode #1.5 E5. Episode #1.5
10 Jul 2000
Episode #1.6 E6. Episode #1.6
11 Jul 2000
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
13 Jul 2000
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
14 Jul 2000
Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
15 Jul 2000
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
17 Jul 2000
Episode #1.11 E11. Episode #1.11
18 Jul 2000
Episode #1.12 E12. Episode #1.12
20 Jul 2000
Episode #1.13 E13. Episode #1.13
21 Jul 2000
Episode #1.14 E14. Episode #1.14
22 Jul 2000
Episode #1.15 E15. Episode #1.15
24 Jul 2000
Episode #1.16 E16. Episode #1.16
25 Jul 2000
Episode #1.17 E17. Episode #1.17
26 Jul 2000
Episode #1.18 E18. Episode #1.18
27 Jul 2000
Episode #1.19 E19. Episode #1.19
28 Jul 2000
Episode #1.20 E20. Episode #1.20
29 Jul 2000
Episode #1.21 E21. Episode #1.21
31 Jul 2000
Episode #1.22 E22. Episode #1.22
01 Aug 2000
Episode #1.23 E23. Episode #1.23
02 Aug 2000
Episode #1.24 E24. Episode #1.24
03 Aug 2000
Episode #1.25 E25. Episode #1.25
04 Aug 2000
Episode #1.26 E26. Episode #1.26
05 Aug 2000
Episode #1.27 E27. Episode #1.27
07 Aug 2000
Episode #1.28 E28. Episode #1.28
08 Aug 2000
Episode #1.29 E29. Episode #1.29
09 Aug 2000
Episode #1.30 E30. Episode #1.30
10 Aug 2000
Episode #1.31 E31. Episode #1.31
12 Aug 2000
Episode #1.32 E32. Episode #1.32
14 Aug 2000
Episode #1.33 E33. Episode #1.33
15 Aug 2000
Episode #1.34 E34. Episode #1.34
16 Aug 2000
Episode #1.35 E35. Episode #1.35
17 Aug 2000
Episode #1.36 E36. Episode #1.36
18 Aug 2000
Episode #1.37 E37. Episode #1.37
21 Aug 2000
Episode #1.38 E38. Episode #1.38
22 Aug 2000
Episode #1.39 E39. Episode #1.39
24 Aug 2000
Episode #1.40 E40. Episode #1.40
25 Aug 2000
Episode #1.41 E41. Episode #1.41
26 Aug 2000
Episode #1.42 E42. Episode #1.42
28 Aug 2000
Episode #1.43 E43. Episode #1.43
29 Aug 2000
Episode #1.44 E44. Episode #1.44
30 Aug 2000
Episode #1.45 E45. Episode #1.45
31 Aug 2000
Episode #1.46 E46. Episode #1.46
01 Sep 2000
Episode #1.47 E47. Episode #1.47
02 Sep 2000
Episode #1.48 E48. Episode #1.48
04 Sep 2000
Episode #1.49 E49. Episode #1.49
05 Sep 2000
Episode #1.50 E50. Episode #1.50
06 Sep 2000
Episode #1.51 E51. Episode #1.51
07 Sep 2000
Episode #1.52 E52. Episode #1.52
08 Sep 2000
Episode #1.53 E53. Episode #1.53
09 Sep 2000
Episode #1.54 E54. Episode #1.54
11 Sep 2000
Episode #1.55 E55. Episode #1.55
12 Sep 2000
Episode #1.56 E56. Episode #1.56
13 Sep 2000
Episode #1.57 E57. Episode #1.57
14 Sep 2000
Episode #1.58 E58. Episode #1.58
15 Sep 2000
Episode #1.59 E59. Episode #1.59
16 Sep 2000
Episode #1.60 E60. Episode #1.60
18 Sep 2000
Episode #1.61 E61. Episode #1.61
19 Sep 2000
Episode #1.62 E62. Episode #1.62
20 Sep 2000
Episode #1.63 E63. Episode #1.63
21 Sep 2000
Episode #1.64 E64. Episode #1.64
22 Sep 2000
Episode #1.65 E65. Episode #1.65
23 Sep 2000
Episode #1.66 E66. Episode #1.66
25 Sep 2000
Episode #1.67 E67. Episode #1.67
26 Sep 2000
Episode #1.68 E68. Episode #1.68
27 Sep 2000
Episode #1.69 E69. Episode #1.69
28 Sep 2000
Episode #1.70 E70. Episode #1.70
29 Sep 2000
Staffel 2
Season 2
Episode #2.1 E1. Episode #2.1
In this premiere episode of Big Brother 2, 12 Houseguests come together to live secluded in one house as they are observed by cameras 24/7... See full synopsis ...
05 Jul 2001
Episode #2.2 E2. Episode #2.2
In this episode, Mike "Boogie" Malin, who has won the coveted title of Head of Household, surmises over which two houseguests to nominate for eviction... See fu...
07 Jul 2001
Episode #2.3 E3. Episode #2.3
In this episode, after being nominated, Sheryl is promised by numerous houseguests that she will not be evicted... See full synopsis »
10 Jul 2001
Episode #2.4 E4. Episode #2.4
In this episode, in a shocking surprise to all of the houguests, Big Brother announces that one of their housemates... See full synopsis »
12 Jul 2001
Episode #2.5 E5. Episode #2.5
In this episode, while Nicole is overjoyed with not being evicted and jubilantly unpacks her bag, a very stunned and remorseful Mike sits with the rests of his alliance... ...
14 Jul 2001
Episode #2.6 E6. Episode #2.6
In this episode, Chill Town is relieved to not be nominated and are especially happy that Will wasn't put up against anyone that may have insured his eviction... ...
17 Jul 2001
Episode #2.7 E7. Episode #2.7
In this episode, Nicole has been trying for awhile to join up with Chill Town. They seem receptive to allow her to do so because it would give them the advantage of being able to g...
19 Jul 2001
Episode #2.8 E8. Episode #2.8
In this episode, Hardy is in power and with his personal disdain for them, Chill Town feel certain that at least one of them will be nominated for eviction... S...
21 Jul 2001
Episode #2.9 E9. Episode #2.9
In this episode, both Will and Shannon make a pact that whichever one of them survives the eviction... See full synopsis »
24 Jul 2001
Episode #2.10 E10. Episode #2.10
In this episode, Shannon makes a decision to persuade the houseguests to evict her instead of Will so... See full synopsis »
26 Jul 2001
Episode #2.11 E11. Episode #2.11
In this episode, Mike is mad at himself for losing the Head of Household to Kent and says that Kent being in power is "an abomination"... See full synopsis »
26 Jul 2001
Episode #2.12 E12. Episode #2.12
In this episode, the houseguests receive another America's choice which is a 3 minute phonecall from home... See full synopsis »
31 Jul 2001
Episode #2.13 E13. Episode #2.13
In this episode, the winds are changing and Kent realizes that the house is beginning to turn against him... See full synopsis »
02 Aug 2001
Episode #2.14 E14. Episode #2.14
In this episode, Will and Krista lament over Boogie's eviction. Will says, "what do you think I think about Boogie... See full synopsis »
04 Aug 2001
Episode #2.15 E15. Episode #2.15
In this episode, Will expresses in the diary room that he wasn't surprised to be nominated. Hardy says that Will should feel safe because of Kent's actions but he shouldn't feel th...
04 Aug 2001
Episode #2.16 E16. Episode #2.16
In this episode, Will refers to himself as "the puppetmaster" and has confirmation from Krista that she has been in a secret alliance called "The Untouchables" with Hardy and Monic...
07 Aug 2001
Episode #2.17 E17. Episode #2.17
In this episode, after Kent's departure, Will congratulates the remaining houseguests, calling attention to the fact that they are half way through the game now... ...
09 Aug 2001
Episode #2.18 E18. Episode #2.18
In this episode, dissension and suspicion continue to fracture previous alliances between Krista, Hardy... See full synopsis »
11 Aug 2001
Episode #2.19 E19. Episode #2.19
In this episode, as the live eviction night approaches, some of the houseguests are having second thoughts about evicting Krista... See full synopsis »
14 Aug 2001
Episode #2.20 E20. Episode #2.20
In this episode, following the eviction of Krista, all of the houseguests seem to be sullen and the mood in the house is low... See full synopsis »
16 Aug 2001
Episode #2.21 E21. Episode #2.21
In this episode, the houseguests are still trying to discern who took the money deal and Hardy tells them to just own up to it... See full synopsis »
21 Aug 2001
Episode #2.22 E22. Episode #2.22
In this episode,Will strategically points out the consecutive string of wins that Bunky has recently been accomplishing... See full synopsis »
22 Aug 2001
Episode #2.23 E23. Episode #2.23
In this episode, after being nominated for the third time by Hardy, Will says of him, "he's becoming vey strange like a bizarro Superman... See full synopsis »
25 Aug 2001
Episode #2.24 E24. Episode #2.24
In this episode, there is a growing resentment towards the Hardy/Nicole alliance. Will is trying hard not to annoy Nicole but he says... See full synopsis »
28 Aug 2001
Episode #2.25 E25. Episode #2.25
In this episode, the Head of Household competition continues as a banner plane flies overhead from Nicole's... See full synopsis »
30 Aug 2001
Episode #2.26 E26. Episode #2.26
In this episode, Hardy and Nicole have no hard feelings towards Monica for her nominations but are angry with Will as they feel he betrayed them... See full syn...
04 Sep 2001
Episode #2.27 E27. Episode #2.27
In this episode, it is day 68 and the houseguests are only 2 weeks away from crowning the Big Brother 2 Winner... See full synopsis »
05 Sep 2001
Episode #2.28 E28. Episode #2.28
Features a luxury competition with Monica, Nicole, and Dr. WILL.
06 Sep 2001
Episode #2.29 E29. Episode #2.29
In this episode, opening clips are shown where the houseguests are told in the diary room of the recent events of the highjacked commercial airplanes and the attacking of the World...
18 Sep 2001
Episode #2.30 E30. Episode #2.30
In this season finale, after giving the jury an unapologetic speech, the charismatic doctor, Will Kirby, wins Big Brother 2.
