Jahr: 1995

Dauer: 90 min

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Stars: Ina Paule Klink, Leonard Lansink, Rita Russek, Roland Jankowsky

IMDb: TT0880565

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Der gläserne Verbrecher E-1. Der gläserne Verbrecher
Staffel 1
Season 1
Und die Toten lässt man ruhen E1. Und die Toten lässt man ruhen
20 Feb 1995
In alter Freundschaft E2. In alter Freundschaft
25 May 1998
Wilsberg und die Tote im See E3. Wilsberg und die Tote im See
22 Nov 1999
Wilsberg und der Mord ohne Leiche E4. Wilsberg und der Mord ohne Leiche
03 Feb 2001
Wilsberg und der Schuss im Morgengrauen E5. Wilsberg und der Schuss im Morgengrauen
20 Oct 2001
Wilsberg und der letzte Anruf E6. Wilsberg und der letzte Anruf
13 Apr 2002
Wilsberg und der Tote im Beichtstuhl E7. Wilsberg und der Tote im Beichtstuhl
23 Nov 2002
Wilsberg und der stumme Zeuge E8. Wilsberg und der stumme Zeuge
03 May 2003
Letzter Ausweg - Mord E9. Letzter Ausweg - Mord
18 Oct 2003
Der Minister und das Mädchen E10. Der Minister und das Mädchen
14 Feb 2004
Tod einer Hostess E11. Tod einer Hostess
01 May 2004
Tödliche Freundschaft E12. Tödliche Freundschaft
06 Nov 2004
Schuld und Sünde E13. Schuld und Sünde
05 Mar 2005
Todesengel E14. Todesengel
14 May 2005
Ausgegraben E15. Ausgegraben
19 Nov 2005
Callgirls E16. Callgirls
04 Feb 2006
Falsches Spiel E17. Falsches Spiel
On the way home juvenile Franziska Upholt bumps on her bike into Wilsberg and tells him her child was kept away from birth by her parents to be adopted. Wilsberg finds the adoptive...
25 Mar 2006
Tod auf Rezept E18. Tod auf Rezept
Hospitalized after an accident and leg surgery, drugged Georg believes to have witnessed his night nurse being beaten up by doctor Siegbert Suhlke. *Hospital staff, Alex, Ekki and ...
02 Dec 2006
Miss-Wahl E19. Miss-Wahl
Wilsberg is fired in favor of two goons as security agent at Miss Munsterland pageant, for covering up the intrusion of his mate and former colleague Harry Jonas, who is murdered b...
17 Feb 2007
Die Wiedertäufer E20. Die Wiedertäufer
Wilsberg is employed by a priest. The church in Muenster gets strange calls from a group called the "Wiedertaufer".
07 Apr 2007
Unter Anklage E21. Unter Anklage
Georg grudgingly attends charge Alex's graduation party of her first employer's law firm, waves flirting from her 'well-connected' former college classmate Maike Lehmann and seeing...
27 May 2007
Filmriss E22. Filmriss
Ekki has a one night stand which does not end up well.
12 Jan 2008
Royal Flush E23. Royal Flush
On her first case Alex helps a man to escape from the police. Wilsberg thinks it is a bad idea and Kommissarin Springer threatens to put her in jail.
08 Mar 2008
Interne Affären E24. Interne Affären
A young female cop is found dead in a car crash. Kommissarin Anna Springer is told not to investigate.
26 Apr 2008
Das Jubiläum E25. Das Jubiläum
Ekki must bunk up together after his car breaks down while he gently drags ingrate Wilsberg to his high-school's 30 years graduation jubilee, which the grump hates. Ig guest intere...
27 Dec 2008
Der Mann am Fenster E26. Der Mann am Fenster
After the wild celebration at Wilsberg's for Alex's first successful trial, defending slick sports student, barman and playboy Manuel against jealous heirs, party guest Babette Beh...
11 Apr 2009
Doktorspiele E27. Doktorspiele
While Wilsberg is investigating an adultery case, he witnesses the murder of a professor.
25 Apr 2009
Oh du tödliche... E28. Oh du tödliche...
On Christmas Eve, Wilsberg's gang prepares for Springer's orange duck home dinner at his home, but she lacks orange marmalade. While Ekki is bored at the tax office party,. Alex sh...
21 Dec 2009
Gefahr im Verzug E29. Gefahr im Verzug
Private detective Georg Wilsberg is hired by Torsten Schmitt to prove his wife Elvira's adultery but finds a hit murder. Overeager to impress the police-supervising alderman's daug...
20 Mar 2010
Bullenball E30. Bullenball
Flirting, Ekki forgets to pay his drink at the police ball and accepts instead to give waitress Jule Köhler's date Michael Klarmann a lift home. On the lonely rural road, they stop...
25 Nov 2010
Frischfleisch E31. Frischfleisch
09 Apr 2011
Tote Hose E32. Tote Hose
Hearing his foxy new girl friend Denise Schulte repeatedly about her ex Gisbert Lotze, Ekki hires Wilseberg to check them out. He suspects her a 'working girl' but rather finds she...
11 Jun 2011
Im Namen der Rosi E33. Im Namen der Rosi
Mentally exhausted, Ekki anonymously seeks quiet and 'himself' in Melkwegen priory's retreat program for burnt-out executives. However Overbeck is undercover there to train four mo...
29 Sep 2011
Aus Mangel an Beweisen E34. Aus Mangel an Beweisen
In Münster suburb Horsthausen, Thomas and Melanie Rensing's schoolboy son Max is reported missing, presumed kidnapped. Kinsman Ekki Talkötter provides a 10,000 Euro loan and gets b...
25 Jan 2012
