Lucky Dog

Brandon trains dogs to the point where they can find forever homes.

Jahr: 2013

Genres: Family

Stars: Brandon McMillan, Michael Berger, Howard Pearl

IMDb: TT3220976

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Willie E1. Willie
7 links 28 Sep 2013
Vinnie E2. Vinnie
5 links 05 Oct 2013
Emmitt E3. Emmitt
5 links 12 Oct 2013
Lolita E4. Lolita
5 links 19 Oct 2013
Daisy E5. Daisy
4 links 26 Oct 2013
Luke E6. Luke
5 links 02 Nov 2013
Randy E7. Randy
5 links 09 Nov 2013
Oliver E8. Oliver
5 links 16 Nov 2013
For Every Problem, There's a Solution E9. For Every Problem, There's a Solution
5 links 23 Nov 2013
Roxie E10. Roxie
5 links 25 Jan 2014
Coco E11. Coco
5 links 01 Feb 2014
Kai E12. Kai
Kai is a dog who was found on the streets in Los Angeles and who was born blind on his left side. Brandon matches Kai to a woman who wants to take him to her grandmother's assisted...
5 links 09 Feb 2014
Hershey E13. Hershey
5 links 15 Feb 2014
Out of the Box E14. Out of the Box
5 links 22 Feb 2014
Flash E15. Flash
5 links 01 Mar 2014
Charlie E16. Charlie
5 links 05 Apr 2014
Jingles E17. Jingles
12 Apr 2014
A Family Affair! E18. A Family Affair!
19 Apr 2014
Lucky E19. Lucky
26 Apr 2014
Barnaby E20. Barnaby
03 May 2014
Bailey E21. Bailey
10 May 2014
Evan E22. Evan
17 May 2014
Staffel 2
Season 2
Cleo E1. Cleo
A Schnauzer mix's training takes an off-road detour when Brandon discovers her new family members are avid campers. To prove she's ready for the great outdoors, Cleo must earn her ...
27 Sep 2014
Chance E2. Chance
From red collar to white collar. Marketing Executive Christina wants to adopt a puppy she can take to her office. But if Chance, the Pointer Mix, wants to join the work force, he'l...
04 Oct 2014
Cora E3. Cora
Cora, an eight-year-old Doberman mix, gets a new shot at life when potential owner, Nikki, decides to adopt a senior dog. But will Cora be able to shed a lifetime of bad habits to ...
11 Oct 2014
Shadow E4. Shadow
A game of trust. Living alone for the first time in fifty years, retiree Gary seeks out a new companion in Shadow, a one-year old Chihuahua mix. But before they can make new memori...
18 Oct 2014
Pluto E5. Pluto
We're blasting off! Brandon rescues Pluto, a Tibetan terrier mix with gravity defying energy. But will Pluto's marking habit ground the adoption process before it can launch?
25 Oct 2014
Best of: Overcoming Obstacles E6. Best of: Overcoming Obstacles
Age. Experience. Physical limitation. Every dog faces its own unique hurdles in training. But with Brandon's guidance, they're all capable of achieving new heights.
01 Nov 2014
Sandy E7. Sandy
A golden retriever answers the call of duty for a wounded warrior who's in need. But to earn his service dog badge, Sandy must successfully complete Brandon's boot camp.
08 Nov 2014
Biscuit E8. Biscuit
A debilitating skin condition leaves a French bulldog mix with little hope for adoption, until an eleventh hour save gives him another shot at life. But will the family pool sink B...
15 Nov 2014
Rosie E9. Rosie
Brandon helps turn a ten-month-old poodle mix into a therapy dog for a cancer survivor who's hoping to pay it forward. But, can managing one of life's most difficult challenges pre...
22 Nov 2014
Wilson E10. Wilson
Lights, camera, action! An LA-based photographer sets his sights on finding the perfect mascot for his photography business. But if Wilson, the two-year old Lhasa Apso mix, wants t...
17 Jan 2015
Brando E11. Brando
Brando, the nine-month-old Rottweiler mix, gets a job offer he can't refuse. But preparing this eighty-pound puppy for office life could spell disaster.
24 Jan 2015
Best Of: Transformations E12. Best Of: Transformations
From makeovers to mindsets -every Lucky Dog goes through its own unique metamorphosis. Today we look back at some of this season's most dramatic, and heartwarming, "transformations...
31 Jan 2015
Toto E13. Toto
There's no place like home! A West Highland terrier mix catches the eye of a loving family looking to adopt their first dog. But will Toto's severe reaction to leashes jeopardize h...
07 Feb 2015
Grover E14. Grover
Diamond in the Ruff! Grover, the two-year-old Poodle mix, might just be the perfect gem for an antique jewelry dealer looking for a new companion. But his deep-seated abandonment i...
14 Feb 2015
Junior E15. Junior
Dance Fever! After the sudden passing of his former companion, a retired vet hopes a six-month old Chihuahua mix will mend his broken heart. But when Junior's lack of motivation pr...
