Drogen im Visier

Weltweit hat der Handel mit harten Drogen Hochkonjunktur, und die Gründe dafür liegen auf der Hand: In keiner anderen Branche werden größere Summen umgesetzt, und nirgendwo sonst sind die Gewinnmargen so exorbitant hoch wie im Drogengeschäft – ganz egal, o...

Jahr: 2010

Genres: Crime, Documentary

Stars: Mike Secher, Alex Cameron Dimez, Derrick Hesselein

IMDb: TT1688779

Bewertung: 8/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Breakdown E-1. Breakdown
29 Jun 2014
Cokeland E-1. Cokeland
After being rocked by a corruption scandal and a budget deficit in the range of $58,000,000, the city's police department's staffing and morale are in bad shape. National Geographi...
09 Jul 2014
London Party Girls E-1. London Party Girls
Snitch Cities E-1. Snitch Cities
Minneapolis and Saint Paul are home to some of the purest heroin in the US and police are turning to informants to find the dealers. With a unique insight into the life of a mobile...
06 Aug 2014
The High Wire E-1. The High Wire
Baltimore has one of the biggest heroin problems in the world. The area of Pennsylvania Ave. alone takes $10 million a year from heroin sales. The booming business is expanding out...
27 Aug 2014
Dope-landia E-1. Dope-landia
Portland, the homeless mecca of US youth, attracts people who take advantage of the city's generous social services. These are the customers that fund the deadliest drug market in ...
23 Jul 2014
Cannabis E-1. Cannabis
04 Dec 2010
Business Behind Bars E-1. Business Behind Bars
Drug organizations capitalize on the freedom of those in their employ. It's law enforcement's job to take these drug dealers off the street. Unfortunately, some inmates find new li...
25 Nov 2015
Dealer POV E-1. Dealer POV
03 Sep 2014
Episode dated 26 September 2013 E-1. Episode dated 26 September 2013
26 Sep 2013
Episode dated 3 October 2013 E-1. Episode dated 3 October 2013
03 Oct 2013
The Living Dead E-1. The Living Dead
There is a world where the norm is living from hit to hit. The dark side of drug use rears its ugly head when those who have fallen into its deadly grip can no longer see the reali...
04 Nov 2015
Chasing the High E-1. Chasing the High
From the Silicon Valley to international cities across the globe, dealers balance the need to hold enough merchandise to make a profit with keeping the law at bay. But with the ove...
15 Jun 2016
Boston Benzo Buzz E-1. Boston Benzo Buzz
With unprecedented access to the Boston's dealers, users, and law enforcement, this revealing program shows how shadowy Dominican drug organizations are becoming more powerful and ...
03 Sep 2014
PCP in DC E-1. PCP in DC
Washington, DC was once "Crack City" and THE Murder Capitol of the US. But after 9/11, a massive hike in police presence made drugs scarce. Those that did reach the streets were of...
16 Jul 2014
Memphis Mayhem E-1. Memphis Mayhem
In Memphis, addicts are switching to heroin and dealers, flush with cash, are attracting deadly stick-up crews. Cops find themselves confronted by paranoid and trigger-happy dealer...
30 Jul 2014
Salt Lake Sinners E-1. Salt Lake Sinners
Salt Lake City is one of the safest cities in the U.S. behind its idyllic veneer, it's in the grips of a drug epidemic.
02 Jul 2014
Cartel Chaos E-1. Cartel Chaos
From big-time distributors to small-time dealers, cartels play a significant role in the drug game. Some reap the financial rewards within cartel rules, while others work hard for ...
03 Jan 2015
Grim Reaper E-1. Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper sheds light on the dark side of the drug trade. From the hit man, to the DEA, to the dealers and users, Drugs, Inc. examines the business of drugs when lives are lost.
11 Nov 2015
Holi-Daze E-1. Holi-Daze
Follow the rise in demand for narcotics during Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Independence Day, and New Year's Eve, through the eyes of dealers, law enforcement and users.
