Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

A weekly news magazine for young adults.

Jahr: 1991

Genres: Family, News

Stars: Linda Ellerbee, Jennifer S. Rose, Gerald Ford

IMDb: TT0266165

Bewertung: 4.9/10

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Season -1
E-1. The Body Trap
Body image is a big deal for kids. Guests: Rosie O'Donnell, Dr. James C. Rosen, Dir.-Body Image Therapy Prog., clinical psych. & UVM prof.
29 Apr 1996
For most kids, the idea of having a twin seems cool. You'd have an instant best friend; share secrets, friends, clothing. You could read each others' minds. "Not so fast," say real...
27 Aug 2013
E-1. Sidelined: How Safe Are Kids' Sports?
From football to soccer, basketball to baseball, gymnastics to cheerleading, young athletes are getting hurt in alarming numbers. Why are kids getting injured so often? What's bein...
15 Apr 2014
E-1. Online and Off the Wall
Guest host Bill Gates tell us how he got started designing software, how computers have evolved and what the future holds for computer technology.
13 Apr 1997
E-1. Look Before You Eat
American kids are the fattest on the planet. If bad eating habits are learned, can kids be taught to make smarter choices? With guest Emeril Lagasse.
27 Jun 2004
E-1. School Crime and Too Much Punishment?
Examining the effectiveness of traditional methods of school punishment; exploring restorative justice.
04 Aug 2015
E-1. Clearing the Air: Kids Talk to the President About Smoking
With President Clinton.
09 Jan 1996
E-1. On the Road with Circus Kids
It's a world most of us only see from ringside. But what's it like to grow up in a traveling circus? Join us as we go under the Big Top.
25 Jul 2004
E-1. Losers/Winners
Everybody says kids today are too fat. Find out what 3 kids did to change their lives. Could you do that?
22 May 2005
E-1. Mi America!: A Celebration of Hispanic Culture
They are 35 million strong with a rich heritage and diverse culture. Yet many Hispanic American kids face stereotypes that challenge their everyday lives.
26 Sep 2004
E-1. If I Could Talk to the Elephants
Have you ever looked into the eyes of an elephant and wondered, "What are you thinking?" Linda Ellerbee and six kids went 10,000 miles to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand to find ...
22 Jul 2007
E-1. The Fight to Fit In
What does it mean if you're not popular? What does it mean if you are weird? Guest: Dr. Michael Rich - Adolescent Behavior Specialist at Boston Children's Hospital
26 Feb 1999
E-1. Kids and Guns 1996
Do guns cause violence, or do people cause violence? Kids talk. Guest: Dr. Danielle Laroque - Pediatrician-Harlem Hospital, Specialty: violent injury prevention.
28 Aug 1996
E-1. Faces of Hope: The Kids in Afghanistan
What's it like to be a child in a country that has been at war for more than 20 years?
17 Mar 2002
E-1. It's Only Television
Teaches kids how to watch TV i.e. "you are smarter than your TV."
08 Nov 1991
E-1. Who Wants to Be President? (1992)
Let's find out what it's like to be President. With special guest former President Gerald Ford.
30 Oct 1992
E-1. Fleeing Syria: Children of War
The country of Syria has been at war with itself for more than three years now. As Syria falls apart, millions of its citizens are fleeing, afraid for their lives. More than half o...
11 Mar 2014
E-1. Out of Sight: How Blind Kids See the World
If you want to make something harder, try doing it with your eyes closed. And then try to imagine this every day for the rest o your life. Try being Blind. Try being a kid.
28 Jan 2013
E-1. What Is Title IX and Why Do You Care?
Forty years ago, 1 in 27 girls played high school sports. Now? One in 3 girls does, thanks to a law that you may have never heard of-Title IX. And you also may not know this: Title...
13 Jan 2015
E-1. Giants
A special where kids ask celebrities questions about their careers and their lives. Guest star: Robin Williams.
