Shaun das Schaf

Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock - in fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes and scraps, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow. Shaun and his pals run ... See full summary »

Jahr: 2007

Dauer: 7 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: John Sparkes, Justin Fletcher, Richard Webber

IMDb: TT0983983

Bewertung: 8.3/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
E-1. Ground Dog Day
Bitzer struggles to finish his list of chores before the ice cream van arrives.
21 Apr 2014
Championsheeps E-1. Championsheeps
Life on the farm becomes a hive of athletic activity as Shaun and friends stage their very own sporting extravaganza. In heroic style Shaun, Bitzer and friends compete for victory ...
E-1. Abracadabara
04 May 2008
Staffel 1
Season 1
Off the Baa! E1. Off the Baa!
The flock play a game of football with a cabbage.
5 links 19 Feb 2010
Bathtime E2. Bathtime
The flock seek out hot water for their bath.
25 Jun 2010
Shape Up with Shaun E3. Shape Up with Shaun
The flock helps Shirley get in shape.
25 Jun 2010
E4. Timmy in a Tizzy
Baby Timmy is in a tizzy over his missing teddy bear.
19 Feb 2010
E5. Scrumping
The sheep try to get apples from the the tree in the pig's pen.
18 Jul 2010
E6. Still Life
The sheep help the farmer paint a picture.
18 Jul 2010
Mower Mouth E7. Mower Mouth
A goat joins the flock.
22 Feb 2010
Take Away E8. Take Away
The sheep get take out pizza.
18 Jul 2010
The Bull E9. The Bull
5 The Bull - When a bull wanders into the sheep's field, Shaun finds out it's a bad idea to make him 'see red'. But then the Naughty Pigs pour some red paint into the sheep dip... ...
15 Mar 2007
E10. Saturday Night Shaun
Shaun uses the Farmer's old record player for a dance party. The pigs interrupt the party, annoying Bitzer.
15 Jun 2010
The Kite E11. The Kite
The flock has fun with a kite that has come into the field.
18 Jul 2010
E12. Little Sheep of Horrors
Timmy ventures into the Farmer's house to watch a horror movie. The sheep collaborate to fetch Timmy home, mystifying the Farmer.
18 Jul 2010
Buzz Off Bees E13. Buzz Off Bees
8 Buzz of the Bees - The sheep discover a mysterious buzzing object in their field. Shaun investigates and finds it's full of bees, who make the flock's life a misery. 9 Timmy in a...
20 Feb 2010
E14. Fleeced
It is haircut day for the flock, but the Farmer's styling attempts inspire the flock to make a break for it.
22 Feb 2010
Shaun Shoots the Sheep E15. Shaun Shoots the Sheep
The sheep have fun with an instant camera.
22 Feb 2010
E16. Big Top Timmy
The sheep visit a carnival in the next field.
14 Mar 2007
E17. Fetching
Bitzer's infatuation with a female dog distracts him from minding the rowdy flock. Shaun tries to get Bitzer to focus.
18 Jul 2010
Mountains Out of Molehills E18. Mountains Out of Molehills
The sheep have a mole problem.
22 Feb 2010
E19. Who's the Mummy?
A quartet of chick hatchlings bond to Shaun, thinking he's their mother. After a while, Shaun can't get rid of them fast enough.
20 Feb 2010
E20. Things That Go Bump
Bumps in the night disturb the flock's sleep. Shaun and Bitzer investigate, and the culprits are soon discovered.
18 Jul 2010
E21. Abracadabra
The farmer throws away his old magic set.
18 Jul 2010
E22. Sheep on the Loose
The sheep go for a day out.
14 Jun 2010
E23. Washday
The farmer does his weekly wash.
15 Jun 2010
The Visitor E24. The Visitor
The sheep get an out of this world visitor.
04 Sep 2007
Shaun the Farmer E25. Shaun the Farmer
The Farmer has a cold, so Shaun takes over.
25 Jun 2010
E26. Tooth Fairy
Bitzer has a poorly tooth.
