Ein Meteoritenregen hat vor 13 Jahren Teile der Kleinstadt Smallville zerstört und dort ein Kleinkind in einem Raumschiff hinterlassen. Heute lebt Teenager Clark Kent (Tom Welling) bei seinen Adoptiveltern Jonathan (John Schneider) und Martha (Annette O'To...

Jahr: 2001−2011

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance

Writers: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Stars: Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack

IMDb: TT0279600

Bewertung: 7.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Unaired Pilot E0. Unaired Pilot
Baby Kal-El lands on earth and is found by the Kents. Kal-El is named Clark by Jonathan and Martha and tries to live a normal teenage life. This is somewhat of a challenge given hi...
Pilot E1. Pilot
Baby Clark (Kal-El) arrives on Earth. Teen Clark starts high school, saves Lex's life after a car accident, and finds out about his past and birth parents.
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Metamorphosis E2. Metamorphosis
Teenager Greg Arkin, who lives alone with his mother Mrs. Arkin, collects insects in his home. After arguing with his mother, he puts the insects in his car and has an accident on ...
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Hothead E3. Hothead
The coach of the Smallville High School's football team "The Crows", the bossy and arrogant Walt Arnold (Dan Lauria) is close to his victory number 200 along twenty-five years of a...
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X-Ray E4. X-Ray
Tina Greer is a meteor-rock mutant teenage girl who has the power to transform into the shape and face of whoever she wants. She robs Smallville Bank pretending to be Lex Luthor, a...
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Cool E5. Cool
In a high school party nearby a frozen lake with kryptonite at the bottom, arrogant football player Sean Kelvin has an accident and drowns under the ice. However, he mysteriously s...
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Hourglass E6. Hourglass
Clark and Pete apply to community work in an institute for the aged to be close to Lana Lang who's also volunteering there. Clark's favorite patient is Cassandra Carver, a blind ol...
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Craving E7. Craving
Overweight teenager Jodi Melville is obsessed to lose weight. She feels rejected by her schoolmates except Pete, who defends her. Planning to attend Lana Lang's birthday party, Jod...
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Jitters E8. Jitters
Former Luthor Corp employee Earl Jenkins, and who also worked at the Kent farm, has an unknown disease that violently shakes all his body. He arrives at the Kent farm during a part...
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Rogue E9. Rogue
While visiting an exposition sponsored by the Luthor Corp in Metropolis, Clark Kent saves a homeless man from an out of control bus using his powerful body to stop the vehicle. But...
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Shimmer E10. Shimmer
Amy Palmer is a teenage girl who has a crush on Lex Luthor. Her mother works in the Luthor's mansion and they live with her brother Jeff Palmer on the property. Amy is jealous of L...
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Hug E11. Hug
Bob Rickman is an evil tycoon who intends to build a highly polluting plant in Smallville, and he needs to buy Jonathan Kent's farm. Rickman is famous because of his capacity of co...
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Leech E12. Leech
Clark and a classmate, named Eric Summer, are both struck by lightning when Eric is holding a piece of meteor rock. The electrical surge takes Clark's powers away and transfers the...
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Kinetic E13. Kinetic
After losing his college scholarship, a depressed Whitney falls in with a group of three former jocks from Smallville High who have tattoos made from kryptonite-laced paint that gi...
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Zero E14. Zero
As Lex helps Lana prepare for the re-opening of the Smallville theater, The Talon, as a coffee shop, a man from Lex's past, named Jude Royce, arrives in town and begins stalking Le...
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Nicodemus E15. Nicodemus
After stealing an experimental flower laced with meteor-rock pollen from Dr. Steven Hamilton, the employee of the Luthor Corp, James Beales has a truck accident on the road and is ...
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Stray E16. Stray
After escaping from his mean stepparents James Gibson and Sky, the boy Ryan James is hit by Martha Kent's car on the road. She brings Ryan to a hospital, and the boy claims to have...
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Reaper E17. Reaper
While visiting his sick mother in the hospital, Tyler Randall is requested to commit euthanasia at her request. The nurse witness the attempt, and the security guard tries to arres...
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Drone E18. Drone
Along the dispute of an election of the president in Smallville High School, candidate Paul Chan is severely injured by a swarm of bees. Pete decides to promote Clark Kent as the ....
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Crush E19. Crush
Justin Gaines is a teenage cartoonist who is recovering in the hospital from a car accident with the power of telekinesis. but has mobility problems with his hands. He believes his...
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Obscura E20. Obscura
When Lana is hit by an explosion of a gas pipeline in a field, she develops the power of clairvoyance from meteor-rock fragments where she has visions of an elusive serial kidnappe...
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Tempest E21. Tempest
Lex is surprised when his father, Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville and officially closes down the Luther Corp Fertilizer Plant, thus firing all 2,500 employees to force Lex to ...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Vortex E1. Vortex
Clark Kent saves Lana Lang from the tornado, but his father Jonathan is missing, trapped with the despicable reporter Roger Nixon (Tom O'Brien) in an old tomb beneath a destroyed c...
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Heat E2. Heat
When the "hot" new Biology teacher Desiree Atkins (Krista Allen) arrives in Smallville, Clark Kent gets excited in her presence and his hormonal surge sets off a new ability: heat ...
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E3. Duplicity
When Dr. Steven Hamilton, physically sick from repeated exposure to meteor rock radiation, causing constant Parkinson-like twitches, becomes a liability to Lex Luthor, he terminate...
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Red E4. Red
Clark gets his Smallville class ring, but these rings contain RED KRYPTONITE making him turn into DARK CLARK.
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Nocturne E5. Nocturne
Lana Lang finds some poems from a secret admirer in the gravestone of her parents in the cemetery. Later, she meets the author, Byron Moore, a weird teenager kept locked by his par...