20 Sep 2001
Staffel 3
Season 3
Episode #3.1 E1. Episode #3.1
10 Jul 2002
Episode #3.2 E2. Episode #3.2
11 Jul 2002
Episode #3.3 E3. Episode #3.3
13 Jul 2002
Episode #3.4 E4. Episode #3.4
17 Jul 2002
Episode #3.5 E5. Episode #3.5
18 Jul 2002
Episode #3.6 E6. Episode #3.6
20 Jul 2002
Episode #3.7 E7. Episode #3.7
24 Jul 2002
Episode #3.8 E8. Episode #3.8
25 Jul 2002
Episode #3.9 E9. Episode #3.9
27 Jul 2002
Episode #3.10 E10. Episode #3.10
31 Jul 2002
Episode #3.11 E11. Episode #3.11
01 Aug 2002
Episode #3.12 E12. Episode #3.12
03 Aug 2002
Episode #3.13 E13. Episode #3.13
07 Aug 2002
Episode #3.14 E14. Episode #3.14
08 Aug 2002
Episode #3.15 E15. Episode #3.15
10 Aug 2002
Episode #3.16 E16. Episode #3.16
14 Aug 2002
Episode #3.17 E17. Episode #3.17
15 Aug 2002
Episode #3.18 E18. Episode #3.18
16 Aug 2002
Episode #3.19 E19. Episode #3.19
21 Aug 2002
Episode #3.20 E20. Episode #3.20
22 Aug 2002
Episode #3.21 E21. Episode #3.21
24 Aug 2002
Episode #3.22 E22. Episode #3.22
28 Aug 2002
Episode #3.23 E23. Episode #3.23
29 Aug 2002
Episode #3.24 E24. Episode #3.24
31 Aug 2002
Episode #3.25 E25. Episode #3.25
04 Sep 2002
Episode #3.26 E26. Episode #3.26
05 Sep 2002
Episode #3.27 E27. Episode #3.27
12 Sep 2002
Episode #3.28 E28. Episode #3.28
14 Sep 2002
Episode #3.29 E29. Episode #3.29
18 Sep 2002
Episode #3.30 E30. Episode #3.30
19 Sep 2002
Episode #3.31 E31. Episode #3.31
21 Sep 2002
Episode #3.32 E32. Episode #3.32
25 Sep 2002
Staffel 4
Season 4
Episode #4.1 E1. Episode #4.1
08 Jul 2003
Episode #4.2 E2. Episode #4.2
09 Jul 2003
Episode #4.3 E3. Episode #4.3
11 Jul 2003
Episode #4.4 E4. Episode #4.4
15 Jul 2003
Episode #4.5 E5. Episode #4.5
16 Jul 2003
Episode #4.6 E6. Episode #4.6
18 Jul 2003
Episode #4.7 E7. Episode #4.7
22 Jul 2003
Episode #4.8 E8. Episode #4.8
23 Jul 2003
Episode #4.9 E9. Episode #4.9
25 Jul 2003
Episode #4.10 E10. Episode #4.10
29 Jul 2003
Episode #4.11 E11. Episode #4.11
30 Jul 2003
Episode #4.12 E12. Episode #4.12
01 Aug 2003
Episode #4.13 E13. Episode #4.13
05 Aug 2003
Episode #4.14 E14. Episode #4.14
06 Aug 2003
Episode #4.15 E15. Episode #4.15
08 Aug 2003
Episode #4.16 E16. Episode #4.16
12 Aug 2003
Episode #4.17 E17. Episode #4.17
13 Aug 2003
Episode #4.18 E18. Episode #4.18
16 Aug 2003
Episode #4.19 E19. Episode #4.19
19 Aug 2003
Episode #4.20 E20. Episode #4.20
20 Aug 2003
Episode #4.21 E21. Episode #4.21
23 Aug 2003
Episode #4.22 E22. Episode #4.22
25 Aug 2003
Episode #4.23 E23. Episode #4.23
27 Aug 2003
Episode #4.24 E24. Episode #4.24
29 Aug 2003
Episode #4.25 E25. Episode #4.25
02 Sep 2003
Episode #4.26 E26. Episode #4.26
03 Sep 2003
Episode #4.27 E27. Episode #4.27
05 Sep 2003
Episode #4.28 E28. Episode #4.28
09 Sep 2003
Episode #4.29 E29. Episode #4.29
10 Sep 2003
Episode #4.30 E30. Episode #4.30
16 Sep 2003
Episode #4.31 E31. Episode #4.31
17 Sep 2003
Episode #4.32 E32. Episode #4.32
19 Sep 2003
Episode #4.33 E33. Episode #4.33
24 Sep 2003
Staffel 5
Season 5
Episode #5.1 E1. Episode #5.1
06 Jul 2004
Episode #5.2 E2. Episode #5.2
08 Jul 2004
Episode #5.3 E3. Episode #5.3
13 Jul 2004
Episode #5.4 E4. Episode #5.4
15 Jul 2004
Episode #5.5 E5. Episode #5.5
17 Jul 2004
Episode #5.6 E6. Episode #5.6
20 Jul 2004
Episode #5.7 E7. Episode #5.7
22 Jul 2004
Episode #5.8 E8. Episode #5.8
24 Jul 2004
Episode #5.9 E9. Episode #5.9
27 Jul 2004
Episode #5.10 E10. Episode #5.10
29 Jul 2004
Episode #5.11 E11. Episode #5.11
31 Jul 2004
Episode #5.12 E12. Episode #5.12
This is the fourth veto competition.
03 Aug 2004
Episode #5.13 E13. Episode #5.13
Fourth live eviction.
05 Aug 2004
Episode #5.14 E14. Episode #5.14
Fifth nomination for eviction.
07 Aug 2004
Episode #5.15 E15. Episode #5.15
Drew wins Power of Veto; Jase is nominated for eviction.
09 Aug 2004
Episode #5.16 E16. Episode #5.16
12 Aug 2004
Episode #5.17 E17. Episode #5.17
14 Aug 2004
Episode #5.18 E18. Episode #5.18
17 Aug 2004
Episode #5.19 E19. Episode #5.19
19 Aug 2004
Episode #5.20 E20. Episode #5.20
21 Aug 2004
Episode #5.21 E21. Episode #5.21
24 Aug 2004
Episode #5.22 E22. Episode #5.22
26 Aug 2004
Episode #5.23 E23. Episode #5.23
31 Aug 2004
Episode #5.24 E24. Episode #5.24
02 Sep 2004
Episode #5.25 E25. Episode #5.25
04 Sep 2004
Episode #5.26 E26. Episode #5.26
07 Sep 2004
Episode #5.27 E27. Episode #5.27
09 Sep 2004
Episode #5.28 E28. Episode #5.28
11 Sep 2004
Episode #5.29 E29. Episode #5.29
Cowboy becomes Head of Household; Nakomis is evicted.
14 Sep 2004
Episode #5.30 E30. Episode #5.30
17 Sep 2004
Episode #5.31 E31. Episode #5.31
21 Sep 2004
Staffel 6
Season 6
Episode #6.1 E1. Episode #6.1
07 Jul 2005
Episode #6.2 E2. Episode #6.2
12 Jul 2005
Episode #6.3 E3. Episode #6.3
14 Jul 2005
Episode #6.4 E4. Episode #6.4
16 Jul 2005
Episode #6.5 E5. Episode #6.5
19 Jul 2005
Episode #6.6 E6. Episode #6.6
21 Jul 2005
Episode #6.7 E7. Episode #6.7
23 Jul 2005
Episode #6.8 E8. Episode #6.8
26 Jul 2005
Episode #6.9 E9. Episode #6.9
28 Jul 2005
Episode #6.10 E10. Episode #6.10
30 Jul 2005
Episode #6.11 E11. Episode #6.11
02 Aug 2005
Episode #6.12 E12. Episode #6.12
04 Aug 2005
Episode #6.13 E13. Episode #6.13
06 Aug 2005
Episode #6.14 E14. Episode #6.14
09 Aug 2005
Episode #6.15 E15. Episode #6.15
11 Aug 2005
Episode #6.16 E16. Episode #6.16
13 Aug 2005
Episode #6.17 E17. Episode #6.17
16 Aug 2005
Episode #6.18 E18. Episode #6.18
18 Aug 2005
Episode #6.19 E19. Episode #6.19
20 Aug 2005
Episode #6.20 E20. Episode #6.20
23 Aug 2005
Episode #6.21 E21. Episode #6.21
25 Aug 2005
Episode #6.22 E22. Episode #6.22
30 Aug 2005
Episode #6.23 E23. Episode #6.23
01 Sep 2005
Episode #6.24 E24. Episode #6.24
03 Sep 2005
Episode #6.25 E25. Episode #6.25
06 Sep 2005
Episode #6.26 E26. Episode #6.26
08 Sep 2005
Episode #6.27 E27. Episode #6.27
Contestant Janelle wins a trip outside the Big Brother house and is chauffeured to the set of TV sitcom "Two and a Half Men", where she meets the cast and attends a live taping.
10 Sep 2005
Episode #6.28 E28. Episode #6.28
13 Sep 2005
Episode #6.29 E29. Episode #6.29
16 Sep 2005
Episode #6.30 E30. Episode #6.30
20 Sep 2005
Staffel 7
Season 7
Episode #7.0 E0. Episode #7.0
Julie Chen shows you the possible candidates for the cast of the All Stars Season.
21 Jun 2006
Episode #7.1 E1. Episode #7.1
Julie Chen welcomes 14 All-Stars into BB house, and six hopefuls are locked out. Shortly thereafter, the first HoH Competition takes place, and nominations soon follow. Alliances f...
06 Jul 2006
Episode #7.2 E2. Episode #7.2
The other All-Stars see the BB 6 players as a threat, and several conspire to break their "Sea-Sick" (Season Six) alliance. Nominees Danielle and Alison try their best in the Power...
11 Jul 2006
Episode #7.3 E3. Episode #7.3
Nominees Danielle and Alison both lobby hard to swing the votes, but it's not enough for Ali, who gets evicted. In the HoH Competition, the HouseGuests must read Alison's mind, and...
13 Jul 2006
Episode #7.4 E4. Episode #7.4
With lieutenants Janelle and Howie at his back, Kaysar feels secure in the HoH Room as he considers his nominations options. A very messy Food Competition leaves half the household...