14 Jun 2010
E27. Bitzer Puts His Foot in It
The Farmer wants to build a new shed.
06 Sep 2007
E28. Hiccups
Shirley gets the hiccups.
06 Sep 2007
If You Can't Stand the Heat E29. If You Can't Stand the Heat
It's a hot summers day.
21 Jun 2010
E30. Sheepwalking
Shaun walks in his sleep.
20 Jul 2010
E31. Tidy Up
There is a mess in the field.
25 Jun 2010
E32. The Farmer's Niece
A visitor comes to play.
14 Jun 2010
E33. Camping Chaos
The field has another inhabitant.
21 Jun 2010
E34. Helping Hound
14 Jun 2010
Troublesome Tractor E35. Troublesome Tractor
The Farmer has mechanical problems.
20 Jul 2010
E36. Stick with Me
The Farmer breaks his glasses.
20 Jul 2010
E37. Heavy Metal Shaun
The Farmer gets a new metal detector.
20 Jul 2010
E38. Snore Worn Shaun
Shaun is kept awake by Shirley's snoring.
15 Jun 2010
E39. Shaun Encounters
When a strange space craft crash-lands on the farm, Shaun and co. help its little green occupant get air-borne again./ When the Farmer decides to throw out his magic set, Shaun dec...
14 Sep 2007
E40. Save the Tree
The Farmer wants to chop down the tree.
13 Mar 2010
Staffel 2
Season 2
Double Trouble E1. Double Trouble
Shaun dresses up as the farmer.
11 links 23 Nov 2009
E2. Draw the Line
The flock hijack a road line-painting machine and cause chaos while creating giant works of art in the field. However, will farmer appreciate their art?
11 links 24 Nov 2009
Sheepless Nights E3. Sheepless Nights
A leak in the barn roof sends the sheep to bunk with the pigs.
11 links 25 Nov 2009
E4. Spring Lamb
Shaun must catch a springy Timmy.
11 links 26 Nov 2009
Strictly No Dancing E5. Strictly No Dancing
The farmer takes up dancing.
11 links 27 Nov 2009
Who's the Caddy? E6. Who's the Caddy?
The sheep play a round of golf.
11 links 30 Nov 2009
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow E7. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Shaun borrows the farmer's hairpiece, with unfortunate results.
11 links 01 Dec 2009
Bagpipe Buddy E8. Bagpipe Buddy
The sheep find a bagpipe that they believe is a sick bird.
11 links 02 Dec 2009
E9. Supersize Timmy
Timmy gets super-big after eating a tomato grown with special fertilizer.
11 links 03 Dec 2009
Lock Out E10. Lock Out
The farmer gets locked out of the house.
11 links 04 Dec 2009
Cheetah Cheater E11. Cheetah Cheater
11 Cheetah CheaterA wildlife film inspires Pidsley the cat to play a prank on the flock by disguising himself as a leopard. Shaun is convinced there is a huge beast on the loose an...
12 links 07 Dec 2009
Ewe've Been Framed E12. Ewe've Been Framed
12 Ewe've Been FramedWhen Shaun accidentally breaks the Farmer's glasses, he and Bitzer have their work cut out trying to prevent their short-sighted master from having mishaps aro...
12 links 08 Dec 2009
E13. Bitzer's New Hat
The Farmer gives Bitzer a horrible new hat. Bitzer is very upset as he treasured his old hat. The flock rally round to try and cheer him up with a selection of dashing alternative ...
12 links 09 Dec 2009
E14. Hide and Squeak
A cute mouse appears in the farmhouse and terrorises the Farmer. Pidsley the cat is ordered to dispose of the rodent. When the mouse takes refuge in Shaun's fleece, the flock persu...
12 links 10 Dec 2009
E15. Frantic Romantic
The farmer tries to impress his new girlfriend with dinner at the farm.
12 links 11 Dec 2009
E16. Everything Must Go
The Farmer has set up a stall by the side of the road, selling produce from the garden. He leaves Bitzer in charge for the day. But lazy Bitzer soon gets bored and gives Shaun the ...