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Redux E6. Redux
At Smallville High School, a swimmer mysteriously ages and dies after meeting his girlfriend Chrissy Parker. The new principal Reynolds arrives and comes into conflict with Clark K...
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Lineage E7. Lineage
A disturbed middle-aged woman named Rachel Dunleavy arrives in Smallvile claiming that Clark Kent is her biological son with Lionel Luthor, therefore the half-brother of Lex Luthor...
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Ryan E8. Ryan
Clark Kent receives a desperate call from the mind-reading teenage Ryan James (from the episode "Stray") who tells Clark that he is imprisoned in a research hospital as the subject...
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Dichotic E9. Dichotic
Ian Randall is a mentally unbalanced, overachieving student desperate to succeed who gets a 'C' from his stern shop teacher John Frankle. Ian freaks out, duplicates himself and kil...
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Skinwalker E10. Skinwalker
While practicing motocross with Pete, Clark Kent falls down through a hole in an underground cave and meets a young Native American woman named Kyla Willowbrook (Tamara Fieldman). ...
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Visage E11. Visage
Just as Clark and Lana are making progress and he finally sums up enough courage to ask Lana out on a date to a local festival, an old flame rekindles when Lana's former beau, Whit...
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Insurgence E12. Insurgence
When Lex Luthor loses a $150 million contract to Luthor Corp, he finds that his mansion was bugged by his father. He hires a team to bug the offices of Luthor Corp expecting to fin...
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Suspect E13. Suspect
Lionel Luthor is shot twice in the Luthor's mansion by an unknown assailant. When Jonathan Kent is found drunk, with a pistol in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other hand ...
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Rush E14. Rush
During a rave party in the underground cave discovered by the Indian descendant Kyla Willowbrook, the student Travis has a reckless attitude climbing a lamp tower and dies. Soon af...
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Prodigal E15. Prodigal
Lex Luthor rescues his gambler, estranged, half-brother Lucas from a dangerous situation involving Chinese triad gangsters, and brings him to Smallville to help him in a commercial...
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Fever E16. Fever
While hiding the spaceship key in the farm's storm cellar, Martha Kent breathes some unknown meteor-rock spores and immediately gets ill. She is sent to Smallville Medical Center u...
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Rosetta E17. Rosetta
Clark has some weird dreams with the cave and about flying. When he puts the hexagonal key in a hole in the wall of the cave, he immediately learns how to decode the symbols. Then,...
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Visitor E18. Visitor
When the weird and lonely teenager with healing power Cyrus Krupp claims to be an alien, Clark approaches to him trying to know his origins to determine if Cyrus is a Kryptonian al...
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Precipice E19. Precipice
When Lana is assaulted by three drunken customers at The Talon, Clark defends her and ends up throwing the main antagonist onto the new Sheriff's car. The new uptight Smallville sh...
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Witness E20. Witness
When a van of Luthor Corp is hijacked by three criminals, Clark accidentally witnesses the robbery. He recognizes the leader of the gang, Eric Marsh, a baseball player of Smallvill...
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Accelerate E21. Accelerate
Lana sees the impossible: a friend named Emily Eve Dinsmore, who died six years earlier in a fatal accident at age 10, and still appears that age. Clark Kent believes Lana and sear...
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Calling E22. Calling
As Clark and Lana get more romantically close to each other, the comatose Dr. Fredrick Walden recovers and repeats the sentence "the day is coming, and he will rule the world" many...
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Exodus E23. Exodus
As Clark has finally begun dating Lana, Helen Bryce cancels her wedding to Lex after being told to by Lionel. But later, Helen realizes that she loves Lex and they finally get marr...
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Staffel 3
Season 3
Exile E1. Exile
Metropolis, three months later. Clark Kent (under the influence of the red kryptonite ring) has becomes a criminal, heisting banks, going to night-clubs, and living under the alias...
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Phoenix E2. Phoenix
Lex returns to Smalville and the Lex mansion, and invites Dr. Helen Bryce for a second honeymoon while trying to find out if it was her or his father who attempted to kill him. Mea...
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Extinction E3. Extinction
When Lana is attacked by her obsessed school pal Jake Pollan in the deserted swimming pool of Smallville High School, he is mortally shot by an unknown shooter. Meanwhile, Lex Luth...
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Slumber E4. Slumber
Clark Kent has a strangely realistic nightmare with him being romantically involved with Lana, Lex discovering his secret, and a girl called Sara Conroy being chased by a weird, re...
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Perry E5. Perry
Clark's future boss at the Daily Planet shows up; Perry White, but this time around he's a dirt bag reporter working for the tabloids.
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Relic E6. Relic
Lana Lang visits a sick, elderly man who has been in prison for more than 40 years for allegedly killing his beloved wife. He shows a picture of a suspect who resembles Clark Kent ...
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Magnetic E7. Magnetic
After being hit in the forehead by a snow globe containing flakes of meteor rocks in a struggle at a local carnival, the teenager Seth Nelson is given an M.R.I. giving him magnetic...
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Shattered E8. Shattered
While Lex continues to investigate the dark past of his father, he meets Morgan Edge with a new face after plastic surgery, and collects evidence to send Lionel Luthor to prison fo...
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Asylum E9. Asylum
Lex is committed to the Belle Reve Sanitarium for the criminally insane by Lionel who forces the shrink, Dr. Claire Foster, to submit Lex to an experimental electroshock therapy te...
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Whisper E10. Whisper
While looking for a birthday gift for Martha at a local jewelry store, Clark intervenes when two thieves try to rob the place using the powerful scream of Nathan Dean (Micah Albert...