16 Jul 2006
Episode #7.5 E5. Episode #7.5
Kaysar's nominees, Diane and Nakomis, hope that the PoV will save one of them. Chilltown allies Will and Boogie do their best to sway those not in the Season 6 alliance. Will the P...
18 Jul 2006
Episode #7.6 E6. Episode #7.6
One of the two floater nominees is evicted 8-2, and a new HoH is crowned.
20 Jul 2006
Episode #7.7 E7. Episode #7.7
The Food Competition gets the HouseGuests off Slop, and James' nominations make many nervous.
23 Jul 2006
Episode #7.8 E8. Episode #7.8
The PoV Competition leaves some HouseGuests looking like smurfs and yields one unexpected winner.
25 Jul 2006
Episode #7.9 E9. Episode #7.9
Both nominees say they want to go home, and one gets his wish. Afterwards, a second-time HoH is installed.
27 Jul 2006
Episode #7.10 E10. Episode #7.10
HoH Janelle agonizes over her nominations, and the Food Competition puts several housemates on the dreaded Slop.
30 Jul 2006
Episode #7.11 E11. Episode #7.11
The PoV Competition shakes up the already-shaky house, and alliances start to shift yet again.
01 Aug 2006
Episode #7.12 E12. Episode #7.12
03 Aug 2006
Episode #7.13 E13. Episode #7.13
06 Aug 2006
Episode #7.14 E14. Episode #7.14
08 Aug 2006
Episode #7.15 E15. Episode #7.15
Both Kaysar and James want to stay, but one is ultimately evicted. After a particularly spooky HoH Competition, a new HoH takes charge.
10 Aug 2006
Episode #7.16 E16. Episode #7.16
After a floater is evicted, the HoH Competition forces the HouseGuests to choose between power and temptation.
13 Aug 2006
Episode #7.17 E17. Episode #7.17
HouseGuests from seasons past join the All-Stars for the PoV Competition. One of Janelle's nominations is overturned.
15 Aug 2006
Episode #7.18 E18. Episode #7.18
A nominee is evicted, Boogie learns he won the Coup d'Etat, and a new HoH is installed and must immediately make nominations.
17 Aug 2006
Episode #7.19 E19. Episode #7.19
The PoV winner forces George to nominate another, who is evicted. A special HoH Competition results in a first-time win for one All-Star.
20 Aug 2006
Episode #7.20 E20. Episode #7.20
One nominee wins the PoV, and HoH Boogie swaps in a surprise. Janelle forms a new alliance.
22 Aug 2006
Episode #7.21 E21. Episode #7.21
Despite some intense strategizing, a tough player is evicted. The HoH Competition results could mean trouble for Chilltown.
24 Aug 2006
Episode #7.22 E22. Episode #7.22
The Food Competition results in a high-protein, high-alcohol diet for the household, and HoH Erika makes her nominations.
27 Aug 2006
Episode #7.23 E23. Episode #7.23
Contestants must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience.
29 Aug 2006
Episode #7.24 E24. Episode #7.24
Contestants must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience.
31 Aug 2006
Episode #7.25 E25. Episode #7.25
Contestants must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience.
03 Sep 2006
Episode #7.26 E26. Episode #7.26
Contestants must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience.
05 Sep 2006
Episode #7.27 E27. Episode #7.27
Contestants must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience.
07 Sep 2006
Episode #7.28 E28. Episode #7.28
Bucking the odds, Dr. Will Kirby helps his best friend, Mike Boogie, pull off another Chilltown miracle and win Big Brother All-Stars.
12 Sep 2006
Staffel 8
Season 8
E1. Episode #8.1
In the premiere episode, the 14 HouseGuests move in and discover this season's creative twist.
05 Jul 2007
E2. Episode #8.2
The first HouseGuests are nominated for eviction. Who are the unlucky two?
08 Jul 2007
E3. Episode #8.3
Will the winner of the first Power of Veto use it to take Amber or Carol off the chopping block?
10 Jul 2007
E4. Episode #8.4
After Carol and Amber jockey for votes, the first eviction takes place.
12 Jul 2007
Episode #8.5 E5. Episode #8.5
Newly crowned HoH Jen nominates two of the "enemies" for eviction. Who are they?
15 Jul 2007
E6. Episode #8.6
The house reacts unhappily to Jen's nomination of Dick and Daniele for eviction.
17 Jul 2007
E7. Episode #8.7
Joe tries to convince his housemates to keep him around, while Kail rallies votes against Dick.
19 Jul 2007
E8. Episode #8.8
Dick enjoys his reign as Head of Household, placing two HouseGuests who campaigned against him on the chopping block.
22 Jul 2007
E9. Episode #8.9
The Power of Veto competition takes place. Will eviction nominees Jen or Kail be able to save themselves from the chopping block?
24 Jul 2007
E10. Episode #8.10
Kail tries to rebuild her ruined alliance, while Jen scrounges for support by making new friends.
26 Jul 2007
Episode #8.11 E11. Episode #8.11
With a little help from Eric, Dustin decides which HouseGuests to put on the block. Dustin plans to backdoor a third housemate, but who is his real target?
29 Jul 2007
Episode #8.12 E12. Episode #8.12
After one nominee is saved by the Power of Veto, Dustin taps another for eviction. Who will walk out the door next?
31 Jul 2007
Episode #8.13 E13. Episode #8.13
Fights erupt between Jen and Dick, while Nick wonders if he'll survive another night in the house. Who is ulimately evicted?
02 Aug 2007
Episode #8.14 E14. Episode #8.14
As revenge for Nick's recent elimination, Daniele identifies a new target for eviction.
07 Aug 2007
Episode #8.15 E15. Episode #8.15
09 Aug 2007
Episode #8.16 E16. Episode #8.16
09 Aug 2007
Episode #8.17 E17. Episode #8.17
In the aftermath of Kail's eviction, Dick and Daniele realize they're outnumbered in the house.
12 Aug 2007
Episode #8.18 E18. Episode #8.18
A two-part PoV competition puts Dick in the Power seat. Later, Jessica makes a strategic move by nominating ally Dustin for eviction.
14 Aug 2007
Episode #8.19 E19. Episode #8.19
America tells Eric to get a housemate evicted, and he does his best. One HouseGuest is evicted, and a new HoH is crowned.
16 Aug 2007
Episode #8.20 E20. Episode #8.20
DustinÂ's eviction leaves some HouseGuests reeling, while HoH Daniele mulls over potential nominees.
19 Aug 2007
Episode #8.21 E21. Episode #8.21
HoH Daniele wins PoV and scores a special prize for herself and Amber.
21 Aug 2007
Episode #8.22 E22. Episode #8.22
Jen and Dick get into an intense argument. Will she survive the eviction vote? Later, Daniele and Amber leave the house to play POWER OF 10.
23 Aug 2007
Episode #8.23 E23. Episode #8.23
Jessica wields her power as HoH by placing some surprising HouseGuests on the block.
26 Aug 2007
Episode #8.24 E24. Episode #8.24
Amber and Daniele play POWER OF 10. Meanwhile, Eric completes an America's Player task: kissing Jessica.
28 Aug 2007
Episode #8.25 E25. Episode #8.25
Amber does her best to stay in the house by pleading with the HoH for mercy. Will she survive another eviction?
30 Aug 2007
Episode #8.26 E26. Episode #8.26
Zach wins the HoH competition, and takes his time selecting his targets for nomination.
02 Sep 2007
Episode #8.27 E27. Episode #8.27
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Will the winner choose to remove Jessica or Jameka from the block?
04 Sep 2007
Episode #8.28 E28. Episode #8.28
The BIG BROTHER Fast Forward takes place, packing an HoH competition, a PoV competition and a second eviction into one night.
06 Sep 2007
Episode #8.29 E29. Episode #8.29
The alliances shift yet again as HoH Zach approaches Jameka in an effort to oust Dick and Daniele.
09 Sep 2007
Episode #8.30 E30. Episode #8.30
The Power of Veto competition takes place, and the winner makes a decision that changes the game.
11 Sep 2007
Episode #8.31 E31. Episode #8.31
Which of the final three HouseGuests was victorious in the grueling, three-part HoH competition?
13 Sep 2007
Episode #8.32 E32. Episode #8.32
During their last days in the house, Dick and Daniele look back on the trials and tribulations of life on BIG BROTHER.
16 Sep 2007
Episode #8.33 E33. Episode #8.33
In the season finale, AmericaÂ's Player is revealed, and the winner of BIG BROTHER 8 is crowned.
18 Sep 2007
Staffel 9
Season 9
Episode #9.1 E1. Episode #9.1
Sixteen House Guests unexpectedly find themselves paired up with their "soul mates" and are told that they must compete not as individuals, but as couples in the Big Brother house.
26 Feb 2008
Episode #9.2 E2. Episode #9.2
Power Couple Parker and Jen make the first eviction. Later, a new HoH is crowned.
13 Feb 2008
Episode #9.3 E3. Episode #9.3
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Who will win it and will they use it?
19 Feb 2008
Episode #9.4 E4. Episode #9.4
20 Feb 2008
Episode #9.5 E5. Episode #9.5
20 Feb 2008
Episode #9.6 E6. Episode #9.6
The nomination ceremony takes place.
24 Feb 2008
Episode #9.7 E7. Episode #9.7
The nominations are in, but who will win Power of Veto?
26 Feb 2008
Episode #9.8 E8. Episode #9.8
Two couples are up for eviction after the PoV challenge. Who will get the boot?
27 Feb 2008
Episode #9.9 E9. Episode #9.9
Find out which couples go up for eviction.
02 Mar 2008
Episode #9.10 E10. Episode #9.10
Nominations are in, but will the Power of Veto competition have an impact on the game?
04 Mar 2008
Episode #9.11 E11. Episode #9.11
It's time for the next eviction... Which of the two couples will be out of the house? And what's next for the HouseGuests?
05 Mar 2008
Episode #9.12 E12. Episode #9.12
The houseguests' first nomination ceremony as singles takes place.
09 Mar 2008
Episode #9.13 E13. Episode #9.13
Two HouseGuests are up for eviction, but the Power of Veto could change things yet again. Who will win?
