Doctor Who

Als Rose Tyler im Keller eines Geschäftshauses von einem Fremden gerettet wird, der sich schlicht nur "der Doctor" nennt, gerät ihr Leben von dieser Sekunde an komplett durcheinander. Sie realisiert bald, dass sich ihre Mutter, ihr Freund bzw. die gesamte ...

Jahr: 2005

Dauer: 45 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family

Writers: Sydney Newman

Stars: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Matt Smith

IMDb: TT0436992

Bewertung: 8.8/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Prequel to the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe E-1. Prequel to the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Written by Steven Moffat and starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, this exciting Prequel shows what was happening to the Time Lord moments before the explosive start of the Christmas ...
06 Dec 2011
The Ultimate Time Lord E-1. The Ultimate Time Lord
Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, meets the talented people and stars who have helped create the show both past, present and future, and asks 'Who is the Doctor? What makes him tick...
Prequel to A Good Man Goes to War E-1. Prequel to A Good Man Goes to War
As the Doctor prepares to face his darkest hour, key players conspire and a grim warning is given...
28 May 2011
E-1. The Making of the Gunslinger
16 Sep 2012
E-1. Clara and the Tardis
Clara has a conversation with the Tardis, and encounters a surprise.
24 Sep 2013
Time Crash E-1. Time Crash
The Tenth Doctor meets one of his previous incarnations.
16 Nov 2007
Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel E-1. Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel
Madame Vastra finishes a case with Scotland Yard, but continues to worry about The Doctor.
17 Dec 2012
The End of Time: Part One E-1. The End of Time: Part One
The Ood have given a warning to The Doctor. The Master is returning yet that is not the biggest threat. A darkness is coming which brings with it The End of Time.
19 Dec 2012
The Night of the Doctor E-1. The Night of the Doctor
With the aid of the sisterhood of Karn, "The Doctor" regenerates into "The War Doctor".
14 Nov 2013
E-1. Rain Gods
The Doctor and River are about to be sacrificed to the Rain Gods of an unknown planet and the Doctor must come up with a plan to save themselves.
24 Sep 2013
Prequel to Let's Kill Hitler E-1. Prequel to Let's Kill Hitler
The battle of Demon's Run has been fought but the stakes are now higher than ever! As the TARDIS crosses the universe, the Doctor receives a heart-breaking message from Amy... Thei...
15 Aug 2011
E-1. A Ghost Story for Christmas
This mini-story tells of the Weeping Angels and depicts their abduction of a young woman named Julia Hardwick.
24 Dec 2009
E-1. Clarence and the Whispermen
The Whisphermen visits Clarence in his cell. Extended scene from the episode "The Name of the Doctor".
26 May 2013
E-1. The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor contemplates a journey to see and old acquaintance and digs a well.
15 Sep 2015
The Next Doctor E-1. The Next Doctor
The Doctor arrives in London on Christmas Eve in 1851 where he encounters the Cybermen and a man who claims he's a Time Lord called the Doctor.
25 Dec 2008
E-1. Prologue
11 Sep 2015
The Battle of Demon's Run: Two Days Later E-1. The Battle of Demon's Run: Two Days Later
In the aftermath of the battle of Demons Run, a battle-scarred Strax lies dying on the floor - or has he just fainted...
25 Mar 2013
The Waters of Mars E-1. The Waters of Mars
In a Mars base the inhabitants are being infected by a mysterious water creature which takes over its victims. The Doctor is thrust into the middle of this catastrophe knowing a la...
15 Nov 2009
Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks E-1. Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks
The Doctor receives a message from a mysterious hooded stranger - a woman called Darla Von Karlsen wants to meet him...
02 Sep 2012
The End of Time: Part Two E-1. The End of Time: Part Two
With almost everyone on Earth now recast in his image, The Master controls the Earth. He's shocked however when he realises one person hasn't changed; Donna Noble. The Doctor soon ...
19 Dec 2012
E-1. Pond Life
01 Sep 2012
E-1. The Inforarium
In the Doctor's quest to delete all information on him in the universe, he visits the Inforarium, a universal database, in hope to erase himself from it.
