Im Jahre 1667 beschließt der gerade einmal 28 Jahre alte französische König Ludwig XIV. (George Blagden), das Jagdschloss Versailles zu einem prunkvollen Palast ausbauen zu lassen, um seine eigene absolute Macht zu demonstrieren. Doch das Mammutprojekt ste...

Jahr: 2015

Dauer: 52 min

Genres: Biography, Drama, History

Writers: David Wolstencroft, Simon Mirren

Stars: George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan

IMDb: TT3830558

Bewertung: 7.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Welcome to Versailles
In 1667 in France, Louis XIV is a young king who wants to impose his power whereas he is traumatized by the Fronde (the revolt of nobility during Louis XIII's reign) and despite th...
12 links 23 Feb 2016
E2. I am the State
The Queen gave birth to the first royal baby and it triggers some rumors. Besides, Louis XIV's counselors advice him to go to war in order to impose his power. Furthermore, Louis X...
15 links 16 Nov 2015
E3. Mirror for Princes
Louis XIV wants the nobility to live at his side in Versailles. But noblemen and noblewomen have to prove their noble origin to obtain this privilege. Montcourt is one of them, but...
10 links 23 Nov 2015
E4. The Road
Cassel's brigands continue to slaughter visitors to Versailles including the king's god-daughter though Fabien has his suspicions as to their identity and arrests a likely suspect,...
13 links 23 Nov 2015
Bow to Your King E5. Bow to Your King
King Louis is furious at his 'guard dog' Fabien Marchal for failing to prevent or punish the increasingly frequent 'brigand' attacks on deliveries for the vast estate's palatial co...
12 links 30 Nov 2015
E6. Invalides
Just as Rohan is winning Philippe back as lover, Louis stubbornly charges him and Louvois, not the prince, with talking to the war veterans on palace construction strike, who even ...
12 links 30 Nov 2015
E7. Revelations
A scrubby laborer's hateful 'kiss'-spit may have infected king Louis, who is in bed hallucinating, haunted by worse-then-ever nightmares of a plot to steal his crown. Intrigues con...
12 links 07 Dec 2015
E8. Diplomacy
With his lover in prison and his wife Henriette surviving a miscarriage Philippe is not a happy man but Louis, buoyant at overcoming his enemies, is keen for an alliance with Engla...
13 links 07 Dec 2015
E9. Etiquette
Louis believes to triumph diplomatically when his queen Henriette negotiates an alliance with England against the Dutch for cash and a guard for her brother, English king Charles I...
12 links 14 Dec 2015
E10. Bring the Garden Here
Duchess Henriette becomes suddenly ill when she returns from a visit to her brother in England. They fear she might have been poisoned, so King Louis XIV shuts all access To Versai...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
The Labyrinth E1. The Labyrinth
Louis has everything to be satisfied: his palace grows and arouses the admiration of the whole world; His troops were preparing to invade Holland and to crush William of Orange, af...
27 Mar 2017
A Still Small Voice E2. A Still Small Voice
The king is heavily criticized by the clergy, who refuse to billet his soldiers, and his wife for parading the pregnant Madame de Montespan at court. A particular enemy of the lady...
27 Mar 2017
Quis custodiet ipsos cusotdes E3. Quis custodiet ipsos cusotdes
Following the second poisoning and disappearance of Jacques Louis gets Fabien to increase security whilst planning the war with the Dutch and continuing his affair with the newly-d...
03 Apr 2017
Miasma E4. Miasma
As Sophie reluctantly marries the brutal Cassel Madane de Foix is arrested as the poisoner and kills herself in prison. Philippe and the petulant Chevalier fall out but Louis warms...
03 Apr 2017
War and Peace E5. War and Peace
Fabien's loyalty to the king earns him scant reward from the king in the light of recent events whilst Gaston is returned to court and offers to help Sophie escape her dismal marri...
10 Apr 2017
The Sands of Time E6. The Sands of Time
A delegation arrives, but won't negotiate with the queen. Phillipe steps up to act as king while Louis is at battle. Fabien mourns Claudine and seeks to avenge her murder. The king...
10 Apr 2017
A Night E7. A Night
Louis meets Guillaume d'Orange in a relentless combat and returns to Versailles full of new energy. The court is in shock of two new deaths and Montespan feels herself increasingly...
17 Apr 2017
Le nouveau régime E8. Le nouveau régime
Louis ends his relationship with Madame De Montespan who full of humiliation turns to dark forces. Palatine is suffering of suspected poisoning and Cassel reveals Thomas' secret pl...
17 Apr 2017
Seven Shadows E9. Seven Shadows
Louis has Phillipe get close to the spy. This ignites the Chevalier's jealousy. Fabien learns what Father Etienne does with the children he rescues. Montespan is desperate to recla...
24 Apr 2017
Of Blood and Stone E10. Of Blood and Stone
The affair of the poisons continues. Could it even reach deep into Louis's own court?
24 Apr 2017
Staffel 3
Season 3
Episode #3.1 E1. Episode #3.1
Episode #3.2 E2. Episode #3.2
Episode #3.4 E4. Episode #3.4
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