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Delete E11. Delete
After leaving an article full of denunciations about the "Summerholt Neurological Institute" with her former colleague of the Daily Planet, Max Taylor, Chloe is chased by Clark Ken...
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Hereafter E12. Hereafter
Jordan Cross is a new transfer student to Smallville High School who has a frightening ability: when he is touched by another person, he immediately sees how he or she will die. Wh...
8 links 12 May 2006
Velocity E13. Velocity
While returning home after leaving Jonathan Kent in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, the truck of Martha and Clark is almost hit by two cars racing in the road. For the...
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Obsession E14. Obsession
While in an elevator at Luthor Corp with another girl during a class field trip, Clark is forced to use a few of his abilities when the cable of the elevator accidentally breaks an...
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Resurrection E15. Resurrection
When Jonathan goes to Smallville Medical Centre for a physical examination, his doctor diagnoses arterial blockage and recommends a triple bypass heart surgery procedure. Meanwhile...
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Crisis E16. Crisis
While working as a volunteer with Pete at Smallville Youth Center, Clark receives a distress phone call from Lana, who is shot by Adam. His further investigation shows that the cal...
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Legacy E17. Legacy
While on the roof of the barn, Jonathan is contacted though the octagonal key and Clark saves him from a fall. Clark goes to the Kawatche caves with the key trying to find an expla...
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Truth E18. Truth
Chloe visits a former friend of her father in Luthor Corp. to know if he is blacklisted, since all his applications are not accepted and he is not able to find a job. She steals hi...
8 links 16 May 2006
Memoria E19. Memoria
Lex is trying to recover his missing memory of the past few months by going to Summerholt, which results in him having flashbacks from his childhood. When Lana finds Lex out on a b...
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Talisman E20. Talisman
Lionel calls Professor Joseph Willowbrook to the Kiwatche caves to show a recently found ancient object. Professor Willoebrook brings his assistant Jeremiah Holdsclaw, who takes th...
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Forsaken E21. Forsaken
Clark Kent decides to disclose his secret to Lana to avoid her from traveling to Paris, and he invites her for dinner at the Kent farm. But things take a turn when the dangerous te...
8 links 18 May 2006
Covenant E22. Covenant
At the Kent farm, Clark Kent is surprised in the middle of the night by a naked young woman claiming that she is Kara from Krypton, and asking him to go with her somewhere through ...
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Staffel 4
Season 4
Crusade E1. Crusade
Three months later. Lois Lane, the second cousin of Chloe Sullivan, arrives in Smallville trying to find the missing Clark Kent to help her to find Chloe's murderer. After being st...
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Gone E2. Gone
The mystery surrounding Chloe's death deepens as Clark and Lois investigate, discovering that Lex Luthor and Lois' abrasive and militarist father, U.S. Army General Sam Lane, are s...
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Façade E3. Façade
Without the approval of his father, Clark kicks off senior year by trying out for the Smallville High Football Team, who are now coached by Lana's new boyfriend, Jason Teague. Form...
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Devoted E4. Devoted
The Smallville High cheerleaders are using a kryptonite mixed love potion to seriously change the behavior of their victims.
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Run E5. Run
Clark meets a young man with a power of speed that exceeds his own, but the boy lacks responsibility for his actions. Also, Lex finds a manuscript that appears to be some sort of K...
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Transference E6. Transference
Lionel Luthor, using one of the Kryptonian stones, attempts to swap bodies with Lex but inadvertently transfers bodies with Clark, leading to him learning a few secrets, including ...
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Jinx E7. Jinx
A mysterious bookie with powers of manipulation has a strange, even dangerous, effect on Clark and his friends. Meanwhile, Lex causes friction by using his influence on Jason and L...
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Spell E8. Spell
In 1604, in southern France, Lana Lang's distant ancestor Countess Margaret Isabel Tharow and two other evil witches are condemned to be burned at the stake by Magistrate Wilkins, ...
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Bound E9. Bound
Lex gets wrapped up in a sex/murder scandal. Clark gets Lionel's help to get Lex out of trouble. Lana meets Jason's mother, whom she has seen before in a dream, which was set in th...
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Scare E10. Scare
After an explosion at a LuthorCorp lab, Smallville's citizens "relive" their worst nightmares.
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Unsafe E11. Unsafe
Alicia Baker returns, and with the help of Red Kryptonite, elopes in Las Vegas with Clark. Lana offers a sexual relationship to Jason in an attempt to win him back. Lionel comes ba...
8 links 13 Dec 2007
Pariah E12. Pariah
When Lana is attacked in her apartment and Jason in his car by an invisible being, everyone believes that Alicia Baker was responsible, except Clark. However after a series of circ...
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Recruit E13. Recruit
Clark is wooed by the offer of a Football scholarship from Metropolis University but faces a dilemma over whether he should accept, knowing he has such an advantage on the field be...
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Krypto E14. Krypto
As if Lois Lane didn't make enough of a nuisance of herself now living at the Kent farm, she brings in Einstein, a golden retriever, who is the latest victim to be hit by her car, ...
8 links 07 Jun 2006
Sacred E15. Sacred
The Kryoptonian metallic disc is returned to Clark following the death of Virgil Swann. Placing the disc in the cave reveals a message from the spirit of Jor-El instructing Clark t...
8 links 15 Jun 2006
Lucy E16. Lucy
When Jason arrives at Lana's apartment at The Talon, they see that is was broken into and wrecked. They discover that the magical stone they took from the Chinese temple is gone. L...
8 links 15 Jun 2006
Onyx E17. Onyx
An experiment with heated (black) kryptonite at Luthorcop causes an explosion which badly wounds Dr. Sinclair, the scientist in charge, and creates a molecular copy of Lex which ha...