24 Sep 2013
The Great Detective E-1. The Great Detective
Matt and Jenna introduce the Doctor Who Christmas Prequel, The Great Detective, in which Vastra, Jenny and Strax try to persuade the grumpy Doctor to engage again.
16 Nov 2012
E-1. She Said, He Said: A Prequel
The Doctor and Clara each deliver a separate monologue summing up their thoughts on each other before the events of "The Name of the Doctor."
11 May 2013
Prequel to the Wedding of River Song E-1. Prequel to the Wedding of River Song
The Doctor's time is running out and he faces a date with death by the shores of Lake Silencio - Meanwhile, in the presence of an old enemy, we hear a prophesy that will change eve...
24 Sep 2011
Prequel to the Impossible Astronaut E-1. Prequel to the Impossible Astronaut
The new series of Doctor Who begins with The Impossible Astronaut. But before that we have a short scene written by Steven Moffat that reveals a little of what we can expect from t...
25 Mar 2011
E-1. Friend from the Future
The Doctor and Bill are chased by a group of Daleks in a short introductory video to present Bill, the new companion, to audiences for the first time.
23 Apr 2016
The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel E-1. The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel
A look at the opening of the first episode of the new season, The Bells of Saint John.
23 Mar 2013
Prequel to the Curse of the Black Spot E-1. Prequel to the Curse of the Black Spot
The third episode of Doctor Who is a scary, action-packed adventure called The Curse of the Black Spot. What evil lurks for the crew in the darkness? Come aboard and watch the spin...
25 Apr 2011
The Time of the Doctor E-1. The Time of the Doctor
The Doctor's worst enemies, The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Angels and The Silence, return, as the doctor's eleventh life comes to a close, and his twelfth life begins.
25 Dec 2013
Planet of the Dead E-1. Planet of the Dead
A meeting in a London bus with jewel thief Lady Christina takes a turn for the worst for the Doctor when the bus takes a detour to a desert-like planet, where the deadly Swarm awai...
11 Apr 2009
The Day of the Doctor E-1. The Day of the Doctor
In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches i...
23 Nov 2013
Staffel 1
Season 1
Rose E1. Rose
Rose Tyler is just an ordinary shop worker living an ordinary life in 21st century Britain. But that life is turned upside down when a strange man calling himself The Doctor drags ...
17 links 26 Jan 2008
The End of the World E2. The End of the World
The Doctor takes Rose to the year 5 billion to witness the destruction of the Earth.
17 links 26 Jan 2008
The Unquiet Dead E3. The Unquiet Dead
The Doctor has great expectations for his latest adventure when he and Rose join forces with Charles Dickens to investigate a mysterious plague of zombies.
17 links 02 Feb 2008
Aliens of London E4. Aliens of London
The Doctor returns Rose to her own time - well, sort of - but her family reunion is ruined when a spaceship crashes in the middle of London. What is the origin of the spaceship, an...
17 links 02 Feb 2008
World War Three E5. World War Three
The fiendish Slitheen have been unmasked as the ones who crashed the spaceship into London as part of a ruse to trigger World War Three. But how can The Doctor save the planet when...
17 links 09 Feb 2008
Dalek E6. Dalek
The Doctor and Rose travel to the year 2012 and land in a museum of extra-terrestrial objects accumulated by the very wealthy Henry van Statten. He's an avid collector - the TARDIS...
17 links 09 Feb 2008
E7. The Long Game
The Doctor and Rose arrive in the year 200,000 to see The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. But something has gone wrong - someone is holding back the development of mankind...
17 links 13 Apr 2008
Father's Day E8. Father's Day
All of her life, Rose's mother told how great a man her father Pete was. He was killed by a hit and run driver when Rose was just a baby and among her many regrets was that her fat...
17 links 20 Apr 2008
The Empty Child E9. The Empty Child
Rose and the Doctor find themselves in 1941 London when the TARDIS receives an emergency signal from another time-traveling vehicle. While the Doctor tries to determine where the o...
17 links 27 Apr 2008
The Doctor Dances E10. The Doctor Dances
The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack Harkness are still in the hospital with the gas mask-wearing mutants and are having some trouble finding a way out. The Doctor determines that the...
