Missing in Alaska

Jahr: 2015

Genres: Mystery, Reality-TV

Stars: Jax Menez Atwell, Ken Gerhard, Tommy Joseph

IMDb: TT5435660

Bewertung: 7.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Vanished in a Vortex E1. Vanished in a Vortex
In 1950, a military transport plane vanished in the Alaska Triangle with 44 people on board, and hasn't been seen since. Was its disappearance caused by bad weather or something mo...
6 links 24 Jul 2015
Hunted by the Hairy Man E2. Hunted by the Hairy Man
Tales of Bigfoot sightings are reported globally but the Alaskan version is the most extreme, standing over 14 feet. Is this massive, aggressive creature targeting people in the Al...
31 Jul 2015
Alaska's Body Snatchers E3. Alaska's Body Snatchers
A mountain climber goes missing near Mt. Hayes, where UFO sightings are rampant. Our team of investigators head into alien territory and risk close encounters to find answers about...
6 links 07 Aug 2015
Zombies of HAARP E4. Zombies of HAARP
The Aurora Borealis has been seen as a mystical force in Alaska for many centuries, but could a manmade version be used for mind control?
6 links 12 Sep 2015
Attack of the Ice Gnomes E5. Attack of the Ice Gnomes
Sightings of small human-like figures have coincided with missing persons reports within the Alaska Triangle. Could there be a tribe of vicious, carnivorous gnomes roaming the stat...
6 links 12 Sep 2015
Death by Demon Wolf E6. Death by Demon Wolf
A monstrous beast is spotted in the woods of Alaska, in the same area as countless missing person reports. Those who have survived its attacks describe bear-like claws on a towerin...
6 links 12 Sep 2015
Alaska's Mutant Monkeys E7. Alaska's Mutant Monkeys
Primate sightings in the Alaskan woods have the team puzzled, since experts say that monkeys have never lived in Alaska. Missing person reports in the area, reported cries from the...
6 links 12 Sep 2015
It Lurks Beneath the Ice E8. It Lurks Beneath the Ice
Recent sightings around Alaska match native stories of a vicious Arctic mermaid that attacks unsuspecting people. With only five percent of the world's oceans explored, new marine ...
26 Sep 2015
Taken Into the Wild E9. Taken Into the Wild
Ancient lore talks of a Canadian warrior tribe that once terrorized the Nahanni valley, decapitating their enemies with scythes. The tribe vanished many years ago, but might have r...
26 Sep 2015
Shapeshifters from the River E10. Shapeshifters from the River
Tlingit folklore describes a creature that's half-otter, half-man, who steals the souls of its victims. Could a shapeshifting Otterman, or Kushtaka, be disguising itself to target ...
26 Sep 2015
Alaska's Birds of Slay E11. Alaska's Birds of Slay
A jogger vanishes from the top of Mt. Marathon in Alaska and a witness describes seeing a monstrous, airplane-sized raptor around the time of the disappearance. Could ancient stori...
03 Nov 2015
Scared of the Bear God E12. Scared of the Bear God
Sixty years ago, the residents of an entire Alaskan village disappeared without a trace. A passing fisherman witnessed a massive, ferocious white bear, reminiscent of a northern le...
03 Nov 2015
Swallowed by the Lake Dragon E13. Swallowed by the Lake Dragon
With the unsolved case of a missing kayaker at Lake Iliamna, many believe that the legendary Iliamna Lake Monster (or "Ilie") is the culprit. In this huge body of water, a reclusiv...
03 Nov 2015
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