8 links 27 Jun 2006
Spirit E18. Spirit
When her boyfriend, jock Billy Durden, dumps gossip queen Dawn Stiles, a day before the Smallville High prom, the bitch which everybody expects to become Prom Queen, regardless of ...
8 links 01 Jul 2006
Blank E19. Blank
Kevin Grady commits thefts and uses his superpower to delete the incident from witnesses' minds. When he does so with Clark who stopped him after robbing The Talon, much more memor...
8 links 02 Jul 2006
Ageless E20. Ageless
In the middle of the night on the road, a young pregnant woman is going into labor while her husband drives on the road when she suddenly glows and implodes, while the husband stop...
8 links 09 Jul 2006
Forever E21. Forever
On the last day of Smallville High before graduation, the emotionally disturbed and frustrated photographer of the Torch, Brendan Nash, feels rejected by the Universities and decid...
8 links 09 Jul 2006
Commencement E22. Commencement
When Lana (possessed by Isobel) kills Genevieve Teague by stabbing her with one of the Kryptonian Knowledge Crystals after she attempts to steal it, it triggers a cosmic event that...
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Staffel 5
Season 5
Arrival E1. Arrival
Together with the meteor shower, two evil super powerful Kryptonians beings, Aethyr and Nam-Ek, arrive in Smallville from a black spaceship looking for Kal-El. Clark Kent is transp...
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Mortal E2. Mortal
After Clark lost his powers, he finds that he needs them the most to save his family.
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Hidden E3. Hidden
Gabriel Duncan is a deranged teenager who breaks in the control room of a nuclear silo in Smallville, kills the two security guards, and starts the launch sequence to send one miss...
8 links 29 Nov 2007
Aqua E4. Aqua
Clark meets Arthur "AC" Curry, a young man with extraordinary powers underwater. AC is in Smallville hoping to sabotage a Luthorcorp experiment that is threatening sea life. While ...
8 links 30 Jul 2006
Thirst E5. Thirst
Lana tells Clark that she is moving to the Metropolis University and she is accepted in the Tri Psi Sorority, a sisterhood with hot vampires led by Buffy Sanders, and Lana is trans...
8 links 29 Nov 2007
Exposed E6. Exposed
While working in the night shift at the Daily Planet, Chloe receives a distressed phone call from a woman claiming that she is in danger. Chloe and Lois schedule a meeting with the...
8 links 16 May 2007
Splinter E7. Splinter
While visiting Lana in Metropolis, Clark opens a package addressed to Lana apparently sent by Lex Luthor and is wounded and infected by a splinter of silver kryptonite. This unusua...
8 links 22 May 2007
Solitude E8. Solitude
While returning home with Lois, Martha is hit by a flash of light followed by a thunder and contracts a lethal Kryptonian disease. Clark fears that Jor-El thus makes him pay for hi...
8 links 30 May 2007
Lexmas E9. Lexmas
On Christmas Eve, Lex travels to a dangerous neighborhood in Granville, Kansas, dealing dirty means to cut Jonathan Kent of the race to the senate. He is shot twice in cold-blood w...
8 links 04 Mar 2007
Fanatic E10. Fanatic
While running for campaign to the senate, Jonathan hires Lois as his advisor. Meanwhile, his opponent Lex is visited by a group of fans leaded by the fanatic Samantha Drake, and th...
8 links 04 Mar 2007
Lockdown E11. Lockdown
A deranged policeman who survived the attack of the Kryptonians and his policewoman fiancée break into Lex's mansion asking for the location of the spaceship so they can go public ...
8 links 08 Jun 2007
Reckoning E12. Reckoning
Clark reveals his secret to Lana, Jonathan and Lex learn the results of the senatorial election, and there is a tragic car accident on the highway that takes the life of someone Cl...
8 links 21 Feb 2008
Vengeance E13. Vengeance
Clark Kent drops out the rest of the semester from Metropolis University to help Martha on the farm. He misses Jonathan and has not superseded the loss of his foster father. Martha...
8 links 20 Jun 2007
Tomb E14. Tomb
During a power blackout, Chloe sees the ghost of a girl and cuts her both wrists. Chloe is interned in the hospital, and the psychiatrist diagnoses that she had a breakdown due to ...
8 links 02 Jul 2007
Cyborg E15. Cyborg
After being released from a prison in a laboratory of Luthorcorp's Cyntechnics by sympathetic scientist Dr. Hong, former Metropolis High football player Victor Stone is chased by a...
8 links 21 Apr 2008
Hypnotic E16. Hypnotic
Simone, a gorgeous blonde, comes to Smallville hypnotizing Clark with a blue pendant ruining his relationship with Lana, as well as hypnotizing Martha and Lex.
8 links 07 Jul 2007
Void E17. Void
The lonely Lana gets addicted in a meteor rock cocktail developed by her new acquaintance student of medicine, Lance, which allows the user to have a near-death experience and visi...
8 links 08 Jul 2007
Fragile E18. Fragile
When the foster mother and chief of staff of Martha's, Naomi, is brutally murdered, her adopted daughter, Maddie stays with Martha and Clark. The girl becomes close to Clark and sp...
8 links 17 Apr 2006
Mercy E19. Mercy
Lionel Luthor is chased by a man with a mask and forced to play hangman to save his life when he traps Lionel in his limo in the path of a moving train. Later, he is abducted by th...
8 links 09 Jul 2007
Fade E20. Fade
Standing outside the Metropolis courthouse with Chloe, Clark saves Graham Garrett from a car which would have crushed him. Graham insists to repay the favor by offering Clark whate...
8 links 09 Jul 2007
Oracle E21. Oracle
Jonathan Kent appears to Clark on his birthday and instructs him that he needs to kill Lionel Luthor because Lionel knows his secret. Meanwhile, Lionel comes clean to Martha about ...