17 links 04 May 2008
Boom Town E11. Boom Town
Stopping off in present-day Cardiff to recharge the TARDIS, The Doctor, Rose and Jack encounter an old foe in the midst of hatching a scheme that could destroy the entire planet.
17 links 18 May 2008
E12. Bad Wolf
Jack, The Doctor and Rose have been kidnapped and forced to play terrible and deadly games. But what happens to the bodies of the murdered contestants? And what sinister plot do th...
17 links 25 May 2008
The Parting of the Ways E13. The Parting of the Ways
The Dalek fleet is poised to destroy the Earth and only The Doctor, Rose, Jack and a band of television producers can stop them.
01 Jun 2008
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Christmas Invasion E0. The Christmas Invasion
It's Christmas Eve, but this is to be a far from silent night - the cruel Sycorax have come to Earth to enslave mankind and, as ever, only The Doctor can stop them. Unfortunately, ...
08 Jun 2008
New Earth E1. New Earth
As Rose Tyler embarks upon her first big TARDIS adventure with the newly-regenerated Doctor, they discover a sinister hospital run by strange cat people and run in to two old acqua...
17 links 08 Jun 2008
Tooth and Claw E2. Tooth and Claw
The Doctor and Rose are transported to 19th Century Scotland, where they meet Queen Victoria, and try to protect her from a ravenous werewolf and a band of assassinating warrior-mo...
17 links 15 Jun 2008
E3. School Reunion
The Krillitanes - aliens with a mix-and-match physiology - are trying to crack the 'God-Maker', a paradigm to give them ultimate power. They are using children as a computer, and o...
17 links 22 Jun 2008
The Girl in the Fireplace E4. The Girl in the Fireplace
The Doctor, Mickey and Rose land on a spaceship in the 51st century only to find 18th century Versailles on board, the time of Madame De Pompadour! To find out what's going on the ...
17 links 29 Jun 2008
E5. Rise of the Cybermen
Upon landing on an alternate version of the Earth, The Doctor, Rose and Mickey learn that Peter Tyler is apparently alive and well. Lurking in the shadows are creatures made to des...
17 links 06 Jul 2008
The Age of Steel E6. The Age of Steel
Lumic's army of cybermen is on the rise, and with more and more people being converted by the hour, time is of the essence. The gang are reduced to fugitives as they roam the stree...
17 links 13 Jul 2008
The Idiot's Lantern E7. The Idiot's Lantern
In 1950s London, the police are hunting down strange, mute creatures. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronati...
17 links 20 Jul 2008
The Impossible Planet E8. The Impossible Planet
The TARDIS lands on an alien planet shrouded in a darkness that even the Doctor can't figure out. And what is lurking at the bottom of The Satan Pit?
16 links 27 Jul 2008
The Satan Pit E9. The Satan Pit
As Rose battles the murderous Ood, the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the black hole, the ...
16 links 03 Aug 2008
Love & Monsters E10. Love & Monsters
A run in with the Doctor at a young age leads Elton to a group who's studying him, they become friends and have a laugh until Victor Kennedy arrives. Suddenly everything becomes mo...
17 links 10 Aug 2008
Fear Her E11. Fear Her
The Doctor and Rose travel to London in 2012 to see the Olympics - only to find that children are mysteriously disappearing before peoples very eyes. The answer seems to lie with a...
17 links 17 Aug 2008
Army of Ghosts E12. Army of Ghosts
As the ghosts of loved ones appear, the whole world celebrates. But as the Doctor investigates he believes that there is a more sinister motive behind their appearence. And deep wi...
17 links 24 Aug 2008
E13. Doomsday
Earth becomes the battlefield for the greatest and deadliest war of all time, as the Daleks and the Cybermen clash with the whole universe at stake. The Doctor and Rose, reunited w...
17 links 31 Aug 2008
Staffel 3
Season 3
The Runaway Bride E0. The Runaway Bride
The Doctor is baffled when a young woman is transported to the TARDIS on her wedding day, and attempts to find out how she is connected to an alien plot to destroy Earth.
12 Sep 2012
Smith and Jones E1. Smith and Jones
When the hospital she works at is transported to the moon, medical student Martha Jones joins forces with The Doctor to hunt down an alien fugitive before the oxygen runs out.