26 Feb 1996
E-1. Going for Cold Gold
This February the world's greatest cold-weather atheletes come together at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Who are the younger Americans hoping to make if to Sochi? What do...
12 Oct 2013
E-1. Kids Pick the President: Candidates
If kids could vote, who would they choose as the next president? Before they decide, they have some questions for the candidates. Featuring President Barack Obama.
15 Oct 2012
E-1. Lies We Tell in Middle School
C'mon, admit it. You've told a lie. Everyone does at one time or another. But did you know the biggest liars of all are middle schoolers? Now some brave kids (and former kids such ...
06 Mar 2011
E-1. Coming Home: When Parents Return from War
When a parent is deployed their kids must be as brave as any soldier. What happens when a military parent returns home from the war zone? Soldiers have expectations about what thei...
06 Jul 2008
E-1. The Border Kids
In the year 2014, more than twice the number of kids crossed the southern border of the United States than did in 2013. Were they running for their lives or looking for the America...
02 Dec 2014
E-1. A Global Warning from the Kids of the World
There are times when kids must listen to adults, and there are times when it is important for adults to hear kids' voices. This is one of those times.
09 Dec 2007
E-1. Gift of Life
What if you needed a new heart, but in order for you to get one, another person had to die? How would you feel about that? What if someone else needed a new lung? Would you sign a ...
18 Sep 2011
E-1. Your Thirsty World
Why do one in five people have no access to clean, safe drinking water? Why is water-related illness the leading cause of human death? Kids in Honduras, Bangladesh, California and ...
18 Mar 2010
E-1. Peace on Earth
Why can't Arabs and Israelis get along? What's going on in the Middle East? Kids from all sides express their opinion.
12 Jan 1997
E-1. Kids to the Rescue! Helping Homeless Animals
Because of the economic crisis, thousands of pets have been abandoned by owners who could not afford to keep them, adding to the millions of homeless pets already out there. What h...
27 Dec 2009
E-1. Never Forget? The Balkans. Why We're There, Why You Care
American kids and the crisis in Kosovo, with a special report from John Hockenberry. Guest: Dr. Charles Ingrao, Professor of History, specializing in Yugoslavian studies, at Purdue...
25 Apr 1999
E-1. A Nick News Adventure: The Great Wave Train
Thrills, chills and spill! Linda Ellerbee and six kids raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
23 Oct 2005
E-1. When Bad Things Happen...
A look at the terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City. Kids ask questions and discuss how it affected them. Guest: Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld - Psychiatrist
23 Apr 1995
E-1. What's Wrong with Me?
ADD, OCD and ADHD. Thousand of kids nationwide have these conditions and it's hard for them to make friends and succeed in school. With guest Dr. Phil.
19 Dec 2004
E-1. Everyday Heroes
What does it take to be a hero? Do you have to be a superhuman? Must you save a baby from a burning building? End world hunger? Or does being a hero just mean doing something brave...
15 Jul 2013
E-1. Who Am I? Asian Pacific and Proud
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! There are many different cultures, religions and ethnicities that make up Asian Americans. Nick News gets friendly with some of these ...
27 May 2012
E-1. Stories from the Dream
The civil rights movement, then and now. Guests: Linda Brown - Brown v. Board of Education desegregation case, Darnell Martin - the first African-American female to write/direct a ...
22 Feb 1995
E-1. America's Forgotten Children: The Rural Poor
The world is sliding into hard times, economically, but there are areas of the United States where families were already struggling with a shortage of money, and have been doing so...
21 Dec 2008
E-1. Kids and Guns
A show about school shootings. With special address re: 4-20-99 shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. (Original version of show aired 8-28-96)
22 Apr 1999
E-1. Freedom to Believe, or Not
A recent poll says 67% of Americans believe the United States is a Christian nation. Officially. But is it? Or is this not about what you believe, but the rights of other people to...
17 Apr 2011
E-1. Strangers in a Strange Land
What's it like to live in a country so different from your own that not even the alphabet is the same? Follow four American kids living in Japan - exploring, learning, and growing ...
