Big Valley

Victoria Berkley (Barbara Stanwyck) lebt mit ihren Söhnen Jarrod (Richard Long), Nick (Peter Breck) und Heath (Lee Majors) sowie Tochter Audra (Linda Evans) auf ihrer eigenen Ranch. Heath ist eigentlich ein unehelicher Sohn von Victorias verstorbenem Mann....

Jahr: 1965−1969

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Western

Writers: A.I. Bezzerides, Louis F. Edelman

Stars: Lee Majors, Richard Long, Peter Breck

IMDb: TT0058791

Bewertung: 7.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Palms of Glory E1. Palms of Glory
Every property owner in the Valley is in danger of losing their land due to the legal trickery of a ruthless railroad baron who backs up his action with an army of 200 men. Into th...
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Forty Rifles E2. Forty Rifles
With a massive cattle drive about to begin - 3,000 steers, 550 miles in 24 days - Heath has problems gaining the respect of the 40 hands needed to carry it off. His problems escala...
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Boots with My Father's Name E3. Boots with My Father's Name
A Stockton memorial to Tom Barkley and his last pair of dress boots stir memories of him for Victoria and Heath. Victoria travels to Strawberry, Heath's birthplace, to find out jus...
9 links 10 Feb 2016
The Young Marauders E4. The Young Marauders
Audra is attracted to a handsome stranger who saves her life during a horse stampede. His appearance in the Valley coincides with the emergence of a pillaging "protection" ring tha...
8 links 11 Feb 2016
The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner E5. The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner
After 30 years a man comes back to the Valley to claim land promised to him by the late Tom Barkley. The land is now the site of a proposed dam that will benefit the community. The...
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Heritage E6. Heritage
In the town of Lonesome Camp, the Barkleys' investment in a mine is threatened when labor unrest leads to a violent strike. Heath looks into the situation and, due to promises made...
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Winner Lose All E7. Winner Lose All
Heath falls in love with Maria, who is returning home from school in the East. She is the daughter of Don Alfredo, a Spanish land owner and nobleman who is in a dispute with a neig...
8 links 28 Dec 2012
My Son, My Son E8. My Son, My Son
A neighboring rancher's teenage son returns to Stockton after being away many years and is immediately obsessed with Audra. He tangles with Audra's defender, Heath, which leads to ...
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Earthquake E9. Earthquake
Victoria, a surly ex-Barkley ranch hand, and a pregnant Native American girl fight to survive when an earthquake traps them in a church cellar. When it is discovered that the cella...
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The Murdered Party E10. The Murdered Party
Jarrod agrees to defend a murder suspect, despite the fact that Heath witnessed the killing. The case involves the defense of a man from a reviled family and the death of a respect...
8 links 31 Jan 2013
The Way to Kill a Killer E11. The Way to Kill a Killer
An old Barkley friend, a hard-working Mexican national, comes to Stockton to sell his herd of cattle. When it is found out the cattle are infected with a deadly, infectious disease...
8 links 04 Jan 2013
Night of the Wolf E12. Night of the Wolf
Nick is bitten by a rabid wolf, an attack only Heath witnesses. Thinking he is going to die, Nick leaves the ranch and Stockton without any explanation to his family. His journey l...
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The Guilt of Matt Bentell E13. The Guilt of Matt Bentell
Heath lashes out at the Barkleys' new timber camp foreman, who was the sadistic commandant of the Confederate prison camp where Heath was held. The timber crew also resent the fore...
8 links 11 Sep 2012
The Brawlers E14. The Brawlers
Audra discovers Irish immigrants camping on a section of land on the Barkley ranch - land they insist they bought and paid for in San Francisco. Their leader and Nick clash immedia...
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Judgement in Heaven E15. Judgement in Heaven
Jarrod arranges for the girlfriend of a murderous outlaw to be released from jail so she can spend Christmas with the Barkley family. The family has mixed feelings about sharing th...
8 links 25 Nov 2011
The Invaders E16. The Invaders
A family of rawhiders, plundering the countryside, bushwhack Heath and then decide to pretend to be the people who saved him. Their plan to rob the Barkleys is helped along because...