18 Nov 2015
Molly Madness E-1. Molly Madness
For many, Atlanta's night life is fuelled by drugs and one of the hottest is 'Molly'. From raves to AK47-toting dealers, Molly is all over the city. In the hands of the new generat...
13 Aug 2014
The Inside Man E-1. The Inside Man
09 Nov 2014
Staffel 1
Season 1
Cocaine E1. Cocaine
A dealer makes a drop at a Hollywood red carpet event; a family hustles paste through a Peruvian forest; a US Customs stealth plane tracks an aircraft landing on a Guatemalan beach...
7 links 11 Jul 2010
Meth E2. Meth
In Montana's wilderness, man poses the greatest threat to drug smugglers crossing the Canadian/American border. Long winters, boredom and isolation, fuel addicts' urgency for drugs...
8 links 11 Jul 2010
Heroin E3. Heroin
8 links 12 Jul 2010
Marijuana E4. Marijuana
8 links 12 Jul 2010
Staffel 2
Season 2
Crack E1. Crack
6 links 01 Jan 2012
Hash E2. Hash
8 links 01 Jan 2012
Ecstasy E3. Ecstasy
8 links 08 Jan 2012
Hallucinogens E4. Hallucinogens
7 links 15 Jan 2012
Ketamine E5. Ketamine
7 links 22 Jan 2012
Pill Nation E6. Pill Nation
8 links 29 Jan 2012
Designer Drugs E7. Designer Drugs
8 links 04 Feb 2012
Grand Theft Auto E8. Grand Theft Auto
8 links 19 Feb 2012
Underworld Inc. Grand E16. Underworld Inc. Grand
13 Feb 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
High Stakes Vegas E1. High Stakes Vegas
The gambling mecca Sin City plays host to 40 million tourists a year. In storm drains beneath the Las Vegas strip, homeless addicts get high on crack in underground shanties, while...
7 links 21 Oct 2012
Alaska Heroin Rush E2. Alaska Heroin Rush
Alaska has a dark secret : it has one of the biggest drug problems in America. We'll get a firsthand look at the effects of heroin and the withdrawal symptoms involved in using the...
7 links
Hawaiian Ice E3. Hawaiian Ice
In Hawaii, which has one of the highest rates of crystal meth users in the nation, National Geographic Channel cameras follow along on a raid to a drug trafficker's house to discov...
8 links 11 Nov 2012
Drug Kings of New York E4. Drug Kings of New York
New York City is in the grip of a heroin epidemic, as a new generation of middle-class suburbanite dealers hooked on prescription pills switch to heroin, and venture down the Long ...
18 Nov 2012
Hurricane Blow E5. Hurricane Blow
The devastating consequences of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana resulted in a wave of small-scale drug dealers taking over the streets of New Orleans. As a means of coping with depr...
8 links 25 Nov 2012
Meth Boom Montana E6. Meth Boom Montana
8 links 09 Dec 2012
Hollywood High E7. Hollywood High
7 links 16 Dec 2012
Zombie Island E8. Zombie Island
The local drug scene casts a dark shadow on the sunny lifestyle of Puerto Rico, a place where addicts roam the streets in search of their next fix. For Dr. Panelli, treating abuser...
8 links 23 Dec 2012
Motor City Rush E9. Motor City Rush
The most dangerous city in the USA, Detroit, is a perfect mark for today's growing drug industry. Dealers are learning cater to inner city clientele by selling smaller amounts of h...
8 links 30 Dec 2012
Coke Kings and Queens E10. Coke Kings and Queens
Gangs in the Dominican Republic have become key players in the transhipment of cocaine. With unprecedented access to a cartel boss' network of traffickers, mules, and dealers, and ...
7 links
Staffel 4
Season 4
Meth Zombies in San Francisco E1. Meth Zombies in San Francisco
7 links 11 Aug 2013
Jamaican Gangs, Guns and Ganja E2. Jamaican Gangs, Guns and Ganja
Kingston is in the hands of highly organized and warring drug gangs. They manage drug trafficking and distribution at all levels. With the patronage of politicians, they fight hard...
