Duck Dynasty

„Duck Dynasty“ berichtet aus dem Leben der Südstaatenfamilie Robertson. Patriarch und Entenlocker-Erfinder Phil Robertson hat im US-Bundesstaat Louisiana ein millionenschweres Firmenimperium rund um Jagdsportartikel aufgebaut. Die Reality-Soap begleitet da...

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Comedy, Reality-TV

Stars: Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, Willie Robertson

IMDb: TT2229907

Bewertung: 6.3/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Julie Gallagher E-1. Julie Gallagher
17 Oct 2012
Duck Family Robinson & the Waltons E-1. Duck Family Robinson & the Waltons
31 Jul 2013
Staffel 1
Season 1
Family Funny Business E1. Family Funny Business
Phil, Willie and Miss Kay attempt to produce a cooking video for their fans. Meanwhile, back at the office, the crew gets distracted when Jase comes up with a plan to build a "test...
7 links 21 Mar 2012
CEO for a Day E2. CEO for a Day
Phil decides to teach his grandkids the value of a hard day's work by building a football field and culminating in a family football game. But Robertson vs. Robertson competition i...
7 links 21 Mar 2012
High Tech Redneck E3. High Tech Redneck
After a big order comes in Willie pushes the Duck Commander team to meet the tight deadline, so Jase and the warehouse guys come up with a plan to build a conveyer belt. Elsewhere,...
7 links 28 Mar 2012
Frog in One E4. Frog in One
Brotherly competition gets the best of Willie when he ditches his kids' career day to go play golf with Jase. Stepping in for Willie, Phil and Si show up at the school and become t...
7 links 28 Mar 2012
Redneck Logic E5. Redneck Logic
After blowing up one of Phil's dangerously antiquated duck blinds, the Robertson boys hatch a wild plan to build a luxury duck blind in the sky. Meanwhile, Miss Kay and the Roberts...
7 links 04 Apr 2012
Too Close for Comfort E6. Too Close for Comfort
Jase feels being COO of Duck Commander entitles him to a new office. But when Willie refuses, Jase hatches a plan to build one anyhow. Willie drives Miss Kay and the grandkids to t...
7 links 04 Apr 2012
Leave it to Beavers E7. Leave it to Beavers
It's duck blind maintenance time again and the boys have discovered the waterline is low. At the levee, they realize this is the work of Phil's bucktoothed arch nemesis...THE BEAVE...
7 links 11 Apr 2012
A Big Duck-ing Call E8. A Big Duck-ing Call
It's the 40-year anniversary of Duck Commander and this celebration is a redneck Robertson style shindig. To top off the event, Willie decides to construct the world's largest duck...
7 links 11 Apr 2012
Sauvignon Beard E9. Sauvignon Beard
Willie decides to expand the Duck Commander brand into the winemaking industry and buys a vineyard...sight unseen. While the family is off helping at the vineyard, Phil and Si take...
7 links 18 Apr 2012
Plan Bee E10. Plan Bee
While out duck hunting, Willie, Jase, and Uncle Si stumble across what redneck's consider nature's most prized succulent treasure--a beehive dripping with wild honey. Knowing the p...
7 links 25 Apr 2012
Daddy's Got a Gun E11. Daddy's Got a Gun
When Willie finds out that his daughter Sadie has a new boyfriend, he wants to get to know him, while instilling some fatherly fear--Robertson style. To keep Sadie preoccupied, Gra...
6 links 02 May 2012
Fishin' for Business E12. Fishin' for Business
To prove once and for all who rules the river AND the boardroom, Willie and Jase revive their childhood rivalry and go head-to-head in a fishing competition with the added challeng...
7 links 09 May 2012
Redneck Road Trip E13. Redneck Road Trip
Jase volunteers to take the Duck Commander RV out on pick up, but neglects to mention to Willie, he's taking Si, Martin and Jep along for a road trip. Back home, Phil and Willie ha...