17 links 12 Sep 2012
E2. The Shakespeare Code
The Doctor takes Martha to London in 1599, where William Shakespeare's new play is being used by three witches in an evil plan.
17 links 19 Sep 2012
E3. Gridlock
The Doctor takes Martha to New Earth, where she is kidnapped by two carjackers and taken to an underground Motorway, where the remainder of humanity on the planet live in perpetual...
17 links 19 Sep 2012
Daleks in Manhattan E4. Daleks in Manhattan
The Doctor and Martha travel to New York in 1930, where people have been mysteriously vanishing from the streets, and an old enemy resurfaces.
17 links 26 Sep 2012
Evolution of the Daleks E5. Evolution of the Daleks
Concluding part to Daleks in Manhattan. In 1930s New York, the Daleks' plan is in full force. Faced with the cyborgs' most evil and dangerous scheme yet, will the Doctor and Martha...
17 links 26 Sep 2012
The Lazarus Experiment E6. The Lazarus Experiment
The famous Dr Lazarus has appeared to discover the secret of eternal youth - but do his experiments hide a sinister secret?
18 links 03 Oct 2012
E7. 42
On a spaceship headed straight for the center of the sun, The Doctor only has 42 minutes to save Martha and the rest of the ship's crew from an inevitable doom...
17 links 03 Oct 2012
Human Nature E8. Human Nature
In 1913, Martha watches in jealousy from afar as The Doctor learns what it is to be human and to fall in love with the local school nurse, Joan Redfern.
17 links 10 Oct 2012
The Family of Blood E9. The Family of Blood
The Doctor must deal with the repercussions of his decision to become human, as The Family Of Blood unveil themselves...
17 links 10 Oct 2012
Blink E10. Blink
Sally Sparrow receives a cryptic message from the Doctor about a mysterious new enemy species that is after the TARDIS.
17 links 17 Oct 2012
Utopia E11. Utopia
Soon after bumping into old friend Jack Harkness, Martha and The Doctor head off to Malcassairo, a distant planet where an old professor will do anything he can to keep his people ...
17 links 17 Oct 2012
E12. The Sound of Drums
The Doctor, Martha and Jack return to the 21st Century eighteen months after the Doctor and Martha left. They find they've missed the election, and the new Prime Minister, Harold S...
17 links 24 Oct 2012
Last of the Time Lords E13. Last of the Time Lords
It's been a year since The Master unleashed the mysterious Toclafane onto Earth. With the human race and The Doctor enslaved under The Master's control, Martha Jones is the only pe...
17 links 24 Oct 2012
Staffel 4
Season 4
Voyage of the Damned E0. Voyage of the Damned
The Doctor finds his TARDIS colliding with a spaceship based on the RMS Titanic during a Christmas party. With the help of a waitress named Astrid, the Doctor must take on the race...
31 Oct 2012
Partners in Crime E1. Partners in Crime
With a new weight-loss pill tested in London by Adipose Industries, The Doctor goes to investigate the sinister truth behind the product, only to find out that his old friend Donna...
17 links 31 Oct 2012
The Fires of Pompeii E2. The Fires of Pompeii
The Doctor and Donna visit Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
17 links 12 Apr 2008
Planet of the Ood E3. Planet of the Ood
Finding themselves on the Ood-Sphere planet in the 42nd century, The Doctor and Donna discover the truth over the Ood's willingness to serve humankind.
17 links 19 Apr 2008
The Sontaran Stratagem E4. The Sontaran Stratagem
UNIT's newest recruit Martha Jones enlists The Doctor's help to investigate kid genius Luke Rattigan and his ATMOS system that is used in every car on Earth.
18 links 26 Apr 2008
The Poison Sky E5. The Poison Sky
With planet Earth choking under the poison sky, the Doctor must stop the Sontarans' threat to the planet.
18 links 03 May 2008
The Doctor's Daughter E6. The Doctor's Daughter
Caught in the middle of a war between the Humans and the Hath in the planet Messaline, the Doctor finds himself once again a father.
18 links 10 May 2008
The Unicorn and the Wasp E7. The Unicorn and the Wasp
With a 1920s dinner party turning into a murder mystery, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her publicized disappearance.