11 links 14 Dec 2009
E17. Party Animals
The Farmer is throwing a fancy-dress house party for his birthday. Bitzer is entrusted with posting the invites but fools around on the way to the post box and loses them all! Shau...
11 links 15 Dec 2009
E18. Cat Got Your Brain?
Two bungling alien scientists transport Pidsley and Shaun aboard their flying saucer. Unfortunately, a foolish error causes the aliens to swap the animal's brains around. Shaun and...
12 links 16 Dec 2009
Two's Company E19. Two's Company
19 InThe DoghouseWhen Bitzer's kennel is accidentally destroyed, he hopes the Farmer will replace it with a new deluxe model. But when he sees his master's clumsy attempt to build ...
11 links 13 Mar 2010
E20. In the Doghouse
When Bitzer's kennel is accidentally destroyed, he hopes the Farmer will replace it with a new deluxe model. But when he sees his master's clumsy attempt to build a new kennel, Bit...
12 links 18 Dec 2009
E21. The Boat
The Farmer gets Bitzer to help him renovate an old boat, but as soon as his back is turned the sheep and pigs turn the refurbishment into a swashbuckling game of pirates.
11 links 17 May 2010
E22. What's Up, Dog?
A wayward balloonist lands in the sheep's field. Shaun and his friends are intrigued by the hot air balloon and inadvertently take to the skies. Down on the ground an ever more des...
11 links 18 May 2010
E23. Cock a Doodle Shaun
The cockerel is missing and there's no one to wake up the farm. When Shaun discovers the cockerel has been snatched by the greedy fox, he sets off with Bitzer on a daring rescue mi...
11 links 19 May 2010
E24. Bitzer's Basic Training
Bitzer thinks The Farmer is planning to replace him, so Shaun helps to knock his friend into shape. Unfortunately Bitzer goes completely over the top with his training regime and s...
12 links 20 May 2010
Chip Off the Old Block E25. Chip Off the Old Block
The farmer drops a slab of stone on Timmy's teddy. Shaun and the flock must recover the toy.
11 links 21 May 2010
Pig Trouble E26. Pig Trouble
The farmer lets the pigs run the farm, which upsets the sheep. Shaun puts things right.
12 links
E27. Bitzer from the Black Lagoon
Bitzer falls into a pond and comes out covered in mud. Shaun thinks it is an attacking monster.
12 links 25 May 2010
E28. Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti
Two ducks get covered in soot and are mistaken for rare African Zebra Ducks.
11 links 26 May 2010
E29. Whistleblower
Bitzer loses his precious whistle and tests out a trumpet as a replacement. The noise drives the flock insane.
11 links 27 May 2010
E30. The Big Chase
Timmy drives off on the farmer's new quad bike; Shaun and the flock give chase to return it before the farmer finds out.
11 links 28 May 2010
E31. The Magpie
A magpie has built a nest in the big tree and is stealing items around the farm and keeping them in the nest.
13 links 01 Nov 2010
E32. Operation Pidsley
Pidsley films the flock having a party in the farmer's house. Shaun and Bitzer must stop him showing the pictures to the farmer.
12 links 07 Dec 2010
E33. Pigs Swill Fly
A fight breaks out between the pigs and the sheep just as the farm inspector is visiting.
12 links 08 Dec 2010
Shirley Whirley E34. Shirley Whirley
Overweight sheep Shirley is given wheels so Shaun can move her around easily, but the farmers TV remote interferes with the signal.
12 links 09 Dec 2010
E35. Foxy Laddie
A fox arrives at the farm intent on eating Timmy. It disguises itself as a ram but Shaun sees through the disguise, and the fox gets its just desserts.
12 links 10 Dec 2010
Shaun Goes Potty E36. Shaun Goes Potty
The farmer has a new pool table, but Shaun, Bitzer and the flock play on it and accidentally damage it.