7 links 16 May 2012
Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner! E14. Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!
Jase and Si embark on a turkey hunt for the annual Robertson men vs. Robertson women cook-off to create a feast of fresh wild game. With Phil's discerning palate as judge, the team...
7 links 23 May 2012
Willie Stay or Willie Go E15. Willie Stay or Willie Go
When a big business decision must be made affecting Duck Commander, Willie plans an employee retreat. But trust falls and rope courses are not the type of team building that for th...
7 links 23 May 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Grass and the Furious E1. The Grass and the Furious
It's all hands on deck for the Duckmen when an old high school nemesis challenges them to a good old fashion race... at the local lawn mower competition.
7 links 10 Oct 2012
Driving Miss Sadie E2. Driving Miss Sadie
With Sadie's (Willie's daughter) driver's license test fast approaching, she finds herself in dire need of lessons. Willie, Jase and Si each set out to correct her glaring failures...
7 links 10 Oct 2012
Truck Commander E3. Truck Commander
After Willie's son (John Luke) leaves Willie's pickup in the driveway with a bone-dry gas tank, Willie and Korie decide that it's time to get the kid his own car.
7 links 17 Oct 2012
Si-Yonara E4. Si-Yonara
The Duck Commander assembly room gets an unexpected shakeup when a disgruntled Si decides to quit his job. But when Willie hires a replacement that clashes with the duck call room,...
7 links 17 Oct 2012
Fowl Play E5. Fowl Play
Willie finds his office in shambles and alerts the authorities that the warehouse has had a break in. But soon Willie discovers that the culprit was his brother Jase, who needed su...
7 links 24 Oct 2012
Sweatin' Bullets E6. Sweatin' Bullets
When a heat wave envelops West Monroe the air conditioning unit at the Duck Commander warehouse goes down, turning the duck call assembly room into a boiling sweatshop.
8 links 24 Oct 2012
Spring Pong Cleaning E7. Spring Pong Cleaning
After Korie decides the junk piles in the Duck Commander warehouse are beginning to reach critical mass, she calls on Willie and the guys to do a little company spring-cleaning.
7 links 07 Nov 2012
Good Morning, West Monroe E8. Good Morning, West Monroe
When attending a local radio show as a guest, Willie makes the mistake of bringing Uncle Si on the air with him. Meanwhile, Jase gets in trouble with his Homeowners Association.
7 links 07 Nov 2012
Samurai Si E9. Samurai Si
The Jase, Si and the guys from the duck call room take a field trip to a brand new local donut shop and quickly find out who amongst them can eat the most delicious treats.
8 links 14 Nov 2012
Of Mattresses and Men E10. Of Mattresses and Men
The Jase, Si and the guys from the duck call room take a field trip to a brand new local donut shop and quickly find out who amongst them can eat the most delicious treats.
7 links 14 Nov 2012
Duck No, We Won't Go E11. Duck No, We Won't Go
Willie pushes his work force too far after implementing new "motivational work tactics" and the guys rise up against him and go on strike.
7 links 28 Nov 2012
Drag Me to Glory E12. Drag Me to Glory
When NASCAR sensation Clint Bowyer pays a visit to the Duck Commander warehouse, Willie and the guys are fired up to spend the day hanging out with the professional racecar driver.
7 links 28 Nov 2012
I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas E13. I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas
The Robertsons get ready for the Christmas Holidays, with Miss Kay cooking up a special dish, Willie playing Santa, and the rest of the gang putting up the Christmas lights.
7 links 05 Dec 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Duck Season Eve E1. Duck Season Eve
Catch a FREE sneak peek of Duck Dynasty, before the new season premieres on Wednesday, August 14.
7 links 27 Feb 2013
Can't Hardly Weight E2. Can't Hardly Weight
Gearing up for his high school reunion, Willie realizes that he could stand to lose a few pounds. Jase and Korie set out to help him drop some weight and the strenuous battle of ma...