11 Mar 2008
Episode #9.14 E14. Episode #9.14
It's the first elimination after the couples' split. Who will get evicted, and later, who will become the new HoH?
12 Mar 2008
Episode #9.15 E15. Episode #9.15
Find out who won the HOH competion and if any deals were struck. The new HOH puts up two houseguests for eviction.
16 Mar 2008
Episode #9.16 E16. Episode #9.16
Emotions run high as the housguests battle for the Power Of Veto. Will with winner use it to save one of the current houseguests up for eviction?
18 Mar 2008
Episode #9.17 E17. Episode #9.17
James holds all the power, but will all the houseguests vote the way he wants them to? A new HoH is chosen.
19 Mar 2008
Episode #9.18 E18. Episode #9.18
The house guests compete for a chance to watch a special screening of the new movie '21'.
23 Mar 2008
Episode #9.19 E19. Episode #9.19
25 Mar 2008
Episode #9.20 E20. Episode #9.20
25 Mar 2008
Episode #9.21 E21. Episode #9.21
A food competition puts some house guests on slop before the Head of Household nominates two fellow house guests for eviction.
30 Mar 2008
Episode #9.22 E22. Episode #9.22
Chaos reigns in the house as an embattled house guest confronts another before a last ditch effort to win the Power of Veto competition.
01 Apr 2008
Episode #9.23 E23. Episode #9.23
Two nominated house guests face eviction.
02 Apr 2008
Episode #9.24 E24. Episode #9.24
The house guests find a new use for gravy in the food competition as the Head of Household shocks a former ally by putting them up for eviction.
06 Apr 2008
Episode #9.25 E25. Episode #9.25
A do-or-die Veto competition for one house guest leaves the other house guests all wet.
08 Apr 2008
Episode #9.26 E26. Episode #9.26
Two house guests face eviction before the surviving house guests take on a competition that tests their endurance to become the next Head of Household.
09 Apr 2008
Episode #9.27 E27. Episode #9.27
HOH winner Sheila begins weilding her power. Find out what deals have been made and who gets put up for eviction.
13 Apr 2008
Episode #9.28 E28. Episode #9.28
15 Apr 2008
Episode #9.29 E29. Episode #9.29
15 Apr 2008
Episode #9.30 E30. Episode #9.30
The houseguests compete for the right to watch a movie. Two houseguests are nominated for eviction.
20 Apr 2008
Episode #9.31 E31. Episode #9.31
The critical POV is up for grabs. Will the winner use it and who will be evicted from the house, leaving three remaining?
22 Apr 2008
Episode #9.32 E32. Episode #9.32
The final HOH competition concludes and the winner gets to choose which houseguest they will take to the jury vote.
23 Apr 2008
Episode #9.33 E33. Episode #9.33
The final two houseguests face the jury who will decide the winner of Big Brother 9.
27 Apr 2008
Staffel 10
Season 10
Episode #10.1 E1. Episode #10.1
Sixteen houseguests enter the Big Brother house and will compete all Summer long in the most traditional season of Big Brother since season 3.
13 Jul 2008
Episode #10.2 E2. Episode #10.2
Jerry's nominations send shockwaves through the house.
15 Jul 2008
Episode #10.3 E3. Episode #10.3
Brian campaigns for all the votes he can get, but will it be enough? A new HoH is crowned.
16 Jul 2008
Episode #10.4 E4. Episode #10.4
The house divides to compete in the food competition. Two house guests go up on the block at the nomination ceremony
20 Jul 2008
Episode #10.5 E5. Episode #10.5
The Power Of Veto is up for grabs.
22 Jul 2008
Episode #10.6 E6. Episode #10.6
One houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house. The rest of the guests compete for the HOH position.
23 Jul 2008
Episode #10.7 E7. Episode #10.7
27 Jul 2008
Episode #10.8 E8. Episode #10.8
The two houseguests on the block fail to win the veto competition.
29 Jul 2008
Episode #10.9 E9. Episode #10.9
One guest is evicted from the Big Brother house.
31 Jul 2008
Episode #10.10 E10. Episode #10.10
One houseguest hangs on long enough to become the next HoH.
03 Aug 2008
Episode #10.11 E11. Episode #10.11
Selected houseguests take a shot at winning the PoV.
05 Aug 2008
Episode #10.12 E12. Episode #10.12
With the house split, America's player will cast the deciding vote.
07 Aug 2008
Episode #10.13 E13. Episode #10.13
The tension in the house mounts while Michelle deliberates over her nomination choices.
10 Aug 2008
Episode #10.14 E14. Episode #10.14
The PoV competition brings tears.
12 Aug 2008
Episode #10.15 E15. Episode #10.15
Either Libra or Keesha will be given the boot at this week's eviction ceremony.
14 Aug 2008
Episode #10.16 E16. Episode #10.16
Current HoH, Renny, puts two housemates up on the block.
17 Aug 2008
Episode #10.17 E17. Episode #10.17
The houseguests need mad math skills and a little luck in this PoV competition.
19 Aug 2008
Episode #10.18 E18. Episode #10.18
Another guest is evicted from the Big Brother house.
21 Aug 2008
Episode #10.19 E19. Episode #10.19
The HoH competion concludes with a whopper of a deal.
24 Aug 2008
Episode #10.20 E20. Episode #10.20
The houseguests compete in a race against time and gravity for the PoV.
26 Aug 2008
Episode #10.21 E21. Episode #10.21
In this special double eviction episode, a full week of Big Brother is played out live
28 Aug 2008
Episode #10.22 E22. Episode #10.22
The houseguests play a carnival game during the HoH competition.
31 Aug 2008
Episode #10.23 E23. Episode #10.23
The winner of the PoV Competition has a difficult decision ahead.
02 Sep 2008
Episode #10.24 E24. Episode #10.24
Two houseguests participate in a live vote to evict a fellow housemate.
04 Sep 2008
Episode #10.25 E25. Episode #10.25
The final four guests compete for a luxury prize that might change the game.
07 Sep 2008
Episode #10.26 E26. Episode #10.26
The remaining four houseguests compete for the final PoV.
09 Sep 2008
Episode #10.27 E27. Episode #10.27
The Final Three face off for the honor of being the last HoH.
11 Sep 2008
Episode #10.28 E28. Episode #10.28
Dan and Memphis relive the Big Brother 10 season with moments of footage never seen before
14 Sep 2008
Episode #10.29 E29. Episode #10.29
The final two houseguests face the jury who will determine the winner of Big Brother 10
16 Sep 2008
Staffel 11
Season 11
Episode #11.1 E1. Episode #11.1
12 strangers will move into the Big Brother house and learn that they will be 'kickin it old school' this summer, high school to be exact. The House Guests will be shocked to learn...
09 Jul 2009
Episode #11.2 E2. Episode #11.2
Jessie from Season 10, the current HoH returns and the other houseguests do all they can to avoid a nomination. The stakes are raised when cliques are punished for losing the food ...
12 Jul 2009
Episode #11.3 E3. Episode #11.3
The mood in the house quickly turns sour as the houseguests compete for the first power of veto. Lydia tries to ally herself with the athletes and Ronnie walks a fine line.
14 Jul 2009
Episode #11.4 E4. Episode #11.4
Lydia causes a ruckus, while Russell does all he can to make sure Braden goes home. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Also, the houseguests compete to win HoH by pred...
16 Jul 2009
Episode #11.5 E5. Episode #11.5
As the HoH, Ronnie strategically decides which houseguests must fight for the power of veto. The houseguests compete for the chance to watch a screeing of The Ugly Truth.
19 Jul 2009
Episode #11.6 E6. Episode #11.6
Russell shows his volatile side before the power of veto competition. Jeff and Laura desperately need to stay in the house.
21 Jul 2009
Episode #11.7 E7. Episode #11.7
Ronnie's lies catch up to him and a second houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, a new HoH is crowned.
23 Jul 2009
Episode #11.8 E8. Episode #11.8
Ronnie tries to make nice in order to save himself from being put up for elimination. Surprising romances develops in the house.
26 Jul 2009
Episode #11.9 E9. Episode #11.9
The houseguests experience a pig's life in the power of veto competition. A few waver between kicking Ronnie out.
28 Jul 2009
Episode #11.10 E10. Episode #11.10
Showmances begin to blossom and another houseguest goes home in a heated eviction. Also, the houseguests face off in their first endurance HoH competition.
30 Jul 2009
Episode #11.11 E11. Episode #11.11
Russell and Jeff come to an agreement about who should get HoH. Russell proves to be a man of his word as he announces his nominations for eviction.
02 Aug 2009
Episode #11.12 E12. Episode #11.12
The power of veto competition is a gamble and the alliances campaign in their best interest. Chima upsets Russell and Michele proves to be the swing vote.
04 Aug 2009
Episode #11.13 E13. Episode #11.13
Russell and Chima have a throwdown and another houseguest is eliminated. Also, the winner of the coup d'etat is revealed and the houseguests compete for HoH based on America's advi...
06 Aug 2009
Episode #11.14 E14. Episode #11.14
Russell tries his best to make nice with Chima after she wins HoH. In a luxury challenge the houseguests are split into two teams and given the chance to win great prizes.
09 Aug 2009
Episode #11.15 E15. Episode #11.15
Russell and Chima continue to fight and one of the houseguests has to make a difficult decision. The PoV competition is more important than ever as the girls side with each other.
11 Aug 2009
Episode #11.16 E16. Episode #11.16
13 Aug 2009
Episode #11.17 E17. Episode #11.17
Chima, Lydia and Natalie mourn Jessie's eviction, while Michele puts up her two nominees. Also, the houseguests compete in this week's have/have not competition.
16 Aug 2009
Episode #11.18 E18. Episode #11.18
Chima's actions lead her to an untimely eviction. After a new HoH competition to reset the game, a few houseguests have a difficult time accepting the new power shift.
18 Aug 2009
Episode #11.19 E19. Episode #11.19
In the fast-paced hour, the houseguests compete for veto, evict another houseguest and battle it out for HoH, all live. Also, secrets about Jessie's actions when he was in the hous...
