Dance Academy - Tanz deinen Traum!

Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) ist 15 Jahre alt und auf einer Farm in Australien aufgewachsen. Schon als kleines Mädchen begann sie, von einer Karriere als Tänzerin zu träumen. Taras Traum scheint wahr zu werden, als sie an der National Dance Academy in Sydn...

Jahr: 2010

Dauer: 24 min

Genres: Drama, Family, Music

Writers: Samantha Strauss, Joanna Werner

Stars: Dena Kaplan, Xenia Goodwin, Alicia Banit

IMDb: TT1551948

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Learning to Fly E1. Learning to Fly
Sidney's world-class National Dance Academy holds its annual audition process. Among the hopefuls are Christian Reed, who does everything right except bring a leotard, and sheep ra...
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Week Zero E2. Week Zero
The audition results are mailed to the candidates' homes. The winners move to the National Academy's Sidney dorm for their first semester. Introduction week traditionally involves ...
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Behind Barres E3. Behind Barres
Newbie Christian is arrested for petty street gang-crime. Since his only adult relative (big brother Drew, a Broken Hill miner) won't take him in, academy director Kennedy arranges...
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Minefield E4. Minefield
Instructor Patrick assigns the boy-girl dance partners lot-drawn confidence test games as preparation to the technical pas-de-deux course. Although meant to help them bond, they wo...
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Real Men Don't Dance E5. Real Men Don't Dance
Sammy fears his single B could cause his dad, a third-generation Jewish doctor, to withdraw him from Dance Academy and send him to med-school. He's desperate to make it to synagogu...
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Perfection E6. Perfection
Sammy finally gets a visit from his girlfriend-since-ever Mia, who'd joined Swedish friends in a kibbutz in Israel. Kat and Ethan's mother (famous ballerina Natasha Willis) gives a...
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Crush Test Dummies E7. Crush Test Dummies
The ballet class naturally doesn't take to obligatory hip-hop lessons, where everything is the other way around (except for ever-versatile Christian). Ethan, who has a modern chore...
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Growing Pains E8. Growing Pains
Christian firmly wards off Sean's taunting of roommate Sam for wearing regular underwear. Patrick orders Christian to help buy reluctant Sam some dance underwear. Sam's objections ...
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Heartbeat E9. Heartbeat
Due to Sammy posting some dormitory playfulness on the Internet, R&B star Myles Kelly - idolized by most of the kids - picks for his next video the haughtily uninterested Kat. She ...
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Through the Looking Glass E10. Through the Looking Glass
Christian is delighted by a surprise visit from big brother Aaron, although he won't even show knowing him at the academy. The reason is Aaron always got him into trouble, and this...
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One Perfect Day E11. One Perfect Day
Two students stumble on control issues. When cheerful kid sister Paige visits, Abigail strives to domineer their entire time together, but Paige, being 11 years old, will have none...
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Pressure E12. Pressure
It's exam week in both dance and academics, keeping most everybody busy, especially Sam. As Tara nears her first kiss with Ethan, she fears taking on his expert lips without practi...
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Family E13. Family
After exams, families arrive for the results and to take their kids home for the holidays. As Christian bonds with Tara's farmer dad over car mechanics, Tara's mother tells her tha...
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Turning Pointes E14. Turning Pointes
Before the new semester starts, a nightclub, a park and a senior citizen cha-cha class will see students having some non-artistic dance fun, while someone close starts falling for ...
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My Life en Pointe E15. My Life en Pointe
A stray dog is sneakily 'adopted' into Kat's room by Petra Hoffman, a talented German exchange student whom Abigail looks upon as her replacement during her therapy. Although the n...
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Free Falling E16. Free Falling
Kat's parents buy off missing her birthday, so she decides to throw a massive party. She gets drunk worse than unsuspecting foreigner Petra and has to be rescued in the bedroom fro...
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A Midsummer's Night's Dream E17. A Midsummer's Night's Dream
Everyone is punished for Kat's irresponsible party, with poor Sam having to mentor Abigail's make-up English essay. Suspicious of her help refusal, he discovers she clumsily stole ...
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Betty Bunheads E18. Betty Bunheads
Scout re-enters Kat's life when she auditions for the junior summer program at the academy, with Christian helping out. Abigail's meanness shifts off Tara when Petra becomes Miss R...
4 links 12 Oct 2010
Fairest and Best E19. Fairest and Best
The Academy welcomes jocks from an all-boys sports school so the pupils can exchange physical training approaches. They actually scold each-other sissies, so when Mr. Patrick order...