7 links 27 Feb 2013
Shot Thru the Heart E3. Shot Thru the Heart
The guys learn from Willie that John Luke is going through his first break up. In order to make him feel better the men decide to take John Luke hunting for nutria, and impart thei...
7 links 06 Mar 2013
Here Lizard, Lizard E4. Here Lizard, Lizard
When the warehouse guys new office pet (a lizard) escapes, they try all they can in order to catch the wily reptile. Proving impossible, the guys finally decide to bring in the big...
7 links 06 Mar 2013
Hallu-Si-Nations E5. Hallu-Si-Nations
With Willie out-of-town, the guys decide to flake off work and leave to brush up the duck blinds on the Robertson land. While out, Si believes he spots what he thinks is the infamo...
7 links 13 Mar 2013
Let's Go Hunting, Deer E6. Let's Go Hunting, Deer
Willie and Jase invite Korie and Missy along on a deer hunt because they believe their wives have become too "city.
7 links 13 Mar 2013
Tickets to the Fun Show E7. Tickets to the Fun Show
During Duck Commander's "Casino Night" party for the sale of their 5 millionth duck call, Si Robertson wins the grand prize of $2000 and decides to buy a massage chair for the duck...
7 links 20 Mar 2013
Duck Be a Lady E8. Duck Be a Lady
Sadie, has a homecoming dance coming up, but Willie doesn't approve of her dress selection. Willie decides to take Sadie out to find her a new "appropriate" dress. Jase is in a bit...
7 links 20 Mar 2013
Ring Around the Redneck E9. Ring Around the Redneck
Though Jase lost his wedding ring long ago, Missy decides it's time for Jase to replace it with a new one. When Jase is duck hunting, once again, he loses the ring and is forced to...
7 links 27 Mar 2013
Bass Man Standing E10. Bass Man Standing
The Duck Commander team is invited to unveil a wing of the local Bass Pro shop that will feature their products. Meanwhile, Miss Kay attempts to get some quality time in with her g...
7 links 03 Apr 2013
Si-amese Twins E11. Si-amese Twins
Willie calls the team into work on a Saturday afternoon for an HR training session, but the seminar quickly dissolves from unproductive to complete disaster.
10 Apr 2013
Battle of the Brothers E12. Battle of the Brothers
Willie's suspicious behavior from dying his beard to buying a new motorcycle, makes Jase come to the conclusion that Willie is having a mid-life crisis. Jase's help turns into a co...
17 Apr 2013
Aloha, Robertsons! E13. Aloha, Robertsons!
After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Hawaii. But Willie's daily itinerary for the trip gets constantly undermined by ...
24 Apr 2013
Staffel 4
Season 4
Till Duck Do Us Part E1. Till Duck Do Us Part
Everyone comes together to plan a surprise wedding for Phil and Kay, setting up a special ceremony on their land, which the whole family attends. Si distracts Phil and Kay by takin...
7 links 14 Aug 2013
So You Think You Can Date? E2. So You Think You Can Date?
After discovering that Martin has to miss a Friday night poker game for a planned date, the guys (as well as their wives) take turns figuring out the best way to coach him for roma...
7 links 21 Aug 2013
Hot Tub Grime Machine E3. Hot Tub Grime Machine
The guys realize that Godwin has never really asked them for a favor, even though they are all always helping each other out. Godwin asks them to help him get a hot tub, so they se...
7 links 28 Aug 2013
A-Jase-ent Living E4. A-Jase-ent Living
Due to construction at Jase and Missy's house, Willie and Korie invite Jase and the kids to live with them while Missy is out of town visiting friends. What seems like a good gestu...
7 links 04 Sep 2013
Termite Be a Problem E5. Termite Be a Problem
Because of a termite problem at Duck Commander, the guys are forced to find a different location to work from--Godwin's House. But while at Godwin's house, Godwin gets a taxidermie...