19 Mar 2006
E-1. Animals? Show Me the Money
The circus, the zoo, the rodeo, Hollywood, marine parks-American traditions. It can be fun, even exciting to watch animals preform or up close. But we're animals too. Do is it fair...
12 Aug 2012
E-1. The Electronic Leash: Safety vs. Privacy
Texting. Social media. Video chatting. The Internet. Today there are so many ways you can stay connected - and just as many ways you can get in trouble or hurt because of that. Ent...
16 Jun 2015
E-1. Kids for Sale: Slavery in Ghana
Nick News follows some remarkable American kids to Africa where they and some former child slaves go on a rescue mission. People trying to make it better. One kid at a time.
26 Aug 2012
E-1. Boys and Girls: In a Class of Their Own
Is single-gender education better? Do boys and girls learn differently? If so, is it social conditioning...or are their brains just hard-wired differently?
28 Dec 2008
Nick News Special Edition: Faces of Hope - The Kids of Afghanistan E-1. Nick News Special Edition: Faces of Hope - The Kids of Afghanistan
What's it like to be a child in a country that has been at war for more than 20 years?
Lucky Duck E-1. Lucky Duck
Children's Laureate E-1. Children's Laureate
The Worst Years of My Life: Surviving Middle School E-1. The Worst Years of My Life: Surviving Middle School
This episode was about students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The crew traveled across the United States asking students questions and learning about their experiences.
School Safety E-1. School Safety
E-1. A Kid Off Grid
19 Apr 2009
E-1. Kids Pick the President 2000
12 Oct 2000
E-1. The Big Help
Kids do volunteer work in their communities.
15 Oct 1994
E-1. Keeping Faith: Muslim Kids in America
How do Muslim kids find their way in America without losing their Islamic way?
28 Mar 2004
E-1. My Family Is Different: I'm Adopted
In this second installment of Nick News' continuing series, My Family is Different, Linda Ellerbee discusses adoption and some of the issues involved. With guest Faith Hill.
07 Oct 2003
E-1. Old School/New School
What if you're not flunking but your school is? Test scores now consistently show American kids are not keeping up with kids in other nations. So perhaps it's not surprising so man...
16 Dec 2014
E-1. Cheaters Never Win: True or False
Cheating in school is easier than ever and, apparently, more popular than ever. According to recent studies, 64% of high school students cheated on a test within the past year. Wha...
07 Mar 2010
E-1. Do We Need Black History Month?
It's a month we set aside each year to honor African Americans. How did it start? Is it enough? What do you think?
23 Feb 2003
E-1. The Thrill of the Chill: Kids and Stress
Over-scheduled. Over-exposed. Over-burdened . Over-stressed. And you thought it was easy to be a kid today?
09 Jan 2003
E-1. We Shall Not Be Moved
When Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, we understood that now, more than ever, Black History is American History.
08 Feb 2009
E-1. Love Stories: Tales of Middle School Romance
What is love? How old do you have to be to fall in love? How do you know you're in love? Kids are joined by some famous former kids (Nick Cannon, Brittany Snow, Tony Hawk, Howie Ma...
07 Jun 2009
E-1. Children of the Storm
They could be kids anywhere, but they're not. They're the survivors: Katrina Kids. They will never forget what happened. Or what's happened since. How are they now? Where are they ...
02 Jul 2006
E-1. Foster Care: A Reality Check
Parents are supposed to take care of their kids. Most do. Some can't. Some don't. Or won't. Hear what foster kids want you to know about their lives.
24 Oct 2010
E-1. ¡Mi America!: A Celebration of Hispanic Culture
They are 35 million strong with a rich heritage and diverse culture. Yet many Hispanic American kids face stereotypes that challenge their everyday lives.
26 Sep 2004
E-1. So Close and Yet So Far Away: The Kids of Cuba
After more than 50 years of being enemies, the United States and Cuba have agreed to work together to repair the relationship. What will this mean for the kids of Cuba tomorrow? Wh...