8 links 09 Jul 2007
Vessel E22. Vessel
After "being prepared" by Fine, Lex is abducted in a field by a strange light. Meanwhile, Clark goes to the Fortress of Solidude where the spirit of Jor-el gives a dagger to Clark ...
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Staffel 6
Season 6
Zod E1. Zod
With Clark banished to the Phantom Zone, Metropolis is in shambles as the city riots, and Chloe & Lionel plot to rid Lex of General way or another.
8 links 17 Mar 2008
Sneeze E2. Sneeze
Still trying to fix the aftermath of Black Thursday, Clark gets a little run down and begins to show symptoms of the common cold, including a sneeze that has some effects of its ow...
8 links 08 Apr 2011
Wither E3. Wither
One of the Phantom Zone escapees is up to no good in the local forest. Clark is jealous of Chloe's new boyfriend from the paper. Meanwhile, Lana and Lex finally sleep together and ...
8 links 07 Oct 2007
Arrow E4. Arrow
Clark and Lois are on the trail of a thief that Lois has named the Green Arrow Bandit. But this "bandit" may not be as big a villain as they believe.
8 links 06 Dec 2006
Reunion E5. Reunion
Classmates from Lex and Oliver's reunion begin to die, and they begin to blame each other.
8 links 22 Apr 2008
Fallout E6. Fallout
Clark is thrilled when he learns that his friend, Raya, managed to escape from the Phantom Zone and has come to see him in Smallville. The two grow close and Raya shows Clark how t...
8 links 24 Apr 2008
Rage E7. Rage
Lois Lane is furious at lover Oliver Queen for leaving instead of waiting till she 'makes it worthwhile' but ignores he witnessed a thug attacking a couple and was badly wounded by...
8 links 20 Dec 2006
Static E8. Static
Clark learns that one of the escapees from the Phantom Zone has landed in Seattle and slaughtered the entire crew of a working ship. Upon investigation, Clark comes face to face wi...
8 links 08 Apr 2011
Subterranean E9. Subterranean
An illegal immigrant from the Mc Nally farm seeks Clark's help. He than uncovers a sinister secret in the farmer's cornfield which has been hidden during the last meteor shower.
8 links 09 Dec 2006
Hydro E10. Hydro
The Daily Planet's gossip queen Linda Lake uses her ability to transform herself into water to find the dirt on people and run her weekly saucy story, however detrimental for them....
8 links 11 Jan 2007
Justice E11. Justice
The Green Arrow sends out for reinforcements and Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse, Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Victor Stone (Cyborg) return to Smallville to help him take down LuthorCorp'...
8 links 10 Mar 2007
Labyrinth E12. Labyrinth
Clark enters a parallel environment in his subconscious where he is powerless, no one believes the truth about him, and things have turned out much, much differently.
8 links 10 Oct 2007
Crimson E13. Crimson
Clark once again becomes "under the influence" of red kryptonite, and will say his true feelings on such things as Lionel and Martha's relationship, and Lana's pregnancy, but there...
8 links 17 Feb 2007
Trespass E14. Trespass
After receiving a photo of herself dressing in her room, Lana realizes she has a stalker. After hiding out in Chloe's apartment above The Talon, Lana decides to hide out at another...
8 links 10 May 2008
Freak E15. Freak
When Chloe spots a meteor freak at a bowling alley during Lana's bachelorette party, she follows him only to see him get abducted. Chloe warns Clark and they investigate further. T...
8 links 12 May 2008
Promise E16. Promise
Clark has second thoughts about Lana marrying Lex, Lana starts to have the same concerns. Meanwhile... the doctor involved in the secret behind Lana's pregnancy threatens Lex with ...
8 links 12 Apr 2011
Combat E17. Combat
Clark and Chloe discover that Titan, another alien escapee from the Phantom Zone, is the hulking star of a secret fight club whose bloody, bare-knuckle battles to the death are bro...
8 links 30 Oct 2008
Progeny E18. Progeny
After Lex discovers that Chloe's mother, Moira, has the power to control meteor freaks, he develops a drug to wake her from her catatonic state in the asylum, then he threatens to ...
8 links 24 May 2008
Nemesis E19. Nemesis
After Jodi Keenan, the wife of a Special Forces soldier, sets off a pipe bomb in one of Lex's secret labs, Lionel is severely injured and Lex is taken hostage by the enraged spouse...
8 links 13 Apr 2011
Noir E20. Noir
After a secret meeting with Lionel, Lana is shot at the Daily Planet by a mysterious gunman. Jimmy is knocked out while studying photographs of the scene and dreams about a 1940, ....
8 links 25 May 2008
Prototype E21. Prototype
Lex has been secretly trying to turn Wes Keenan, a military man who supposedly died fighting in Afghanistan, into a "super soldier" by injecting him with DNA pulled from the variou...
8 links 28 May 2008
Phantom E22. Phantom
When Clark finally discovers Lionel threatened to kill him unless Lana married Lex, he goes after Lionel to silence him once and for all. Meanwhile, Lana tells Lex she is leaving h...
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Staffel 7
Season 7
Bizarro E1. Bizarro
Clark confronts Bizarro, the last surviving escapee from the Phantom Zone, who has taken Clark's physical form and has all of his powers, but none of his weaknesses. The ensuing fi...
8 links 27 Sep 2007
Kara E2. Kara
Clark and Lois discover Kara's spaceship but before they can open it, Kara appears and knocks Lois out. Clark is shocked after Kara tells him she is there to protect baby Kal-El. D...
8 links 14 Apr 2011
Fierce E3. Fierce
Kara desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control. Despite his warnings, when Smallvi...