7 links 11 Sep 2013
John Luke After Dentist E6. John Luke After Dentist
John Luke and Sadie are getting some dental work done, complete with sedation, and it's up to Willie and Korie to take care of them through the process--including getting them back...
7 links 18 Sep 2013
Scoot Along Si E7. Scoot Along Si
Si shows up to to work on a mobility scooter, claiming to have an invisible injury from a fender bender with Willie. After losing her beloved turtle "Mr. T", Ms.Kay enlists Phil on...
7 links 02 Oct 2013
Jerky Boys E8. Jerky Boys
A decision to try and make some duck jerky leads the boys to Godwin's garage, where they end up fighting hornets and racing motorcycles before finally creating the jerky back at Du...
7 links 09 Oct 2013
Going Si-ral E9. Going Si-ral
Si discovers Youtube, and, after watching a series of instructional videos, decides he can make something better. Jase, Jep, Godwin, and Martin help Si shoot an instructional golf ...
7 links 16 Oct 2013
Quack O'Lanterns E10. Quack O'Lanterns
The church can't host their annual trick or treat event so the Robertsons offer to hold the event at Duck Commander. They all come together to decorate the warehouse and transform ...
7 links 23 Oct 2013
O Little Town of West Monroe E11. O Little Town of West Monroe
The Robertsons perform a live nativity for their Church for Christmas, so the wives organize rehearsals to ensure that they pull off a great event. However, rehearsals get off to a...
11 Dec 2013
Staffel 5
Season 5
Boomerang Becca E1. Boomerang Becca
When Rebecca returns home from her internship in Los Angeles, the Robertson family plans a big surprise party to welcome her back. But when Willie thinks Rebecca has no plan for he...
7 links 15 Jan 2014
Willie's Number Two E2. Willie's Number Two
When Willie is looking to hire a new assistant, Korie insists he interview her cousin, JD. Willie is hesitant at first, but immediately hits it off with JD, who truly appreciates W...
7 links 15 Jan 2014
Life of Si E3. Life of Si
After seeing footage Jep shot using a GoPro, Si decides he wants to use the camera to record a day in his life. But when Si gets on the guys nerves while they're hunting, they kick...
7 links 22 Jan 2014
From Duck 'til Dawn E4. From Duck 'til Dawn
When the duck guys have to pull an all-nighter to finish some work, Willie decides he wants to join them. But when a dying smoke detector distracts them from their work, Jase and W...
7 links 29 Jan 2014
Burger Commander E5. Burger Commander
After visiting a popular burger restaurant, Willie and Jase get into a debate over which of them cooks the best burger, prompting them to challenge one another to a cooking contest...
7 links 05 Feb 2014
G.I. Si E6. G.I. Si
When Willie and Jase argue over an old GI Joe toy, it leads them into a debate over who would make a better soldier. To settle the score, Willie and Jase head out to the woods with...
7 links 19 Feb 2014
Jase and the Argonauts E7. Jase and the Argonauts
When Willie gets a soft serve machine for himself, he tells the guys they can't use it until they're done working. But when Jase thinks this is unfair, he takes matters into his ow...
7 links 26 Feb 2014
Foul Playhouse E8. Foul Playhouse
Jase and the guys build a playhouse for Jep's children, but the finished structure ends up looking like a duck blind; Phil and Si tease Willie when a project takes longer than expe...
7 links 05 Mar 2014
The Big LeCOWsk E9. The Big LeCOWsk
When Sadie spends the day at Duck Commander for a school project, the guys try to show her the ins-and-outs of how a successful company works. But when Willie questions Jase's inge...
7 links 19 Mar 2014
Stand by Mia E10. Stand by Mia
The Robertson family pulls together a family reunion to give Mia a big send-off before her surgery.