16 links 17 May 2008
Silence in the Library E8. Silence in the Library
The Doctor and Donna join a group of archaeologists at a 51st century library. What caused the library to become abandoned? What are the Nodes? And what links the library to one li...
18 links 31 May 2008
Forest of the Dead E9. Forest of the Dead
With the library darkening, the Doctor takes on the Vashta Nerada while figuring out what links River Song to his future. Meanwhile, Donna finds out the mystery of Dr. Moon and the...
18 links 07 Jun 2008
Midnight E10. Midnight
As part of a well-deserved holiday, the Doctor takes a bus tour on the planet Midnight. Little does he know that something is knocking on that bus' wall...
18 links 14 Jun 2008
Turn Left E11. Turn Left
What would happen if Donna never met the Doctor? How would Earth handle the Racnoss, the falling Titanic or the Sontarans? Aided by a familiar blonde time traveler, Donna corrects ...
18 links 21 Jun 2008
The Stolen Earth E12. The Stolen Earth
The return of an old enemy leaves Earth along with 26 other planets stolen from their places. As the Doctor and Donna look for the whereabouts of Earth, former companions of the Do...
17 links 28 Jun 2008
Journey's End E13. Journey's End
In the wake of Davros' threat to destroy the existence of the Universe itself, the Doctor's companions unite to stop the Dalek empire. Which one will die by the prophecies and what...
17 links 05 Jul 2008
Staffel 5
Season 5
E1. The Eleventh Hour
With his TARDIS in ruins, the newly-regenerated Doctor with the help of Amy Pond must save the world in less than twenty minutes from galactic policemen known as the Atraxi.
17 links 21 Dec 2011
E2. The Beast Below
The Doctor takes Amy to the future inside Starship UK, which contains in addition to British explorers, an intimidating race known as the Smilers.
17 links 21 Dec 2011
Victory of the Daleks E3. Victory of the Daleks
The TARDIS takes The Doctor and Amy to war-torn Britain in the middle of World War Two. Not only do they meet Winston Churchill himself, but the Doctor comes face to face once agai...
17 links 28 Dec 2011
E4. The Time of Angels
The Doctor and Amy emerge from the TARDIS to find the wreck of the Byzantium spaceship. Down below the Weeping Angels are stirring, but the Doctor has someone else to contend with;...
17 links 28 Dec 2011
E5. Flesh and Stone
The Doctor, Amy, Dr. Song and the remaining soldiers manage to escape from the crashed ship and into the forest. The Angels attempt to create a rift in time and space much as the D...
04 Jan 2012
E6. The Vampires of Venice
The Doctor and Amy cross swords in more ways than one with a horde of blood-sucking vampires in 16th century Venice.
17 links 04 Jan 2012
E7. Amy's Choice
Five years after finally leaving the TARDIS Amy and Rory now married, live in the quiet little village of Leadworth. But everything is not what it would seem.
17 links 11 Jan 2012
E8. The Hungry Earth
The Doctor tries to get everyone to Rio, but nothing quite goes as planned. They arrive in a small Welsh village where the Doctor immediately senses that the ground isn't quite rig...
17 links 11 Jan 2012
E9. Cold Blood
The Doctor and Nasreen Chaudry go deep underground and find an ancient society that has been disturbed by the drilling. They are gassed and taken prisoner just as Amy manages to fr...
17 links 18 Jan 2012
Vincent and the Doctor E10. Vincent and the Doctor
Visiting a museum, the Doctor and Amy are especially excited with the gallery for Vincent van Gogh. Many of van Gogh pieces are displayed, including "The Church at Auvers (1890)". ...
17 links 18 Jan 2012
E11. The Lodger
No sooner does the TARDIS land on Earth that it leaves again - but without the Doctor who had just stepped outside. The Doctor soon finds himself at the home of Craig Owens, who ha...
18 links 25 Jan 2012
E12. The Pandorica Opens
River Song returns to deliver The Doctor a serious warning from his allies: the mythical Pandorica, said to contain the most feared creature in the entire Universe, is opening.
