When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, migrates from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.

Jahr: 2014

Dauer: 43 min

Genres: Drama

Stars: Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin

IMDb: TT2874692

Bewertung: 8.6/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Words from the Heart E-1. Words from the Heart
As Elizabeth and Jack coach the kids in baseball, Elizabeth struggles to help a young boy come to terms with an old injury.
19 Feb 2017
Christmas E-1. Christmas
An intriguing peddler comes to Hope Valley selling the townspeople his wears and teaching them valuable lessons about joy and giving.
25 Dec 2016
Staffel 1
Season 1
Lost and Found E1. Lost and Found
Coal Valley goes up in arms when a plank with a personal message is found in the rubble of the fatal coal mining accident.
11 Jan 2014
E2. Cease and Desist
Abigail and the widowed wives receive notices from The Pacific Northwest Mining Company asking them to evict their company-owned homes within 14 days to make room for new miners.
18 Jan 2014
A Telling Silence E3. A Telling Silence
Elizabeth helps a mute student who is struggling to cope with the death of her father; Jack investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the burning of Coal Valley's only ...
25 Jan 2014
Secrets and Lies E4. Secrets and Lies
After finding the cans of whale oil, Jack investigates Cat Montgomery for her possible involvement in the church arson case. When the evidence points to Cat, Gabe becomes infuriate...
01 Feb 2014
The Dance E5. The Dance
When a group of new male miners comes to Coal Valley, many of the town's women get caught up in the idea of the single men. One of the new miners begins courting Elizabeth and Jack...
08 Feb 2014
These Games E6. These Games
The Miners' Games allow the townspeople to cut loose and have a little fun; Elizabeth and Billy Hamilton spend more time together; Jack investigates a series of robberies that are ...
15 Feb 2014
Second Chances E7. Second Chances
Abigail must pay a steep price to complete a top-secret project she's been working on; one of Elizabeth's students has trouble reading so she enlists Jack's help for a creative sol...
22 Feb 2014
Perils of the Soloists E8. Perils of the Soloists
Elizabeth must put on the Coal Valley Founders' Day play on short notice; the only surviving miner from the explosion comes home from the hospital with a shocking surprise; Jack ha...
01 Mar 2014
Change of Heart E9. Change of Heart
Jack properly asks Elizabeth for a dinner, but he is surprised by a reassignment.
08 Mar 2014
Love Comes First E10. Love Comes First
Abigail does some detective work and learns more about Gowen's dangerous conduct leading up to the mine disaster; Julie Thatcher is becoming closer with Nathaniel when the rest of ...
15 Mar 2014
Rules of Engagement E11. Rules of Engagement
Jack is back in Coal Valley along with an unexpected visitor that threatens his and Elizabeth's relationship; Elizabeth receives some unforeseen news that will force her to make a ...
22 Mar 2014
Prelude to a Kiss E12. Prelude to a Kiss
Bill Avery continues his investigation into the mine explosion with help from Jack; a budding romance grows between Bill and Abigail; Elizabeth struggles to make a decision about t...
29 Mar 2014
Staffel 2
Season 2
Trials of the Heart E1. Trials of the Heart
Elizabeth and Jack's budding union barely has time to begin when Elizabeth receives a telegram requesting her return home; Abigail nervously awaits the mining disaster trial.
25 Apr 2015
Heart and Soul E2. Heart and Soul
Elizabeth and Jack remain worlds apart. Abigail learns the devastating truth about Bill Avery. A con artist arrives in town. Jack and the townspeople work on building the new schoo...
25 Apr 2015
Heart's Desire E3. Heart's Desire
Abigail leaves the town to search for a family member. Rosemary gets her big break she's been waiting for, but things don't go the way she'd hoped. Jack is there to lend his help. ...
16 May 2015
Awakenings & Revelations E4. Awakenings & Revelations
Bill returns to town on an undercover mission. Jack gets himself involved without knowing what the mission is. Rosemary doesn't feel her role in the town is big enough and seeks to...
23 May 2015
Heart of the Family E5. Heart of the Family
Elizabeth returns to town in time for the school semester to begin. Elizabeth readjusts to country life in a big way, but has a helping hand from Jack. Abigail gets help in the Caf...
Coming Together, Coming Apart E6. Coming Together, Coming Apart
