Mountain Men – Überleben in der Wildnis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life off the grid? Have you wished you could shed the complications of modern society and live in the wilderness, using only the ... See full summary »

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 42 min

Genres: Reality-TV

Stars: D.B. Sweeney, Eustace Conway, Tom Oar

IMDb: TT2202488

Bewertung: 7.2/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Winter Is Coming E1. Winter Is Coming
The Mountains of North America haunt the imagination, masking a danger few are willing to confront. Despite the challenges, some choose to live this way, the last of their kind. Eu...
6 links 31 May 2012
Mayhem E2. Mayhem
Tom Oar tries to save a friend's water supply and hunt his winter's meat surrounded by grizzlies. Eustace Conway deals with the threat of someone trying to take his land. Marty Mei...
6 links 07 Jun 2012
Lost E3. Lost
Eustace's fight with Justin reaches a boiling point while Tom loses his way high in the Rockies and Marty fights the elements as he tries to get home.
6 links 14 Jun 2012
Miles from Home E4. Miles from Home
In the Yaak of Montana, Tom Oar is faced to make a decision that will determine the rest of his life. While being alone for months in Alaska, Marty Meierotto will battle the weathe...
6 links 21 Jun 2012
Surviving Winter E5. Surviving Winter
Tom Oar must put his work on hold while he tries to find winter meat and protect himself from looming predators. Eustace Conway brings in a former Turtle Island worker to pick up t...
6 links 28 Jun 2012
Show Me the Money E6. Show Me the Money
Tom Oar is forced to take matters into his own hands and push dangerous wolves away from his property. In North Carolina, the water runs out for Eustace, shutting down Turtle Islan...
05 Jul 2012
The Final Stand E7. The Final Stand
High in the Appalachians, Eustace Conway is forced to track down a poacher that has trespassed upon his land. In Alaska, Marty Meierotto is in on the hunt to provide for his family...
6 links 12 Jul 2012
This Is the End E8. This Is the End
In North Carolina, Eustace Conway's land is in jeopardy, so he saddles up and rides into town to make his final stand. In Alaska, Marty battles weather and wind as he attempts to f...
19 Jul 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
Into the Wild E1. Into the Wild
In the Yaak Valley of northwest Montana, the worst fire season in living memory threatens the home of Tom Oar. In Alaska, Marty Meierotto flies into the heart of a vicious storm on...
6 links
The Night's Watch E2. The Night's Watch
Marty Meierotto arrives at his Alaska trapline, but the unseasonably warm weather is impeding his plans. In North Carolina, Eustace Conway discovers two headless chickens in his he...
6 links
Winter Strikes E3. Winter Strikes
Desperate for food after a grizzly bear ravaged his garden, Tom Oar embarks on a last-ditch deer hunt. Marty Meierotto begins to establish his winter trapline, breaking fresh trail...
6 links
Last Chance E4. Last Chance
After a successful deer hunt, Tom rushes to prepare the meat before it attracts hungry grizzly bears. In North Carolina, Eustace takes on a grueling job that he needs to complete i...
Three Toes Returns E5. Three Toes Returns
Rich and his hounds track Rich's nemesis, the killer mountain lion Three-Toes, across the length of Montana's Ruby Valley. In Alaska, a young prot g brings Marty the new snowmobile...
6 links
Bloody Sunday E6. Bloody Sunday
Logger turned Mountain Man, Charlie Tucker's luck takes a turn for the worse in the sub-zero North Maine Woods as a rookie mistake nearly costs him everything. In Alaska, Marty and...
6 links
No Way Out E7. No Way Out
Marty rushes to make the most of an extra pair of hands. Tom's grandson comes for a visit but soon learns that there's no such thing as vacation in the Yaak. Charlie heads out on a...
6 links
Disaster Strikes E8. Disaster Strikes
Rich's cougar hunt takes a dark turn in Montana. Marty competes with a wolf pack for food. Tom and Will race an oncoming storm that puts them in jeopardy. And in Maine, Charlie sus...
01 Jun 2013
End of the Line E9. End of the Line
Charlie spends the night injured and alone in Maine. In Montana Tom investigates signs of a predator lurking too close to home. Eustace rushes to raise money to make his loan payme...
01 Jun 2013
Thin Ice E10. Thin Ice
Tom struggles to keep a deadly wolf pack off his land despite an injury. Rich tracks a large buck over tough terrain on his mid-winter hunting trip. Eustace makes some much-needed ...
6 links
Going for Broke E11. Going for Broke
In Alaska, Marty tries to capitalize on his recent string of good luck by building a second cabin at the far end of his trap line. Andy flies in to help but with temperatures dropp...
6 links
Ticking Clock E12. Ticking Clock
Tom heads down to Idaho to help his brother break a pair of wild colts. Charlie Tucker returns to action after his shoulder injury, and puts his recovery at risk on Maine's frozen ...