7 links 26 Mar 2014
Staffel 6
Season 6
Governor's Travels E1. Governor's Travels
When the Governor of Louisiana announces that he will be coming to Duck Commander to present Willie with a commerce award, John Luke volunteers to give the introduction speech. But...
11 Jun 2014
Quack and Gown E2. Quack and Gown
With Reed's graduation day approaching, Jase decides to take Reed frog hunting the night before, like he did on the day of his own graduation. Willie and Si join in, and Jase tries...
7 links 18 Jun 2014
Hands on a Woodchipper E3. Hands on a Woodchipper
When Willie agrees to sponsor Mountain Man's radio contest, a "Hands on a Hardbody" competition, he somehow finds himself competing against Si for Mountain Man's last minute prize:...
7 links 25 Jun 2014
Quackdraft E4. Quackdraft
When the Robertsons participate in the West Monroe Fire Department pancake breakfast, the firemen invite Willie and his brothers to train with the department for the day. Meanwhile...
7 links 02 Jul 2014
Brand of Brothers E5. Brand of Brothers
When Willie contemplates re-branding the Duck Commander image, Jase takes issue with having an outsider design their image, so he and the guys create their own new logo and busines...
7 links 09 Jul 2014
De-Bug Life E6. De-Bug Life
The guys realize it is time for the annual cleaning of the duck blinds when they come across a gator using one as a home. Meanwhile, while the kids are running the church car wash,...
7 links 16 Jul 2014
Men vs. Wild E7. Men vs. Wild
Brotherly competition is taken to a whole new level when Jase and Willie challenge Alan and Jep to a survival race through the woods on Phil's property. Meanwhile, Si is interested...
7 links 30 Jul 2014
Return of the Beavers E8. Return of the Beavers
When Phil discovers more beaver activity on the Robertson land, he recruits Jase, Jep, and Si to get rid of them. Meanwhile, Willie and Korie bring Bella to her first day of karate...
7 links 06 Aug 2014
Lake Boss E9. Lake Boss
Stumped on a way to celebrate Willie's birthday, Korie enlists the guys' help and Jase takes the reigns in planning a trip to the lake where Phil and Kay used to live. Meanwhile, w...
7 links 13 Aug 2014
Staffel 7
Season 7
E1. Glory Is the Reward of Mallard
The Robertson family heads to Scotland for a business trip and vacation. While enjoying their time off they play golf, visit a local museum, and participate in the Highland Games.
7 links 19 Nov 2014
Good Night and Good Duck E2. Good Night and Good Duck
A special holiday episode of Duck Dynasty shows when the Robertson family took over the Thanksgiving special of a local TV show "Good Morning Arklamiss." Each family member present...
5 links 26 Nov 2014
Quack in the Saddle E3. Quack in the Saddle
When Willie becomes the temporary owner of a thoroughbred, he and the guys take it to a local track and enter it into a race. Meanwhile, when Kay decides she wants to buy a new bir...
5 links 03 Dec 2014
A Home for the Holidays E4. A Home for the Holidays
The Robertsons help a long time employee whose Mom has fallen on hard times by buying her a brand new house for Christmas. Jep, Jase, Martin and Godwin race to finish a deck in tim...
4 links 10 Dec 2014
The Cannonball Runs E5. The Cannonball Runs
Jase enters an outhouse race to help promote Willie's Duck Diner, but when the Robertsons show up for the race, they face an unexpected rival -- Phillip McMillan. Meanwhile, Willie...
5 links 07 Jan 2015
Mo Math, Mo Problems E6. Mo Math, Mo Problems
Sadie's homework gets interrupted when Willie and Jase argue whether the latter can outrun at truck; Si steps into help when Kay's compulsive hoarding becomes an issue.
5 links 14 Jan 2015
Coop! There Is Is! E7. Coop! There Is Is!
The guys decide to renovate Jep's old chicken coop; Uncle Si acts strangley on a fishing trip after he drinks to much expired soda.