21 Feb 2015
Poppi E16. Poppi
After months of scouring shelters, Brandon thinks he's finally ready to cook up the perfect adoption for his Aunt Patti. But will Aunt Patti's epicurean lifestyle prove too much fo...
04 Apr 2015
Groot E17. Groot
Follow the leader! When a submissive Dachshund mix proves difficult to train, Brandon seeks out additional assistance-and finds it in the paws of another trainer.
11 Apr 2015
Stark E18. Stark
Hoping to incorporate a new dog into their upcoming nuptials, Niki and Vien set their sights on a one-year-old Lhasa Apso mix named Stark. But before Stark can say "I do" to his ne...
18 Apr 2015
Best of: One Step at a Time E19. Best of: One Step at a Time
Every dog has its day... but training them takes a lot longer. Whether it's busting bad habits or cultivating news skills, true results require patience, consistency and above all ...
25 Apr 2015
Sawyer E20. Sawyer
A love for Retrievers comes full circle when one mother, whose life was saved by her childhood companion, seeks to adopt a dog for her own children. But if Sawyer, an eight-month o...
02 May 2015
Lily E21. Lily
An impassioned mother seeks out Brandon's assistance in hopes of finding a service dog for her disabled daughter. But before Lily the two-year old Golden Retriever can join this ne...
09 May 2015
Kobe E22. Kobe
Game on! Brandon rescues an "untrainable" terrier mix that was abandoned by his original owner. But if Kobe wants a second chance at a stable home, he'll need to embrace the fundam...
16 May 2015
Tweety E23. Tweety
A pint-sized Maltese mix could be the perfect remedy for one family's heartache. But before Tweety can take a new family under her wing, she'll need to focus on her own healing.
04 Jul 2015
Leah E24. Leah
Teacher's Pet. A special education teacher hopes to adopt a Golden Corgi mix for his family. But before Leah can go to her new home, she'll need to excel in and out of the classroo...
11 Jul 2015
Shelby E25. Shelby
Shelby, the German Shepherd, doesn't just need a home, she needs a purpose. But will her disregard for personal space, trip up her chance at adoption?
18 Jul 2015
Best of: Pairing Up E26. Best of: Pairing Up
Dogs are social animals that crave connection. But while some bonds come quickly, others take a little effort. So embrace the pack mentality, because today we're "pairing up".
25 Jul 2015
Staffel 3
Season 3
Motu E1. Motu
A cancer survivor with a passion for the ocean finds a kindred spirit in Motu, a spunky Maltese mix facing his own physical challenge. But before Motu can sail off into the sunset ...
03 Oct 2015
Bandit E2. Bandit
Brandon hopes to place an intelligent Border Collie mix named Bandit into the home of the Bisaccia family. But the adoption falls into jeopardy when mom, Erika, reveals her own per...
10 Oct 2015
Hazel E3. Hazel
Step up! A couple reaches out to Brandon in hopes of finding the perfect companion for their current dog. But before Hazel, a friendly terrier mix, can step into her new role, she'...
17 Oct 2015
Glory E4. Glory
After the tragic loss of her husband, a grandmother reaches out to Brandon in hopes of finding a furry new companion. But before Glory, an overweight Poodle mix, can join the famil...
24 Oct 2015
Murphy E5. Murphy
All work and no play! When a mischievous ten-month-old lab mix proves difficult to train, Brandon turns to toys to get results.
31 Oct 2015
Kyrie E6. Kyrie
To Serve and Protect. Brandon trains up a German Shepherd for a disabled veteran suffering from PTSD. But before Kyrie earns her service dog certification, she'll need to "pick up"...
07 Nov 2015
Skye E7. Skye
A game of trust. With Brandon's help, a skittish White Shepherd mix learns to embrace the world around her. But before Skye settles into her forever home, she'll need to forge an u...
14 Nov 2015
Jemma E8. Jemma
An outgoing German Shepherd/Lab mix named Jemma could be the perfect canine ambassador for one woman's bed and breakfast. But before this seven-month-old puppy can assume her new r...
21 Nov 2015
Best Of: New Skills E9. Best Of: New Skills
For five lucky shelter dogs, a forever home is right around the corner. But before they can step into their new lives, they'll all need to embrace "new skills".
16 Jan 2016
Darby E10. Darby
A middle school teacher reaches out to Brandon in hopes of adopting her very first dog. But if nine-month-old Darby wants to be the teacher's pet, she'll need to ace the common com...
23 Jan 2016
Lola E11. Lola