6 links
Settling the Score E13. Settling the Score
In the Yaak Valley, Tom Oar teams up with his brother Jack to help return Jack's prized hunting falcon back to the wild. In southern Montana, Rich Lewis and his wife Diane need to ...
6 links
Judgment Day E14. Judgment Day
In Alaska, after spending the night under the stars in subzero conditions Marty struggles to get his snow machine out of a stubborn overflow. In the Ruby Valley, Rich takes his old...
6 links
Meltdown E15. Meltdown
The end of Montana's long winter is finally in sight. Tom and Nancy Oar are scrambling to get through the last of their winter works when a surprise call comes in from their family...
6 links
Misty Mountain E16. Misty Mountain
Winter has finally come to a close, spelling big changes for Tom, who bids farewell to an old friend and packs his bags for Florida. In the Ruby Valley, Rich grooms his youngest ho...
6 links
Staffel 3
Season 3
Closest Call E0. Closest Call
Everyday is a fight for their freedom and independence, but some battles are harder fought and push the men closer to the edge than ever before. These are Mountain Men's closest ca...
01 Jun 2014
Winter's Wrath E1. Winter's Wrath
This season opens as a polar vortex sweeps across the nation and plunges America into a brutal early winter. Tom Oar is behind on his winter preparations because he's spending time...
4 links 01 Jun 2014
The Darkness E2. The Darkness
As winter tightens it's grip on the nation, the mountain men fight the elements to stay alive. In New Mexico's Cimarron Valley, Kyle Bell and his son Ben scramble to save a herd of...
4 links 01 Jun 2014
Valley of the Wolves E3. Valley of the Wolves
As the worst winter in decades rages across the nation, the Mountain Men must fight to stay on top of the food chain. In the Yaak Valley, the growing wolf population comes knocking...
4 links 08 Jun 2014
The Revelations E4. The Revelations
Marty makes a new start in some of Alaska's most unforgiving terrain, but his first solo flight into the Revelation Mountains becomes a dangerous ordeal. In the Cimarron Valley of ...
4 links 22 Jun 2014
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire E5. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
An overflowing river of ice threatens to trap Marty Meierotto with no way out of Alaska's Revelation Mountains. In Montana, Tom Oar's experiment on a lucrative bison hide goes up i...
4 links 29 Jun 2014
Training Day E6. Training Day
4 links 17 Jun 2014
Rite of Passage E7. Rite of Passage
In Montana, Rich Lewis must defend his home from a mountain lion that has invaded his turf. In New Mexico, after a failed first attempt, Kyle Bell's son Ben steps up again to break...
4 links 25 Jun 2014
Call of the Wild E8. Call of the Wild
Marty fights back against a wolverine but it takes him on a treacherous journey; Charlie takes a big risk in uncharted wilderness and Tom claims his place on the food chain.
4 links 01 Jul 2014
Hell on Ice E9. Hell on Ice
4 links 08 Jul 2014
Death Trap E10. Death Trap
In the Revelation Mountains of Alaska, Marty is forced to make a dangerous river crossing to return to base camp. In Maine, Charlie battles a coyote to protect his new trapping gro...
4 links 16 Jul 2014
Deep Freeze E11. Deep Freeze
In the Revelation Mountains of Alaska, Marty faces off with a vicious wolverine. In Montana, Rich tries to protect a young family from a hungry predator while Tom Oar battles the b...
4 links 22 Jul 2014
Predator E12. Predator
As the bitter cold pushes predators to the edge, Tom is caught in a close range battle while Rich goes head to head with a pack of wolves.
4 links 29 Jul 2014
Live, Fight, and Die E13. Live, Fight, and Die
A visit from Tom's son Chad goes terribly wrong and Marty's flight back from the Revelation Mountains is delayed.
4 links 17 Aug 2014
Stranded E14. Stranded
Marty is stranded in the Revelation Mountains with one last chance to get home, while Kyle and Ben launch a nighttime stakeout to stop a predator.
4 links 12 Aug 2014
The Great Escape E15. The Great Escape
Tom battles a dangerous ice jam. Marty launches a last ditch escape from the Revelations, and a deadly predator returns to the Ruby Valley.
4 links 25 Aug 2014
No Rest for the Weary E16. No Rest for the Weary
Marty is forced to make a mid-flight detour that costs him precious fuel; Rich faces his worst fear when the dogs run off in pursuit of a deadly predator, and Kyle takes down a bea...
4 links 03 Sep 2014
Staffel 4
Season 4
Adapt or Die E1. Adapt or Die
After surviving last year's record breaking cold, the Mountain Men return more prepared than ever to do battle against Mother Nature, but unpredictable extremes in an ever-changing...
4 links
Cold Crossing E2. Cold Crossing
Tom defends his home against a bear threat while Morgan makes a deadly miscalculation on thin ice.
4 links 25 Jun 2015
Welcome to the Tundra E3. Welcome to the Tundra
Morgan gets caught in the grips of an ice desert with no shelter in sight and Marty's return to Alaska's Revelation Mountains takes an unexpected turn.