13 Apr 2015
E-1. Webstars: The Kids Behind the Hits
Want a career in showbiz? You can start Meet the kids who create the blogs, vlogs, webpages and videos. They are their own!
28 Jun 2009
E-1. Black, White, and Brown v. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?
Once upon a time, most black kids didn't go to school with white kids. Schools were to be separate but equal. This was called segregation, and it was the law. In 1954, a man named ...
11 Feb 2014
E-1. Beyond I Have a Dream
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said he had a dream of racial equality. But Dr. King had more than one dream-and his message went well beyond a plea for racial equality. W...
13 Feb 2011
E-1. What Happened?: The Story of September11, 2001
Most kids today don't have first-hand recollections of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, because they were too young, or weren't born yet. For many of them, there is confusion about wh...
01 Sep 2011
E-1. Living with AIDS: A Story of Three Kids
More than 14,000 kids in the U.S. are infected with the HIV virus. More than 90 percent of those kids were born with the disease.
01 Dec 2004
E-1. God, Science, Politics and Your School
There's a fight going in science class. Should kids be taught natural selection or supernatural intervention or both? Are evolution and God enemies in American schools?
22 Jan 2006
E-1. Keeping Faith: Muslin Kids in America
28 Mar 2004
E-1. The Untouchable Kids of India
Nick News travels to the world's biggest democracy to meet and to listen to the stories of the kids in India who are still treated as Untouchable. How is this possible? What are th...
21 Oct 2007
E-1. Private Worlds: Kids & Autism
It is said that autistic kids live in private worlds. But they also live in our world, and therein lies the challenge: How can we be different together?
22 Apr 2007
E-1. Good Dog
For some kids, their dog is not just their best friend. They are their eyes, ears, arms, legs, or even their nose. They're called "service dogs." And everything they do, they do wi...
05 Dec 2010
E-1. What's for Dinner? Hungry Kids in America
At least 1 in 7 American families lack constant access to food. Here are some faces and stories of hunger in our own country.
04 Dec 2011
E-1. Cheap Shots and Low Blows: How Debate Turns to Hate
When did civil discourse in America come down to "You suck!"?
05 Nov 2006
E-1. Space Shuttle, Phone Home
A LIVE show in which kids talk with the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia. TAPED IN ORLANDO
16 Jul 1994
E-1. If All the Other Kids Are...? The Politics of Peer Pressure
Every parent says it at one time or another: "So, if all the other kids jumped off a bridge would you?" The subject here is peer pressure, and the influence of kids around you, on ...
13 May 2014
E-1. Safari So Good
"Safari" is a Swahili word meaning "journey." Linda Ellerbee and six American kids go on a NICK NEWS ADVENTURE through the African country of Kenya, getting up close and personal w...
20 Mar 2005
E-1. Kids Pick the President: Election Issues '08
The war in Iraq? Education? Healthcare? Immigration? Terrorism? What are kids saying about the issues in the 2008 presidential election?
13 Apr 2008
E-1. Before I Go... Living with Dying
Children who are suffering from terminal illnesses tell their stories and reveal their appreciation for life.
23 Aug 2015
E-1. Kids Pick the President 2008
Senators John McCain and Barack Obama answer kids' questions directly. Following that, kids vote on who they think should be the next President of the United States.
12 Oct 2008
E-1. In Harm's Way? Japan Through the Eyes of Its Kids
Last March an earthquake struck the seas off Japan, causing a giant tsunami to slam into Japan's northeast coast, tearing up lives, buildings and, sometimes, whole communities. Her...
07 Aug 2011
E-1. Hello, I Must Be Going! 25 Years of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
A look back at the show's past 25 years as host Linda Ellerbee retires.
15 Dec 2015
E-1. Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home
What happens when your parents don't get along - when fighting turns physical? Kids who lived through it, and got out, are ready to break the silence.
