A conspiracy thriller that follows the journey of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated veteran who is coaxed back into action to prevent a plot to kill the President.

Jahr: 2016

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Drama

Writers: John Hlavin

Stars: Ryan Phillippe, Omar Epps, Shantel VanSanten, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Angelique Kenney, Lexy Kolker

IMDb: TT4181172

Bewertung: 7.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Point of Impact E1. Point of Impact
Highly-decorated war hero Bob Lee Swagger is recruited by his former Commander to prevent an assassination of the President.Meanwhile, FBI agent Nadine Memphis investigates potenti...
12 links 15 Nov 2016
Exfil E2. Exfil
Bob Lee tries to protect his family while incarcerated; and Isaac aims to silence him. In other events, Nadine contacts Bob Lee's wife, Julie, who's dealing with the backlash again...
22 Nov 2016
Musa Qala E3. Musa Qala
Bob Lee reaches out to Nadine as he evades his pursuers, putting her on to the cop who took credit for his capture. Isaac juggles his double life as he tries to find Bob Lee.
29 Nov 2016
Overwatch E4. Overwatch
In a flashback to their time serving in Afghanistan, Bob Lee and Isaac clash with opposing ideologies. Nadine investigates the Ukrainian connection, putting herself on the conspira...
06 Dec 2016
Recon by Fire E5. Recon by Fire
Bob Lee finds the bullet from the assassination, leading him to a radical militia group and a reckoning with Isaac while Nadine is locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Pay...
13 Dec 2016
Killing Zone E6. Killing Zone
Bob Lee tracks down his former instructor Rathford O'Brien to help him find the shooter. Nadine interrogates Payne and a reporter approaches Julie with a deal.
20 Dec 2016
Danger Close E7. Danger Close
Bob Lee crosses the country to find the shooter while Julie deals with a family betrayal. Nadine contacts a Ukrainian reporter who can explain the conspiracy. Isaac questions his a...
27 Dec 2016
Red on Red E8. Red on Red
Bob Lee and Nadine weave a plan to secure the evidence that could expose the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Isaac gropes for an exit strategy, Payne tries to flee, and Julie and Mary face ...
03 Jan 2017
Ballistic Advantage E9. Ballistic Advantage
Bob Lee must broker a dangerous exchange in order to save his family. Nadine struggles to balance her allegiances to Bob Lee and the FBI. Isaac strikes a tenuous deal for his freed...
10 Jan 2017
Primer Contact E10. Primer Contact
Bob Lee, Julie, Nadine, and Isaac must work together to breach the Russian Embassy, save Mary, shut down the conspiracy and its remaining players, and prove Bob Lee innocent once a...
17 Jan 2017
Episode #1.11 E11. Episode #1.11
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Hunting Party E1. The Hunting Party
Bob Lee Swagger and wife Julie join his former Marine unit in Germany and narrowly escape a deadly terrorist attack. FBI Agent Nadine Memphis takes a job in Washington with Patrici...
18 Jul 2017
Remember the Alamo E2. Remember the Alamo
Bob Lee looks into the terrorist attack that may have targeted his Marine unit; Memphis helps on the ground in Germany.
25 Jul 2017
Don't Mess with Texas E3. Don't Mess with Texas
Bob Lee finds Isaac in Texas after an attempt on his life; Nadine learns how much influence Patricia Gregson has; Julie fights to stay strong for her family.
01 Aug 2017
The Dark End of the Street E4. The Dark End of the Street
Bob Lee and Isaac learn the world's greatest assassin is in theUS. Flashbacks to a mission in Afghanistan reveal his identity:Solotov. Nadine comes to Texas with suspicions of a co...
08 Aug 2017
The Man Called Noon E5. The Man Called Noon
Bob Lee tries to piece together Solotov's motive for targeting his unit; Nadine finds a witness to the event that set everything off; Solotov hides in plain sight.
15 Aug 2017
Across the Rio Grande E6. Across the Rio Grande
Bob Lee tracks Solotov's money and goes up against a Mexican cartel; Nadine helps a journalist investigate a cover-up; Julie makes her frustration heard.
22 Aug 2017
Someplace Like Bolivia E7. Someplace Like Bolivia
Bob Lee and Isaac must team up to escape a Mexican prison before Solotov finds them. As Nadine digs deeper into Atlas, the coverup points back to Bob Lee's unit. Julie has problems...
29 Aug 2017
That'll Be the Day E8. That'll Be the Day
Bob Lee homes in on a final showdown with Solotov. Isaac and Nadine each get closer to the truth about Atlas.
05 Sep 2017
That'll Be the Day E9. That'll Be the Day
05 Sep 2017
That'll Be the Day E10. That'll Be the Day
05 Sep 2017
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