8 links 12 Oct 2007
Cure E4. Cure
Lex hires Dr. Curtis Knox who claims that he can "cure" someone from being a "meteor freak," changing their lives. Chloe takes an interest in this, but Dr. Knox may have another se...
8 links 19 Oct 2007
Action E5. Action
The residents of Smallville are thrilled when "Warrior Angel," a movie based on a comic book, begins shooting in town. However, after the lead actress, Rachel Davenport takes off i...
8 links 18 Apr 2011
Lara E6. Lara
Clark learns Kara is in Washington searching for the crystal. Kara is captured after she breaks into the lab and sedated with a kryptonite-infused truth serum. The serum causes her...
8 links 18 Apr 2011
Wrath E7. Wrath
Kryptonite and high voltage mix during a lightning storm -- causing Lana to absorb Clark's powers. Using her newfound super powers, she breaks into Lex's safe and steals incriminat...
8 links 08 Nov 2007
Blue E8. Blue
Clark hears the voice of his biological mother, Lara, calling for help from Kara's crystal and decides to release her, despite Jor-El's warnings. Lara and Clark reunite and she giv...
8 links 27 Dec 2012
Gemini E9. Gemini
As Christmas draws near, Lois receives a call from an anonymous man claiming that Chloe is attached to a bomb, and the only way he won't let it blow is if she reports the truth of ...
8 links 14 Dec 2007
Persona E10. Persona
While Clark is still frozen in the fortress, Bizarro grows closer to Lana, who returns the feelings on just as deep a level, even sharing some badly-needed information with him whi...
8 links 01 Feb 2008
Siren E11. Siren
Oliver returns and enlists Chloe in his vendetta against Lex, but a sexy new 'superhero' stands between Oliver and his mission, even if Lex is, ultimately, one of the bad guys.
8 links 08 Feb 2008
Fracture E12. Fracture
Clark is convinced that he can find his cousin's whereabouts if he can get into Lex's mind, who's just been shot by the man holding Kara and Lois prisoner.
8 links 16 Feb 2008
Hero E13. Hero
Pete Ross returns to Smallville and finds a number of surprising changes since his departure four years earlier. Besides resolving his feelings toward Clark since he learned of his...
8 links 14 Mar 2008
Traveler E14. Traveler
Lionel kidnaps Clark and holds him in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility; Chloe and Lana confront Lionel, who blames Lex, and they then take Kara to the Fortress and ...
8 links 21 Mar 2008
Veritas E15. Veritas
When Brainiac ends up in a confrontation with Clark after trying to coerce Kara into joining him, he takes it out on Lana.
8 links 20 Apr 2011
Descent E16. Descent
Despite his father's warning, Lex still finds himself in a power struggle from within over the secret to The Traveler...with some deadly results.
8 links 16 May 2009
Sleeper E17. Sleeper
All in one night, the Feds try to head off Chloe, who's hacking into top secret computers, convince Jimmy Olsen that she's a terrorist, and ground Lex, preventing him from flying a...
8 links 25 Apr 2008
Apocalypse E18. Apocalypse
Clark is shown by Jor-El what life on Earth would have been like, had he not sent him there instead of facing the doom of his fellow Kryptonians.
8 links 06 May 2008
Quest E19. Quest
When a member of the Veritas clan attacks in his name and carves Kryptonian symbols in the victim's chest, Clark stands by his principles in hurting no human being, even though the...
8 links 12 May 2008
Arctic E20. Arctic
Clark feels that Kara is under the effects of red kryptonite when he discovers that she is the reason for the plane containing the last member of the Veritas exploding. Lex is dire...
8 links 19 May 2008
Staffel 8
Season 8
Odyssey E1. Odyssey
It's been four weeks since the Fortress collapsed and Clark disappeared. Green Arrow calls upon Black Canary and Aquaman to locate the missing Clark Kent. Clark, in the meantime, i...
8 links 19 Aug 2010
Plastique E2. Plastique
Clark's first day on the job at the Daily Planet begins with a bus exploding right outside the building, which leads him and Lois on a trail of someone who might be infected by kry...
8 links 19 Aug 2010
Toxic E3. Toxic
Oliver Queen is poisoned at a charity fundraiser and Clark races around the world to find a cure.
4 links 24 Aug 2010
Instinct E4. Instinct
When Tess inadvertently activates the mysterious Kryptonian Knowledge crystal found in the Artic, it omits a high-band beacon which summons an alien queen, named Maxima, who arrive...
8 links 25 Apr 2011
Committed E5. Committed
After Jimmy and Chloe disappear from sight for a bit and it turns out it has been against their will, Lois and Clark pose as a couple to flush out the kidnapper.
8 links 27 Apr 2011
Prey E6. Prey
A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, and Clark always seems to be one step behind him, while Chloe's paramedic friend seems to think he blacks out and performs the dirty ...
8 links 27 Oct 2008
Identity E7. Identity
Jimmy takes a photo of Clark using his super-speed while saving Lois from danger, but it comes out blurred. Tess decides the story should make the front page for the Daily Planet e...
8 links 24 Aug 2010
Bloodline E8. Bloodline
Clark receives a crystal that sends him and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara. Kara tries to open a portal for Lois before it's too late but Zod's wife, ...
8 links 24 Aug 2010
Abyss E9. Abyss
When Chloe begins having memory loss when the essence of Brainac begins replacing her memories with Kryptonian codes, Clark decides to use the Cryrstal of Knowledge to reconstruct ...
8 links 24 Aug 2010
Bride E10. Bride
Oliver gets a step closer to finding Lex, but Clark refuses to help for the time being, due to Chloe's special day, while Lois finds she has special feelings for Clark, who has a s...