When conventional training methods fail to pull a timid Welsh terrier mix named Lola out of her shell, Brandon recruits another "Lucky Dog in Training" to build Lola's confidence.
30 Jan 2016
Riley E12. Riley
Brandon transforms an "untrainable" two-year-old spaniel mix into one of the most talented agility dogs in Lucky Dog history. But will Riley's high-octane energy level prove too mu...
06 Feb 2016
Maggie E13. Maggie
A spaniel mix named Maggie could be the perfect companion for a couple that recently lost their beloved golden retriever. But when Maggie's crippling fear of abandonment fails to r...
13 Feb 2016
Best Of: Friendships E14. Best Of: Friendships
They're called "Man's Best Friend", but for these five dogs, companionship defies age, size, gender and even species. Today we look back at some of this year's most heartwarming, a...
20 Feb 2016
JoJo and Rhi Rhi E15. JoJo and Rhi Rhi
Seeing Double! Unwilling to separate two lifelong pals, Brandon rescues JoJo and Rhi Rhi in hopes of placing them in the same forever home. But preparing them for Josh and Jonathon...
27 Feb 2016
Maverick E16. Maverick
A devoted mother reaches out to Brandon in hopes of finding a support animal for her autistic son. But before one-year- old Maverick can officially become Dustin's wingman, he'll n...
05 Mar 2016
Odie E17. Odie
A standard poodle named Odie could be the emotional support animal one young woman needs to conquer her severe anxiety. But before Odie can inspire Casey to go back to school, he'l...
12 Mar 2016
Hachi E18. Hachi
A homeless dog discovers a second chance with a once-homeless family that also spent time in and out of shelters. But before Hachi can become an official member of their public spe...
02 Apr 2016
Scarlett E19. Scarlett
Brandon rescues a two-year- old golden retriever that lives life in the fast lane. But when Scarlett's new family expresses an interest in taking her on road trips, she and Brandon...
09 Apr 2016
Best Of: Handing Over the Reins E20. Best Of: Handing Over the Reins
Brandon prepares six shelter dogs for life after the ranch. But before he "hands over the reins" to their new families, he'll need to ensure that each new owner is ready for the re...
16 Apr 2016
Stewie E21. Stewie
Brandon adopts a hand shy dachshund mix with a history of prior abuse. But before Stewie can officially settle into his loving new home, he'll need to prove that he can get along w...
23 Apr 2016
Dodger E22. Dodger
Brandon rescues a calm schnauzer mix in hopes of placing him in a home with two autistic boys. But before Dodger gets called up to his new family, this underdog will need to prove ...
30 Apr 2016
Dottie E23. Dottie
A last minute rescue gives one senior dog the chance to live out her golden years in an exciting new role. But before Dottie can officially join Kris and his company's mascot Lucky...
07 May 2016
Otto E24. Otto
When a ranch employee takes a leave of absence to recover from an ongoing medical condition, Brandon trains an Australian cattle dog named Otto to be her companion... and her lifes...
14 May 2016
Best Of: Special Connections E25. Best Of: Special Connections
Being pack animals, dogs possess an instinctual need to bond...but some bonds run deeper than others. To honor "man's best friend", we look back at some of this season's most heart...
21 May 2016
Atlas E26. Atlas
Let freedom ring! Brandon thinks a black German shepherd has what it takes to become a service dog. But is one-year- old Atlas ready to shoulder the needs of a disabled veteran?
28 May 2016
Staffel 4
Season 4
Charlotte E1. Charlotte
When a heeler/Chihuahua mix loses her front leg due to neglect, Brandon steps in to give her a second chance. But preparing this special needs dog for a new life means teaching her...
01 Oct 2016
Spirit E2. Spirit
08 Oct 2016
Patches E3. Patches
A timid Chihuahua/Min Pin mix presents Brandon with an unexpected obstacle as he works to train her to become an emotional support dog.
15 Oct 2016
Ollie E4. Ollie
22 Oct 2016
Teri E5. Teri
A retired couple reaches out to Brandon in hopes of finding a dog that will help them stay active in their daily fight against Parkinson's disease. But keeping this terrier's high-...
29 Oct 2016
Olive E6. Olive
12 Nov 2016
Buddy E7. Buddy
A newlywed couple decides to jump-start their new life together by rescuing a puppy. But before Brandon says "I do" to this adoption, he'll need to get Buddy's unacceptable puppy h...
19 Nov 2016
Luna E8. Luna
26 Nov 2016
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