18 links 25 Jan 2012
E13. The Big Bang
The Daleks, Cybermen and others have imprisoned in the Pandorica the most dangerous creature in the universe - the Doctor, who they say will in the future destroy the universe. Mov...
18 links 01 Feb 2012
Staffel 6
Season 6
A Christmas Carol E0. A Christmas Carol
A space liner, with a large number of passengers aboard, is in difficulties while flying through the atmosphere of an unknown planet. Amy and Rory have been spending some time on b...
01 Feb 2012
The Impossible Astronaut E1. The Impossible Astronaut
River Song, Rory, The Doctor and Amy are reunited in the Utah desert
17 links 08 Feb 2012
Day of the Moon E2. Day of the Moon
Still in 1969, the Doctor has come to the conclusion that the alien creatures are only seen when they directly look at them. As soon as you look away, any memory of their presence ...
18 links 08 Feb 2012
The Curse of the Black Spot E3. The Curse of the Black Spot
On board a 17th century pirate ship sailing the ocean waves, a crew under the command of one Captain Avery are being picked off one by one by a ghostly apparition. They believe it ...
18 links 15 Feb 2012
The Doctor's Wife E4. The Doctor's Wife
While traveling in the TARDIS with Rory and Amy, the Doctor hears a knock on the TARDIS doors. Bewildered and no doubt curious, he answers, only to be presented with a mysterious b...
18 links 15 Feb 2012
The Rebel Flesh E5. The Rebel Flesh
The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in a future Earth where a small group of humans operate a plant extracting highly dangerous chemicals. To minimize the danger to themselves, they cr...
18 links 22 Feb 2012
The Almost People E6. The Almost People
As the dopplegangers - 'gangers' for short - fight their makers, both Doctors, the real one and his ganger, try to find a way to restore the power and get everyone off the island. ...
18 links 22 Feb 2012
A Good Man Goes to War E7. A Good Man Goes to War
A member of The Doctor's team has been abducted and he will call in every favor and maybe even go to war to get him/her back.
18 links 29 Feb 2012
Let's Kill Hitler E8. Let's Kill Hitler
In the desperate search for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in Thirties Berlin, as the time-travelling drama returns for the second half of the series shown earlier in the year...
17 links 29 Feb 2012
Night Terrors E9. Night Terrors
A young boy living in a tower block on a council estate sends out, unknowingly, a psychic distress call transmitted to the Doctor's 'psychic paper'. When the doctor and his associa...
18 links 07 Mar 2012
The Girl Who Waited E10. The Girl Who Waited
Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague which could kill the doctor in minutes if he were to catch it. So Rory is the only one who can go into the fa...
19 links 07 Mar 2012
The God Complex E11. The God Complex
The Doctor, Amy and Rory become trapped in a hotel of horrors unable to escape and unable to find the TARDIS. The Doctor must save as many people as he can taking many twists and s...
18 links 14 Mar 2012
Closing Time E12. Closing Time
After traveling for 200 years and leaving messages for Amy Pond across time and space, the Doctor realizes his time is up, its time to settle down and accept his future at Lake Sil...
18 links 14 Mar 2012
The Wedding of River Song E13. The Wedding of River Song
It's April 22, 2011 the day the Doctor is supposed to die but time seems to be stuck at 5:02 p.m. London streets are clogged not only with automobiles but also Roman chariots; pter...
18 links 21 Mar 2012
Staffel 7
Season 7
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe E0. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
It's Christmas Eve, 1938, when Madge Arwell comes to the aid of an injured Spaceman Angel as she cycles home. He promises to repay her kindness - all she has to do is make a wish. ...
21 Mar 2012
Asylum of the Daleks E1. Asylum of the Daleks
The Doctor along with an Amy and Rory who are headed for divorce are kidnapped by the Daleks. They find themselves before the Dalek Parliament and the Doctor is quite surprised whe...
18 links 24 Dec 2012
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship E2. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
After a lengthy absence, the Doctor returns to Earth and scoops up up Amy and Rory for yet another adventure. He also manages somehow to include Rory's dad, Brian Williams. Those a...
17 links 25 Dec 2012
E3. A Town Called Mercy
The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun), and finds himself the reluctant Sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg who goes by the name of The Gunslinger. But who ...
