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In each story, Venetian detective commissioner Guido Brunetti investigates and solves one or more crimes, usually including murder, in the doges' city, with some help from uniformed ... See full summary »

Jahr: 2000

Dauer: 90 min

Genres: Crime

Stars: Karl Fischer, Michael Degen, Annett Renneberg

IMDb: TT0896667

Bewertung: 7/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Commissario Brunetti E-1. Commissario Brunetti
18 Jul 2016
Endlich mein E-1. Endlich mein
29 Mar 2018
Staffel 1
Season 1
Vendetta E1. Vendetta
Inspector Brunetti uncovers, through a series of seemingly unrelated "deaths", a human trafficking operation.
12 Oct 2000
Venezianische Scharade E2. Venezianische Scharade
16 Oct 2000
Staffel 2
Season 2
In Sachen Signora Brunetti E1. In Sachen Signora Brunetti
Commissario Guido Brunetti can't concentrate on the case of a brave pizzeria boss who dares testify against mob extortion, because his immature wife Paolo gets him suspended by con...
10 Oct 2002
Nobiltà E2. Nobiltà
17 Oct 2002
Staffel 3
Season 3
Venezianisches Finale E1. Venezianisches Finale
Star orchestral director Helmut Wellauer is poisoned in his lodge. Commissario Brunetti has to sift lots of suspects, as the brilliant Maestro made countless enemies by ruining col...
23 Oct 2003
Feine Freunde E2. Feine Freunde
Commissario Brunetti risks losing his home when city zoning officer Signor Rossi notifies the building permit wasn't obtained correctly. Brunetii rightly suspects a foul when Rossi...
31 Oct 2003
Staffel 4
Season 4
Sanft entschlafen E1. Sanft entschlafen
Brunetti examines a series of suspicious deaths in the church-run seniors rest home where his mother resides, who refuses to move in with him so long. Suspicion falls on the secret...
28 Oct 2004
Acqua alta E2. Acqua alta
Venetian museum director Francesco Semenzato agreed archaeologist Brett Lynch about Chinese vases exhibited in his Oriental Art museum, but she's beaten up to scare her off, as loc...
11 Nov 2004
Staffel 5
Season 5
Beweise, dass es böse ist E1. Beweise, dass es böse ist
While the Brunettis were on literary trip to England, Vice-Questore Patta personally conducted an investigated, assisted by sycophant Alvise, into the murder of a rich, generally h...
13 Oct 2005
Verschwiegene Kanäle E2. Verschwiegene Kanäle
In Venice's prestigious military academy San Martino, cadet Enrico LMoro, son of tycoon , is found hanging from a rope in the locker-room. Forensiocs confirm Brunetti's doubts if i...
10 Nov 2005
Staffel 6
Season 6
Endstation Venedig E1. Endstation Venedig
US Army sergeant Michael Foster, a health inspector from the nearby Vicenza NATO base, is stabbed and dumped in Venice's Canale Grande, no robbery since cocaine was left on him. Th...
19 Oct 2006
Das Gesetz der Lagune E2. Das Gesetz der Lagune
Commissario Guido Brunetti finds nobody willing to talk in an island's 'clam-closed' fishermen community, where illegal crustacean harvesting is common. An unpopular fisherman and ...
02 Nov 2006
Staffel 7
Season 7
Die dunkle Stunde der Serenissima E1. Die dunkle Stunde der Serenissima
When commissioner Brunetti's wife's college student Claudia Leonardo asks his help to see if an innocently convicted 'war criminal' can be rehabilitated, he refers her to a barrist...
15 May 2008
Blutige Steine E2. Blutige Steine
Desperately searching for a birthday present for his wife, Venetian police commissioner Brunetti stumbles by the canal where an African is shot by a hit-man using a silencer. The v...
22 May 2008
Staffel 8
Season 8
Wie durch ein dunkles Glas E1. Wie durch ein dunkles Glas
Venetian police commissioner Guido Brunetti examined the murder of Giovanni De Cal, a traditional Murano glass blowing entrepreneur, found literally scorched in front of an oven al...
22 Oct 2009
Staffel 9
Season 9
Lasset die Kinder zu mir kommen E1. Lasset die Kinder zu mir kommen
07 Oct 2010
Staffel 10
Season 10
Das Mädchen seiner Träume E2. Das Mädchen seiner Träume
Grandma Amelia Brunetti's death depresses the family, especially Rafi, who volunteers to clear her seniors home room and thus discovers her last romantic episode. The commissioner ...
28 Apr 2011
Staffel 11
Season 11
Schöner Schein E1. Schöner Schein
Venetian transport firm chief Stefano Ranzatois is murdered at home. Commissario Guido Brunetti works out it's fruit cargo was a cover for an illegal waste disposal business. It's ...
14 Apr 2012
Staffel 12
Season 12
Auf Treu und Glauben E1. Auf Treu und Glauben
Commissario Guido Brunetti finally takes his family on holiday in South Tyrol, but is called back to scorching-hot Venice after the high-profile murder of court bailiff Araldo Font...
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Staffel 13
Season 13
Reiches Erbe E1. Reiches Erbe
Lonely widow Costanza Altavilla was strangled at home, after reporting hence-fired ex-con orderly Sergio Cuccetti's multiple malpractice in a poorly funded rest home which she freq...
01 May 2014
Staffel 14
Season 14
Tierische Profite E1. Tierische Profite
A well-reputed retired Verona veterinary professor's fatally stabbed corpse was dumped in a Venice canal. He worked in a slaughterhouse belonging to tycoon Maurizio De Rivera, who ...
23 Apr 2015
Staffel 15
Season 15
Das goldene Ei E1. Das goldene Ei
Laundrette delivery boy Davide collapses from a fatal overdose cardiac medicine while delivering Bruneti's wife's laundry. Devout mother Ana Cavanella, whose sister Maria Pia runs ...
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