03 Aug 2012
By Fires Unseen E17. By Fires Unseen
After a whirlwind courtship, Nick proposes to a beautiful "partygirl" Eastern socialite. Her interest in him soon disappears when she experiences the slow paced life on the ranch-a...
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A Time to Kill E18. A Time to Kill
Jarrod has an old friend from law school pass through Stockton who has ample funds,no job and time on his hands.A Secret Service agent soon follows and tells Jarrod his friend's "i...
8 links 04 Mar 2014
Teacher of Outlaws E19. Teacher of Outlaws
An outlaw gang leader orders his men to kidnap a teacher so he can learn to read and write for a special purpose. His men nab Victoria by mistake-she pretends to be the school marm...
8 links 24 Nov 2006
Under a Dark Star E20. Under a Dark Star
Pardoned after a long imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit,a man has Jarrod's help in adjusting to being free again. The man is hired to work at the ranch and after having dou...
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Barbary Red E21. Barbary Red
Nick celebrates his birthday at a waterfront saloon where he is drugged and shanghaied for sea duty.Jarrod suspects an old client of his,beautiful Barbary Red,is behind Nick's disa...
10 Aug 2012
The Death Merchant E22. The Death Merchant
Everyone except Heath extends a warm welcome to an aging cowboy who killed Tom Barkley's murderer-a result of the Barkley-Railroad War.The man it turns out is friend to no one,he e...
18 Sep 2012
The Fallen Hawk E23. The Fallen Hawk
Heath,feeling responsible for an old friend's crippling injury,is determined to do all he can to help the man and his wife.While Heath stirs up gossip of his having grown too close...
11 Jul 2016
Hazard E24. Hazard
A man arrives at the ranch looking for Heath and is shot by two trailing bounty hunters who claim he is wanted for murder. While the man is recuperating at the ranch, Jarrod travel...
13 Aug 2014
Into the Widow's Web E25. Into the Widow's Web
Heath is drawn to an alluring old girlfriend who is now married and part of a trick shooting act.When her husband is mysteriously killed in a gun "accident",Heath is accused of ......
22 Feb 2013
By Force and Violence E26. By Force and Violence
While travelling cross country, Victoria and Heath have an accident resulting in Heath becoming pinned under their heavily loaded wagon. Victoria seeks help and turns to a mysterio...
21 Jan 2013
The River Monarch E27. The River Monarch
A Barkley riverboat,sunk years before with a fortune in Civil War era government gold aboard is located-but there's no trace of the gold.A group of Confederate symphatizers or Tom ...
29 Dec 2012
The Midas Man E28. The Midas Man
Audra falls for a shrewd financier who has come to the Valley to capitalize on a drought that has left most of the ranchers in need of loans.When he is about to foreclose and seize...
04 Oct 2011
Tunnel of Gold E29. Tunnel of Gold
A new General Store,owned by a husband/wife team,is invaded by outlaws who plan to tunnel across to the Railroad Baggage Depot-where Barkley gold is held for shipment.Complications...
23 Aug 2012
Last Train to the Fair E30. Last Train to the Fair
With the Barkley family on the way to the State Fair,Audra is stricken with appendicitis and the only doctor aboard has his own problems-men are out to kill him for revenge.The doc...
19 Mar 2014
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Lost Treasure E1. The Lost Treasure
Heath is shaken when a slick talking man comes to the ranch and claims he is his long lost father.Heath travels to his boyhood home of Strawberry to verify the story and he soon fi...
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Legend of a General: Part 1 E2. Legend of a General: Part 1
While in Mexico tending to a Barkley mine, Heath aids a Mexican General (an old family friend) who escapes the wrath of an oppressive leader. When it is found out that the General ...
8 links 19 Sep 1966
Legend of a General: Part 2 E3. Legend of a General: Part 2
The Barkley's refuse to cooperate with the Mexican authorities but, with the General's help, plan to go to Rio Blanco, Mexico and break Heath out of jail. Meanwhile, Heath has his ...
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Caesar's Wife E4. Caesar's Wife
A neighbor's young, second wife is more romantically interested in her stepson than her husband. Her jealousy of Audra, the stepson's childhood sweetheart, leads to a shooting-and ...
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Pursuit E5. Pursuit
From the town of Sandhill, Victoria along with an alcoholic and cynical hunter search the desert for an Indian brave infected with measles. The Indian does not believe the White Ma...