5 links 21 Jan 2015
Friday Afternoon Lights E8. Friday Afternoon Lights
Willie volunteers to be the assistant coach of Li'l Will's school football team at one day's practice. However, he soon learns that watching the sport is very different from coachi...
5 links 28 Jan 2015
Master and Duck Commander E9. Master and Duck Commander
When Jase and the guys transform an old pontoon boat into a floating duck blind, they are faced with the impending question of whether or not it will actually float. Meanwhile, whe...
5 links 04 Feb 2015
Sweet Home Louisiana E10. Sweet Home Louisiana
When Jep and Jessica move into Willie and Jase's neighborhood, Jep is sidelined with an illness, causing Willie and the Robertson family to pitch in and help Jessica get her new ho...
5 links 11 Feb 2015
Staffel 8
Season 8
Grooming the Groom E1. Grooming the Groom
When Willie and the guys take John Luke golfing prior to his engagement party, their attempts at marital advice don't exactly work out as planned. Meanwhile, Korie's shopping trip ...
9 links 24 Jun 2015
Induckpendence Day E2. Induckpendence Day
When Jase receives a palate of fireworks as a gift, he and the guys create a homemade fireworks display for the Robertson family 4th of July barbeque. Meanwhile, Uncle Si is honore...
9 links 01 Jul 2015
Search N' Decoy E3. Search N' Decoy
When Phil and Jase get into an argument about which type of duck decoy works best, Jase and the guys repaint some old decoys, betting that Phil cannot tell the difference. Meanwhil...
08 Jul 2015
Wild Wild Pest E4. Wild Wild Pest
When Jase and the guys discover they have a knack for removing pests from other people's property, they use their new talents to their advantage. Meanwhile, Willie gives Sadie and ...
15 Jul 2015
Pranks for Everything E5. Pranks for Everything
When an office prank war spirals out of control, Phil volunteers Willie, Jase, and Jep to help Alan at the church, which seems more like a punishment than charity work. Meanwhile, ...
10 links 22 Jul 2015
Bachelor Party Blowout E6. Bachelor Party Blowout
When the guys spend the weekend at a hunting cabin to celebrate Martin's bachelor party, things turns explosive after they find a cache of antique black powder weapons. Meanwhile, ...
12 links 29 Jul 2015
The Ducket List E7. The Ducket List
When Uncle Si has a brush with death, he creates a bucket list and asks the guys to help him fulfill his dreams. Meanwhile, Kay sets out to prove to Willie and Alan that she actual...
13 links 05 Aug 2015
Pit Perfect E8. Pit Perfect
When Duck Commander sponsors a NASCAR race, Jase and the guys get themselves in the mood by attempting to work as a pit crew. Meanwhile, Willie and Korie challenge John Luke and hi...
13 links 12 Aug 2015
John Luke Gets Hitched E9. John Luke Gets Hitched
In this very special wedding episode, John Luke Robertson is getting married to his fiance Mary Kate, and our cameras are with him every step of the way.
13 links 19 Aug 2015
Staffel 9
Season 9
E1. Inlawful Entry
When Missy's parents visit, her father convinces Jase to take him on a quail hunt. But while their "bonding hunt" yields very few quail, it does bring them closer together as frien...
9 links 13 Jan 2016
E2. Flock and Key
Si recruits his nephews to help him transport a storage container to his backyard, but things take a turn when Jep becomes locked inside the box. Meanwhile, Jase helps Mia prepare ...
9 links 13 Jan 2016
E3. Ball in the Family
When Willie's old rival Phillip McMillan challenges him to a game of dodgeball, Willie recruits his family members to settle a score once and for all. Meanwhile, Si thinks his cat ...
9 links 20 Jan 2016
Drone Survivor E4. Drone Survivor
When Jase and Phil make a bet about whether or not human beings in a duck blind are visible from the air, Jep buys a drone copter to get a "bird's eye" view, but ends up losing it ...