13 Aug 2013
E-1. Turning Ten: A Nick News Celebration
A retrospective of the ground-breaking show's most compelling stories over the last decade.
04 Oct 2001
E-1. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
It's the same old back-to-school question, but the answers are good, bad and downright silly. Just ask any kid, plus skateboarder Tony Hawk, country singer Toby Keith, "Drake & Jos...
14 Sep 2008
E-1. If Only I Were an Only Child: Top Ten Annoying Things Siblings Do
Stop taking my stuff! Telling on me! Picking on me! Copying me! Blaming me! Embarrassing me! You're driving me crazy! Sound familiar? It does if you have a brother or a sister. Kid...
17 Dec 2012
E-1. Harvest of Hope
What did you do on your summer vacation? In migrant families, summer means harvest, kids do not go to camp, or hang around the house. They work with their parents harvesting crops....
25 Sep 2005
E-1. My Big Fat Failure
The world's biggest stars started their careers with some major flops. How do we learn from our failures to push forward and succeed?
26 Feb 2012
E-1. Do Something! Caring for the Kids of Katrina
Hosted by Ellerbee from Houston's Astrodome, this Special Edition of Nick News lets kids know that wherever you find a terrible situation, you find good people, including kids tryi...
11 Sep 2005
E-1. There's No Place Like Home: Homeless Kids in America
The fastest growing homeless population in America is families with children. And if you don't see them, you're not looking.
19 Oct 2003
E-1. The Fight to Be Fit
Former President Bill Clinton and Nick News challenge kids to combat the health crisis in America's young people.
13 Nov 2005
E-1. Now Hear This! What If You Were Deaf?
What is it like to not hear music, your friends, your phone, your family... to not hear a smoke alarm or an oncoming car? What's if like to be deaf? How do you communicate? How do ...
05 Aug 2014
E-1. Are You What You Watch?
The effect of TV violence. With guest CBS President Howard Stringer.
18 Oct 1993
E-1. Minor Adjustments: Kids and Cosmetic Surgery
Most people think adults are the only ones who go under the knife in order to look better. Most people are wrong. Today's new American cosmetic surgery patient is a kid.
23 Oct 2011
E-1. This Land Was My Land: Kids on Reservations
Growing up always comes with challenges, but Native American kids reservations have to deal with some unique circumstances.
09 Nov 2003
E-1. Never Again? From the Holocaust to the Sudan
January 27, 2005 is the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. We mark the date because we must remember the Holocaust, and the world's promise of "Never again." To keep ...
27 Jan 2005
E-1. Kids, Terrorism and the American Spirit
Kids talk about their fears and thoughts about the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon immediately following the events. Guest: Stephen Berkowitz - Child ...
16 Sep 2001
E-1. Torchlight on Tibet: Politics, the Olympics, and You
This summer the Olympics are about more than sports.
20 Jul 2008
E-1. A Dream on Fire
A look at the Los Angeles riots following Rodney King's video taped beating.
06 May 1992
E-1. Ten Things Wrong with TV
Kids watch more TV than anybody. But are they media literate? Are you?
18 Dec 2005
E-1. The Great Wave Train
23 Oct 2005
E-1. Rollin' Down the River: Kids Explore the Amazon
What's it like to go on a 7-day boat trip down the Amazon and through the Rainforest? Linda Ellerbee and 6 lucky kids find out!
29 Aug 2004
E-1. Nick News Presents LifeStory: Rosie O'Donnell
A biography for kids: Rosie O'Donnell, her childhood, life and career; includes interviews with celebrity friends and colleagues.
15 Apr 2001
E-1. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Celebrating 15 Years of Nick News
We wanted to teach kids about life. Instead, they taught us what life is all about.
28 May 2006
Rachel/AIDS E-1. Rachel/AIDS
E-1. The Face of Courage: Kids Living with Cancer
They have been where no kid should have to go, and they have survived to share their stories - and their courage - with the rest of us.
