Missing - Verzweifelt gesucht

Die erfahrene und vorschriftsgemäß arbeitende FBI-Agentin Brooke Haslett (Gloria Reuben) und die junge Sonderberaterin Jess Mastriani (Caterina Scorsone) suchen gemeinsam Vermisste. Nützliche Hinweise bekommt Jess in ihren Träumen. Sie verfügt über diese G...

Jahr: 2003−2006

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writers: Glenn Davis, William Laurin

Stars: Vivica A. Fox, Mark Consuelos, Caterina Scorsone

IMDb: TT0373474

Bewertung: 6.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Everyday girl Jess Mastriani gets hit by lightening and somehow gains psychic powers. She uses her "gift" to find missing people.
6 links 14 Jan 2005
They Come as They Go E2. They Come as They Go
Brooke and Jess investigate a missing FBI cadet.
21 Jan 2005
Insomnia E3. Insomnia
Jess experiences troubling nightmares as she tries to locate a missing woman who has been threatened by a killer.
28 Jan 2005
I Thought I Knew You E4. I Thought I Knew You
04 Feb 2005
Thin Air E5. Thin Air
A woman on an airplane disappears while the plane is in flight. Jess and Brooke investigate.
6 links 20 Jun 2015
Never Go Against the Family E6. Never Go Against the Family
6 links 18 Feb 2005
This Is Your Life E7. This Is Your Life
Jess and Brooke search for the brother of one of Alan's ex-partners. The partner is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant from her brother who has disappeared.
25 Feb 2005
Ties That Bind E8. Ties That Bind
At the wedding of Eric's best friend, the groom is attacked and the bride goes missing. Tension increases between Brooke and Eric as Brooke investigates and Eric tries to protect h...
04 Mar 2005
M.I.A. E9. M.I.A.
11 Mar 2005
72 Hours to Kill E10. 72 Hours to Kill
Brooke attempts to stop the execution of what she believes to be an innocent man.
18 Mar 2005
Deliverance from Evil E11. Deliverance from Evil
Jess and Brooke investigate the disappearance of a wealthy couple in the wilds of northern Michigan.
6 links 01 Apr 2005
Victoria E12. Victoria
A diabetic in need of her insulin goes missing, while Jess has to deal with a family crisis.
08 Apr 2005
White Whale E13. White Whale
15 Apr 2005
Basic Training E14. Basic Training
Against Brooke's wishes, Jess goes under cover at a military academy.
22 Apr 2005
Father Figure E15. Father Figure
A molecular biologist goes missing, reuniting Brooke with her father. Jess meets Jack Burgess.
29 Apr 2005
Lost Sister E16. Lost Sister
Brooke investigates the kidnapping of an FBI whistleblower. Jess goes under cover to investigate counterfeit designer merchandise.
06 May 2005
Delusional E17. Delusional
Jess becomes delusional while trying to track a serial killer.
13 May 2005
These Dreams Before Me E18. These Dreams Before Me
Jess encounters a former FBI psychic and her "handler". Jess is forced to consider her future.
20 May 2005
Staffel 2
Season 2
Sea of Love E1. Sea of Love
Jess Mastriani gets pulled out of Quantico and made a probationary agent by John Pollock of the FBI and moves to Washington to assist special agent Nicole Scott in the investigatio...
22 Jul 2005
One Night Stand E2. One Night Stand
6 links 29 Jul 2005
Judgement Day E3. Judgement Day
A judge has her daughter kidnapped.
05 Aug 2005
Resurrection E4. Resurrection
A boy thought dead appears on TV in the audience at a baseball game. The boy's mother notices him and comes to the FBI to have them help find her son.
12 Aug 2005
Last Stop E5. Last Stop
A bus is hijacked and 20 people are kidnapped by men looking for their partner in a bank robbery. One of the people kidnapped is an 8 month pregnant woman who's baby's heartbeat fe...
19 Aug 2005
In the Midnight Hour E6. In the Midnight Hour
A woman is found murdered in Central Park, but the body disappears before the killer can be found - while Jess's dreams revolve around the victim in an electric chair.
26 Aug 2005
Domestic Bliss E7. Domestic Bliss
A seemingly 'normal' suburban family goes missing. Nicole seems enamoured with the "white picket fences".
6 links 09 Sep 2005
Cop Out E8. Cop Out
A cop is found shot and his partner is missing. Jess is tasked with finding the missing officer.
6 links 02 Sep 2005
Puzzle Box E9. Puzzle Box
Jess and Nicole are sent to find a missing senator's daughter and in the process uncover an immigrant smuggling ring.
6 links 16 Sep 2005
Pop Star E10. Pop Star