17 links 25 Dec 2012
E4. The Power of Three
Earth is suddenly visited by millions of small black cubes of unknown origin. The Doctor joins Amy, Rory and Rory's father, Brian, to help discover what these cubes bring for human...
17 links 25 Dec 2012
E5. The Angels Take Manhattan
The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to New York, where the Weeping Angels are waiting for them. River Song returns.
17 links 26 Dec 2012
The Snowmen E6. The Snowmen
London, 1892. Snow is trying to evolve, feeding off of the nightmares of a little girl. But the Doctor has given up on saving the world. It is up to a young governess named Clara t...
16 links 26 Dec 2012
The Bells of Saint John E7. The Bells of Saint John
A chance phone call reunites the Doctor with Clara in the present day. A mysterious organization, lead by the evil Miss Kizlet, sends robots known as "Spoonheads" to steal the mind...
16 links 12 Jun 2013
The Rings of Akhaten E8. The Rings of Akhaten
Still not quite able to explain just who she is, the Doctor and Clara set off on their first adventure. He takes her to see the Rings of Akhaten and its famous pyramid. The residen...
17 links 19 Jun 2013
Cold War E9. Cold War
The Doctor and Clara find themselves dealing with Cold War tensions when the TARDIS lands aboard a disabled Soviet ballistic submarine. The Doctor isn't the only alien being on boa...
17 links 13 Apr 2013
E10. Hide
The Doctor and Clara arrive at an old manor house in 1974 where Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling are investigating the existence of a ghost. Alec is a former army Major, now a psychol...
17 links 03 Jul 2013
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS E11. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
The Doctor and Clara find themselves aboard a space freighter that has taken the TARDIS on-board as salvage. While the Doctor is ejected, Clara finds herself wandering through the ...
17 links 10 Jul 2013
The Crimson Horror E12. The Crimson Horror
The Doctor and Clara arrive in 19th century Yorkshire where moral crusader Mrs Gillyflower is recruiting beautiful people for her idyllic garden city. At the same time rigid corpse...
17 links 17 Jul 2013
Nightmare in Silver E13. Nightmare in Silver
Hedgewick's World of Wonders was once the greatest theme park in the galaxy, but it's now the dilapidated home to a shabby showman, a chess playing dwarf and a dysfunctional army p...
17 links 24 Jul 2013
The Name of the Doctor E14. The Name of the Doctor
The Doctor's friends are being kidnapped, which leads him to the fields of Trenzalore, where his greatest secret will be revealed and Clara's mystery will be solved.
17 links 31 Jul 2013
Staffel 8
Season 8
Deep Breath E1. Deep Breath
When the newly-regenerated doctor arrives in Victorian London, he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.
16 links 23 Aug 2014
Into the Dalek E2. Into the Dalek
The Doctor and Clara find themselves inside of a supposedly good Dalek.
17 links 30 Aug 2014
Robot of Sherwood E3. Robot of Sherwood
In Sherwood forest, the Doctor finds an evil plan from outer space and makes an alliance with Robin Hood. With Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fa...
17 links 06 Sep 2014
Listen E4. Listen
When ghosts of past and future crowd into their lives, The Doctor and Clara are thrown into an adventure that takes them to the very end of the universe.
17 links 13 Sep 2014
Time Heist E5. Time Heist
The Doctor and Clara must break into the most secure bank in the universe.
17 links 20 Sep 2014
The Caretaker E6. The Caretaker
The terrifying Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity - but worse, and any second now, Danny Pink and the Doctor are going to meet.
17 links 27 Sep 2014
Kill the Moon E7. Kill the Moon
In the near future, the Doctor and Clara find themselves on a space shuttle making a suicide mission to the Moon. Crash-landing on the lunar surface they find the most terrible thi...
17 links 04 Oct 2014
Mummy on the Orient Express E8. Mummy on the Orient Express
On the most beautiful train in history, speeding amongst the stars of the future, a deadly and immortal creature is stalking the passengers.
17 links 11 Oct 2014
Flatline E9. Flatline
A problem happens with the Tardis, trapping the Doctor inside and leaving Clara to fend for herself against a two dimensional enemy.