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Ballet Fever E20. Ballet Fever
The academy's board meeting is to be treated to pupils performances of the highest standard. Even as lover, Sammy still gets no sympathy from Abi although he didn't get a solo part...
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Fear of Missing Out E21. Fear of Missing Out
Ethan is informally promised a spot in the professional troop if his friend Damien 'Damo' Lang's injury is diagnosed incurable, as expected. Tim plans to turn down another offer, e...
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Flight or Fight Response E22. Flight or Fight Response
Christian's trial is upcoming in a week, but main culprit Aaron, whose confession is vital, has left. Rather then soldier on and secure a recommendation from the academy, Christian...
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Best Friends Forever E23. Best Friends Forever
Just when Christian despairs about his upcoming trial, Aaron reappears, promising to admit he's the main culprit. Christian should get off with a suspended sentence, but realizing ...
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Heatwave E24. Heatwave
Sammy enjoys his first-ever close friendship with grateful roommate Christian, but a possible reconciliation with Tara worries him. While all Sidney suffers a heatwave, preparation...
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The Deep End E25. The Deep End
Sammy is so annoyed by his feelings for Christian that he pretends his snob father refuses to accept Christian's summer stay-over. Christian finds out in stages, but only insists n...
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Learning to Fly: Part 2 E26. Learning to Fly: Part 2
Christian patiently keeps Sammy's secret, hoping for restored best-buddies status while pointing out a hunky outside dancer as a possible gayness test, but Sammy has more pressing ...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated E1. In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
Chased from his bigot home, Sammy has already worked all summer as dishwasher to save up for the second year at the academy, yet he now denies being gay. He also took the job of do...
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Dream Life E2. Dream Life
Principal Raine not only refuses to reconsider including hip-hop in the Academy's classical program, but even opposes the students learning some in their spare time. Encoraged by S...
5 links 18 Feb 2012
Faux Pas De Deux E3. Faux Pas De Deux
Super-talented Ben Tickle joins straight into the second year and expects to be called the Benster. Socially, however, he's stunningly naive, bluntly outspoken, initially alienates...
19 Feb 2012
Legends E4. Legends
Sammy gets a shot at waitering, but bumbles terribly until he tries doing it musically. Ethan is frustrated being ignored as assistant choreographer, enough to risk that job for a ...
5 links 20 Feb 2012
Showcase E5. Showcase
The Academy kids divide in groups to perform at the showcase. Benster has a great idea, starring himself and Sammy in a form of Tapdance. Christian's ex Kayla is back and joins his...
5 links 21 Feb 2012
Like No One's Watching E6. Like No One's Watching
Sammy gets an unsettling visit from his kid brother, bruised by a bully, but after phoning home gets the full story. Since Sam left home, father Ari turned all the pressure on his ...
5 links 21 Feb 2012
A Choreographed Life E7. A Choreographed Life
Sammy asked Benster to come up with a choreography, but he really wants to impress Kat. So Ben devises a flash-mob tap-dance routine. Because of a ferry strike, he must improvise a...
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Connectivity E8. Connectivity
It's term exams, notably the pas-de-deux. Sammy flees in his restaurant job, but gets overworked with worrisome marks. Christian is fed-up after his break-up with Tara, but the mat...
5 links 22 Feb 2012
The Break E9. The Break
The Bensta uses his "new tattoo" as a tool to impress Kat. Sammy insists they all get one and he convinces a reluctant Christian. Ben finally admits that his tattoo was a fake.
5 links 23 Feb 2012
Good Life E10. Good Life
After the term exams and party, most pupils buckle down to prepare a Fonteyn prize entry. Sammy however isn't even allowed to join, as he can't pay the entrance fee and isn't eligi...
4 links 22 Feb 2012
Self Sabotage E11. Self Sabotage
Sammy is assigned a big-shot tutor, Oliver, but has a hard time convincing the arrogant guy they both need to deliver. Inviting Ben and Christian to her last training is Kat's firs...
5 links 22 Feb 2012
Breaking Pointe E12. Breaking Pointe
Benster witnesses how vindictive Saskia resorts to physically hurting Tara by forcing her at the barre. Christian volunteers to help her tend to the strains and lend moral support ...
4 links 22 Feb 2012
Backstab E13. Backstab
Benster and Christian 'spice' the audition by adding a bet and cocky talk by walkie-talkie. Those accidentally reveal that Christian and Kat, whom he secretly gave a cuddly toy as ...
5 links 26 Feb 2012
Rescue Mission E14. Rescue Mission
Benster does a better job than Tara's father, farmer Neil Webster, attempting to get her interested in moving on. Still she soon reneges on her promise to help him with the annual ...
5 links 10 Sep 2012
Moving On E15. Moving On
Actually still unsure about his prospects in Europe, Ethan looks for a job in Sydney. After several failures, Abi's friend Fin instantly wants them after an audition for his musica...
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Origins E16. Origins