Nicole is asked by a friend to help protect a pop star (Mya). The pop star disappears requiring Jess's talents to find her.
23 Sep 2005
Mr. Nobody E11. Mr. Nobody
Jess and Nicole are tasked with finding a process server. In tracking her they find a man who is missing.
30 Sep 2005
Truth or Dare: Part 1 E12. Truth or Dare: Part 1
Antonio and Pollock have plans to go fishing as does a vet(Don). In the first of two parts the Don goes missing. The mystery deepens as Don's background is investigated.
6 links 07 Oct 2005
Truth or Dare: Part 2 E13. Truth or Dare: Part 2
The truth of Don is revealed.
14 Oct 2005
Deep Cover E14. Deep Cover
Nicole goes under a dangerous arms-dealer.
21 Oct 2005
John Doe E15. John Doe
After arresting a dangerous man on the run, Jess and Nicole find a man shot in the head hanging on to life in the trunk of the car he was trying to steal. The man has amnesia and d...
28 Oct 2005
Phoenix Rising E16. Phoenix Rising
Antonio's ex-wife Anna's sister is kidnapped and his involvement in the case opens up intense emotions between him and his ex-wife. But once the case is successfully resolved, Anto...
04 Nov 2005
Paper Anniversary E17. Paper Anniversary
A married woman goes missing. Her suspicious husband becomes a quick suspect in the kidnapping but as Jess and Nicole probe into her past, they discover a shocking secret and are a...
11 Nov 2005
We Are Coming Home E18. We Are Coming Home
6 links 18 Nov 2005
Staffel 3
Season 3
Anything for the Baby: Part 1 E1. Anything for the Baby: Part 1
03 Mar 2006
Anything for the Baby: Part 2 E2. Anything for the Baby: Part 2
A newborn is kidnapped.
6 links 10 Mar 2006
Unnatural Disaster E3. Unnatural Disaster
A boy is found after a hurricane only to go missing when he is taken to a hospital.
17 Mar 2006
Off the Grid E4. Off the Grid
A mother and her young children witness a middle-aged woman being kidnapped in a parking lot. Jess has a vision while trying to corner a suspect that nearly lets him get away. The ...
24 Mar 2006
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down E5. And the Walls Come Tumbling Down
Jess has a vision that leads her and Nicole to discover a 10-year-old skeleton. When the body is identified, Pollack orders them off the case. Jess and Nicole continue to work on t...
6 links 31 Mar 2006
Looking for Mr. Wright E6. Looking for Mr. Wright
The agents search for a wealthy businessman who disappeared from his hotel. They try to get the truth out of his girlfriend Melody, who discovered him missing in the middle of the ...
6 links 07 Apr 2006
Last Night E7. Last Night
6 links 14 Apr 2006
Fugitive E8. Fugitive
Dylan Anders, a convict about to go on trial for murder, kills two police officers and escapes. He then steals a Dr. Laurel Bennett's car and kidnaps her. Jess, Nicole, Antonio and...
21 Apr 2006
Analysis E9. Analysis
The loss of a team member results in the team facing a psychiatric evaluation. The team looks for a legal secretary.
28 Apr 2006
Try Again E10. Try Again
Federal prosecutor, Beth Duncan, who worked on a hate crime is abducted while attending her daughters 'green belt' ceremony. Issue of race come up in this case as the team sifts th...
05 May 2006
Patient X E11. Patient X
When the teenage perpetrator of a high school hostage crisis disappears, the agents solicit some unusual help from their suspended boss, John Pollock, to investigate the school ......
6 links 12 May 2006
Sisterhood E12. Sisterhood
Nicole's nephew goes missing. Antonio, Jess, and Colin use their vacation to assist her in the search.
08 Sep 2006
A Death in the Family E13. A Death in the Family
A family is attacked. The father is killed, the mother is beaten, and their twin daughters disappear.
15 Sep 2006
Have You Seen This Man? E14. Have You Seen This Man?
Nicole is in a car accident, with Jess having power of attorney. While a wealthy man's son goes missing.
6 links 22 Sep 2006
Spring Break E15. Spring Break
During spring break a young woman goes missing.
29 Sep 2006
Cut E16. Cut
06 Oct 2006
Double Take E17. Double Take
A wealthy business man goes missing and there are two ransom demands.
13 Oct 2006
Exposure E18. Exposure
A press reports compromises a DoJ agent who is then abducted from the street.
20 Oct 2006
So Shall Ye Reap E19. So Shall Ye Reap
Serial killer gets abducted, Jess gets vision of Antonio.
27 Oct 2006
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