4 links 02 Jul 2015
Best Laid Plans E4. Best Laid Plans
Winter's uneven arrival causes mayhem in the mountains, putting Rich on the front lines of a new war against predators and pushing Tom to the brink.
4 links 09 Jul 2015
Deadly Ascent E5. Deadly Ascent
Morgan climbs into the treacherous Alaska Range; Rich goes to war with the wolves.
4 links 16 Jul 2015
Snowblind E6. Snowblind
Morgan walks into a death trap in the Alaska Range when a whiteout strikes in an avalanche zone.
4 links 23 Jul 2015
The Fallen E7. The Fallen
Marty discovers an unexpected advantage and Rich mounts a search for a lost friend.
4 links 30 Jul 2015
Lifeblood E8. Lifeblood
Morgan stakes out his next meal to fight off starvation; Marty discovers an unexpected jackpot.
4 links 06 Aug 2015
So Close, Yet So Far Away E9. So Close, Yet So Far Away
Tom's run of bad luck intensifies, but he refuses to give up; Morgan closes in on his goal and Marty prepares for his family's arrival on the line.
13 Aug 2015
Hard Target E10. Hard Target
Morgan's survival hangs on a critical airdrop; gale-force winds threaten to destroy Marty's cabin; Tom finally gets a breakthrough that could end his losing streak.
20 Aug 2015
Touchdown E11. Touchdown
In Alaska, Marty Meierotto completes his cabin build just in time for his family to touch down in the Revelation Mountains. While in Montana, Rich Lewis has a real-life cliffhanger...
27 Aug 2015
Miles to Go E12. Miles to Go
4 links 03 Sep 2015
In the Blood E13. In the Blood
An early melt brings Marty's record run to a screeching halt; Tom gets an unexpected boost and Eustace rushes to finish his logging job before spring.
Winter's Gamble E14. Winter's Gamble
4 links 17 Sep 2015
Awakening E15. Awakening
A predator returns just when Tom can least afford it. Marty runs out of daylight, and Rich battles back the wolves.
24 Sep 2015
Hard Fought & Fairly Won E16. Hard Fought & Fairly Won
It's a race against the end of winter as the melt sets in. Marty gambles on thin ice, a predator awakens in the Yaak and Rich launches a rescue mission.
01 Oct 2015
Staffel 5
Season 5
Man vs. Winter E0. Man vs. Winter
12 May 2016
The Wasteland E1. The Wasteland
Rich deals with the aftermath of his accident; Morgan's search for food intensifies; and Eustace gets a golden opportunity, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
19 May 2016
Fallout E2. Fallout
26 May 2016
All Work and No Play E3. All Work and No Play
02 Jun 2016
No Man Is an Island E4. No Man Is an Island
Tom calls in reinforcements to bail him out; Morgan fights for survival in the deep freeze and a father gambles everything for his family's future.
09 Jun 2016
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained E5. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Tom and Nancy divide and conquer to get ahead; Eustace makes a breakthrough with his lumber business, while Morgan's luck finally turns around.
16 Jun 2016
Gone E6. Gone
A hard truth forces Tom to do the unthinkable; Morgan goes on a do or die hunt in the high peaks; Marty discovers competition on the line.
23 Jun 2016
Freeze Out E7. Freeze Out
A jackpot slips from Tom's grasp; Morgan's last ditch effort to find food takes him into the treacherous peaks; and Marty is driven off his line.
30 Jun 2016
Killer Instinct E8. Killer Instinct
Rich hunts a known dog-killer on unfamiliar ground; Morgan goes to great heights to protect his food supply; Tom harnesses the power of a bird of prey.
07 Jul 2016
Crash and Burn E9. Crash and Burn
Tom takes on the Snake; Marty's new opportunity goes up in smoke and Eustace takes a hard fall that puts him out of commission.
14 Jul 2016
Concussion E10. Concussion
Eustace struggles to accept the reality of his injuries; Marty scrambles to recover from a costly blow and Tom finally makes a breakthrough.
24 Jul 2016
The Bull and the Bear E11. The Bull and the Bear
Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan clashes with a ravenous grizzly bear.
28 Jul 2016
Rock Bottom E12. Rock Bottom
Tom hits the rocks with only weeks of winter left to go; Morgan seeks protection from the bears and Jason fires up the forge.
04 Aug 2016
Nemesis E13. Nemesis
The river deals Tom's season a fatal blow; Marty fights the ice to make it home and Jason battles a deadline to deliver for his family.
25 Aug 2016
The Sting of Defeat E14. The Sting of Defeat
Tom washes out in Idaho and retreats to the Yaak; Eustace races to stop a breakout and Morgan battles predators large and small.
01 Sep 2016
I'll Go Down Fighting E15. I'll Go Down Fighting
Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan fights for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown.
08 Sep 2016
Generations E16. Generations
Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters; Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses; Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.
15 Sep 2016
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