8 links 18 Aug 2013
Windy City High E3. Windy City High
Chicago, the biggest open-air crack and heroin market in America is at saturation point. The result: record levels of overdoses and homicides, as gangs fight over drug turf.
8 links
High in Houston E4. High in Houston
Houston's drug hub is the 'Bloody Nickel' - the Fifth Ward. Five square miles of 24/7 drug and party action. Gangs work across the ethnic divide to keep the drugs flowing; while co...
7 links 01 Sep 2013
Rocky Mountain High E5. Rocky Mountain High
Denver's legalization of marijuana may be the downfall of city's gang-banger dealers.
8 links
Miami Vices E6. Miami Vices
Miami - once America's cocaine capital; but no more. The War on Drugs has hit home. Today dealers and users play cat and mouse with the cops and live in dread of the Feds. And a ne...
8 links 22 Sep 2013
Philly Dope E7. Philly Dope
In Kensington north Philadelphia, heroin, crack cocaine and PCP are dealt from a hundred different corners. Kensington is a giant drug drive thru. But for the addicts and dealers i...
7 links 29 Sep 2013
Wasted in Seattle E8. Wasted in Seattle
Since the days of Kurt Cobain and grunge music, Seattle has been nicknamed Junkietown. The city's liberal laws and high demand for drugs is attracting gangsters and dealers looking...
8 links 06 Oct 2013
Cartel City, Arizona E9. Cartel City, Arizona
Phoenix, Ariz., is the wholesale drug capital of America, under the control of one of Mexico's most powerful and ruthless drug organizations Â-- the Sinaloa Cartel. Almost 200 mile...
7 links
Stashville: Tennessee E10. Stashville: Tennessee
Music and drugs go hand in hand in Nashville. For musicians who don't make it, drugs are the easiest way to make a living. National Geographic talks to a user and freelance cook wh...
8 links 20 Oct 2013
Best in the Business E11. Best in the Business
24 Nov 2013
Going to Extremes E12. Going to Extremes
24 Nov 2013
Staffel 5
Season 5
Episode #5.1 E1. Episode #5.1
8 links
Episode #5.2 E2. Episode #5.2
8 links
Episode #5.3 E3. Episode #5.3
8 links
Memphis Mayhem E5. Memphis Mayhem
In Memphis, addicts are switching to heroin and dealers, flush with cash, are attracting deadly stick-up crews. Cops find themselves confronted by paranoid and trigger-happy dealer...
8 links 30 Jul 2014
Molly Madness E7. Molly Madness
For many, Atlanta's night life is fuelled by drugs and one of the hottest is 'Molly'. From raves to AK47-toting dealers, Molly is all over the city. In the hands of the new generat...
8 links 13 Aug 2014
Episode #5.8 E8. Episode #5.8
8 links
Dallas Dope Cowboys E9. Dallas Dope Cowboys
8 links 20 Aug 2014
Dealer POV E11. Dealer POV
7 links 03 Sep 2014
Staffel 6
Season 6
Flesh-Eating Krokodil E1. Flesh-Eating Krokodil
When heroin users across America began turning up at ERs with decaying skin and grotesque sores on arms and legs, doctors got worried. The symptoms looked like Krokodil - a home-co...
12 Nov 2014
Cocaine White Gold E3. Cocaine White Gold
With more than 4 million regular users in the United States alone, cocaine has become worth more than gold. Join Nat Geo Channel as we go inside one of the largest markets in the c...
19 Nov 2014
Super Meth E4. Super Meth
Industrial-style superlabs give Mexican suppliers command of the US crystal meth trade where ruthless hit men and Cartel enforcers trap dealers and users alike in a web of terror.
26 Nov 2014
Marijuana Mayhem E5. Marijuana Mayhem
Stick-up crews; interstate traffickers; street corner slingers: the hallmarks of the hardcore drug trade now apply to a 'soft' drug: marijuana. In California, Chico and Red rob pha...
03 Dec 2014
Manic Molly E6. Manic Molly
10 Dec 2014
New Year's Eve, NYC E7. New Year's Eve, NYC
The countdown to New Year's Eve in New York City has begun. With the biggest party of the year rapidly approaching, National Geographic Channel gets an inside view of drug gangs as...