8 links 24 Aug 2010
Legion E11. Legion
The aftermath of Doomsday's attack on Chloe and Jimmy's wedding leaves Clark in shock, but before he can search for the kidnapped Chloe, an evil being, known as The Persuader, appe...
8 links 24 Aug 2010
Bulletproof E12. Bulletproof
Clark discovers John Jones was shot while working as a police officer, so Clark dons the uniform and goes undercover to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Lana confronts Tess and tells h...
8 links 28 Aug 2010
Power E13. Power
Clark and Chloe search for Lana, who has it in her head that things will be better between her and Clark if they were on "a more-even keel," and goes off on her own in search of a ...
8 links 31 Jan 2009
Requiem E14. Requiem
There is an explosion at Luthorcorp when Oliver is about to announce he controls the interests of Luthorcorp. Oliver suspects Lex is behind the explosion but he realizes the bomb w...
8 links 28 Aug 2010
Infamous E15. Infamous
Linda Lake comes back to Smallville and blackmails Clark to expose his true identity. However, Clark decides he will reveal his secret by himself. A fanatic teenager fakes a fall s...
8 links 12 Apr 2009
Turbulence E16. Turbulence
Tess devises a plan which will reveal Clark's true identity, while Davis comes up with a plan to ease the demon within him, but finds himself trying to scramble after Jimmy sees hi...
8 links 14 Aug 2013
Hex E17. Hex
Reflecting on her status in life, Chloe finds that she's not all what she dreamed of becoming, so when a magician asks her to make a wish, little did she dream of it coming true......
8 links 14 Aug 2013
Eternal E18. Eternal
All signs point to the fact that Clark was not the only one that landed on Earth the day of the meteor shower in Smallville.
8 links 14 Aug 2013
Stiletto E19. Stiletto
Chloe and Lois are attacked by two thugs which one of them is hit by Lois with her heel, she starts feeling a bit heroine about it so she recruits Jimmy for the picture so she can ...
8 links 27 Apr 2009
Beast E20. Beast
Davis asks Chloe if she can go away from the city with him, but when Clark realizes Davis is alive, he confronts Chloe to give him an explanation about it. Meanwhile, Oliver discov...
8 links 20 May 2016
Injustice E21. Injustice
Chloe mysteriously returns to Smallville where she gives Clark the idea of killing Davis by telling him he can't keep the beast under control. Unknown to Clark, Tess has gotten tog...
8 links 08 May 2009
Doomsday E22. Doomsday
Clark tells Oliver that he must kill Davis, but Clark deals with the fact that he can't take a human life. This leaves the justice league to take the affair on their own hands. The...
8 links 15 May 2009
Staffel 9
Season 9
Savior E1. Savior
Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress of Solitude to become 'Superman'. However, the spirit of Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his...
8 links 26 Sep 2009
Metallo E2. Metallo
After being hit by a truck, John Corben becomes a human guinea pig when his heart is replaced by a machine powered by meteor rocks, which, in turn, gives him extraordinary strength...
8 links 07 Oct 2009
Rabid E3. Rabid
Clark, unknowingly, exposes himself to Zod when a virus is released on Metropolis that turns its residents into zombies.
8 links 10 Oct 2009
E4. Echo
After an accident, Clark (Tom Welling) is able to read Lois' mind, the he asks her out.
8 links 27 Apr 2011
Roulette E5. Roulette
A mysterious woman forces Oliver to play in a dangerous game of Russian Roulette and then turns up dead. The police believe Oliver is responsible and arrest him, while Clark reluct...
8 links 28 Apr 2011
Crossfire E6. Crossfire
Oliver tries to help a young street girl, Mia AKA Speedy, get out of her dangerous life by offering to train her, but Mia double crosses him. Lois asks Clark to help her land a job...
8 links 31 Oct 2009
Kandor E7. Kandor
Jor-El mysteriously arrives at the Kent farm to hide the Book of Rao, but meets Chloe instead. She tells him that his son, Kal-El is on Earth and lives at the farm. Convinced the B...
8 links 08 Nov 2009
Idol E8. Idol
Superhero twins Zan and Jayna (aka: the Wonder Twins) show up in Metropolis to help 'The Blur' fight crime with their combined shape-changing abilities. But the clumsy and naive te...
8 links 15 Nov 2009
Pandora E9. Pandora
Tess kidnaps Lois to find out where Lois went after she disappeared for weeks. Lois's memory of the future depicts a Metropolis under Zod's rule and Clark powerless under the red s...
8 links 29 Apr 2011
Disciple E10. Disciple
Someone with Oliver's skills as an archer take aim at Lois and Chloe.
8 links 03 Feb 2010
Absolute Justice E11. Absolute Justice
A man named Sylvester Pemberton tracks down Chloe and tells her he knows about her team of superheroes and needs their help. However, before he can explain who he is, he is attacke...
8 links 13 Feb 2010
Warrior E12. Warrior
Clark meets the sorceress Zatanna (from episode 'Hex') at a comic book convention, where she tells him that her father charmed a copy of the comic book "Warrior Angel" and it holds...
4 links 14 Feb 2010
Persuasion E13. Persuasion
It is Valentine's Day and while Clark is out on a date with Lois, he unknowingly becomes infected by gemstone kryptonite, which has magical wish-fulfilling properties. Clark mentio...
8 links 21 Feb 2010
Conspiracy E14. Conspiracy
Clark teams up with Zod's wife, Faora, to investigate the abduction of her sister, Vala, and several Kandorians whom have been experimenting with humans in order to find a way to c...
8 links 28 Feb 2010
Escape E15. Escape
Clark and Lois head out of town for a quiet romantic getaway, but their plans are thwarted when they run into Chloe and Oliver at their Bed & Breakfast Inn. The couples' awkward mo...