20 Aug 2009
Episode #11.20 E20. Episode #11.20
A new HoH is crowned and with Lydia's eviction, the houseguests start to reconsider their alliances. Russell wants to secure his place in the final four but his ego makes the other...
23 Aug 2009
Episode #11.21 E21. Episode #11.21
A past houseguest helps out in the crucial PoV competition. As the house pairs up, Jeff may have to watch his back.
25 Aug 2009
Episode #11.22 E22. Episode #11.22
Russell pushes Jordan to her limit, and the houseguests decide whether to send him or Natalie to the jury house. Also, the HoH competition may be chocolatey, but it's anything but ...
27 Aug 2009
Episode #11.23 E23. Episode #11.23
After winning HoH, Kevin is faced with a difficult decision. Natalie guns for Michele to be evicted.
30 Aug 2009
Episode #11.24 E24. Episode #11.24
The future of the remaining houseguests rests in the next PoV competition. The unthinkable may happen and long-standing alliances may be broken up.
01 Sep 2009
Episode #11.25 E25. Episode #11.25
Jeff fights to stay in the house, but will efforts pay off? Either he or Jordan will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, three out of the final four houseguests compete fo...
03 Sep 2009
Episode #11.26 E26. Episode #11.26
As tensions grow in the house Natalie distances herself from the other houseguests with her lies. Alliances are broken and it's every player for themselves.
06 Sep 2009
Episode #11.27 E27. Episode #11.27
The houseguests compete for the final Power of Veto of the season and one more is evicted. Also, the final three houseguests begin part one of the last HoH competition.
08 Sep 2009
Episode #11.28 E28. Episode #11.28
The houseguests compete in part two of the final HoH competition, while Julie reveals some of the final twists of the season. Also, four of the best houseguests from Big Brother hi...
10 Sep 2009
Episode #11.29 E29. Episode #11.29
The final three reminisce about their experiences in the Big Brother house. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan enjoy a moment together before mentally preparing to duke it out for the win.
13 Sep 2009
Episode #11.30 E30. Episode #11.30
In the first ever 2-hour season finale, one houseguest is crowned the winner and awarded $500,000, and all the houseguests are reunited for the first time. Also, Julie reveals whic...
15 Sep 2009
Staffel 12
Season 12
Episode #12.1 E1. Episode #12.1
A new group of houseguests moves into the Big Brother house and begins the game. In a series first, one contestant will play the game with one goal: to secretly wreak havoc on fell...
08 Jul 2010
Episode #12.2 E2. Episode #12.2
The saboteur strikes again and tries to cause a rift between two houseguests as the first nominations are announced.
11 Jul 2010
Episode #12.3 E3. Episode #12.3
The first power of veto competition takes place. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel take their relationship to the next level when they share a kiss.
14 Jul 2010
Episode #12.4 E4. Episode #12.4
The saboteur is revealed, a houseguest is evicted by a unanimous vote and an unlikely houseguest wins the Head-of-Household competition.
15 Jul 2010
Episode #12.5 E5. Episode #12.5
The Houseguests learn the identity of the saboteur and the tears start flowing when Rachel announces her nominees for elimination.
18 Jul 2010
Episode #12.6 E6. Episode #12.6
Britney and Monet fight to stay in the house in a stock market themed veto competition.
21 Jul 2010
Episode #12.7 E7. Episode #12.7
Matt gets caught in a lie and another houseguest is evicted. Later, a new Head of Household endurance competition begins.
22 Jul 2010
Episode #12.8 E8. Episode #12.8
The house has a new Head of Household who makes some unexpected deals with the houseguests.
25 Jul 2010
Episode #12.9 E9. Episode #12.9
An underhanded move leads to an unholy alliance and an unexpected houseguest gets the power of veto.
28 Jul 2010
Episode #12.10 E10. Episode #12.10
Andrew shakes up the house by outing Kristen and Hayden's relationship during his final plea before the live eviction. Also, the power shifts in the house when a new HoH is crowned...
29 Jul 2010
Episode #12.11 E11. Episode #12.11
Andrew shakes up the house by outing Kristen and Hayden's relationship during his final plea before the live eviction. Also, the power shifts in the house when a new HoH is crowned...
01 Aug 2010
Episode #12.12 E12. Episode #12.12
Hayden and Kristen fight to stay in the house in spite of some interesting setbacks.
04 Aug 2010
Episode #12.13 E13. Episode #12.13
Hayden and Kristen struggle to comes to terms with the fact that one of them will be evicted. Also, the competition begins for what could be the most powerful HoH of the summer.
05 Aug 2010
Episode #12.14 E14. Episode #12.14
A new Head of Household is crowned and Ragan is presented with the offer to become the new saboteur.
08 Aug 2010
Episode #12.15 E15. Episode #12.15
Jeff and Jordan return to the house to host a veto competition that Rachel and Brendon are detemined to win. Also, the veto winner is called out by Brendon in the POV ceremony.
11 Aug 2010
Episode #12.16 E16. Episode #12.16
A chivalrous gesture fails to save Rachel and Brendon's showmance. Another houseguest is evicted by a unanimous vote and a new Head-of-Household competition begins.
12 Aug 2010
Episode #12.17 E17. Episode #12.17
The Brigade's worst nightmare comes true as the new HoH is crowned and the houseguests are confused when the new nominations are revealed.
15 Aug 2010
Episode #12.18 E18. Episode #12.18
A surprise guest returns to the house when Pandora's Box is opened once again. Also, the 'ZingBot 3000' enters the house to host a high stakes veto competition.
18 Aug 2010
Episode #12.19 E19. Episode #12.19
A shocking revelation, an unexpected eviction and a new Head-of-Household is chosen.
19 Aug 2010
Episode #12.20 E20. Episode #12.20
After a shocking elimination ceremony, Enzo attempts to do some damage control with Matt and Britney must decide whether or not to keep her promise to Brendon.
22 Aug 2010
Episode #12.21 E21. Episode #12.21
Even before the veto competition, the Brigade continue their quest to try and backdoor Matt. Meanwhile, Britney is presented with yet another Pandora's Box.
25 Aug 2010
Episode #12.22 E22. Episode #12.22
Matt's machinations hit an all time low as he tries to save himself. A new Head-of-Household nominates two houseguests for eviction.
26 Aug 2010
Episode #12.23 E23. Episode #12.23
Episode #12.24 E24. Episode #12.24
Ragan and Enzo fight for their lives during the PoV competition and the houseguests continue to endure hilarious punishments as a result of Lane opening Pandora's box.
01 Sep 2010
Episode #12.25 E25. Episode #12.25
At the jury house, Matt becomes persona non grata when he reveals his lie. Another eviction leaves the final four in the house and a new Head-of-Household competition gets underway...
02 Sep 2010
Episode #12.26 E26. Episode #12.26
It is every player for himself as two more houseguests go up on the chopping block and Britney does her best to lighten the mood in the house.
05 Sep 2010
Episode #12.27 E27. Episode #12.27
The Brigade officially reveal themselves and another houseguest is evicted after an intense veto competition.
08 Sep 2010
Episode #12.28 E28. Episode #12.28
At the jury house, Matt tells Ragan that he's been lying about his wife's illness and Ragan admits to a lie of his own, while at the Big Brother house the final three vie for the t...
09 Sep 2010
Episode #12.29 E29. Episode #12.29
The final three houseguests remember the good and bad times they've had all summer with some never before seen footage.
12 Sep 2010
Episode #12.30 E30. Episode #12.30
The 12th season winner of Big Brother is revealed, and all 13 houseguests are reunited. Also, America's favorite houseguest receives $25,000.
15 Sep 2010
Staffel 13
Season 13
Episode #13.1 E1. Episode #13.1
A brand new set of HouseGuests returns for Big Brother's 13th season over the course of the summer of 2011.
07 Jul 2011
Episode #13.2 E2. Episode #13.2
The first Head of Household, Rachel, nominates her first set of HouseGuests.
10 Jul 2011
Episode #13.3 E3. Episode #13.3
The houseguests discuss Evil Dick's sudden departure from the Big Brother house, the first eviction of the season occurs and a new HOH is crowned.
14 Jul 2011
Episode #13.4 E4. Episode #13.4
15 Jul 2011
Episode #13.5 E5. Episode #13.5
Following Jordan's win in the second Head of Household competition, she must nominate one duo for eviction.
17 Jul 2011
Episode #13.6 E6. Episode #13.6
Dominic swears to dig, claw and scratch his way to safety this week as he and Adam prepare for the Power of Veto competition.
20 Jul 2011
Episode #13.7 E7. Episode #13.7
Alliances shift and come under strain as the houseguests try to lengthen their stay in the Big Brother house.
21 Jul 2011
Episode #13.8 E8. Episode #13.8
A celebrity pays a visit to the house for a luxury competition, but it only creates more drama within the veteran alliance.
24 Jul 2011
Episode #13.9 E9. Episode #13.9
The Houseguests compete for the power of veto and the power couples start to suspect some foul play.
27 Jul 2011
Episode #13.10 E10. Episode #13.10
The Big Brother house dissolves into a sea of angry words and flared tempers as the houseguest try to outmaneuver each other and despite his best efforts another houseguest is elim...
28 Jul 2011
Episode #13.11 E11. Episode #13.11
The Golden Key twist is over and a new HoH is crowned, filling the house with paranoia.
31 Jul 2011
Episode #13.12 E12. Episode #13.12
Brendon and Rachel fight to win the power of veto.
03 Aug 2011
Episode #13.13 E13. Episode #13.13
A veteran is evicted eliminating one half of a power couple.
04 Aug 2011
Episode #13.14 E14. Episode #13.14
After Kalia won her first Head of Household competition, it seems as if the "newbies" and Daniele are in control of the house.
07 Aug 2011
Episode #13.15 E15. Episode #13.15
With the intent of going after Kalia, Jeff vows to win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block.
10 Aug 2011
Episode #13.16 E16. Episode #13.16
Treachery reaches an all-time high as the houseguests seek the best strategy to remain in the game.
11 Aug 2011
Episode #13.17 E17. Episode #13.17
The twist throws a huge wrench in one houseguest's plans and the new HoH has one of the most difficult game choices to make.