17 Mar 2016
The Martyr E6. The Martyr
Jarrod defends a Basque Sheepherder accused of murder. He is in more than providing a defense when he finds out his client is a political anarchist in a town full of bigotry and ha...
27 Dec 2011
Target E7. Target
Joshua Hawks, who is standing for public office, rides into town and accuses the Nick Barkley's family of stealing land and all produce grown on it illegal. Jarrod is concerned at ...
8 links 03 Sep 2012
The Velvet Trap E8. The Velvet Trap
A wagon traveling through the night loses a wheel. While doing repairs a stranger rides up an offers help. Sabrina Lynn passenger sees him and rushes off into the night, only to dr...
8 links 04 Sep 2012
The Man from Nowhere E9. The Man from Nowhere
A woman, her mother-in-law and young son are considered squatters. The Cattlemen want her off the land. The woman will not make it easy for them. She fights to remain in what she c...
8 links 05 Sep 2012
The Great Safe Robbery E10. The Great Safe Robbery
Audra and Victoria Barkley arrive at a train station to catch their train. There's just one catch: there are three brothers already there trying to rob the train station's safe. Th...
8 links 18 Mar 2008
The Iron Box E11. The Iron Box
Nick and Heath, on their way home with a prize bull, are accused of stealing the animal and are sentenced to a brutal work camp - without a trial.
8 links 07 Feb 2013
Last Stage to Salt Flats E12. Last Stage to Salt Flats
The Barkley's are stranded out of all places, in the desert. Making it difficult to survive the heat, no water and hard to put up with each other.
8 links 02 Aug 2016
A Day of Terror E13. A Day of Terror
Victoria and Audra are at a church preparing for Audra's debut as the new bible studies teacher. While there, a known criminal and her three sons commandeer the church in order to ...
8 links 03 Aug 2016
Hide the Children E14. Hide the Children
After falsely accusing a Gypsy vineyard worker of theft and injuring him in a fight, Nick reluctantly agrees to accompany the man's wife, daughter, and mother-in-law on a journey t...
8 links 15 Apr 2010
Day of the Comet E15. Day of the Comet
A poetry-loving stranger on the run from the Cavalry camps out at the Barkley ranch.
8 links 05 Aug 2016
Wagonload of Dreams E16. Wagonload of Dreams
When a Greek family refuses to pay a crooked stationmaster his extortion money,both the Greek family and The Barkley's become targets!
04 Jan 2012
Image of Yesterday E17. Image of Yesterday
A former suitor of Victoria Barkley comes into town. Her feelings towards him changes quickly when he and his gunslingers make themselves at home at the Barkley Ranch.
8 links 31 Mar 2016
Boy Into Man E18. Boy Into Man
A mother seems to have abandoned her children.The oldest,a teenage boy,resists the Barkley's help-who decide to search for the mother.
8 links 04 Aug 2012
Down Shadow Street E19. Down Shadow Street
Victoria has key testimony to offer at a murder trial.A unethical judge with a conflict of interest in the case has her confined to a grisly madhouse.Jarrod and Nick desperately la...
8 links 10 Aug 2016
The Stallion E20. The Stallion
While trying to round up a prize wild stallion Nick is nearly killed due to an old ranch-hand's lack of concentration.After being offered a less demanding job the prideful wrangler...
8 links 05 Apr 2016
The Haunted Gun E21. The Haunted Gun
An old Barkley family friend who is now a Senator travels to Stockton.The visit is spoiled by the Senator's fear of being assassinated.
8 links 20 Feb 2013
The Price of Victory E22. The Price of Victory
A badly injured professional boxer can't avoid "one more fight" even though it endangers his life and may cost him his family.
8 links 13 Feb 1967
Brother Love E23. Brother Love
A flashy faith healer who is really a con artist has Audra convinced he is sincere and is in Stockton to do good.
8 links 15 Aug 2016
Court Martial E24. Court Martial
A retired Civil War era Union general is tried for war crimes by ex-Confederates at the Barkley ranch while the family is held captive.
8 links 04 Jul 2013
Plunder! E25. Plunder!
A town is evacuated due to a weakened dam.Despite the danger,Heath is deputized to stop looters until the citizens can return.
