Lethal Justice - Im Auftrag des Gesetzes

Unheil braut sich zusammen auf den Straßen von Seattle, als eine Bande Outlawbiker im Verbund mit Neonazis nichts weniger als den gewaltsamen Umsturz plant und dafür mächtig aufrüstet. Ein Fall für Elijah Stone und seine Spezialstreitkräfte von der Polizei...

Jahr: 2010

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Writers: Steven Seagal, Joe Halpin

Stars: Steven Seagal, Sarah Lind, William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart

IMDb: TT1697033

Bewertung: 4.8/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
One Shot, One Life E-1. One Shot, One Life
08 Aug 2012
E-1. Diamonds in the Rough
As Kane is dealing with insurgents of his past, a group of high brow Russians have migrated to Seattle's port with a new product for the black market.
21 Sep 2011
Staffel 1
Season 1
Deadly Crossing: Part 1 E1. Deadly Crossing: Part 1
When an influx of violent and ruthless heroin dealers descend on Seattle, Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) leads an elite undercover squad of cops to bring them to justice. Tearing up t...
12 May 2013
From Russia with Drugs E2. From Russia with Drugs
Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) gets pressure from Chief Graves (Adrian Hough) to put an end to a Russian drug ring.
12 Jan 2012
E3. Black Magic
A "Black Magic" killer is on the loose, murdering dancers that eerily fit new cop Sarah Montgomery's (Sarah Lind) description.
19 Jan 2012
Dark Vengeance: Part 2 E4. Dark Vengeance: Part 2
26 Jan 2012
Toxic E E5. Toxic E
Kane (Steven Seagal) and his SIU team race to find the distributor of a toxic "E" pill that's raising the body count around Seattle and causes temporary SIU member Gates (Kyle Cass...
02 Feb 2012
E6. Street Wars: Part 2
The "E" investigation runs smoothly until Seattle P.D.'s top brass order Kane (Steven Seagal) to act as security for eccentric documentary filmmaker.
09 Feb 2012
E7. Lethal Justice: Part 1
Kane's (Steven Seagal's) team is up against the "New Hope" Arian Nation as they work to sway the public's vote in the city elections.
25 Jan 2012
E8. Lethal Justice: Part 2
Kane, having dealt with his own post war stress, is called to help his war comrade (Ryan Robbins) as he suffers from P.T.S.
23 Feb 2012
Yakuza E9. Yakuza
Elijah Kane and his team try to break up an organized crime syndicate known as the Yakuza and diffuse a hostage situation.
31 Aug 2011
E10. Brotherhood: Part 2
Kane and his team set out to take down the Yakuza once & for all.
14 Jul 2011
E11. Urban Warfare: Part 1
Kane's Black Ops past is causing uncertainty in the SIU team's future.
21 Jul 2011
E12. Urban Warfare: Part 2
As Kane is dealing with insurgents of his past, a group of high brow Russians have migrated to Seattle's port with a new product for the black market, diamonds. It's the mob commun...
28 Jul 2011
E13. Payback
Elijah Kane is prepping his team for court to convict Nicoli Putin of murder when they're ambushed by Putin's men.
04 Aug 2011
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Ghost E1. The Ghost
Following the attack on his precinct, Kane buries his friends and sets his sights on avenging their deaths. He assembles a new team and follows the trail across the border to Vanco...
04 Jul 2012
Blood Alley E3. Blood Alley
Elijah Kane Is on a new mission for the government after being promised that the CIA will provide information about who put out a hit on his previous team. Kane and the new team ha...
All In E4. All In
Kane and his team track a notorious organ trafficker, who escaped from the raid and promises to bring Kane one step closer to The Ghost.
20 May 2012
Dirty Money E5. Dirty Money
The Ghost's personal money launderer is due in town and Bojan, a ghost from Kane'e past suddenly appears on the scene. The CIA is convinced that Bojan has come to protect the money...
10 Jul 2012
Violence of Action E6. Violence of Action
The Ghost is buying and Kane sets out to find out what to get him closer to The Ghost.
01 Apr 2012
Toys in the Attic E7. Toys in the Attic
Kane believes that The Ghost is seeking to buy a suitcase of nuclear bombs, which have been smuggled into the country and sets out to track them together with his team.
15 Aug 2012
Angel of Death E8. Angel of Death
An undercover cop gets closer to his nemesis. He decides to let a trusted agent go into the field, but has doubts about whether she has what it takes to complete the mission.
22 Aug 2012
The Conversation E9. The Conversation
Kane suspects that his contact in the CIA may not be reliable.
29 Aug 2012
Dead Drop 2 E10. Dead Drop 2
Kane begins to realise that his contact in the CIA may not be the ally he first seemed.
05 Sep 2012
The Cut-Out Man E11. The Cut-Out Man
As Kane and the team start to fit the pieces together, they realise that everything is not as it would seem.
12 Sep 2012
Fired E12. Fired
The FBI has noticed that Kane is trying to get closer to his nemesis, The Ghost, and want him stopped.
19 Sep 2012
The Shot E13. The Shot
As Kane gets close to Magellan, Lynch's handler, FBI Agent Sloan calls on all hands to find and arrest Kane and his team. It's a race against time for Kane's team get him close eno...
26 Sep 2012
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