14 Aug 2011
Episode #13.18 E18. Episode #13.18
The houseguests get the chance to win prizes during the PoV competition and Brendon and Rachel scramble to stay in the house.
17 Aug 2011
Episode #13.19 E19. Episode #13.19
As Rachel tries to find a way to save Brendan from eviction, the other houseguests weigh the consequences of aligning with her, and a new HoH competition gets underway.
18 Aug 2011
Episode #13.20 E20. Episode #13.20
When a new HoH is crowned, one houseguest learns the hard way the consequences of their actions.
21 Aug 2011
Episode #13.21 E21. Episode #13.21
The houseguests are hit with some real zingers from the Zingbot 3000 before they battle in out in the Power of Veto competition.
24 Aug 2011
Episode #13.22 E22. Episode #13.22
The house explodes when an unexpected double eviction is announced, a new HoH is crowned and a live veto competition takes place.
25 Aug 2011
Episode #13.23 E23. Episode #13.23
Jordan takes her anger out on a former alliance member and all the veterans fight for their lives.
28 Aug 2011
Episode #13.24 E24. Episode #13.24
After Pandora's box was opened and the duo twist was unleashed on the house for the second time Rachel and Jordan get a new potential lease on life as they prepare to fight for the...
31 Aug 2011
Episode #13.25 E25. Episode #13.25
Shelly makes some surprising promises to Rachel and Jordan if they vote to evict Adam.
01 Sep 2011
Episode #13.26 E26. Episode #13.26
After the HoH competition, it is a no holds barred game play and the new HoH has to decide whether or not to open Pandora's box.
04 Sep 2011
Episode #13.27 E27. Episode #13.27
On a special eviction episode Kalia and Porsche fight for their lives. In The jury house Jeff has some choice words for Shelly.
07 Sep 2011
Episode #13.28 E28. Episode #13.28
The four remaining houseguests try to secure a place in the final three and the race is on for the newest and most powerful HoH.
08 Sep 2011
Episode #13.29 E29. Episode #13.29
Two of the three remaining houseguests battle for the final HoH. The winner of the Big Brother is announced and America chooses its favorite houseguest.
14 Sep 2011
Staffel 14
Season 14
Episode #14.1 E1. Episode #14.1
12 new houseguests move into the Big Brother house and in a series first, four of the most successful players to ever enter the BIG BROTHER house, will return to play their own gam...
12 Jul 2012
Episode #14.2 E2. Episode #14.2
Willie settles into his role as HoH and must select two houseguests for nomination.
15 Jul 2012
Episode #14.3 E3. Episode #14.3
The house reels from Willie's unexpected but strategic nominations and the houseguests struggle to gather some 'Loose Change' for the Power of Veto.
18 Jul 2012
Episode #14.4 E4. Episode #14.4
The houseguests cast their vote to evict Frank or Kara followed by the HoH competition.
19 Jul 2012
Episode #14.5 E5. Episode #14.5
The coaches compete in a competition and the results will have a lasting impact on the game.
22 Jul 2012
Episode #14.6 E6. Episode #14.6
The houseguests face off in a new veto competition and the HOH nominates a replacement nominee for eviction.
25 Jul 2012
Episode #14.7 E7. Episode #14.7
The houseguests cast their vote to evict Danielle or JoJo followed by the HoH competition.
26 Jul 2012
Episode #14.8 E8. Episode #14.8
The coaches face off in a new competition and the HOH Shane makes his nominations.
29 Jul 2012
Episode #14.9 E9. Episode #14.9
Janelle pleads with Joe to swallow his pride for the sake of staying in the game as he and Ashley prepare for the Veto competition.
01 Aug 2012
Episode #14.10 E10. Episode #14.10
As the houseguests prepare for eviction night, Julie announces the results of America's vote to let the Coaches enter the game as players.
02 Aug 2012
Episode #14.11 E11. Episode #14.11
After the game's reset, the coaches battle alongside their former players for the title of HoH. Later, the new HoH nominates two houseguests for eviction.
05 Aug 2012
Episode #14.12 E12. Episode #14.12
Coach Boogie attempts to work his magic to get Frank a lifeline as the players gear up for the Power of Veto competition.
08 Aug 2012
Episode #14.13 E13. Episode #14.13
As the eviction approaches, Janelle fights for her life up on the block next to Frank. Later, a new Head of Household is crowned.
09 Aug 2012
Episode #14.14 E14. Episode #14.14
The house-guest face off in a new competition and the HOH Frank makes his nominations.
12 Aug 2012
Episode #14.15 E15. Episode #14.15
The Zingbot 3000 makes an appearance as the Veto competition takes place.
15 Aug 2012
Episode #14.16 E16. Episode #14.16
As the Silent Six decide who to evict, Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder returns to give his opinions on the season. After the eviction, the houseguests begin an endurance HoH compet...
16 Aug 2012
Episode #14.17 E17. Episode #14.17
The results from the past HoH are in and the new HoH makes their nominations for eviction.
19 Aug 2012
Episode #14.18 E18. Episode #14.18
After being nominated for eviction Frank and Boogie make it their mission to find out who the mastermind behind the nominations really was as both prepare to battle for the Power o...
22 Aug 2012
Episode #14.19 E19. Episode #14.19
Boogie and Jenn are on the chopping block, but Julie surprises everyone when she reveals that tonight is a double eviction and a whole week of Big Brother will be played within the...
23 Aug 2012
Episode #14.20 E20. Episode #14.20
Frank fumes over the events of the last episode, a new HoH is crowned and nominations are made.
26 Aug 2012
Episode #14.21 E21. Episode #14.21
One houseguest will win a second PoV. Plus, an epic move that could change everything.
29 Aug 2012
Episode #14.22 E22. Episode #14.22
One house guest will be evicted. Plus, Ian and Frank go to battle in a war of words.
30 Aug 2012
Episode #14.23 E23. Episode #14.23
The results of the HoH competion are in and Pandora's Box is back again.
02 Sep 2012
Episode #14.24 E24. Episode #14.24
Will Dan's web of lies be exposed? Plus, the veto is up for grabs.
05 Sep 2012
Episode #14.25 E25. Episode #14.25
Will Frank be blindsided or save himself yet again? Plus a second houseguest will be walking out the door in this special double eviction episode.
06 Sep 2012
Episode #14.26 E26. Episode #14.26
The house guests compete to become the new HOH. Plus, the dramatic events you didn't see during the double eviction unfold. Dan's real target comes to light.
09 Sep 2012
Episode #14.27 E27. Episode #14.27
Tonight, the veto is played, someone will be evicted and a new head of household will be crowned.
12 Sep 2012
Episode #14.28 E28. Episode #14.28
Tonight, who will Danielle nominate for eviction and who will win the final and most important veto of the season? Either Shane, Dan or Ian will be evicted. Meanwhile, the jury hou...
13 Sep 2012
Episode #14.29 E29. Episode #14.29
Can Dan salvage his relationship with Danielle? Part 1 of a three part HOH competition begins. Plus, the final three look back on the most emotional, volatile, and humerus memories...
16 Sep 2012
Episode #14.30 E30. Episode #14.30
After a summer of outrageous behavior, romance, heartbreak, and confrontation, who will become the final head of household and who will make it to the final two? 13 houseguests hav...
19 Sep 2012
Staffel 15
Season 15
Episode #15.1 E1. Episode #15.1
16 new houseguests move into the Big Brother house and will spend the summer competing for $500,000.
26 Jun 2013
Episode #15.2 E2. Episode #15.2
This season's first HOH, McCrae, must choose who he will nominate for eviction. Meanwhile, "showmances" begin to blossom in the Big Brother House, and Elissa's secret may be expose...
30 Jun 2013
Episode #15.3 E3. Episode #15.3
Tensions rise in the Big Brother house as McCrae faces the backlash of the two house guests he nominated for eviction and America chooses the first Big Brother MVP who also nominat...
02 Jul 2013
Episode #15.4 E4. Episode #15.4
After winning HOH, Aaryn must decide whether to honor a deal she made with other the Houseguests.
03 Jul 2013
Episode #15.5 E5. Episode #15.5
The results of the HOH are in.
07 Jul 2013
Episode #15.6 E6. Episode #15.6
The second MVP of the season is named as the Power of Veto is once again up for grabs.
10 Jul 2013
Episode #15.7 E7. Episode #15.7
Another houseguest is eliminated as the remaining houseguests gear up for the next HoH competition.
11 Jul 2013
Episode #15.8 E8. Episode #15.8
The new HOH chooses two people for eviction and the house is divided between two big alliances.
3 links 14 Jul 2013
Episode #15.9 E9. Episode #15.9
A new MVP is in the house and there is a new house guest up for eviction.
17 Jul 2013
Episode #15.10 E10. Episode #15.10
Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy are up on the block. Whichever Houseguest goes home, the house wins.
18 Jul 2013
Episode #15.11 E11. Episode #15.11
As Judd nominates two Houseguests for eviction, tensions run high and two Houseguests begin to turn on each other.
21 Jul 2013
Episode #15.12 E12. Episode #15.12
The house guests find out who America voted for as the third nominee for eviction. Plus, they get down and dirty in a fight for the veto.
24 Jul 2013
Episode #15.13 E13. Episode #15.13
Three girls nominated for eviction and the claws are coming out on tonight's live episode.
25 Jul 2013
Episode #15.14 E14. Episode #15.14
28 Jul 2013
Episode #15.15 E15. Episode #15.15
31 Jul 2013
Episode #15.16 E16. Episode #15.16
She's kept calm in the chaos but no more miss nice girl as another houseguest is sent packing.
01 Aug 2013
Episode #15.17 E17. Episode #15.17
With another Houseguest out the door, a battle for HoH resumes with a surprising winner, all leading to a dramatic nominations ceremony.
04 Aug 2013
Episode #15.18 E18. Episode #15.18
America's pick for the third nominee will be named and all three must battle it out in the Veto competition.
07 Aug 2013
Episode #15.19 E19. Episode #15.19
Surprise double-eviction night.
08 Aug 2013
Episode #15.20 E20. Episode #15.20
Watch the dramatic turn of events that lead to Judd's unexpected eviction. The HOH competition reveals where loyalties lie.