24 Jan 2010
E-1. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Lies Parents Tell You
All grown-ups lie to kids. We're not talking about the big things in life. We're talking about the ridiculous stuff grown-ups say to keep you from peeing in the pool or not eating ...
22 Oct 2013
E-1. Sticks, Stones and Cyberslams: The New Breed of Bully
In the last year and a half, ten kids have killed themselves as a result of bullying. Kids talk about being bullied. Bullies talk about why they do it. And both groups talk about w...
03 Oct 2010
E-1. Gone But Not Forgotten: Kids Talk About Loss and Grieving
Loss of a loved one comes in many forms; death of parent, divorce, loss of a pet, moving away. Guest: Dr. Alan Wolfelt - Psychologist for children and grief, author, Dir. of Center...
06 Dec 1998
E-1. Emergency? Ask a Kid!
What to do in an emergency. Guest: Steve Vitrano - American Red Cross
28 Jun 1998
E-1. Teachers Talk Back
"There's way too much homework!" "My teachers don't understand me!" A while back, on a Nick News' special called Ten Things I hate About School, we listened to kids. Now it's the t...
17 Jun 2007
E-1. Plan It for the Planet
A kids Earth Summit featuring Vice President Al Gore.
22 Apr 1993
E-1. The Legacy of Slavery
Though slavery in this country ended well over a hundred years ago, it remains on the hardest things for people to talk about openly and honestly. Does slavery continue to influenc...
15 Feb 2004
E-1. A World of Difference
Nick News teams up with the Special Olympics in Anchorage, Alaska. Guest: Tim Shriver - Pres./CEO, Special Olympics
25 Mar 2001
E-1. I'm American! They're Not!
They are kids caught in a political situation they didn't cause, and cannot solve. Because they are American citizens, these kids cannot be forced to leave the United States. But t...
16 Mar 2008
E-1. My Family Is Different
Rosie O'Donnell and Rev. Jerry Falwell discuss nontraditional families, focusing on households headed by gay parents. The issue of hate crimes is addressed, along with recommendati...
18 Jun 2002
E-1. Forgotten But Not Gone: Kids, HIV & AIDS
December 1st is World AIDS Day. What is life like for the thousands of kids in the US living with HIV? This is their story.
26 Nov 2012
E-1. The Clinton Crisis
Kids discuss the issues surrounding the investigation of President Clinton; with special guests Katie Couric and Washington D.C. attorney Reid Weingarten.
28 Sep 1998
E-1. Nick News Special: See Something, Say Something
2 half hour shows continuing Nickelodeon's campaign to end bullying. Compiling evidence from children across the UK and seeking advice from anti bullying charities and celebrities.
20 Nov 2008
E-1. Animal Rights... Or Wrongs?
An estimated 25 million animals are used for research every year in the United States. Many never survive. So, is using animals to test products for human purposes right or wrong? ...
01 Jul 2014
E-1. Middle School Unplugged
No computer. No Facebook. No television. No iPhone. No iPod. No radio. No IM. No Blackberry. No Twitter. For one week. Could you do it? We challenged three overly-connected middle-...
27 Jul 2010
E-1. INSIDEOUTsiders
Misfit. Loner. Outcast. Outsider. All bad words because all kids want to fit in. Right? Maybe not. Meet some kids (and some famous former kids-India.Arie, Jon Cryer, Tony Hawk and ...
26 Jun 2011
E-1. Divorce: Caught in the Middle
What happens to a child's life after their parents' split? Guest: Brenda Wade - Psychologist
27 Jan 1998
E-1. Dangerous Crossroads: Human Animal vs. Wild Animal
In a world where human animals keep expanding their territory - what happens when human animals and wild animals increasingly try to occupy the same space? Wild animals can't fix t...
13 Nov 2011
E-1. Kids Pick the President 2004
If kids could pick the next Commander-in-Chief....Who would get their vote?
17 Oct 2004
E-1. Kids Pick the President
Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Gore tackle kids' questions on a wide range of hot political topic, including taxes, gun control, healthcare, the Internet and even the d...