An assignment to devise and perform a piece expressing what made them to themselves causes the student to ponder, soul-search and change their minds. Benster first takes Tara's cue...
5 links 29 Feb 2012
Love and War E17. Love and War
Hostile acts from the first year, which submits the gang to inverse hazing such as a nightly food fight raid, leads to a hip-hop dance battle dare. The gang appeals to Oliver as co...
5 links 29 Feb 2012
Catch Me If I Fall E18. Catch Me If I Fall
Teacher Zach commandeers the gang to spend the weekend learning body-control in his wife's circus. Christian happily escapes when biological father Ron arrives in Sydney unannounce...
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The Naturals E19. The Naturals
Zach is not amused with natural talent Grace's nonchalance, while she feels ignored, but that changes when he agrees to give her a real challenge in private lessons to his own stag...
5 links 01 Mar 2012
Tick, Question Mark, Cross E20. Tick, Question Mark, Cross
A bad cold is going round. Only Christian learns that Ben's uncharacteristic, almost hostile attitude stems from worse: his cancer may be returning. The gang and principal are shoc...
4 links 01 Mar 2012
Ladder Theory E21. Ladder Theory
It's the national Fonteyn prize final. Ben and Christian rival in friendly psychological warfare, but get steep competition from Tasmanian Slate and Tara feels the meat in the sand...
5 links 02 Mar 2012
Win or Lose E22. Win or Lose
After the national final, the non-winners must concentrate on the end of year performance auditions, now for Peter Pan. Christian blames Zach for giving him 'false hope' but is tol...
4 links 03 Mar 2012
Love It or Fight It E23. Love It or Fight It
The Peter Pan leads go to timely recovered Christian, Ben, Kat and Abi. Ben spares no effort to win Tara, ultimately overcoming her insecure claim he's just chasing what he can't h...
5 links 04 Mar 2012
The Prix De Fonteyn E24. The Prix De Fonteyn
Sammy decides to dedicate his Fonteyn prize modern piece to ballet friendship, so brilliantly even Abi applauds. Ben now coaches Tara. Christian is persuaded by Kat the declare his...
5 links 05 Mar 2012
The Second E25. The Second
Memories of quaint, cute, smart Sammy abound during and after his funeral. Oli holds the eulogy, but his cardigan is denied as keepsake by Christian, who blames his blunt break-up ...
5 links 19 Sep 2012
The Red Shoes E26. The Red Shoes
Christian celebrates his 18th birthday, receives a biker suit from the gang and is invited to join father Raf on a Tasmanian road-trip during the summer holiday. Ben steps in for S...
5 links 19 Sep 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Glue E1. Glue
It's three weeks into third year and it is announced that there are three available temporary fill-in roles for the corps de ballet. Tara finds out that Abigail has never had a bir...
5 links 17 Sep 2013
New Rules E2. New Rules
It's an overwhelming first few days working as fill-in dancers in the Company and a whole new learning curve. Christian continues to shirk responsibility and avoid returning to the...
5 links 18 Sep 2013
Second Chances E3. Second Chances
All is not well in Kat world but she's trying desperately to pretend she's fine; while Christian's plans for a cruisey return to the Academy are derailed by the Board.
5 links 22 Jul 2013
Short Cut Clause E4. Short Cut Clause
Ben has to choose between the girl he cares about and the opportunity to partner a principal dancer, while Tara is worried about Kat but goes about trying to fix her in all the wro...
5 links 29 Jul 2013
Negative Patterns E5. Negative Patterns
Saskia schemes to arrange an early audition for her favourite student, with disastrous results, while Ollie continues to pursue career alternatives and creates a professional music...
4 links 05 Aug 2013
Fake It Until You Make It E6. Fake It Until You Make It
Abigail auditions for a guest role in a dance movie, while Grace does everything she can to ensure she's allowed to go on the Third Year tour.
5 links 12 Aug 2013
Graceland E7. Graceland
Grace seems to have found a perfect match with life on the road until Zach clamps down on declining standards during the Third Year regional tour. At the Academy, Kat commences a l...
5 links 19 Aug 2013
Travelling Light E8. Travelling Light
The Third Years teach a dance class to a group of local kids; Tara feels old wounds re-opening and Abigail has to face her past and let it go.
5 links 26 Aug 2013
Don't Let Me Down Gently E9. Don't Let Me Down Gently
A career-making performance opportunity brings out the best and worst in everyone and an injury that sidelines Ollie prompts him to use someone to get ahead.
5 links 02 Sep 2013
N'Fektd E10. N'Fektd
Christian and Ollie prepare for a major hip hop competition; Kat prepares to audition for a minor role in Coppelia and Ben takes a stab at revenge.
5 links 09 Sep 2013
Start of an Era E11. Start of an Era
The countdown to the final Company auditions has begun when suddenly it's a whole new playing field and Christian and Tara come to a final resolution about their relationship.
5 links 16 Sep 2013
The Perfect Storm E12. The Perfect Storm
Auditions for the National Ballet Company have arrived bringing superstitions, old competitive battlelines and the performance that will determine the rest of their lives.
5 links 23 Sep 2013
Not for Nothing E13. Not for Nothing
In their Company interviews the students finally learn if they will receive a professional contract with the National Ballet Company.
4 links 30 Sep 2013
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