11 Aug 2013
Episode #15.21 E21. Episode #15.21
Their numbers are dwindling, and the Houseguests can't hide their alliances anymore. Will the veto save one of the nominees?
14 Aug 2013
Episode #15.22 E22. Episode #15.22
In the Big Brother house, be careful who you nominate. Another Houseguest joins the jury.
15 Aug 2013
Episode #15.23 E23. Episode #15.23
With only 8 Houseguests left, the pressure begins to build.
18 Aug 2013
Episode #15.24 E24. Episode #15.24
Six house guests compete for Power Of Veto, followed by the Veto meeting.
21 Aug 2013
Episode #15.25 E25. Episode #15.25
Immediately following tonight's eviction, the four current members of the jury (including tonight's evicted house guest) re-enter the house, and compete to see which one of them wi...
22 Aug 2013
Episode #15.26 E26. Episode #15.26
The conclusion of the Returning House Guest/Head Of Household competition. The new HOH nominates two house guests for eviction.
25 Aug 2013
Episode #15.27 E27. Episode #15.27
Zingbot 3000 pays a visit, and six of the remaining house guests compete for Power Of Veto, which is followed by the Power Of Veto meeting.
28 Aug 2013
Episode #15.28 E28. Episode #15.28
Another house guest is evicted, and a new Head Of Household competition begins.
29 Aug 2013
Episode #15.29 E29. Episode #15.29
The conclusion of the HOH Competition; this season's first Luxury Competition; and this week's Head Of Household nominates two house guests for eviction.
01 Sep 2013
Episode #15.30 E30. Episode #15.30
The house guests test their bowling skills in this week's Power Of Veto competition, followed by the Veto Meeting.
04 Sep 2013
Episode #15.31 E31. Episode #15.31
It's the second surprise double-eviction night of the season.
05 Sep 2013
Episode #15.32 E32. Episode #15.32
The 4 eligible house guests assemble block puzzles of their former roommates' faces, as they battle for Head Of Household, followed by nominations. The new HOH is given various "gi...
08 Sep 2013
Episode #15.33 E33. Episode #15.33
The winner of 'Big Brother 14' appears as a special guest, hosting the Power Of Veto competition. Another house guest is evicted, followed by the crowning of a new HOH, on this spe...
11 Sep 2013
Episode #15.34 E34. Episode #15.34
The show begins with a visit to the jury house. Nominations are later made, followed by the Power Of Veto competition. The Veto Meeting and subsequent eviction are shown live.
12 Sep 2013
Episode #15.35 E35. Episode #15.35
A clips show, in which the three remaining house guests reminisce over some of their favorite moments from this summer.
15 Sep 2013
Episode #15.36 E36. Episode #15.36
A three-part final Head Of Household competition is held; another house guest is evicted; and a final winner is chosen.
18 Sep 2013
Staffel 16
Season 16
Episode #16.1 E1. Episode #16.1
This season promises to be the most twisted summer ever as 16 new Houseguests move into the Big Brother house to compete for $500,000.
25 Jun 2014
Episode #16.2 E2. Episode #16.2
Eight new Houseguests join the battle for $500,000, a second HoH is chosen, and Julie reveals the first member of Team America.
26 Jun 2014
Episode #16.3 E3. Episode #16.3
Frankie and Caleb must decide which four houseguests to nominate for eviction. Plus, only one pair of nominees will be saved in the first ever Battle of the Block competition.
29 Jun 2014
Episode #16.4 E4. Episode #16.4
Devin becomes suspicious of Donny and convinces the Bomb Squad to go after the groundskeeper. Meanwhile, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Will it be used to ...
02 Jul 2014
Episode #16.5 E5. Episode #16.5
It's only been one week and twists have sent this game into overdrive! With alliances crumbling almost as fast as they form one thing is certain one Houseguest will be evicted and ...
03 Jul 2014
Episode #16.6 E6. Episode #16.6
Which two houseguests will Amber and Devon nominate for eviction? Plus, which nominees will be saved in the battle of the block?
06 Jul 2014
Episode #16.7 E7. Episode #16.7
With Amber dethroned as HoH, Devin is left ruler of the house. Plus a Bomb Squad Breakdown leads to a Veto Meeting explosion!
09 Jul 2014
Episode #16.8 E8. Episode #16.8
Watch the repercussions of the Veto meeting. Plus, who will be evicted tonight?
10 Jul 2014
Episode #16.9 E9. Episode #16.9
Nicole and Derrick decide which pairs of houseguests must compete in the Battle of the Block, and the nominees fight to avoid eviction.
13 Jul 2014
Episode #16.10 E10. Episode #16.10
The power of Veto is up for grabs. Will the plan to backdoor Devin succeed?
16 Jul 2014
Episode #16.11 E11. Episode #16.11
Tonight, Devin or Caleb will be evicted from the Big Brother House, and the battle to crown two Heads of Household begins. Plus, Jeff Schroeder visits Donny's family and friends.
17 Jul 2014
Episode #16.12 E12. Episode #16.12
Two new heads of household pit their nominees against each other in the Battle of the Block, and Team America gets a new mission.
20 Jul 2014
Episode #16.13 E13. Episode #16.13
Tonight who will win the power of veto? Plus will head of household make a game changing move?
23 Jul 2014
Episode #16.14 E14. Episode #16.14
A houseguest is evicted after Cody makes a nomination that leaves him torn between his own best interests and those his alliance. A new HOH is crowned.
24 Jul 2014
Episode #16.15 E15. Episode #16.15
Which two houseguests will Zach and Frankie nominate for eviction? Plus, the nominees fight for their lives in the battle of the block!
27 Jul 2014
Episode #16.16 E16. Episode #16.16
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save one of the nominees? Plus, team America attempts to cause a blow up at the Veto meeting.
30 Jul 2014
Episode #16.17 E17. Episode #16.17
Will Jocasta or Amber be evicted from The Big Brother House? Also, two new HoH's will be crowned!
31 Jul 2014
Episode #16.18 E18. Episode #16.18
Tonight, two new Heads of Household will be crowned. Plus, four Houseguests compete in the most punishing Battle of the Block competition yet.
03 Aug 2014
Episode #16.19 E19. Episode #16.19
Nicole considers a plan to flip the house and backdoor Frankie, while Zach and Jocasta vie for the Power of Veto.
06 Aug 2014
Episode #16.20 E20. Episode #16.20
It's double eviction night as two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the night. Plus, an evening full of surprises about to shake up the house!
07 Aug 2014
Episode #16.21 E21. Episode #16.21
The fallout from the double eviction blows up the house, and two new Heads of Household have their nominees fight to survive in the most dramatic Battle of the Block yet!
10 Aug 2014
Episode #16.22 E22. Episode #16.22
With the house in turmoil, the veto is more important than ever. Plus, what will the Houseguests think when Frankie reveals all?
13 Aug 2014
Episode #16.23 E23. Episode #16.23
Tonight, either Nicole or Donny will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, Christine, Caleb and Frankie leave the house for an exclusive NFL experience!
14 Aug 2014
Episode #16.24 E24. Episode #16.24
Tonight Derrick and Frankie each nominate 2 people for eviction and the detonators are forced to resort to drastic measures. Plus, it's a fight for survival in the final Battle of ...
17 Aug 2014
Episode #16.25 E25. Episode #16.25
Will a Detonator become a new target? Plus, Zingbot is back and he brought Kathy Griffin to dish out the zing.
20 Aug 2014
Episode #16.26 E26. Episode #16.26
Either Cody or Zach will be evicted, and the jurors battle to return to the Big Brother game!
21 Aug 2014
Episode #16.27 E27. Episode #16.27
Nicole returns from the Jury House in a game-changing twist, and for the first time this season Houseguests compete to become the sole Head of Household.
24 Aug 2014
Episode #16.28 E28. Episode #16.28
Being on the block for the sixth time, can the Veto King pull off another miracle? Plus, a medical emergency rocks the Big Brother house.
27 Aug 2014
Episode #16.29 E29. Episode #16.29
Will Donny's luck finally run out or will Nicole be evicted for a second time? Plus, the power is once again up for grabs in an epic battle of endurance!
28 Aug 2014
Episode #16.30 E30. Episode #16.30
With only seven houseguests remaining, a slippery and sloppy battle of endurance continues to see who will become the new Head of Household. Plus, see who will become nominated for...
31 Aug 2014
Episode #16.31 E31. Episode #16.31
With the odds stacked against her, can Nicole save herself at an explosive Veto competition? Plus, will the Puppet Master convince the Detonators to turn on one of their own?
03 Sep 2014
Episode #16.32 E32. Episode #16.32
It's another double eviction night as either Nicole or Victoria's game come to an end. Plus, a brand new twist will be revealed.
04 Sep 2014
Episode #16.33 E33. Episode #16.33
A new Head of Household is crowned, and two nominees are put on the block. Plus, Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan return to the house in which their relationship began, Jeff pop...
07 Sep 2014
Episode #16.34 E34. Episode #16.34
With Frankie safe, will The Hitmen use the Veto as an opportunity to turn on Beast Mode? And with the countdown looming, will their decisions tonight come back to haunt them when t...
09 Sep 2014
Episode #16.35 E35. Episode #16.35
A game-changing twist is revealed, a houseguest will be saved, and the game will be rewound! Also, past Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling guest stars.
10 Sep 2014
Episode #16.36 E36. Episode #16.36
Tonight, with the "Rewind Twist", will winning HoH be deja vu for Frankie or will another houseguest rise to power. Plus, the jurors are back for a little revenge.
14 Sep 2014
Episode #16.37 E37. Episode #16.37
It's a must win PoV for Frankie in this special eviction episode as one player wins HoH and another joins the jury.
16 Sep 2014
Episode #16.38 E38. Episode #16.38
It's all about the final and most important Power of Veto competition of the season. Plus, another Houseguest will be evicted!
17 Sep 2014
Episode #16.39 E39. Episode #16.39
The battle for the final head of household begins. Plus Cody, Derrick and Victoria celebrate the summer. Including some hilarious moments you haven't seen.
19 Sep 2014
Episode #16.40 E40. Episode #16.40
The season comes to a close and the final Head of Household, the winner of the $500,000 grand prize, and America's favorite Houseguest will be determined.