12 Oct 2000
E-1. Under the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics
What do you do if you're a kid and one or both your parents are drunks? You survive. That's what you do. You take care of you. How? Real stories from kids who understand where you ...
14 Nov 2010
E-1. What Are You Staring at?
Kids with disabilities give their perspective: with special guests Christopher Reeve and John Hockenberry.
11 Oct 1997
E-1. 12 for the Road
Meet the Kelloggs. Big family. Twelve kids. Two parents. One dog. A family that needs a lot of space. So much space, they decide to find a new home. A 36-foot RV. This is the extra...
17 Jun 2014
E-1. Kids Pick the President: The Kids' Primary
Everybody knows kids can't vote! Except on Nickelodeon! If it's election time, then it's time for Kids Pick the President! Tune into the first installment, get the info, meet the c...
13 Jan 2008
E-1. Haiti Rising? Life in the Ruins
When the earthquake hit Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it tore the place apart. Around a quarter of a million people were killed. More than a million people ...
09 Jan 2011
E-1. We Are the Weird
Stereotyping and how it places limits on people's dreams.
15 Dec 1991
E-1. Coming Out
The average middle school kid hears or uses anti-gay slurs 25 times a day. Yet according to researchers, young people are coming out earlier and more often. What happens next in a ...
07 Oct 2014
E-1. If a School Is Broken, Can Kids Fix It?
When schools loose funding towards their education, can the students step up to save the day?
18 Mar 2012
E-1. The Iraq Question: American Kids Talk About War
As the United States prepares for the possibility of war; Is a war necessary?; What does it mean to be patriotic?; Can you love America and still be against war with Iraq?; Should ...
09 Mar 2003
E-1. What Was That About? The Weird (But True) Story of Election 2000
Kids and the controversy surrounding the presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore with special guest Dan Rather.
14 Jan 2001
E-1. Get Up Offa That Thang
Obesity has become an epidemic with America's kids. How can kids take charge and make a change in their lives?
11 May 2003
E-1. Iraq: Facts, Fears and Feelings
Though the war in Iraq appears to be over, it's been a hard time for American kids. They've been subjected to media overload, confusion and fear -- and now it's time to talk about ...
27 Apr 2003
E-1. Kids Pick the President: The Issues
Iran? Same-sex marriage? Illegal immigration? Energy? Healthcare? Jobs? Taxes? Education? What do kids say about these issues... and what do the candidates say?
17 Sep 2012
E-1. When I Think About Iraq: Kids Talk About the War
It's been three years since the start of the Iraq war. And there's no end in sight. So far adults have done most of the talking. Now it's time to hear what kids have to say.
16 Apr 2006
E-1. Stranger Danger
A special about child safety and children's fears.
18 May 1994
E-1. What's the Deal with Fracking?
Tap water that can be set on fire? Cows keeling over in fields? People getting sick? Is fracking crazy, or the best solution to America's energy shortage?
25 Feb 2013
E-1. Workin' It!
Work can be boring. Exciting. Profitable. Satisfying. Or too small for your spirit. Yes, even if you're a kid. But if it's big enough for your spirit, then it doesn't feel quite so...
08 Aug 2010
E-1. The Courage to Live: South Africa & Aids
South Africa has more kids with AIDS than any other country on earth. What happens to them is not just their story. It's your story. It's our story.
01 Dec 2003
E-1. Kids in Rehab
Of the nearly two million Americans admitted into rehab for substance abuse treatment last year, nearly 25,000 were under 15. We live in a culture where drug use is glamorized and ...
18 Oct 2009
E-1. The View from my Chair
What's life like for a kid who uses a wheelchair? What would it be like to be out of that chair? Linda Ellerbee and four kids defy gravity!
16 Nov 2008
E-1. Wound Up for the Round Up
If you think you're a hot shot, try ordering a cow around! Six City-Slicker Kids go way out west on a Nick News Adventure.
01 Oct 2006
E-1. The Day the Earth Threw Up
Just how much can the environment take?
