Descendants - Verhexte Welt

After the coronation, the villain kids, Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Jay (Booboo Stewart), and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) use their one shot at being good while the dreadful and villainous parents roam the Isle Of The Lost.

Jahr: 2015

Dauer: 2 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

Stars: Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Sarah Jeffery

IMDb: TT4951098

Bewertung: 7.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Evie's Explosion of Taste
Evie inquires Mal to help her fix the cupcakes she baked for the Heroes and Heroines Festival at Auradon Prep, but their sweet intentions end up going wrong, leading to an explosio...
8 links 18 Oct 2015
E2. Mal's Digi-Image Problem
Mal gets a bit too carried away whilst painting a portrait of Audrey and Ben tells her that she might have a Digi-image problem, where the photos turn out differently in the photo ...
25 Sep 2015
E3. Audrey's New Do? New Don't!
Audrey wishes to have an edgy makeover, so she convinces Jane to transform her hair into "something really out there" with the use of magic, just like what Mal was able to do to he...
02 Oct 2015
E4. Careful What You Wish For
Everyone seems to be in need of Mal's help. When Jay gives Mal a Golden Lamp which releases Genie's Daughter Jordan, Mal, fed up with everyone's nagging, makes a wish that is more ...
09 Oct 2015
E5. Voodoo? You Do
After Mal, Evie, Ben and Audrey are transported back to the Isle of the Lost, she tries to get her Auradon friends out of sight before something bad happens to them.
16 Oct 2015
E6. Lamp Sweet Lamp
Ben and Audrey are unable fit in on the Isle of the Lost compared to Auradon, whilst Mal and Evie bond over their rotten ways with their friend Freddie.
23 Oct 2015
E7. Genie Chic
Jordan forces Mal, Evie, Ben, Audrey and Charlie to follow her "genie chic" dress code when they pop into her lamp for a Surprise Visit.
06 Nov 2015
E8. Puffed Deliciousness
New at Auradon, Freddie must try to adapt to the place, as well as Mal and Evie's un-rotten ways, but has no trouble getting used to eating the delicious food they have to offer.
13 Nov 2015
Good Is the New Bad E9. Good Is the New Bad
Auradon's annual singing competition has arrived, and the competition is fierce. When each team tries to outshine the other, they eventually realize that they harmonize better when...
20 Nov 2015
E10. Spirit Day
Spirit Day has arrived at Auradon Prep, but when Mal accidentally ends up chanting a spell instead of a cheer, things don't go as planned.
04 Dec 2015
E11. I'm Your Girl
Evie proves herself to be quite the chemist fashionista when she helps Lonnie glow during her performance in Jordan's Fashion Show.
11 Dec 2015
E12. Mash It Up
The girls are back in Jordan's magic lamp as they plan the theme for the upcoming dance at Auradon Prep.
13 Dec 2015
E13. All Hail the New Q.N.L.B.
Evie won't shut up about being selected the new Queen of the Neon Lights Ball.
05 Jul 2016
E14. Mad for Tea
Despite solving multiple dress fiascos, Mal and Evie's good intentions backfire when their help further arises suspicion from the AKs.
06 Jul 2016
E15. Carpet Jacked
Jay and Carlos fail to show up to pick up the girls, so Jane creates a ride instead.
07 Jul 2016
E16. The Night Is Young
When someone cuts the cord to the DJ equipment, Freddie decides to rescue the Neon Lights Ball with her own music.
14 Jul 2016
E17. Neon Lights Out
After Jay and Carlos finally arrive to the Neon Lights Ball, C.J., the daughter of Captain Hook, reveals herself as the thief who's been stealing everyone's possessions.
15 Jul 2016
E18. Hooked on Ben
C.J. attempts to ruin the Neon Lights Ball and recruit Freddie as a partner in crime.
15 Jul 2016
Wish Granted E19. Wish Granted
The girls all pop by into Jordan's Lamp, to plan for the Upcoming Dance at Auradon Prep.
13 Dec 2015
Neon Lights Ball E20. Neon Lights Ball
It's almost time for the Neon Lights Ball at Auradon. But when a Mysterious Fire tries to ruin the Evening, it's up for the Villain Kids to find out the Culprit.
15 Jul 2016
Staffel 2
Season 2
Slumber Party E1. Slumber Party
21 Oct 2016
Odd Mal Out E2. Odd Mal Out
28 Oct 2016
Pair of Sneakers E3. Pair of Sneakers
04 Nov 2016
Wild Rehearsal E4. Wild Rehearsal
11 Nov 2016
Chemical Reaction E5. Chemical Reaction
18 Nov 2016
Talking Heads E6. Talking Heads
02 Dec 2016
Steal Away E7. Steal Away
09 Dec 2016
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