8 links 14 Apr 2010
Turn of a Card E26. Turn of a Card
A professional card player finds out that Heath is carrying $5000 to a Barkley mine.The gambler even stoops to using a girl he "owns" in trying to strip Heath of the money.
8 links 06 Sep 2012
Showdown in Limbo E27. Showdown in Limbo
Heath joins a posse led by his old boss, a U.S. Marshall,who brings along his greenhorn Eastern-educated son. The son resents Heath's presence.
8 links 01 Oct 2012
The Lady from Mesa E28. The Lady from Mesa
The daughter of an old and valued ranch hand is brought to the Barkley home to see her dying father. She blames him for ruining her life.
8 links 02 Mar 2013
Days of Grace E29. Days of Grace
Heath is accused of assaulting a wealthy man's daughter. A nun intervenes to prevent a lynching.
8 links 04 Oct 2012
Cage of Eagles E30. Cage of Eagles
An Irish political fugitive is hired as a Dynamiter to work at a Barkley mine. His intentions are questioned by an influential citizen.
8 links 15 Aug 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Joaquin E1. Joaquin
A Barkley ranch hand is murdered. This happens shortly after the man had claimed a newly hired hand was actually an infamous Mexican outlaw.
8 links 06 Dec 2013
Ambush E2. Ambush
Victoria revisits a desert mission. She fights to protect three Indian women from killers and only has a recently reformed alcoholic to help her.
8 links 05 Mar 2013
A Flock of Trouble E3. A Flock of Trouble
Nick unwittingly accepts sheep in payment for a debt. He stubbornly fights off insults and threats to keep them.
8 links 26 Aug 2016
Time After Midnight E4. Time After Midnight
Property owners are intimidated into selling by a land baron. When a case is brought against the man, Jarrod agrees to act as prosecutor-even after being blinded.
8 links 10 Oct 2012
Night in a Small Town E5. Night in a Small Town
While traveling, Heath and Victoria stop in a town that has an overly righteous Sheriff. They find his "devotion to duty" does not include leaving a saloon girl alone.
8 links 11 Apr 2015
Ladykiller E6. Ladykiller
An innkeeper's pretty daughter is the bait used to rob and kill visitors. Nick unsuspectingly falls in love with her.
8 links 23 Feb 2007
Guilty E7. Guilty
A recently convicted murderer escapes and returns to town. While he is cornered in the schoolhouse, Jarrod tries to help the man prove his innocence.
8 links 23 Apr 2016
The Disappearance E8. The Disappearance
While traveling Victoria and Audra check into a hotel. When the next morning Audra has disappeared and no one will admit she had even been there, Victoria is forced to investigate ...
8 links 02 May 2015
A Noose Is Waiting E9. A Noose Is Waiting
A new doctor is welcomed to town by the Barkley's. They are unaware he is really a deranged killer out for revenge and with Victoria targeted as his next victim.
8 links 15 Apr 2010
Explosion!: Part 1 E10. Explosion!: Part 1
A forest fire is heading toward Stockton. The Barkley's and other wealthy landowners plan to hire a "firestopper".
8 links 23 May 2015
Explosion!: Part 2 E11. Explosion!: Part 2
The forest fire continues to advance toward Stockton. With no one else able to help, Jarrod, Nick and Heath prepare to meet the fire with nitroglycerin.
8 links 23 May 2015
Four Days to Furnace Hill E12. Four Days to Furnace Hill
Guards delivering prisoners accidently kill one of them - a woman. Victoria, out travelling alone, is taken by the guards to act as a substitute.
8 links 21 Sep 2016
Night of the Executioner E13. Night of the Executioner
The conspiracy to murder a Congressman unravels due to Heath being in the area at the time of the killing. An old drunkard and then Heath himself are accused of being the shootist.
9 links 05 Sep 2016
Journey Into Violence E14. Journey Into Violence
Heath is kidnapped by a sect who accuse him of murdering a member.Acting as their own judge and jury,Heath is convicted and sentenced to being a slave to atone for his crime.
8 links 02 May 2016
The Buffalo Man E15. The Buffalo Man
Convict labor is used at the ranch during harvest time. The men are treated sadistically by their guard, especially an ex-slave who served in a special unit during the Civil War.