22 Sep 1991
E-1. Kids Pick the President 1996
What is Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Ross Perot's favorite fast food? Their view on education?
22 Oct 1996
E-1. Online and in Danger? How to Protect Yourself in the Virtual World
On the Internet, you're never alone. And that's the problem.
10 Dec 2006
E-1. Tales from the Trail
More young people are involved in this presidential election than at any time in American history. Are you? What are you doing? Where are you doing it? And why bother if you're not...
24 Aug 2008
E-1. I'm Allergic to My World
Today more kids are allergic to more things than ever before. Some of those allergies can kill kids. All of them make a kid "different."
27 Sep 2009
E-1. Kids Talk About the Middle East
31 Jan 1991
E-1. Black and White Together; We Shall Not Be Moved
08 Feb 2009
E-1. Are We Alone?
The July 4th Mars Pathfinder mission.
06 Jul 1997
E-1. Nick News Presents LifeStory: Muhammad Ali
A special biographical tribute, including celebrity interviews and exclusive footage of Ali's life at home with his wife Lonnie and their son Assad.
06 Feb 2000
E-1. Faces of Hope: Kids Living with Cancer
17 Jan 2010
E-1. Episode dated 5 August 2001
05 Aug 2001
E-1. Stressed Out: The Economic Crisis and You
Recession. Foreclosure. Layoff. Financial Crisis. Panic on Wall Street. World Economic Meltdown. What do these words mean to kids? More than you might think.
06 Sep 2009
E-1. Are We There Yet? Women's History, Past, Present, and Future
Linda Ellerbee, some smart kids, and special guest Gloria Steinem, engage in a lively conversation about the contributions of women in American history. Is the struggle over or you...
01 Apr 2013
E-1. So You Wanna Be a Star?
Kids want to be famous. Famous people have money. Famous people have power. Famous people have fans who worship their every move. What does it take to make it big?
21 Nov 2004
E-1. Ten Things I Hate About School
What's wrong with American education? Politicians, parents and educators have had their say. We thought it was time somebody asked the kids!
24 Apr 2005
E-1. A Kid Off the Grid
As Earth Day approaches, what are you doing to help save the environment? Did you know there are nearly 400,000 American families now meeting their own energy needs? And did you kn...
19 Apr 2009
E-1. Kids Pick the Issues
Kids discuss the issues important to them in the upcoming presidential campaign.
19 Mar 2000
E-1. So Not Cool: The Most Annoying Stuff Parents Say and Do!
What are the things parents say and do that most annoy kids? Find out when a whole bunch of kids and famous former kids (including Tina Fey, Jenna Elfman, Brad Garrett, Fran Dresch...
16 May 2010
E-1. Election Issues '08
13 Apr 2008
E-1. Going for the Games, Glory, and Gold: Will These Kids Make It?
Nick News takes and inside look at some of the young Olympic Hopefuls for 2012.
15 Apr 2012
E-1. After the Verdict
Kids discuss different racial reactions to the verdict in the O. J. Simpson case....and what that means.
08 Oct 1995
E-1. Kids of Cons
It is estimated that children of incarcerated parents are six times more likely than other kids to end up in prison themselves. These are the most at risk kids. And they are often ...
20 May 2007
E-1. A Conversation with Magic
A now-famous special in which Magic Johnson discusses HIV and AIDS with children.
25 Mar 1992
E-1. Black, White, and Board v. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?
11 Feb 2014
E-1. Rebels with a Cause!
Rocking the boat won't make you popular. These kids don't care. They're challenging the system. A few have changed their world.
04 Feb 2007
E-1. Some Things I Want My Parents to Know... But May Not Tell Them
Kids will want to watch this. Parents need to.
18 Jan 2009
E-1. Worried Sick: Living with Anxiety
In an ever-more complicated world, more and more kids are feeling more and more anxious - yet anxiety disorders among kids are often not taken seriously. Here we take you seriously...
24 Sep 2013
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