Jack and Elizabeth don't see eye to eye on everything in Hamilton. They discover that their relationship is not as straightforward as they originally thought. Elizabeth's family pu...
06 Jun 2015
With All My Heart E7. With All My Heart
The school term gets off to a cold start. Elizabeth gets called back to Hamilton to deal with a family emergency. Jack gets involved. Rosemary gives the school children some acting...
13 Jun 2015
New Year's Wish E8. New Year's Wish
A fresh start for Jack and Elizabeth, a surprise guest for Abigail, an adventure for Rosemary and Lee, an unwanted visitor from Pastor Hogan's past, and new beginnings for the town...
26 Dec 2015
Follow Your Heart E9. Follow Your Heart
13 Oct 2015
Staffel 3
Season 3
New Year's Wish E1. New Year's Wish
A fresh start for Jack and Elizabeth, a surprise guest for Abigail, an adventure for Rosemary and Lee, an unwanted visitor from Pastor Hogan's past, and new beginnings for the town...
27 Dec 2015
E2. Troubled Hearts
Elizabeth surprises Jack with a home of her own as Abigail learns of Gowen's latest greedy scheme and Frank's past quickly closes in on him.
21 Feb 2016
E3. A Time to Speak
After the discovery that Frank is a wanted man, Hope Valley quickly turns on their pastor before Abigail sets out to prove that the mistakes of the past don't define the future.
28 Feb 2016
E4. Heart of a Hero
After Hope Valley learns redemption is possible, Abigail and Frank pursue a romance before the heart of the town is tested by the threat of a gang of outlaws.
06 Mar 2016
E5. A Gentle Heart
Jack and Elizabeth are stronger than ever - but as Faith prepares to make a permanent move to Hope Valley while leaning on Jack for emotional support, Elizabeth grows wary of their...
13 Mar 2016
Forever in My Heart E6. Forever in My Heart
As Jack prepares to take a big step toward building a life with Elizabeth, Abigail welcomes Becky back into her home before making an emotional decision about their future as a fam...
20 Mar 2016
E7. Heartbreak
Abigail is left reeling after the sudden arrival of the children's aunt and as she faces a heartbreaking goodbye, Elizabeth and the rest of Hope Valley come to witness a powerful a...
27 Mar 2016
Hearts in Question E8. Hearts in Question
Jack welcomes an unexpected visit from his mother Charlotte, while Elizabeth struggles to find common ground with her; Abigail and Frank make their courtship official; Rosemary beg...
03 Apr 2016
Prayers from the Heart E9. Prayers from the Heart
After a landslide puts one of Hope Valley's own in grave danger, the strength of a town is tested.
10 Apr 2016
Staffel 4
Season 4
Words from the Heart E1. Words from the Heart
The citizens of Hope Valley make arrangements to help the recently displaced settlers, during the Christmas season. As they make preparations, a peddler comes to town selling his w...
19 Feb 2017
Heart of Truth E2. Heart of Truth
26 Feb 2017
The Heart of the Community E3. The Heart of the Community
The town carnival is a chance for Elizabeth to raise money for the school and help a young boy connect with his father.
05 Mar 2017
The Heart of the Community E4. The Heart of the Community
The town carnival is a chance for Elizabeth to raise money for the school and help a young boy connect with his father.
05 Mar 2017
Change of Heart E5. Change of Heart
Elizabeth struggles with growing pains at the school, an old friend comes to visit Jack, Abigail's tenure as mayor is threatened, and Rosemary plays matchmaker.
12 Mar 2017
Heart of a Teacher E6. Heart of a Teacher
Elizabeth fights to clear her name and get her job back; Jack gets some troubling news; Wyatt and the railroad continue to make problems for Hope Valley; the children have to deal ...
19 Mar 2017
My Heart Will Go On E7. My Heart Will Go On
After the death of a friend, Jack makes some difficult life choices that may affect Elizabeth as well.
27 Mar 2017
Healing Heart E8. Healing Heart
Elizabeth has problems in her classroom when the nephews of Ray Wyatt come to her class.
02 Apr 2017
Courageous Hearts E9. Courageous Hearts
Tension between Elizabeth & her students continues. Meanwhile, Lee & Rosemary fight about Rosemary learning to drive; & Abigail struggles to hold the cafe together while the railro...
09 Apr 2017
Heart of a Secret E10. Heart of a Secret
Elizabeth takes Opal in while her parents are away; a newcomer to Hope Valley has some insight into Carson Shepherd's mysterious past; an unlikely turn of events puts Cody in harm'...
16 Apr 2017
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