17 Dec 2014
Hardcore Heroin E9. Hardcore Heroin
The heroin supply line begins with poppy fields and a game of cat and mouse between farmers and the Mexican Army. The game shifts to Arizona's Sonora desert where mules move produc...
07 Jan 2015
Mardi Gras E10. Mardi Gras
For the drug dealers of New Orleans Mardi Gras is their big chance to cash in on the tourist dollar, but dealers in fake drugs threaten to ruin the party for everyone.
14 Jan 2015
Spring Break E11. Spring Break
For one month each year on the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, thrill-seeking college students and drug dealers collide with the long, tanned arm of the law to create a perfect st...
21 Jan 2015
Sin-dependence Day E12. Sin-dependence Day
Chicago is one of America's most dangerous cities, and for one weekend - the 4th of July - the violence goes into overdrive. On the streets, a disparate group of drug dealers ply t...
28 Jan 2015
Staffel 7
Season 7
The Real Wolves of Wall Street E1. The Real Wolves of Wall Street
The culture of cocaine is deeply entrenched on Wall Street, and some will pay more than it's worth for the purest quality available. Dealers must compete to deliver first and close...
16 Sep 2015
Hip Hop High E2. Hip Hop High
Hip-hop, a billion-dollar industry, plays up to its links with another billion-dollar industry: drugs. In Oakland CA, wannabe rappers use money from dealing cocaine to pay for stud...
23 Sep 2015
X-Rated High E3. X-Rated High
Drugs, Inc. delves inside the Los Angeles porn industry. The porn industry and drugs have a reputation for going hand in hand. But after HIV scares, porn sets are under more scruti...
30 Sep 2015
Cancun Spring Break E4. Cancun Spring Break
Jailhouse Junkies E5. Jailhouse Junkies
Two jails: one in California, the other in New Jersey. Both states have among the toughest drug policies in the United States. But still drugs find their way in. In Cali, crystal m...
14 Oct 2015
Big Apple Coke E6. Big Apple Coke
Detroit Halloween E7. Detroit Halloween
Halloween in Detroit. Two tales of one city. Around the notorious 8 Mile Road, the street slingers are stocking up and looking for new opportunities downtown. In the suburbs, middl...
28 Oct 2015
Pittsburgh Smack E8. Pittsburgh Smack
'Ghost' is a kingpin who moves huge amounts of heroin into Pittsburgh, PA. But the police are making it harder and now Ghost has competition from wannabe hustlers ready to muscle i...
04 Nov 2015
Silicon Valley High E9. Silicon Valley High
J-Stax deals Mexican cocaine to the programmers of Silicon Valley. A cop crackdown is making life difficult and driving his clients to a locally-produced alternative: meth. But a m...
11 Nov 2015
Heroin Island, NYC E10. Heroin Island, NYC
Heroin use on Staten Island is reaching epic proportions as young users leave prescription pills for dope. Meet the dealers, police officers and users overcome by the opiate.
18 Nov 2015
Euro Coke E11. Euro Coke
Aussie Ice Wars E12. Aussie Ice Wars
02 Dec 2015
Tex Meth E13. Tex Meth
In Austin, Texas, thousands of artists and over a million fans flock to the "live music capital of the world" every year, and where there's live music and festivals, drugs are neve...
Boston Weed Party E14. Boston Weed Party
Thanks to recently relaxed possession laws in Massachusetts, student dealers like Anubis, Kane, and Stiffler are ramping up their supplies. To fund their own studies, they are sell...
Shooting Up Suburbia E15. Shooting Up Suburbia
Vancouver has been voted one of the best places to live in North America, but it has a darker side. In a wealthy suburb, two gangs are fighting each other for control of the local ...
30 Dec 2015
Bangkok Ice E16. Bangkok Ice
Thailand is in the grip of an addiction epidemic that is spinning out of control, as a candy-colored meth pill called yaba overtakes every other drug used in the country. Yaba in T...
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