8 links 20 Jun 2015
The Good Thieves E16. The Good Thieves
Two thieves, who killed two men in Stockton and seriously wounded Jarrod, are tracked by Nick and Heath to a distant town. Once there, they find the two men are highly respected an...
8 links 04 May 2016
Days of Wrath E17. Days of Wrath
After a whirlwind courtship, Jarrod marries. His absolute joy quickly turns to grief and then to relentless revenge.
04 Jul 2015
Miranda E18. Miranda
A wealthy Mexican Loyalist visits the Barkley's and brings with him a valuable necklace. A female anarchist then shows up at the ranch, plotting to bring the necklace back to Mexic...
8 links 06 Aug 2012
Shadow of a Giant E19. Shadow of a Giant
Nick and Heath join a posse led by a legendary marshall.The problem is the marshall is reckless and endangers all of his deputies lives.
9 links 18 Jul 2015
Fall of a Hero E20. Fall of a Hero
A man is dead after having a disagreement with Heath,who cannot remember what happened. Despite being on trial for his life, Heath seeks with Jarrod's help to find the truth.
8 links 25 Jul 2015
The Emperor of Rice E21. The Emperor of Rice
An old Barkley friend becomes desperate to corner the rice market. Victoria is kidnapped as part of the plan to force the family to help.
8 links 01 Aug 2015
Rimfire E22. Rimfire
A played out mine that a Barkley mining partnership abandoned is now occupied by Chinese immigrants. The partnership needs to regain control of the old mine as a means to deliver a...
8 links 08 Aug 2012
Bounty on a Barkley E23. Bounty on a Barkley
A beautiful, aloof woman moves to the area and Nick falls in love with her. She fails to mention that she is married-and to a bounty hunter that Nick has met.
8 links 06 Nov 2012
Devil's Masquerade E24. Devil's Masquerade
Heath's friend, a nearby rancher,sends for a mail order bride. Upon her arrival,some things about her background seem strange and cause Heath to question her identity.
8 links 22 Aug 2015
Run of the Savage E25. Run of the Savage
A series of relatively petty thefts lead Nick to an embittered youth who he attempts to befriend. The stakes are raised when Nick finds himself held for ransom while tied up in a c...
8 links 09 Nov 2012
The Challenge E26. The Challenge
A plot is hatched to use an innocent photo in an embarassing way. Victoria and a U.S. Senator are the targets of the smear campaign.
8 links 14 Aug 2012
Staffel 4
Season 4
In Silent Battle E1. In Silent Battle
Audra is attracted to a handsome Civil War hero. Little does she know, he is a murderous psychopath haunted by delusions of what a woman should be.
8 links 14 Aug 2012
They Called Her Delilah E2. They Called Her Delilah
A beautiful singer,once close to Jarrod,comes to Stockton to perform.The fact that she was a Confederate spy during the Civil War causes an uproar.
8 links 13 Nov 2012
Presumed Dead E3. Presumed Dead
A lonely cattle rustler happens upon stagecoach accident and amnesia victim Victoria.He nurses her back to health and gives her an identity-that of his dead wife.
8 links 14 Nov 2012
Run of the Cat E4. Run of the Cat
A bloodthirsty cougar is killing stock and mauls Nick.The Barkley's hire a professional to kill the cat but Nick can't resist the hunt.
8 links 03 Oct 2015
Deathtown E5. Deathtown
Jarrod travels to Baker City to meet three Mexican businessmen on a land deal.Upon arriving,he is told they have been there,not waited and returned home-slowly the truth comes out.
8 links 16 Nov 2012
The Jonah E6. The Jonah
The Barkley's hire a ranch hand who has the reputation of having bad luck follow him.After a series of mishaps and angry disagreement about him being fired,there is a surprise in s...
8 links 25 Feb 2012
Hell Hath No Fury E7. Hell Hath No Fury
A female outlaw,who is also fond of playing poker,meets Heath during a card game.She becomes obsessed with him to the point of wanting to quickly marry and give up her "career".
8 links 20 Nov 2012
The Long Ride E8. The Long Ride
While in Highridge visiting a friend,Audra witnesses three murders and goes into shock.Victoria brings her back to Stockton via stagecoach and the trip home is a test of wills betw...
8 links 21 Nov 2012
The Profit and the Lost E9. The Profit and the Lost
Heath risks his life and saves a man who is a notorious hired gunman. The irony is the killer has a contract to kill Heath, put out by a local rancher with a grudge.
