A TV program centered on a soul-searching Swedish cop.

Jahr: 2008

Dauer: 90 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Richard McCabe, Jeany Spark

IMDb: TT1178618

Bewertung: 7.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Sidetracked
Kurt Wallander is a police inspector in the Swedish town of Ystad. Shortly after he has seen a young girl kill herself by self-immolation, he is called to investigate the murder of...
15 Jun 2014
E2. Firewall
Inspector Wallander and his team investigate a murder and an unexplained death. They arrest 18 year old Sonja Hokberg after they find a taxi driver stabbed to death in his car. Son...
31 May 2009
E3. One Step Behind
Three youngsters are shot dead whilst having a woodland picnic in fancy dress. One girl's mother reports her as missing but postcards from Paris supposedly sent by the daughter neg...
26 Oct 2009
Staffel 2
Season 2
Faceless Killers E1. Faceless Killers
An elderly couple, the Lovgrens, are murdered at their isolated farmstead and Mrs. Lovgren's last word to Wallander seems to be "Foreigners." When this is leaked to the press a mig...
16 Oct 2010
The Man Who Smiled E2. The Man Who Smiled
Lawyer Sten Torstenssen tells Wallander he believes his old father's death in a car crash was homicide but Wallander is reluctant to act until Sten is found hanged and the patholog...
18 Oct 2010
The Fifth Woman E3. The Fifth Woman
Three elderly men, Holger Eriksson, Gosta Runfeldt and Eugen Blomberg, are murdered in seemingly unrelated incidents. The smell of perfume on Runfeldt's suitcase suggests a woman's...
17 Oct 2010
Staffel 3
Season 3
An Event in Autumn E1. An Event in Autumn
Whilst investigating the death of a pregnant girl who was pushed off a ferry, Wallander discovers a ten-year old skeleton in the garden of the house where he lives with girl-friend...
09 Sep 2012
The Dogs of Riga E2. The Dogs of Riga
The discovery of two slain youths in a dinghy which washes into Ystad brings hard-drinking Latvian detective Karlis Liepa from Riga. He tells Wallander they were his informants in ...
15 Aug 2012
Before the Frost E3. Before the Frost
An elderly woman is murdered in a wood by a man she saw setting fire to swans. He buries her corpse with a bible annotating the book of Revelations and from his finger-prints he is...
15 Nov 2015
Staffel 4
Season 4
E1. The White Lioness
Wallander is drawn into the case of a missing Swedish national while attending a police conference in South Africa.
21 Jun 2016
E2. A Lesson in Love
Kurt has medical problems while he searches for a missing girl after her mother was murdered.
19 Jun 2016
E3. The Troubled Man
Kurt is in a race against time as he embarks on his final case - the disappearance of his daughter's father-in-law.
19 Jun 2016
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