12 links 13 Dec 2010
E37. An Ill Wind
The farmer builds his own wind turbine to reduce his electricity bill. Shaun an the flock turn it into a fairground ride and wreck it in the process.
12 links 14 Dec 2010
E38. Fireside Favourite
Bitzer has a cold so is indoors in front of the fire; the cat Pidsley is outraged his warm spot has been taken.
11 links 15 Dec 2010
E39. Snowed In
It has snowed heavily overnight. The sheep have a massive snowball fight while the farmer is trapped in the farmhouse by a snowdrift.
11 links 16 Dec 2010
E40. We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas
The animals decorate the farmhouse to cheer up the farmer who will be alone for Christmas.
12 links 17 Dec 2010
Staffel 3
Season 3
The Stand Off E1. The Stand Off
A traffic jam occurs on the road and Shaun and the flock can't get past. Bitzer decides to let them walk through a truck, but they don't come out the other side.
16 Dec 2012
The Coconut E2. The Coconut
The farmer wins a coconut from a carnival. Shaun and Bitzer get their hands on it and attempt to crack it open.
17 Dec 2012
E3. The Shepherd
The farmer enters a shepherd contest to try and earn a trophy. Will Timmy's interfering stop him from winning?
18 Dec 2012
You Missed a Bit E4. You Missed a Bit
Window-cleaning proves to be a lot harder than it's thought to be for Shaun and Bitzer.
19 Dec 2012
Let's Spray E5. Let's Spray
Graffiti art gets Bitzer into trouble.
20 Dec 2012
The Crow E6. The Crow
A crow in the barn prevents Shaun and the flock from sleeping.
21 Dec 2012
E7. Shaun the Fugitive
After Shaun is caught eating cakes, an engineer arrives. Shaun thinks he's after him, so he goes into hiding. Will he survive?
22 Dec 2012
E8. Hard to Swallow
Shaun quits baaing but goes quacking today.
23 Dec 2012
Mission Inboxible E9. Mission Inboxible
SHAUN THE FUGITIVE Shaun is in serious trouble when The Farmer discovers he's the cake thief that's sabotaged his baked goods. When another Farmer arrives and begins negotiations w...
26 Dec 2012
Bye Bye Barn E10. Bye Bye Barn
BYE BYE BARN Shaun and The Flock discover that The Farmer has grand plans for their barn - that don't include them! Drastic action is needed if life on the farm is ever going to be...
27 Dec 2012
E11. The Rounders Match
Tensions are high during a game of rounders.
28 Dec 2012
E12. Film Night
Shaun and Bitzer watch clips from old episodes.
29 Dec 2012
E13. Fossils
Shaun and the flock help Bitzer put together hidden treasure.
30 Dec 2012
E14. The Skateboard
Shaun decides he wants to have a go at skateboarding - and of course there's trouble.
31 Dec 2012
The Piano E15. The Piano
FOSSILS Bitzer has a map and a nose for hidden treasure - especially when it's a bone! This time he has unearthed more than he can chew. Shaun and The Flock get stuck in to help di...
01 Jan 2013
E16. The Snapshot
Shaun is accidentally cut out of the Farmer's family photo.
02 Jan 2013
E17. Prickly Heat
03 Jan 2013
The Hang Glider E18. The Hang Glider
THE SNAPSHOT The Farmer wants a family photo and instructs Bitzer to gather all the animals together. Getting them all to stand still at the same time is more than they can manage ...
04 Jan 2013
The Shadow Play E19. The Shadow Play
After failing to comfort an upset Timmy, the shadow puppet crew spring into action.
05 Jan 2013
Bull vs. Wool E20. Bull vs. Wool
Bitzer's antics with a red napkin at a picnic attract the attention of the bull.
06 Jan 2013
Staffel 4
Season 4
Cones E1. Cones
The flock divert an ice cream van into their field.
03 Feb 2014
E2. Caught Short Alien
Shaun's old friend the Alien drops by for a loo break.
04 Feb 2014
E3. Happy Birthday Timmy!
It's Timmy's birthday and the flock throw him a party.