8 links 19 Dec 2012
A Stranger Everywhere E10. A Stranger Everywhere
A shy dressmaker interests lawmen and outlaws alike when a journalist theorizes that she is an infamous bandit. Nick, who as a joke had started the rumor,finds himself defending he...
8 links 21 Nov 2015
The Prize E11. The Prize
While returning to the ranch with a horse he just purchased,Heath becomes side tracked and ends up taking home a baby after the mother dies.The father,an outlaw,eventually heads fo...
8 links 21 Aug 2012
Hunter's Moon E12. Hunter's Moon
A fanatically jealous rancher imprisons Nick and two other men. He believes one of them is his wife's lover. If no one confesses, they will all die.
8 links 31 May 2016
Top of the Stairs E13. Top of the Stairs
Passing through the town of Abbottsville on their way to a wedding,Victoria and Audra stop to see Victoria's brother-in-law.They are not allowed to see him and are told he is judge...
8 links 31 May 2016
Joshua Watson E14. Joshua Watson
The once friendly annual rodeo between the Barkley and Morton ranches has become a nasty, win-at-all-costs event. An ex-slave, "super cowboy", raises the stakes when he agrees to c...
8 links 30 Nov 2012
The Secret E15. The Secret
A wealthy rancher,and long time family friend, suddenly sets out to ruin the Barkley's. He has intense hatred of Jarrod, who he suspects is having an affair with his young wife.
8 links 14 Apr 2010
The 25 Graves of Midas E16. The 25 Graves of Midas
25 men have died in a cave-in at the Dutton Mine,in which the Barkley's have a 40% interest.Heath,on his way to meet Nick and investigate the disaster,is badly wounded-and mistaken...
8 links 04 Dec 2012
Lightfoot E17. Lightfoot
Despite being college educated,a Modoc Indian is given to angry outbursts as he imagines prejudice from any action of white people.With the whole town against the tribesman,Jarrod ...
8 links 09 Jan 2016
Alias Nellie Handley E18. Alias Nellie Handley
Victoria poses as a thief in order to become an inmate and investigate conditions at a women's prison. Once in, she finds it is a miserable place and that she may never be able to ...
8 links 23 Jul 2011
The Royal Road E19. The Royal Road
Jarrod is guardian to a rebellious teenage girl who becomes interested in a Prince visiting from India. The "Prince" has a heavy handed aide who arouses the suspicions of Heath whe...
8 links 28 Aug 2012
A Passage of Saints E20. A Passage of Saints
Stern, religious people lease a Barkley farm. When townspeople discover the newcomers are Mormons who practice plural marriage, they plan to drive them out. Jarrod hides the truth ...
8 links 09 Jan 2013
The Battle of Mineral Springs E21. The Battle of Mineral Springs
While returning to Stockton,Victoria and Jarrod stop in a town with outrageous prices for food,lodging and services. After finding out the people are bilking travelers to survive,t...
8 links 11 Dec 2012
The Other Face of Justice E22. The Other Face of Justice
Nick and Heath, on the trail of a gang of murderous raiders stealing horses in the Valley, enlist the help of the ex-sheriff of Stockton. The motivation behind his "help" proves in...
8 links 16 Jul 2012
Town of No Exit E23. Town of No Exit
Heath arrives in a dying desert town, only to find himself a visitor in a madhouse. His hosts are five deranged people who play bizarre and deadly games with their infrequent guest...
8 links 29 Aug 2012
Danger Road E24. Danger Road
An Englishman with a large gambling debt agrees to smuggle whiskey onto an Indian reservation to pay off his losses.Enroute he meets up with Victoria,on the way to the reservation ...
8 links 14 Dec 2012
Flight from San Miguel E25. Flight from San Miguel
An old love of Heath's, who had jilted him five years before, convinces him to help get her Mexican husband to the U.S.. The husband is a Revolutionary wanted by the Federale's-and...
8 links 16 Jan 2013
Point and Counterpoint E26. Point and Counterpoint
A dying prisoner asks his son to kill the two people whose testimony caused his death, a Stockton banker named Clark and Victoria Barkley. After Clark is murdered, Jarrod, unaware ...
8 links 19 Dec 2012
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