8 links 04 Apr 2010
Checkmate E16. Checkmate
Tess creates an elaborate hoax in order to kidnap Oliver/Green Arrow, and delivers him to the shady head of the secret society Checkmate, Amanda Waller, who tells him that that the...
8 links 11 Apr 2010
Upgrade E17. Upgrade
Zod continues to pose as "The Blur" and asks Lois to investigate one of Tess' secret labs. An explosion rocks the lab, and Lois is rescued by John Corben who was a subject of multi...
8 links 18 Apr 2010
Charade E18. Charade
The new editor tells Clark and Lois only one of them 'imps' may keep his/her job. they still collaborate, hoping a super-scoop should change his mind. An apparent opportunity is wh...
8 links 30 Apr 2010
Sacrifice E19. Sacrifice
Tess's latest intrusion, at Watchtower, and Chloe's excessive lockout mechanism, lock the pair up, likely to be killed while Checkmate breaks trough the last firewalls. Intrudening...
8 links 05 May 2011
Hostage E20. Hostage
Clark is surprised when Martha Kent returns to Smallville for a visit, and he's in for another surprise when she brings along her new boyfriend, Perry White, whom after he learns o...
8 links 09 May 2010
Salvation E21. Salvation
Zod unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois he is The Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark. Tor...
8 links 15 May 2010
Staffel 10
Season 10
Lazarus E1. Lazarus
Oliver is tortured incessantly by Rick Flag until Chloe, who used the Justice League's helmet to find him, exchanges herself for him. Awakening in a secret LuthorCorp lab among par...
10 links 25 Sep 2010
Shield E2. Shield
Oliver tracks down his tormentor Rick Flag, learns he exchanged him for Chloe, who died poisoned, and informs Clark, who helps him work out Chloe actually staged her fake death. On...
9 links 05 May 2011
Supergirl E3. Supergirl
Clark is stunned when Kara returns to Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn't believe Clark can handle it. Meanwhile, Lois conf...
9 links 09 Oct 2010
Homecoming E4. Homecoming
Still gravely pondering his place is life, Clark lets Lois drag him along to their Smallvillle high school reunion. Rather then enjoying his hero status, while Lois shines less the...
9 links 05 May 2011
Isis E5. Isis
Oliver enjoys his new, public role since he outed himself as super-hero, yet misses Chloe desperately and feeling guilty. His example further inspires Clark to tell at least Lois, ...
9 links 24 Oct 2010
Harvest E6. Harvest
Clark examines a rural hamlet where blue kryptonite in the water has no known negative effects. However when a bell rings, tho local deputy regretfully knocks out the nosy reporter...
9 links 30 Oct 2010
Ambush E7. Ambush
Clark is far from impressed that Lois barely dares rebuke her kid sister's mean pranks on both of them, while squirming for each, even offensive, whim of Pa, full general Sam Lane,...
9 links 06 Nov 2010
Abandoned E8. Abandoned
Clark accompanies Tess, who got childhood nightmares triggered by a mysteriously delivered music-box, to the orphanage where she was left behind by her parents. They find out the h...
9 links 09 May 2011
Patriot E9. Patriot
Oliver tests the Vigilante Registration Act by outing himself at a press conference, praised by the general in charge. As feared, he's tortured in a secret prison to turn on his su...
9 links 09 May 2011
Luthor E10. Luthor
Tess acquires a Kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor. When Clark accidentally activates the box, he's transported to a parallel universe where Lionel found Clark in t...
9 links 04 Dec 2010
Icarus E11. Icarus
As the VRA threat intensifies, Clark takes initiative by closing down watchtower and declaring the League go officially underground, but will this be enough to stop trotter and Sla...
9 links 09 May 2011
Collateral E12. Collateral
Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah are back home after long VRA captivity, with confused memories and robbed of all superhero-powers. They believe they have been tortured in an experime...
9 links 28 Mar 2013
Beacon E13. Beacon
Clark is surprised to see Martha on the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally. However, surprise quickly turns to horror when he and Lois watch as Martha is injured in an attack o...
9 links 12 Feb 2011
Masquerade E14. Masquerade
Chloe and Oliver are mistaken for FBI agents investigating Desaad's recent string of murders and the pair are kidnapped by Desaad's minions. Desaad tries to infect Chloe with the d...
9 links 19 Feb 2011
Fortune E15. Fortune
After Zatanna sends a magically spiked bottle of champagne to Clark and Lois for their bachelor/bachlorette parties, the gang blacks out after the toast, only to wake up the next m...
9 links 26 Feb 2011
Scion E16. Scion
Lionel and Tess go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess' latest present to them.
9 links 06 Mar 2011
Kent E17. Kent
Clark Kent is in nostalgic mood after Martha signs over the deed to the farm as a wedding present, wondering whether it suggests he and Lois should sell and move. Clark Luthor surp...
9 links 17 Apr 2011
Booster E18. Booster
Clark gets an inverse make-over from Lois, in order to become a gray mouse when the Blur goes public. Just then, a flashy media-hungry new superhero emerges: Booster Gold, who ... ...
9 links 23 Apr 2011
Dominion E19. Dominion
After banished general Slade is found on earth, Clark realizes the Phantom Zone portal must be open and decides to go close it, however dangerous as his super powers don't work the...
9 links 02 May 2011
Prophecy E20. Prophecy
Searching for the Bow of Orion, the only known means to stop the Darkness, Oliver and Kara independently reached the same booby-trapped underground sanctuary. Kara got herself trap...
9 links 07 May 2011
Finale E21. Finale
The story of Clark Kent culminates in this two-hour series finale as Clark takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel.
9 links 15 May 2011
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