17 links 18 Oct 2014
In the Forest of the Night E10. In the Forest of the Night
One morning in London, and every city and town in the world, the human race wakes up to the most surprising invasion yet: the trees have moved back in. Everywhere, in every land, a...
17 links 25 Oct 2014
Dark Water E11. Dark Water
In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn. Old friends and old enemies manoeuvre around the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming over him.
17 links 01 Nov 2014
E12. Death in Heaven
With Cybermen on the streets of London, old friends unite against old enemies and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role. As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, s...
17 links 08 Nov 2014
Staffel 9
Season 9
E0. Last Christmas
The Doctor and Clara face their Last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!
25 Dec 2014
The Magician's Apprentice E1. The Magician's Apprentice
When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend, the Doctor. But where is he and what is he hiding from?
15 links 19 Sep 2015
The Witch's Familiar E2. The Witch's Familiar
Trapped and alone in a terrifying Dalek city, the Doctor is at the heart of an evil Empire; no sonic, no TARDIS, nobody to help. With his greatest temptation before him, can the Do...
15 links 26 Sep 2015
Under the Lake E3. Under the Lake
Under a lake a gleaming black spaceship is recovered but there is nothing inside. When the base crew start dying, they discover that ghosts are real. The Doctor and Clara arrive to...
15 links 03 Oct 2015
Before the Flood E4. Before the Flood
In a town that never was, the Doctor and his friends are being stalked by a mysterious figure. With the past and future in the balance, can the Doctor stop the evil Fisher King? An...
15 links 10 Oct 2015
The Girl Who Died E5. The Girl Who Died
In a Viking village, a girl named Ashildr is about to make a desperate mistake. The Mire are the deadliest mercenaries in the galaxy, famed for showing no mercy and Ashildr has jus...
15 links 17 Oct 2015
The Woman Who Lived E6. The Woman Who Lived
England, 1651. A deadly highwayman known only as 'The Knightmare' plagues the dark streets of London, his fire-breathing accomplice by his side. There's something clearly more than...
15 links 24 Oct 2015
The Zygon Invasion E7. The Zygon Invasion
The fragile peace between the Humans and the Zygons is on a knife edge. Tensions run high as factions within the Zygon community seek to incite violent action against Humans. Calle...
16 links 31 Oct 2015
The Zygon Inversion E8. The Zygon Inversion
With the Zygons invading England, and UNIT neutralized, the Doctor stands alone to stop the Zygons from taking over the entire planet. But how can he stop the Zygons? And how can h...
16 links 07 Nov 2015
E9. Sleep No More
Vision recovered from the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station shows how the Doctor and Clara became entangled in a rescue mission. As the footage plays out, a horrifying secret is...
16 links 14 Nov 2015
E10. Face the Raven
The Doctor and Clara are called back to earth when Rigsy discovers a strange tattoo on the back of his neck that appears to be counting down to zero. Their investigation leads them...
15 links 21 Nov 2015
E11. Heaven Sent
Trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen, the Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives. One final test. And he must face it alone...
15 links 28 Nov 2015
Hell Bent E12. Hell Bent
If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts... how far might the Doctor go? Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a s...
15 links 05 Dec 2015
The Husbands of River Song E13. The Husbands of River Song
When a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song's squad and hurled into a chase across the galaxy.
15 links 25 Dec 2015
Staffel 10
Season 10
E0. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Doctor Who Christmas Special of 2016.
25 Dec 2016
A Star in Her Eye E1. A Star in Her Eye
15 Apr 2017
Smile E2. Smile
22 Apr 2017
Thin Ice E3. Thin Ice
29 Apr 2017
The Haunted Hub E4. The Haunted Hub
06 May 2017
Oxygen E5. Oxygen
13 May 2017
Extremis E6. Extremis
20 May 2017
The Pyramid at the End of the World E7. The Pyramid at the End of the World
27 May 2017
The Lie of the Land E8. The Lie of the Land
03 Jun 2017
The Eaters of Light E9. The Eaters of Light
10 Jun 2017
The Empress of Mars E10. The Empress of Mars
10 Jun 2017
World Enough and Time E11. World Enough and Time
24 Jun 2017
The Doctor Falls E12. The Doctor Falls
01 Jul 2017
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