Die Bielefeld-Verschwörung E35. Die Bielefeld-Verschwörung
Nils Erdel conspiracy theory 'Bielefeld doesn't exist' inspires Ekki, who seemingly can't disprove it, but is waved by Georg, even after Nils's fatal accident running into a car, b...
18 Feb 2012
Halbstark E36. Halbstark
Wilsberg's school days acquaintance Lea's adolescent son Marc Sonnenborn is missing, so she hires him to search the knave. Wilsberg finds his corpse besides the site of a drag race...
07 Apr 2012
Die Entführung E37. Die Entführung
Wilsberg investigates the disappearance of his attorney friend Alexandra 'Alex', who was kidnapped by the blunt murderers of her gangster client Horst Fahrenbrink. Overbeck and Spr...
26 Jan 2013
Treuetest E38. Treuetest
Overbeck is undercover as 'enforcer' for extortionists extracting 'protection payments' from entrepreneurs like restaurant owner Franko. Attorney Alex's lover and colleague, suave ...
06 Mar 2013
Gegen den Strom E39. Gegen den Strom
Ekki has inherited his aunt's house and field in a country village. Inspecting it, he and Wilsberg find it in a terrible state, plus the corpse of local farmer Hans Habicht, who pi...
31 Aug 2013
Hengstparade E40. Hengstparade
Commissioner Anna Springer blind-dates Karsten Breiderhoff, whose brother Richard is charged with murdering his wife Anke. Her sister and stud farm-partner hired as lawyer Alex, wh...
16 Oct 2013
Nackt im Netz E41. Nackt im Netz
Wilsberg investigates when his godchild Alex finds her colleagues know of an Internet post of her in bed with a lover who didn't even say it as recorded, which compromises her lawy...
08 Jan 2014
E42. Mundtot
Ekki witnesses the death of a colleague.
2 links 01 Mar 2014
E43. Das Geld der Anderen
*Clumsy youngsters Lukas Feldmann and Marvin Berg make a failed attempt to rob Wilsberg's antiquary library, during which Ekki manages to knock down shy Marv. When Lukas is found m...
2 links 22 Mar 2014
90-60-90 E44. 90-60-90
A model is stalked and Wilsberg is asked to investigate.
5 links 17 Dec 2014
E45. Kein Weg zurück
Alex is ordered by the law firm boss to defend Enno Fellner, suspect of shooting Kamilla Marks, co-owner of the country estate stars restaurant Markshof, which the tour bus driver ...
5 links 03 Jan 2015
E46. Russisches Roulette
Wilsberg witnesses a car accident and ends up with 6 Russian ladies in his house.
14 Feb 2015
E47. Bauch, Beine, Po
11 Apr 2015
E48. 48 Stunden
Overbeck risks being fired rather then promoted as he hoped, being found unconscious in his car after a K.O. drops overdose while chaperoning Kriminalrat (police chief) Landau's la...
10 Oct 2015
E49. Bittere Pillen
Shortly after hiring Wilsberg to prove his wife Andrea's adultery, actually with Ekki's tax office boss Grabowski, 'alternative' quack Christopher Seekatz is fatally skull-smashed ...
6 links 28 Nov 2015
E50. Tod im Supermarkt
Ekki claims medical and other damages after a fall in as supermarket, but loses credibility due to falsified coupons suggesting he's an alcoholic. Snooping around at night, he stum...
02 Jan 2016
E51. Mord und Beton
Private detective Wilsberg goes undercover in suit, posing as a rich investor's representative to Munster's elite Michael Lobland circle's major development project, for which Spri...
16 Apr 2016
Der Betreuer E52. Der Betreuer
While her professional minder and procurator Gregor Cassell reports senile crone Hanni Haffner missing, she bugs Wilsberg in his bookshop. Accompanying her home, Wilsberg and Ekki ...
14 Jan 2017
In Treu und Glauben E53. In Treu und Glauben
17 Dec 2016
Alle Jahre wieder E54. Alle Jahre wieder
Wilsberg finds his usual Christmas dinner party, all reported 'unavailable', involuntarily reunited. Ekki's ski invitation with study friends falls trough due to canceled train and...
23 Dec 2017
Straße der Tränen E55. Straße der Tränen
Ekki gave a nocturnal ride right home to snooty Emelie Boll after her graduation party, but the next morning she's reported missing and her schoolmates having (re-)posted on social...
11 Nov 2017
Die fünfte Gewalt E56. Die fünfte Gewalt
Wilsberg gains the trust of young Nina Kröner whom he found dumped after a row, but before she can confide in him in a pub, she's murdered in the toilet, technically making him the...
04 Feb 2017
MünsterLeaks E57. MünsterLeaks
Prodded by his supervisor Grabowski to check out the anonymous informer who offers the tax office a 'leaks' CD on Munster socialites, Ekki hires Wilsberg. The press gets wind of it...
02 Dec 2017
Morderney E58. Morderney
Wilsberg finally accompanies Anna on a holiday, to East Frisian island Norderney, but she brings along godchild Merle while Ekki and Alex mind the bookshop. Wilsberg and Merle, who...
06 Jan 2018
Prognose: Mord E59. Prognose: Mord
02 Mar 2018
Müll ist immer E60. Müll ist immer
Mörderische Rendite E61. Mörderische Rendite
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