Masters of Horror

Anchor Bay has amassed some of the greatest horror film writers and directors to bring to you the anthology series, "Masters of Horror". For the first time the foremost names in the horror ... See full summary »

Jahr: 2005

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Horror

Writers: Mick Garris

Stars: Karen Austin, J. Winston Carroll, Miho Ninagawa

IMDb: TT0448190

Bewertung: 7.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Incident on and Off a Mountain Road E1. Incident on and Off a Mountain Road
While driving at night along a lonely road through the mountains, Ellen gets distracted by her radio and hits a car parked on the road. She faints and looks for help since her car ...
10 links 16 Feb 2006
Dreams in the Witch-House E2. Dreams in the Witch-House
A graduate student questions his sanity after he rents a room in an old boarding house which was the residence of a 17th Century witch, and he figures out that the evil forces stil...
6 links 15 Nov 2010
Dance of the Dead E3. Dance of the Dead
In a post-apocalypse society, 17-year-old Peggy lives with her over-protective mother and works in her restaurant. She misses her sister Anna, who died some time ago. When two coup...
6 links 29 Sep 2006
Jenifer E4. Jenifer
While parked in a remote spot lunching Chinese food with his partner, Detective Frank Spivey saves a disfigured woman called Jenifer from being sliced with a meat cleaver by a dera...
6 links 09 Apr 2006
Chocolate E5. Chocolate
In Chicago, the lonely Jamie works in the food laboratory of a company developing flavors with his best friend Wally. Jamie divorced from his wife a couple of months ago and misses...
6 links 17 May 2006
Homecoming E6. Homecoming
A hotshot White House speech writer deals with the publicity nightmare of his life when recently deceased soldiers return from beyond the grave.
6 links 16 Mar 2006
Deer Woman E7. Deer Woman
A harried, burned-out cop believes that a recent string of murders prove that the murderer might be a deer-like creature in the form of a beautiful woman right from a local Native ...
6 links 02 Apr 2006
John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns E8. John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns
With a torrid past that haunts him, a movie theatre owner is hired to search for the only existing print of a film so notorious that its single screening caused the viewers to beco...
6 links 08 Jul 2006
The Fair Haired Child E9. The Fair Haired Child
A warlock couple abduct a young teenage girl to sacrifice her to a mysterious and evil entity as an offering to resurrect their long-dead boy.
6 links 18 Dec 2006
Sick Girl E10. Sick Girl
A story about an evil bug with the ability to change people's behavior, a commentary on the dangers of moving into a relationship too quickly.
6 links 13 Jan 2006
Pick Me Up E11. Pick Me Up
In the middle of nowhere, with only a two-lane highway to connect it to anywhere--probably upstate New York--a recently divorced female traveler, who is a passenger on a bus that h...
6 links 18 Sep 2010
Haeckel's Tale E12. Haeckel's Tale
While on his way to see his sick father, a man takes shelter with an elderly man and his young wife but soon discovers their horrible secret.
6 links 27 Jan 2006
Imprint E13. Imprint
In the 1800s, an American returns to Japan to find the prostitute he fell in love with, but instead learns of the psychical and existential horror that befell her after he left.
6 links 07 Apr 2006
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Damned Thing E1. The Damned Thing
The Damned Thing is the apocalyptic tale of a monstrous force that devastates Sheriff Kevin Reddle's family and his small Texas town. Sheriff Reddle thinks there is a connection be...
6 links 27 Oct 2006
Family E2. Family
Harold is a seemingly peaceful neighbor in a quiet midwestern neighborhood, but underneath, he's a murderous psychopath who sets his eyes on a couple that have moved in across the ...
6 links 03 Nov 2006
E3. The V Word
Two curious teenage boys break into an old mortuary looking for thrills, only to find themselves stalked by a former teacher who is a very real vampire looking to increase the rank...
6 links 04 May 2009
Sounds Like E4. Sounds Like
Deeply affected by a personal tragedy, an office drone comes to realize his sense of hearing has taken on extraordinary capabilities that could drive him insane.
11 May 2009
Pro-Life E5. Pro-Life
Determined to "rescue" his pregnant daughter from an abortion clinic, a religious fanatic and his sons plan a violent firearm assault just as the doctors suspect her pregnancy migh...
30 Mar 2009
Pelts E6. Pelts
A sleazy, desperate fur trader who haunts a local strip club, gets his hands on some priceless raccoon furs that might be more than just priceless but cursed.
6 links 30 Mar 2009
The Screwfly Solution E7. The Screwfly Solution
A strange virus renders the entire human male population into homicidal maniacs who end up wiping out all females, leaving a woman and her daughter to fend for themselves.
6 links 04 May 2009
Valerie on the Stairs E8. Valerie on the Stairs
Taken from a Clive Barker original screen story, tells the tale of a novelist who discovers there are fates worse than literary anonymity in this sexually-charged tale of terror.
6 links 07 Jan 2007
Right to Die E9. Right to Die
When a grisly car accident put his wife into a coma, a man reluctantly pulls the plug only to realize her spirit has turned vengeful against the living.
6 links 08 Feb 2007
We All Scream for Ice Cream E10. We All Scream for Ice Cream
Years ago, they pulled a disastrous childhood prank on the neighborhood ice cream delivery man that got him killed, but now as they've become adults with families of their own, the...
6 links 06 Apr 2009
The Black Cat E11. The Black Cat
The Black Cat, set in 1840 Philadelphia, has the great writer Edgar Allan Poe, struggling with alcoholism, writers block, as well as being out of ideas, short on cash, and tormente...
6 links 13 Apr 2009
The Washingtonians E12. The Washingtonians
A family man unearths an old letter, claiming that historical figure George Washington was a cannibal, and that a colonial-era reenactment group may be upholding that way of life.
6 links 27 Apr 2009
Dream Cruise E13. Dream Cruise
Absolutely terrified of the sea, an American lawyer reluctantly goes on an ocean cruise to be near the wife of a client, with no idea of the grim situation that awaits them all.
6 links 06 Feb 2007
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