05 Feb 2014
E4. The Genie
Shaun dreams of a life in the fast-lane.
06 Feb 2014
E5. 3DTV
The Farmer is very excited by his new purchase - a 3D TV.
07 Feb 2014
E6. The Smelly Farmer
Shaun, Bitzer and the flock decide to give the Farmer a wash.
10 Feb 2014
Bitzer is left in charge of decorating and calls on the flock for help.
11 Feb 2014
E8. The Rabbit
The Farmer's niece has come to visit, bringing her precious pet rabbit.
12 Feb 2014
Prize Possession E9. Prize Possession
The Farmer can't believe his luck - he has a winning ticket.
13 Feb 2014
The Spider E10. The Spider
Bitzer's plans are rudely disturbed by a persistent insect.
14 Feb 2014
E11. The Looney Tic
Shaun tries to find out what is causing Bitzer and the flock's strange behaviour.
17 Feb 2014
E12. Men at Work
The Flock have some fun with a water leak.
18 Feb 2014
The Dog Show E13. The Dog Show
The Farmer enters Bitzer in a dog show.
19 Feb 2014
E14. Missing Piece
Shaun comes across a discarded jigsaw puzzle.
20 Feb 2014
E15. Wildlife Watch
A film crew arrives to record a rare bird.
21 Feb 2014
E16. The Pelican
An unusual guest lands on the farm.
24 Feb 2014
E17. Bad Boy
There's a new kid on the block and he's up to no good.
25 Feb 2014
Remote Control E18. Remote Control
Bitzer is sent to fix the faulty TV aerial and asks the flock for help.
26 Feb 2014
Phoney Farmer E19. Phoney Farmer
The Farmer is off on holiday, but his replacement is only interested in himself.
27 Feb 2014
E20. The Stare
Bitzer gets his wish for some peace & quiet when Shaun becomes hypnotised by Mowermouth the goat and finally stops bothering him. But with the whole Flock under the influence of .....
18 Dec 2014
E21. The Intruder
When the Farmer tasks Bitzer with ridding the Farm of a pesky Crow, Shaun comes up with an ingenious disguise to fool the intruder. However, the plan backfires when he's suspected ...
08 Dec 2014
E22. Bitzer for a Day
When the Farmer decides it's time he and Bitzer head out for a bit of Man and Dog time, Shaun seizes his chance to take charge. He soon discovers the job is not quite as easy as he...
09 Dec 2014
Bitzer's Secret E23. Bitzer's Secret
The Farmer decides it's time to get fit - and calls on Bitzer to join him. Bitzer has other ideas and comes up with a secret plan to avoid putting in the hard work. Will his scheme...
10 Dec 2014
E24. Ping-Pong Poacher
With the animals of Mossybottom Farm keenly watching 'Shaun vs Bitzer' in the greatest table tennis match of all time, they fail to notice a hungry Fox who isn't keeping his eye on...
11 Dec 2014
E25. Hidden Talents
It's a quiet day and the Flock decide to entertain each other by performing their favourite party tricks. However, when the Farmer tries to join in, things get a little awkward.
12 Dec 2014
E26. Picture Perfect
The Farmer decides to build a golf course on the farm to impress the local Squire. When the Flock discover they'll lose their beloved dump, they need to come up with an imaginative...
15 Dec 2014
Save the Dump E27. Save the Dump
The Farmer decides to build a golf course on the farm to impress the local Squire. When the Flock discover they'll lose their beloved dump, they need to come up with an imaginative...
16 Dec 2014
E28. Duck!
When Shaun and the Flock discover that a pair of nesting Ducks has stolen their bedding to make a comfy new home up on top of Bitzer's kennel, the battle is on to set things straig...
17 Dec 2014
Fruit and Nuts E30. Fruit and Nuts
Tired of eating grass, Shaun sets out to pinch one of the Farmer's prized apples only to have every attempt ruined by his constantly sneezing accomplice - a Sheep, who much to Shau...
19 Dec 2014
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