9 links 20 Jan 2016
E5. Alan in Charge
Dismayed at the haphazard state of the warehouse's filing system, Willie hires Alan as office manager at Jase's suggestion. However, the changes that Alan implements around the wor...
9 links 27 Jan 2016
E6. Renaissance Men
The family celebrates Godwin's birthday with a Renaissance fair, but it takes a strange turn with the guys' choice of costumes. A medieval tournament between Alan, Jase, Willie, an...
9 links 27 Jan 2016
Heroes Welcome E7. Heroes Welcome
In this special episode, the Duck Commander team surprises two wounded veterans with a trip to Monroe so they can be in an episode of Duck Dynasty. To show their support, the Rober...
9 links 03 Feb 2016
Pie Hard E8. Pie Hard
Willie and Alan agree to help Miss Kay open her own bakery, but things take a turn when it Kay is asked to hand over her secret recipes. Meanwhile, the guys in the duck call room t...
9 links 10 Feb 2016
Toad to Perdition E9. Toad to Perdition
When Willie and his brothers spend too much time frog hunting, their wives challenge them to a "frogging" competition.
9 links 10 Feb 2016
Van He'llsing E10. Van He'llsing
When Missy and Jase's son Reed purchases an old van to boost his music career, his parents begin to question some of his choices.
9 links 17 Feb 2016
RV There Yet? E11. RV There Yet?
The Robertson family takes a road trip to Liberty University where they will drop off John Luke and Mary Kate for their first year of college. Along the way, they stop in Nashville...
17 Feb 2016
Staffel 10
Season 10
E1. Willie & Korie's Anniversorry
The Robertson family gathers together to celebrate what is touted as Willie and Korie's 25th wedding anniversary.
06 Jul 2016
Statue of Imitations E2. Statue of Imitations
Willie must deal with the fallout from an unflattering likeness of himself that has been created by a famous chainsaw sculpture artist.
06 Jul 2016
A Decent Proposal E3. A Decent Proposal
While touring New York City, Reed works on his marriage proposal plan to his girlfriend.
13 Jul 2016
E4. Father Knows Pest
Unsettled by the appearance of a destructive beaver in the neighborhood, the community watch leader enlists Jase's help in solving the problem.
13 Jul 2016
Wild Wild West Monroe E5. Wild Wild West Monroe
When Jase and Jep get into an argument over which of them is the rightful heir to their grandfather's old rifle, they decide to settle the argument with a marksmanship contest. Mea...
20 Jul 2016
Half in the Bag E6. Half in the Bag
After Si has started moonlighting as a grocery bagger, the guys show up at the store and their teasing inadvertently causes Si to lose his job and his chance to enter a local baggi...
20 Jul 2016
There Will Be Flood E7. There Will Be Flood
When a large storm hits Monroe, most of the adults head to Phil and Kay's to help protect their house from flooding while Jess, Sadie, Rebecca and Cole babysit the kids. Meanwhile,...
27 Jul 2016
Bingo Star E8. Bingo Star
Willie accompanies Kay to a local bingo tournament and gets seduced by the game, eventually embarrassing himself and Kay with his enthusiasm.
27 Jul 2016
Sadie's Choice E9. Sadie's Choice
Willie takes Sadie on a tour of a local college in hopes of convincing her to stay nearby after her impending high school graduation.
03 Aug 2016
Children of the Cornbread E10. Children of the Cornbread
When the Robertson brothers debate which of their wives makes the best cornbread, it escalates into a full-on cornbread cook off. Meanwhile, when Jep, Martin, and Godwin play a pra...
03 Aug 2016
Whole Lotta Bull E11. Whole Lotta Bull
The guys enjoy a one-day rodeo fantasy camp where they learn the ins and outs of riding, roping and clowning.
10 Aug 2016
Here Comes the Son E12. Here Comes the Son
After leaving school to pursue music, Jase feels that Reed needs some structure in his life, so he hires him to take his place at Duck Commander.
