Das Traumhotel

Als Markus Winter von einer anstrengenden Reise zurückkehrt, wartet seine Tante Dorothea von Siethoff mit einer Hiobsbotschaft: Der Siethoff-Hotelgruppe droht eine feindliche Übernahme. Zwar gelingt es Markus, die Hauptaktionäre auf seine Seite zu ziehen –...

Jahr: 2004

Genres: Romance

Stars: Christian Kohlund, Miriam Morgenstern, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek

IMDb: TT0930022

Bewertung: 4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Sterne über Thailand E1. Sterne über Thailand
16 Apr 2004
Verliebt auf Mauritius E2. Verliebt auf Mauritius
23 Apr 2004
Zauber von Bali E3. Zauber von Bali
Markus Winter travels to Bali, to buy a luxury hotel for his Viennese aunt Dorothea von Siethoff. The owner, Franziska, however didn't yet tell her sister Maria, who wants to keep ...
08 Apr 2005
Überraschung in Mexiko E4. Überraschung in Mexiko
Markus Winter is angry because aunt Dorothy made him miss his daughter's party to help her buy Mexican art for her hotels there. She blindly trusts Julian von Behrenberg, an acquai...
29 Apr 2005
Seychellen E5. Seychellen
Markus Winter planned to have a leisurely holiday himself on the Seychelles, with daughter Leonie. Helena Kaufmann however just inherited part of the land the resort is build on, a...
17 Jan 2006
Indien E6. Indien
A Berlin hotel chain owner and author, who follows the advice to add a chapter to her India manuscript 'The Light of Wisdom' on Diwali, plans to hold such first-ranking Hindu feast...
03 Feb 2006
Afrika E7. Afrika
Markus Winter starts his term as general manager of his Viennese family's hotel group in Sun City (South Africa)'s luxurious Palace resort. Marcus's good friend Wösner seeks a wife...
19 Jan 2007
Dubai - Abu Dhabi E8. Dubai - Abu Dhabi
Marcus visits his hotel group's UAE desert resort in Abu Dhabi for business deals with crafty locals and a moody heiress. Single mother Renate Frey seems to seek a father for her f...
02 Feb 2007
Karibik E9. Karibik
Markus Winter visits his chain's hotel in the Dominican republic. He's joined by his adoring and adored godson Sebastian Sellmann, who refuses to have his whole life planned by his...
11 Jan 2008
China E10. China
Hotel chain boss Markus Winter accepted to arrange the grand wedding in his Peking establishment of Loretta Boehme with a Chinaman. Alas she only invited her dad without telling th...
18 Jan 2008
Malaysia E11. Malaysia
Markus Winter visits his chain's Malaysian hotel resort. Finding his friend's small hotel's lease renewal is denied by land owner John Wong, he promises to help if possible. Cuckol...
16 Jan 2009
Kap der Guten Hoffnung E12. Kap der Guten Hoffnung
Markus Winter visits his Capetown hotel. His buddy Jonathan Beckett, who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago, visits his brother's wine estate, only to find it's now run by his amb...
23 Jan 2009
Chiang Mai E13. Chiang Mai
Markus Winter knew better than to actually expect relaxation when visiting his chain's Northern Thailand hotel at Chiang Mai. He helps trace down a treasure diver with his partner ...
08 Jan 2010
Sri Lanka E14. Sri Lanka
Markus Winter visits his chain's Sri Lanka hotel, just when socialite multimillionaire Gregor Pohlmann makes his typically dashing entry, the start of lots of flirtation and genero...
22 Jan 2010
Malediven E15. Malediven
Markus Winter expected to lie back as he visits his hotel chain's Malevives branch, happily run by his daughter Leonie. But he's as busy, finding among the guests his 20 years ago ...
21 Jan 2011
Tobago E16. Tobago
When Markus Winter visits his Tobago hotel, a well-groomed man washed up with amnesia on the Caribean shore and falls in requited love before being identified as a married Trinadad...
28 Jan 2011
Vietnam E17. Vietnam
Markus Winter plans to build a new resort near his Vietnamese luxury hotel. On the flight he got a crush on consultancy firm executive Nora Mäder, but she's a spy for a Chinese com...
06 Jan 2012
Brasilien E18. Brasilien
Markus Winter visits his Brazilian hotel in Bahia, incognito, to look into the thefts wave there. His daughter Leonie, who runs it, feels passed-over. Spoiled German millionaire Wa...
13 Jan 2012
Myanmar E19. Myanmar
04 Jan 2013
Marokko E20. Marokko
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