24 Sep 2014
Staffel 17
Season 17
Episode #17.1 E1. Episode #17.1
Two surprise guests will kick off the two-night premiere event as the Houseguests will live in a modern steel beach house that features a towering sky bridge, making it the largest...
24 Jun 2015
Episode #17.2 E2. Episode #17.2
The remaining Houseguests move in, plus the "BB Takeover" begins as the first surprise guest delivers a game changer!
25 Jun 2015
Episode #17.3 E3. Episode #17.3
Four Houseguests are nominated for eviction and compete in the Battle of the Block competition. Plus, the BB Takeover will twist up the game.
28 Jun 2015
Episode #17.4 E4. Episode #17.4
Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save either Jackie or Steve from eviction?
01 Jul 2015
Episode #17.5 E5. Episode #17.5
Will Jackie stay in the Big Brother house? Plus two new HoH's are crowned. Also celebrity super fan Kathy Griffin returns to begin her BB Takeover!
02 Jul 2015
Episode #17.6 E6. Episode #17.6
Tonight, four new Houseguests go up on the block. Plus, Audrey and Da'Vonne go toe to toe.
05 Jul 2015
Episode #17.7 E7. Episode #17.7
It's all on the line with the Veto back in play. Will Da'vonne or John be saved by the golden power?
08 Jul 2015
Episode #17.8 E8. Episode #17.8
Who will get the seventh phone call and win the power of the last laugh and how will it shake up the live eviction? Plus, a new surprise guest will help twist up the game.
09 Jul 2015
Episode #17.9 E9. Episode #17.9
Tonight, which four Houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, will the Twin Twist blow up Liz and Julia's game?
12 Jul 2015
Episode #17.10 E10. Episode #17.10
With Austin dethroned, will HoH Vanessa target James or Jeff? Will the veto screw up her master plan? Plus, Gronk has another surprise for the Houseguests.
15 Jul 2015
Episode #17.11 E11. Episode #17.11
Tonight, either James or Jeff will leave the Big Brother house and two new Houseguests will rise to power. Plus, a love triangle brings Austin to the boiling point.
16 Jul 2015
Episode #17.12 E12. Episode #17.12
Tonight, four houseguests will be nominated, and 90's week continues with a "grunge" inspired Battle of the Block.
19 Jul 2015
Episode #17.13 E13. Episode #17.13
Will the Veto save either Jason or John? Also, an explosive fight leads to shocking consequences and the world premiere of the Wack Street Boys.
22 Jul 2015
Episode #17.14 E14. Episode #17.14
Tonight, will Audrey make it to the live eviction? Plus, two new Heads of Households will be crowned.
23 Jul 2015
Episode #17.15 E15. Episode #17.15
Four new Houseguests will be nominated, and they'll go to war in the Battle of the Block.
26 Jul 2015
Episode #17.16 E16. Episode #17.16
Will the Veto save either Clay or Becky and will Vanessa go through with the plan to take out Austin?
29 Jul 2015
Episode #17.17 E17. Episode #17.17
Tonight, will Becky's game be permanently derailed or will the supermarket cashier check out? Plus, both twins enter the game.
30 Jul 2015
Episode #17.18 E18. Episode #17.18
Tonight, will the Sixth Sense alliance stay in power, or will the other side of the house finally claim victory? Plus, which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction?
02 Aug 2015
Episode #17.19 E19. Episode #17.19
Can the Power of Veto save a showmance or will Clay and Shelli's love be torn apart?
05 Aug 2015
Episode #17.20 E20. Episode #17.20
Will it be Clay or Shelli leaving the Big Brother House? Plus, the Hitmen are back!
06 Aug 2015
Episode #17.21 E21. Episode #17.21
Tonight, who will claim the HoH and which two houseguests will be nominated? Plus, see the shocking fight that happened right before the eviction.
09 Aug 2015
Episode #17.22 E22. Episode #17.22
Tonight, the veto is up for grabs as BB Comics returns. Plus, will Becky go through with taking out Vanessa?
12 Aug 2015
Episode #17.23 E23. Episode #17.23
Tonight, which "Sixth Sense" member will walk out the door? Plus, a second Houseguest is leaving!
13 Aug 2015
Episode #17.24 E24. Episode #17.24
Tonight, see the fallout from Steve's shocking reign of power, plus, a new Head of Household will be crowned and two new Houseguests will go on the block.
16 Aug 2015
Episode #17.25 E25. Episode #17.25
Tonight, will the power of veto save either John or Becky? Plus, will Austin and the twins make a power play against the poker player? And get ready to rock, it's the world premier...
19 Aug 2015
Episode #17.26 E26. Episode #17.26
Tonight, will the dentist's brush with glory come to an end? Or will the Colorado girl be forced to take a hike? Plus, your first look inside the jury house and a new battle for po...
20 Aug 2015
Episode #17.27 E27. Episode #17.27
Tonight, who will end up running the house and which two houseguest will be nominated?
23 Aug 2015
Episode #17.28 E28. Episode #17.28
Tonight, will the power of veto be used to save either Steve or Johnny Mack? Plus, the roasting robot Zingbot is back!
26 Aug 2015
Episode #17.29 E29. Episode #17.29
Tonight, will the dentist be extracted from the house, or will the trombonist play his final tune? Plus, an epic battle will begin to send one juror back into the house.
27 Aug 2015
Episode #17.30 E30. Episode #17.30
Tonight, which juror will earn their way back into the game and who will gain power as the new head of household? Plus, two new houseguests will be nominated for eviction. And, wil...
30 Aug 2015
Episode #17.31 E31. Episode #17.31
Tonight, it's do or die for the country boy and the city girl. Will one of them be saved by the power of veto?
02 Sep 2015
Episode #17.32 E32. Episode #17.32
Will the house say bon voyage to the New Yorker or Miami girl? Plus, it's time for another double eviction!
03 Sep 2015
Episode #17.33 E33. Episode #17.33
Tonight, a new HoH will be crowned. Will Austwins keep the power, or will Steve, John, or Vanessa's secret alliance emerge from the shadows to strike first?
06 Sep 2015
Episode #17.34 E34. Episode #17.34
Tonight, will the showmance be torn apart, or can the power of veto be used to save either Austin or Liz? Plus, the entire house it thrown into an emotional chaos.
09 Sep 2015
Episode #17.35 E35. Episode #17.35
Tonight, the wombmates will be split up! Will Liz or Julia be sent to jury? Plus, the final five begin a battle for power.
10 Sep 2015
Episode #17.36 E36. Episode #17.36
Tonight, who will secure their spot to the final four and which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, Frankie returns and takes two houseguests on a trip of a lifet...
13 Sep 2015
Episode #17.37 E37. Episode #17.37
Tonight, who will claim the power of veto and guarantee their spot in the final four? Plus, which houseguest will be evicted, and who will become the next HoH?
15 Sep 2015
Episode #17.38 E38. Episode #17.38
Tonight, Beastmode Cowboy returns to host the final and most important Veto competition of the season. Plus, another Houseguest will be sent to jury!
16 Sep 2015
Episode #17.39 E39. Episode #17.39
Tonight, the battle for the final HoH begins. Plus, the final three celebrate the summer.
20 Sep 2015
Episode #17.40 E40. Episode #17.40
Who will the jury crown as the winner of Big Brother? Plus, who did America vote as their favorite Houseguest?
23 Sep 2015
Staffel 18
Season 18
Episode #18.1 E1. Episode #18.1
22 Jun 2016
Episode #18.2 E2. Episode #18.2
23 Jun 2016
Episode #18.3 E3. Episode #18.3
26 Jun 2016
Episode #18.4 E4. Episode #18.4
29 Jun 2016
Episode #18.5 E5. Episode #18.5
30 Jun 2016
Episode #18.6 E6. Episode #18.6
03 Jul 2016
Episode #18.7 E7. Episode #18.7
06 Jul 2016
Episode #18.8 E8. Episode #18.8
07 Jul 2016
Episode #18.9 E9. Episode #18.9
10 Jul 2016
Episode #18.10 E10. Episode #18.10
13 Jul 2016
Episode #18.11 E11. Episode #18.11
14 Jul 2016
Episode #18.12 E12. Episode #18.12
17 Jul 2016
Episode #18.13 E13. Episode #18.13
20 Jul 2016
Episode #18.14 E14. Episode #18.14
21 Jul 2016
Episode #18.15 E15. Episode #18.15
22 Jul 2016
Episode #18.16 E16. Episode #18.16
24 Jul 2016
Episode #18.17 E17. Episode #18.17
27 Jul 2016
Episode #18.18 E18. Episode #18.18
28 Jul 2016
Episode #18.19 E19. Episode #18.19
31 Jul 2016
Episode #18.20 E20. Episode #18.20
03 Aug 2016
Episode #18.21 E21. Episode #18.21
04 Aug 2016
Episode #18.22 E22. Episode #18.22
07 Aug 2016
E23. Episode #18.23
10 Aug 2016
E24. Episode #18.24
11 Aug 2016
Episode #18.25 E25. Episode #18.25
14 Aug 2016
Episode #18.26 E26. Episode #18.26
17 Aug 2016
Episode #18.27 E27. Episode #18.27
18 Aug 2016
Episode #18.28 E28. Episode #18.28
19 Aug 2016
Episode #18.29 E29. Episode #18.29
21 Aug 2016
Episode #18.30 E30. Episode #18.30
24 Aug 2016
Episode #18.31 E31. Episode #18.31
25 Aug 2016
Episode #18.32 E32. Episode #18.32
28 Aug 2016
Episode #18.33 E33. Episode #18.33
31 Aug 2016
Episode #18.34 E34. Episode #18.34
01 Sep 2016
Episode #18.35 E35. Episode #18.35
04 Sep 2016
Episode #18.36 E36. Episode #18.36
07 Sep 2016
Episode #18.37 E37. Episode #18.37
08 Sep 2016
Episode #18.38 E38. Episode #18.38
11 Sep 2016
Episode #18.39 E39. Episode #18.39
13 Sep 2016
Episode #18.40 E40. Episode #18.40
14 Sep 2016
Episode #18.41 E41. Episode #18.41
16 Sep 2016
Episode #18.42 E42. Episode #18.42
21 Sep 2016
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