10 Aug 2016
Bro'd Trip E13. Bro'd Trip
Jase accompanies Willie on a business trip to Arkansas to pitch a new product and has unorthodox sales strategies. Back in Monroe, Jep and Si have to track down an important item o...
17 Aug 2016
Techs and Balances E14. Techs and Balances
Willie thinks his kids have been spending too much time on their phones and other devices so he initiates a "No-Tech Week," but when he has to participate too it ends up being hard...
18 Aug 2016
Staffel 11
Season 11
The West Monroe Wing E1. The West Monroe Wing
Willie and Jase run against each other to become president of their neighborhood HOA. Jep, Jess and Miss Kay work on a Duck Commander themed display for the local zoo.
16 Nov 2016
Automation Frustration E2. Automation Frustration
Willie buys a 3D printer for the office that starts off as a fun distraction for the guys until it appears the printer could soon replace their jobs. Si, upset that Willie invested...
23 Nov 2016
Razing the Snakes E3. Razing the Snakes
Jase, Jep, Si and Cole try to fight back a growing population of cottonmouth snakes on Phil's property. Meanwhile, Willie uses his business expertise to help Rebecca improve her cl...
30 Jan 2016
Uneasy Rider E4. Uneasy Rider
Willie puts Little Will on a budget for his first car but it backfires when Will decides to get a motorcycle instead. Jase and the guys are inspired to design a product using zip l...
07 Dec 2016
Good Willie Hunting E5. Good Willie Hunting
While many of the guys' wives and children are in Africa doing charity work, Willie and Jase get into a debate over tracking ability which leads to a challenge--can Jase and Si tra...
14 Dec 2016
Sleep Cover E6. Sleep Cover
With Korie still in Africa, Willie and Jep must step in and supervise Bella's sleepover. When a couple boys play a prank on the girls, Willie and Jep prove to be the perfect chaper...
21 Dec 2016
Drive-In Revivin' E7. Drive-In Revivin'
Korie challenges Willie to come up with a romantic gesture without spending any money. Missy and Jase compete to see who can find a girlfriend for Mountain Man.
28 Dec 2016
Fishful Thinking E8. Fishful Thinking
Jase's hopes to win the inaugural Duck Commander Fishing Tournament is buoyed when he is able to enlist the help of legendary angler Bill Dance. Meanwhile, Willie's vanity over his...
04 Jan 2017
When Doves Fry E9. When Doves Fry
Jase and Jep make a deal with Mia and Merritt to get them to go dove hunting with them. Si tries to make some extra cash by starting a West Monroe tour.
11 Jan 2017
Carpnado E10. Carpnado
Jumping Asian carp have invaded Monroe's waters so Jase and the guys set out to try to stop them from spreading further. Meanwhile, Willie and Si have to run Willie's Duck Diner fo...
18 Jan 2017
The Campfire Diaries E11. The Campfire Diaries
Willie brings his family to a youth camp to revive an old tennis court. Jep undergoes lifeguard training.
01 Mar 2017
Rowdy's Big Day E12. Rowdy's Big Day
Willie and Korie finalize their adoption of Rowdy.
08 Mar 2017
Disappearing Acts E13. Disappearing Acts
After Willie and Jase lose Si's tea cup, Si makes them go to great lengths to find it. When the entertainment for Gus's 1st birthday party falls through, Jep fills in as a magician...
15 Mar 2017
Dance Dads E14. Dance Dads
Willie, Korie, Jase and Missy take dance lessons from Sadie to prepare for Reed and Rebecca's upcoming weddings. Jase's plan to perform Reed's wedding ceremony may fall through whe...
22 Mar 2017
End of an Era E15. End of an Era
When Si decides to retire to pursue a music career, the family organizes a party in his honor. Meanwhile, Willie, Phil and Jase take a road trip to try to recreate an old duck call...
29 Mar 2017
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